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## Makefile for the testsuite subdirectory of the GNU C++ Standard library.
## Copyright (C) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009
## Free Software Foundation, Inc.
## This file is part of the libstdc++ version 3 distribution.
## Process this file with automake to produce
## This file is part of the GNU ISO C++ Library. This library is free
## software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
## terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
## Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
## any later version.
## This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.
## You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
## with this library; see the file COPYING3. If not see
## <>.
RUNTESTDEFAULTFLAGS = --tool $$tool --srcdir $$srcdir
EXPECT = expect
include $(top_srcdir)/
# Generated lists of files to run. All of these names are valid make
# targets, if you wish to generate a list manually.
lists_of_files = \
testsuite_files \
testsuite_files_interactive \
# This rule generates all of the testsuite_files* lists at once.
${glibcxx_srcdir}/scripts/create_testsuite_files \
${glibcxx_srcdir}/testsuite `${PWD_COMMAND}`
# We need more things in site.exp, but automake completely controls the
# creation of that file; there's no way to append to it without messing up
# the dependancy chains. So we overrule automake. This rule is exactly
# what it would have generated, plus our own additions.
site.exp: Makefile
@echo 'Making a new site.exp file...'
@echo '## these variables are automatically generated by make ##' >site.tmp
@echo '# Do not edit here. If you wish to override these values' >>site.tmp
@echo '# edit the last section' >>site.tmp
@echo 'set srcdir $(srcdir)' >>site.tmp
@echo "set objdir `pwd`" >>site.tmp
@echo 'set build_alias "$(build_alias)"' >>site.tmp
@echo 'set build_triplet $(build_triplet)' >>site.tmp
@echo 'set host_alias "$(host_alias)"' >>site.tmp
@echo 'set host_triplet $(host_triplet)' >>site.tmp
@echo 'set target_alias "$(target_alias)"' >>site.tmp
@echo 'set target_triplet $(target_triplet)' >>site.tmp
@echo 'set target_triplet $(target_triplet)' >>site.tmp
@echo 'set libiconv "$(LIBICONV)"' >>site.tmp
@echo 'set baseline_dir "$(baseline_dir)"' >> site.tmp
@echo '## All variables above are generated by configure. Do Not Edit ##' >>site.tmp
@test ! -f site.exp || \
sed '1,/^## All variables above are.*##/ d' site.exp >> site.tmp
@-rm -f site.bak
@test ! -f site.exp || mv site.exp site.bak
@mv site.tmp site.exp
extract_symvers = $(glibcxx_srcdir)/scripts/extract_symvers
-@(output=${baseline_file}; \
if test ! -f $${output}; then \
echo "Baseline file doesn't exist."; \
echo "Try 'make new-abi-baseline' to create it."; \
exit 1; \
fi; true)
-@$(mkinstalldirs) ${baseline_dir}
-@(output=${baseline_file}; \
if test -f $${output}; then \
output=$${output}.new; \
t=`echo $${output} | sed 's=.*config/abi/=='`; \
echo "Baseline file already exists, writing to $${t} instead."; \
fi; \
${extract_symvers} ../src/.libs/ $${output})
%/site.exp: site.exp
-test -d $* || mkdir $*
@srcdir=`cd $(srcdir); ${PWD_COMMAND}`;
objdir=`${PWD_COMMAND}`/$*; \
sed -e "s|^set srcdir .*$$|set srcdir $$srcdir|" \
-e "s|^set objdir .*$$|set objdir $$objdir|" \
site.exp > $*/site.exp.tmp
@-rm -f $*/site.bak
@test ! -f $*/site.exp || mv $*/site.exp $*/site.bak
@mv $*/site.exp.tmp $*/site.exp
check_DEJAGNU_normal_targets = $(patsubst %,check-DEJAGNUnormal%,0 1 2 3)
