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//===-- tsan_interceptors_mach_vm.cpp -------------------------------------===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file is a part of ThreadSanitizer (TSan), a race detector.
// Interceptors for mach_vm_* user space memory routines on Darwin.
#include "interception/interception.h"
#include "tsan_interceptors.h"
#include "tsan_platform.h"
#include <mach/mach.h>
namespace __tsan {
static bool intersects_with_shadow(mach_vm_address_t address,
mach_vm_size_t size, int flags) {
// VM_FLAGS_FIXED is 0x0, so we have to test for VM_FLAGS_ANYWHERE.
if (flags & VM_FLAGS_ANYWHERE) return false;
return !IsAppMem(address) || !IsAppMem(address + size - 1);
TSAN_INTERCEPTOR(kern_return_t, mach_vm_allocate, vm_map_t target,
mach_vm_address_t *address, mach_vm_size_t size, int flags) {
SCOPED_TSAN_INTERCEPTOR(mach_vm_allocate, target, address, size, flags);
if (target != mach_task_self())
return REAL(mach_vm_allocate)(target, address, size, flags);
if (address && intersects_with_shadow(*address, size, flags))
kern_return_t kr = REAL(mach_vm_allocate)(target, address, size, flags);
if (kr == KERN_SUCCESS)
MemoryRangeImitateWriteOrResetRange(thr, pc, *address, size);
return kr;
TSAN_INTERCEPTOR(kern_return_t, mach_vm_deallocate, vm_map_t target,
mach_vm_address_t address, mach_vm_size_t size) {
SCOPED_TSAN_INTERCEPTOR(mach_vm_deallocate, target, address, size);
if (target != mach_task_self())
return REAL(mach_vm_deallocate)(target, address, size);
kern_return_t kr = REAL(mach_vm_deallocate)(target, address, size);
if (kr == KERN_SUCCESS && address)
UnmapShadow(thr, address, size);
return kr;
} // namespace __tsan