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2021-09-27 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/94070
* intrinsics/size.c (size0, size1): Comment that now not
used by newer compiler code.
2021-09-26 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/101334
* intrinsics/associated.c (associated): Also check for same rank.
2021-09-22 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/55534
* (AM_FCFLAGS): Revert r12-3722 by removing
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-09-21 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/55534
* (AM_FCFLAGS): Add -Wno-missing-include-dirs.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-09-17 Sandra Loosemore <>
* ISO_Fortran_binding.h: Update comments.
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c: Likewise.
2021-09-17 Sandra Loosemore <>
Tobias Burnus <>
* ISO_Fortran_binding.h: Only include float.h if the C compiler
doesn't have predefined __LDBL_* and __DBL_* macros. Handle
LDBL_MANT_DIG == 53 for FreeBSD.
2021-09-13 Andreas Schwab <>
* ISO_Fortran_binding.h (CFI_type_long_double)
(CFI_type_long_double_Complex) [LDBL_MANT_DIG == 64 &&
LDBL_MIN_EXP == -16382 && LDBL_MAX_EXP == 16384]: Define.
2021-09-07 Tobias Burnus <>
* (gfor_built_src): Depend on
include/ISO_Fortran_binding.h not on ISO_Fortran_binding.h.
(ISO_Fortran_binding.h): Rename make target to ...
(include/ISO_Fortran_binding.h): ... this.
* Regenerate.
2021-09-07 Sandra Loosemore <>
* ISO_Fortran_binding-1-tmpl.h: Deleted.
* ISO_Fortran_binding-2-tmpl.h: Deleted.
* ISO_Fortran_binding-3-tmpl.h: Deleted.
* ISO_Fortran_binding.h: New file to replace the above.
* (gfor_cdir): Remove MULTISUBDIR.
(ISO_Fortran_binding.h): Simplify to just copy the file.
* Regenerated.
* Revert pieces no longer needed for
2021-09-02 Sandra Loosemore <>
José Rui Faustino de Sousa <>
PR fortran/100907
PR fortran/100911
PR fortran/100914
PR fortran/100915
PR fortran/100917
* ISO_Fortran_binding-1-tmpl.h (CFI_type_cfunptr): Make equivalent
to CFI_type_cptr.
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c (cfi_desc_to_gfc_desc): Fix
handling of CFI_type_cptr and CFI_type_cfunptr. Additional error
checking and code cleanup.
(gfc_desc_to_cfi_desc): Likewise. Also correct kind mapping
for character, complex, and long double types.
2021-08-27 Iain Sandoe <>
* Use configured libm availability.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Regenerate.
* Use libtool macro to find libm availability.
* Use configured libm availability.
2021-08-10 Tobias Burnus <>
PR libfortran/101305
PR fortran/101660
PR testsuite/101847
* (ISO_Fortran_binding.h): Create include/ in the build dir
and copy the include file to it.
(clean-local): Add for removing the 'include' directory.
* Regenerate.
2021-07-28 Sandra Loosemore <>
PR libfortran/101317
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c: Include <inttypes.h>.
(CFI_address): Tidy error messages and comments.
(CFI_allocate): Likewise.
(CFI_deallocate): Likewise.
(CFI_establish): Likewise. Add new checks for validity of
elem_len when it's used, plus type argument and extents.
(CFI_is_contiguous): Tidy error messages and comments.
(CFI_section): Likewise. Refactor some repetitive code to
make it more understandable.
(CFI_select_part): Likewise.
(CFI_setpointer): Likewise. Check that source is not an
unallocated allocatable array or an assumed-size array.
2021-07-28 Sandra Loosemore <>
PR libfortran/101310
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c (CFI_section): Fix the base
address computation and simplify the code.
2021-07-28 Sandra Loosemore <>
PR libfortran/101305
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c (CFI_establish): Special-case
CFI_type_cptr and CFI_type_cfunptr. Correct size of long double
on targets where it has kind 10.
2021-07-28 Sandra Loosemore <>
Tobias Burnus <>
PR libfortran/101305
* ISO_Fortran_binding.h: Fix hard-coded sizes and split into...
* ISO_Fortran_binding-1-tmpl.h: New file.
* ISO_Fortran_binding-2-tmpl.h: New file.
* ISO_Fortran_binding-3-tmpl.h: New file.