$(check_DEJAGNU_normal_targets): check-DEJAGNUnormal%: normal%/site.exp
# Run the testsuite in normal mode.
check-DEJAGNU $(check_DEJAGNU_normal_targets): check-DEJAGNU%: site.exp
if [ -z "$*$(filter-out --target_board=%, $(RUNTESTFLAGS))" ] \
&& [ "$(filter -j, $(MFLAGS))" = "-j" ]; then \
$(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) check-DEJAGNUnormal0 check-DEJAGNUnormal1 \
check-DEJAGNUnormal2 check-DEJAGNUnormal3; \
for idx in 0 1 2 3; do \
mv -f normal$$idx/libstdc++.sum normal$$idx/libstdc++.sum.sep; \
mv -f normal$$idx/libstdc++.log normal$$idx/libstdc++.log.sep; \
done; \
mv -f libstdc++.sum libstdc++.sum.sep; \
mv -f libstdc++.log libstdc++.log.sep; \
$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../../contrib/ \
libstdc++.sum.sep normal0/libstdc++.sum.sep \
normal1/libstdc++.sum.sep normal2/libstdc++.sum.sep \
normal3/libstdc++.sum.sep > libstdc++.sum; \
$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/../../contrib/ -L \
libstdc++.log.sep normal0/libstdc++.log.sep \
normal1/libstdc++.log.sep normal2/libstdc++.log.sep \
normal3/libstdc++.log.sep > libstdc++.log; \
exit 0; \
fi; \
srcdir=`$(am__cd) $(srcdir) && pwd`; export srcdir; \
runtest=$(RUNTEST); \
if [ -z "$$runtest" ]; then runtest=runtest; fi; \
tool=libstdc++; \
dirs=; \
case "$*" in \
normal0) \
if $(SHELL) -c "$$runtest --version" > /dev/null 2>&1; then \
$(RUNTESTFLAGS) abi.exp; \
else echo "WARNING: could not find \`runtest'" 1>&2; :;\
fi; \
dirs="`cd $$srcdir; echo [013-9][0-9]_*/* [abep]*/*`";; \
normal1) \
dirs="`cd $$srcdir; echo 2[0-2]_*/*`";; \
normal2) \
dirs="`cd $$srcdir; echo 2[4-9]_*/*`";; \
normal3) \
dirs="`cd $$srcdir; echo 23_*/* t*/*`";; \
esac; \
if [ -n "$*" ]; then cd "$*"; fi; \
if $(SHELL) -c "$$runtest --version" > /dev/null 2>&1; then \
if [ -n "$$dirs" ]; then \
"conformance.exp=`echo $$dirs | sed 's/ /* /g;s/$$/*/'`"; \
else \
fi; \
else echo "WARNING: could not find \`runtest'" 1>&2; :;\
# Use 'new-abi-baseline' to create an initial symbol file. Then run
# 'check-abi' to test for changes against that file.
check-abi: site.exp baseline_symbols
-@runtest $(AM_RUNTESTFLAGS) --tool libstdc++ $(RUNTESTFLAGS) abi.exp
# Runs the testsuite, but in compile only mode.
# Can be used to test sources with non-GNU FE's at various warning
# levels and for checking compile time across releases.
# See script.
check-compile: testsuite_files ${compile_script}
-@(chmod + ${compile_script}; \
${compile_script} ${glibcxx_srcdir} ${glibcxx_builddir})
# Runs the testsuite/performance tests.
# Some of these tests create large (~75MB) files, allocate huge
# ammounts of memory, or otherwise tie up machine resources. Thus,
# running this is off by default.
# XXX Need to add dependency on libtestc++.a
check-performance: testsuite_files_performance ${performance_script}
-@(chmod + ${check_performance_script}; \
${check_performance_script} ${glibcxx_srcdir} ${glibcxx_builddir})
# Runs the testsuite in parallel mode.
libgomp_flags=-B${glibcxx_builddir}/../libgomp \
-I${glibcxx_builddir}/../libgomp \
-L${glibcxx_builddir}/../libgomp/.libs -lgomp
check-parallel: site.exp
-@(if test ! -d $${libgomp_dir}; then \
echo "Testing parallel mode failed as libgomp not present."; \
exit 1; \
fi; \
outputdir=parallel; export outputdir; \
if test ! -d $${outputdir}; then \
mkdir $${outputdir}; \
fi; \
srcdir=`$(am__cd) $(srcdir) && pwd`; export srcdir; \
$(MAKE) CXXFLAGS="$(atomic_flags) $(libgomp_flags)" RUNTESTFLAGS="$(RUNTESTFLAGS) conformance.exp --outdir $${outputdir} --objdir $${outputdir} --target_board=$(parallel_flags)" check-DEJAGNU; )
check-performance-parallel: testsuite_files_performance ${performance_script}
-@(chmod + ${check_performance_script}; \
CXXFLAGS="-D_GLIBCXX_PARALLEL -fopenmp $(atomic_flags) $(libgomp_flags)"; export CXXFLAGS; \
${check_performance_script} ${glibcxx_srcdir} ${glibcxx_builddir})
.PHONY: baseline_symbols new-abi-baseline \
check-abi check-compile check-performance check-parallel
# By adding these files here, automake will remove them for 'make clean'
CLEANFILES = *.txt *.tst *.exe core* filebuf_* tmp* ostream_* *.log *.sum \
testsuite_* site.exp abi_check baseline_symbols *TEST* *.dat \
*.s *.o *.cc *.a *.so *.xml
# To remove directories.
rm -rf parallel