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-- E X P _ C H 1 1 --
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-- Copyright (C) 1992-2018, Free Software Foundation, Inc. --
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-- GNAT is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under --
-- terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Soft- --
-- ware Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later ver- --
-- sion. GNAT is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITH- --
-- OUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY --
-- or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License --
-- for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General --
-- Public License distributed with GNAT; see file COPYING3. If not, go to --
-- for a complete copy of the license. --
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-- GNAT was originally developed by the GNAT team at New York University. --
-- Extensive contributions were provided by Ada Core Technologies Inc. --
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-- Expand routines for chapter 11 constructs
with Types; use Types;
package Exp_Ch11 is
procedure Expand_N_Exception_Declaration (N : Node_Id);
procedure Expand_N_Handled_Sequence_Of_Statements (N : Node_Id);
procedure Expand_N_Raise_Constraint_Error (N : Node_Id);
procedure Expand_N_Raise_Expression (N : Node_Id);
procedure Expand_N_Raise_Program_Error (N : Node_Id);
procedure Expand_N_Raise_Statement (N : Node_Id);
procedure Expand_N_Raise_Storage_Error (N : Node_Id);
-- Data structures for gathering information to build exception tables
-- See runtime routine Ada.Exceptions for full details on the format and
-- content of these tables.
procedure Expand_At_End_Handler (HSS : Node_Id; Blk_Id : Entity_Id);
-- Given handled statement sequence HSS for which the At_End_Proc field
-- is set, and which currently has no exception handlers, this procedure
-- expands the special exception handler required. This procedure also
-- create a new scope for the given block, if Blk_Id is not Empty.
procedure Expand_Exception_Handlers (HSS : Node_Id);
-- This procedure expands exception handlers, and is called as part
-- of the processing for Expand_N_Handled_Sequence_Of_Statements and
-- is also called from Expand_At_End_Handler. N is the handled sequence
-- of statements that has the exception handler(s) to be expanded. This
-- is also called to expand the special exception handler built for
-- accept bodies (see Exp_Ch9.Build_Accept_Body).
function Find_Local_Handler
(Ename : Entity_Id;
Nod : Node_Id) return Node_Id;
-- This function searches for a local exception handler that will handle
-- the exception named by Ename. If such a local hander exists, then the
-- corresponding N_Exception_Handler is returned. If no such handler is
-- found then Empty is returned. In order to match and return True, the
-- handler may not have a choice parameter specification. Nod is the raise
-- node that references the handler.
function Get_Local_Raise_Call_Entity return Entity_Id;
-- This function is provided for use by the back end in conjunction with
-- generation of Local_Raise calls when an exception raise is converted to
-- a goto statement. If Local_Raise is defined, its entity is returned,
-- if not, Empty is returned (in which case the call is silently skipped).
function Get_RT_Exception_Entity (R : RT_Exception_Code) return Entity_Id;
-- This function is provided for use by the back end in conjunction with
-- generation of Local_Raise calls when an exception raise is converted to
-- a goto statement. The argument is the reason code which would be used
-- to determine which Rcheck_nn procedure to call. The returned result is
-- the exception entity to be passed to Local_Raise.
procedure Get_RT_Exception_Name (Code : RT_Exception_Code);
-- This procedure is provided for use by the back end to obtain the name of
-- the Rcheck procedure for Code. The name is appended to Namet.Name_Buffer
-- without the __gnat_rcheck_ prefix.
procedure Possible_Local_Raise (N : Node_Id; E : Entity_Id);
-- This procedure is called whenever node N might cause the back end
-- to generate a local raise for a local Constraint/Program/Storage_Error
-- exception. It deals with generating a warning if there is no local
-- handler (and restriction No_Exception_Propagation is set), or if there
-- is a local handler marking that it has a local raise. E is the entity
-- of the corresponding exception.
procedure Warn_If_No_Local_Raise (N : Node_Id);
-- Called for an exception handler that is not the target of a local raise.
-- Issues warning if No_Exception_Propagation restriction is set. N is the
-- node for the handler.
end Exp_Ch11;