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//===-- ------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// TSan runtime flags.
#ifndef TSAN_FLAG
# error "Define TSAN_FLAG prior to including this file!"
// TSAN_FLAG(Type, Name, DefaultValue, Description)
// See COMMON_FLAG in for more details.
TSAN_FLAG(bool, enable_annotations, true,
"Enable dynamic annotations, otherwise they are no-ops.")
// Suppress a race report if we've already output another race report
// with the same stack.
TSAN_FLAG(bool, suppress_equal_stacks, true,
"Suppress a race report if we've already output another race report "
"with the same stack.")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, suppress_equal_addresses, true,
"Suppress a race report if we've already output another race report "
"on the same address.")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, report_bugs, true,
"Turns off bug reporting entirely (useful for benchmarking).")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, report_thread_leaks, true, "Report thread leaks at exit?")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, report_destroy_locked, true,
"Report destruction of a locked mutex?")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, report_mutex_bugs, true,
"Report incorrect usages of mutexes and mutex annotations?")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, report_signal_unsafe, true,
"Report violations of async signal-safety "
"(e.g. malloc() call from a signal handler).")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, report_atomic_races, true,
"Report races between atomic and plain memory accesses.")
bool, force_seq_cst_atomics, false,
"If set, all atomics are effectively sequentially consistent (seq_cst), "
"regardless of what user actually specified.")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, halt_on_error, false, "Exit after first reported error.")
TSAN_FLAG(int, atexit_sleep_ms, 1000,
"Sleep in main thread before exiting for that many ms "
"(useful to catch \"at exit\" races).")
TSAN_FLAG(const char *, profile_memory, "",
"If set, periodically write memory profile to that file.")
TSAN_FLAG(int, flush_memory_ms, 0, "Flush shadow memory every X ms.")
TSAN_FLAG(int, flush_symbolizer_ms, 5000, "Flush symbolizer caches every X ms.")
int, memory_limit_mb, 0,
"Resident memory limit in MB to aim at."
"If the process consumes more memory, then TSan will flush shadow memory.")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, stop_on_start, false,
"Stops on start until __tsan_resume() is called (for debugging).")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, running_on_valgrind, false,
"Controls whether RunningOnValgrind() returns true or false.")
// There are a lot of goroutines in Go, so we use smaller history.
int, history_size, SANITIZER_GO ? 1 : 3,
"Per-thread history size, controls how many previous memory accesses "
"are remembered per thread. Possible values are [0..7]. "
"history_size=0 amounts to 32K memory accesses. Each next value doubles "
"the amount of memory accesses, up to history_size=7 that amounts to "
"4M memory accesses. The default value is 2 (128K memory accesses).")
TSAN_FLAG(int, io_sync, 1,
"Controls level of synchronization implied by IO operations. "
"0 - no synchronization "
"1 - reasonable level of synchronization (write->read)"
"2 - global synchronization of all IO operations.")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, die_after_fork, true,
"Die after multi-threaded fork if the child creates new threads.")
TSAN_FLAG(const char *, suppressions, "", "Suppressions file name.")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, ignore_interceptors_accesses, SANITIZER_MAC ? true : false,
"Ignore reads and writes from all interceptors.")
TSAN_FLAG(bool, ignore_noninstrumented_modules, SANITIZER_MAC ? true : false,
"Interceptors should only detect races when called from instrumented "
TSAN_FLAG(bool, shared_ptr_interceptor, true,
"Track atomic reference counting in libc++ shared_ptr and weak_ptr.")