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! Program to test the LEN intrinsic
program test
character(len=10) a
character(len=8) w
type person
character(len=10) name
integer age
end type person
type(person) Tom
integer n
a = w (n)
if ((a .ne. "01234567") .or. (n .ne. 8)) STOP 1
if (len(Tom%name) .ne. 10) STOP 2
call array_test()
function w(i)
character(len=8) w
integer i
w = "01234567"
i = len(w)
! This is the testcase from PR 15211 converted to a subroutine
subroutine array_test
implicit none
character(len=10) a(4)
if (len(a) .NE. 10) STOP 1
end subroutine array_test