* Add rule for generating ISO_Fortran_binding.h.
Adjust pathnames to that file.
* Regenerated.
* New file.
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c: Fix include path.
2021-07-26 José Rui Faustino de Sousa <>
Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/93308
PR fortran/93963
PR fortran/94327
PR fortran/94331
PR fortran/97046
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c (cfi_desc_to_gfc_desc): Add code
to verify the descriptor. Correct bounds calculation.
(gfc_desc_to_cfi_desc): Add code to verify the descriptor.
2021-07-22 Sandra Loosemore <>
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c (CFI_allocate): Don't use elem_len
for CFI_type_signed_char.
(CFI_select_part): Likewise.
2021-07-01 Tobias Burnus <>
Sandra Loosemore <>
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c (cfi_desc_to_gfc_desc):
Initialize version field to 0.
(gfc_desc_to_cfi_desc): Initialize version field to CFI_VERSION.
2021-06-29 Julian Brown <>
PR target/96306
* Remove stanza that removes KIND=16 integers for AMD GCN.
* configure: Regenerate.
2021-06-22 Sandra Loosemore <>
Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/93524
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c (CFI_allocate): Fix
sm computation.
2021-06-08 Martin Liska <>
* intrinsics/chmod.c (chmod_internal): Fix typo.
* io/transfer.c (read_sf): Likewise.
2021-06-05 José Rui Faustino de Sousa <>
PR fortran/100120
* intrinsics/associated.c (associated): have associated verify if
the "span" matches insted of the "elem_len".
* libgfortran.h (GFC_DESCRIPTOR_SPAN): add macro to retrive the
descriptor "span".
2021-05-22 Andre Vehreschild <>
PR fortran/98301
* caf/libcaf.h (_gfortran_caf_random_init): New function.
* caf/single.c (_gfortran_caf_random_init): New function.
* Added fndecl.
* intrinsics/random_init.f90: Implement random_init.
2021-05-05 Tobias Burnus <>
* intrinsics/chmod.c (chmod_internal): Only declare mode_mask var
2021-05-02 Tobias Burnus <>
PR libgomp/100352
* io/transfer.c (st_read_done_worker, st_write_done_worker): Add new
arg whether to unlock unit.
(st_read_done, st_write_done): Call it with true.
* io/async.c (async_io): Call it with false.
* io/io.h (st_write_done_worker, st_read_done_worker): Update prototype.
2021-03-12 Tobias Burnus <>
* io/transfer.c (st_read_done_worker, st_write_done_worker):
Call unlock_unit here, add unit_lock lock around newunit_free call.
(st_read_done, st_write_done): Only call unlock_unit when not
calling the worker function.
* io/unit.c (set_internal_unit): Don't reset the unit_number
to the same number as this cause race warnings.
2021-03-05 Harald Anlauf <>
PR libfortran/99218
* m4/matmul_internal.m4: Invoke tuned matmul only for rank(b)>1.
* generated/matmul_c10.c: Regenerated.
* generated/matmul_c16.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_c4.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_c8.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_i1.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_i16.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_i2.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_i4.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_i8.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_r10.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_r16.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_r4.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmul_r8.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_c10.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_c16.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_c4.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_c8.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_i1.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_i16.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_i2.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_i4.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_i8.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_r10.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_r16.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_r4.c: Likewise.
* generated/matmulavx128_r8.c: Likewise.
2021-03-03 Vittorio Zecca <>
Tobias Burnus <>
PR libfortran/81986
* runtime/string.c (gfc_itoa): Cast to unsigned before
2021-02-12 Steve Kargl <>
PR libfortran/95647
* ieee/ieee_arithmetic.F90: Flip interfaces of operators .eq. to
== and .ne. to /= .
2021-02-11 Jerry DeLisle <>
PR libfortran/98825
* io/transfer.c (next_record_w): Insert check for seen_dollar and if
so, skip issueing next record.
2021-01-27 Harris Snyder <>
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c (CFI_establish): fixed
strides for rank >2 arrays.
2021-01-15 Harris Snyder <>
* runtime/ISO_Fortran_binding.c (CFI_establish): Fixed signed
char arrays. Signed char or uint8_t arrays would cause
crashes unless an element size is specified.
2021-01-05 Samuel Thibault <>
* configure: Re-generate.
2021-01-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
* ChangeLog-2020: Rotate ChangeLog. New file.
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