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! Test allocation and deallocation.
program test_allocate
call t1 (.true.)
call t1 (.false.)
call t2
! Implicit deallocation and saved aloocated variables.
subroutine t1(first)
real, allocatable, save :: p(:)
real, allocatable :: q(:)
logical first
if (first) then
if (allocated (p)) STOP 1
if (.not. allocated (p)) STOP 2
end if
if (allocated (q)) STOP 3
if (first) then
allocate (p(5))
deallocate (p)
end if
allocate (q(5))
end subroutine
! Explicit deallocation.
subroutine t2()
real, allocatable :: r(:)
allocate (r(5))
pr = 1.0
deallocate (r)
if (allocated(r)) STOP 4
end subroutine
end program