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2018-07-26 Release Manager
* GCC 8.2.0 released.
2018-05-02 Release Manager
* GCC 8.1.0 released.
2018-02-03 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::fill_in_struct): Mark struct types as
using structural equality.
2018-02-02 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::type_size): Return 0 for
(Gcc_backend::convert_expression): Don't convert if the type of
expr_tree is void_type_node.
(Gcc_backend::array_index_expression): Don't index if the type of
the array expression is void_type_node.
(Gcc_backend::init_statement): Don't initialize if the type of the
initializer expression is void_type_node.
(Gcc_backend::assignment_statement): Don't assign if the type of
either the left or right hand side is void_type_node.
(Gcc_backend::temporary_variable): Don't initialize if the type of
the initializer expression is void_type_node.
2018-02-01 Cherry Zhang <>
* lang.opt (fgo-optimize): Remove RejectNegative.
* go-c.h (go_enable_optimize): Update declaration to take value
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_handle_option): Pass value to
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Update -fgo-optimize-allocs doc.
2018-01-30 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::convert_tree): New private method.
(Gcc_backend::constructor_expression): Call it.
(Gcc_backend::assignment_statement): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::temporary_variable): Likewise.
2018-01-09 Cherry Zhang <>
* (local_variable): Add decl_var parameter.
2018-01-09 Cherry Zhang <>
* lang.opt (fgo-debug-escape-hash): New option.
* go-c.h (struct go_create_gogo_args): Add debug_escape_hash
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init): Set debug_escape_hash field.
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Document -fgo-debug-escape-hash.
2018-01-05 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::Gcc_backend): Correct
math_function_type_long to take one argument.
2018-01-03 Richard Sandiford <>
Alan Hayward <>
David Sherwood <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_type_for_mode): Handle MODE_VECTOR_BOOL.
2018-01-03 Richard Sandiford <>
Alan Hayward <>
David Sherwood <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_type_for_mode): Check valid_vector_subparts_p.
2018-01-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
* gccgo.texi: Bump @copyrights-go year.
2017-12-12 Tony Reix <>
Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (TARGET_AIX): Define if not defined.
(go_langhook_init): Set nil_check_size_threshold to -1 on AIX.
2017-12-01 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::Gcc_backend): Define
(Gcc_backend::function): Add does_not_return parameter.
2017-12-01 Than McIntosh <>
* go-c.h (go_create_gogo_args): Add nil_check_size_threshold
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init): Set nil_check_size_threshold.
2017-11-28 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (Gcc_backend::switch_statement): Build SWITCH_EXPR using
build2_loc instead of build3_loc.
2017-11-14 Than McIntosh <>
* (var_expression): Remove Varexpr_context parameter.
2017-10-11 Tony Reix <>
* go-system.h (__STDC_FORMAT_MACROS): Define before including any
system header files, as is done in ../system.h.
2017-10-05 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/names.o.
2017-08-30 Richard Sandiford <>
Alan Hayward <>
David Sherwood <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_type_for_mode): Use is_complex_float_mode.
2017-08-30 Richard Sandiford <>
Alan Hayward <>
David Sherwood <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_type_for_mode): Use is_int_mode.
2017-08-30 Richard Sandiford <>
Alan Hayward <>
David Sherwood <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_type_for_mode): Use is_float_mode.
2017-08-07 Martin Liska <>
* (Gcc_backend::function): Look up for no_split_stack
and not __no_split_stack__.
2017-07-27 Tony Reix <>
* go-backend.c (go_write_export_data): Use EXCLUDE section for
2017-06-09 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_post_options): If -fsplit-stack is turned
on, disable implicit -forder-blocks-and-partition.
2017-05-12 Than McIntosh <>
* (Gcc_backend::call_expression): Add caller parameter.
2017-05-11 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/64238
* (Gcc_backend::implicit_variable_reference): Set
2017-05-10 Than McIntosh <>
* go-backend.c: Include "go-c.h".
* (Gcc_backend::write_export_data): New method.
2017-05-10 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::Gcc_backend): Declare
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/wb.o.
2017-03-28 Than McIntosh <>
PR go/80226
* (Gcc_backend::return_statement): Check for
void_type_node when checking result size.
2017-02-20 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/79642
* lang.opt (-fgo-relative-import-path): Change space to tab.
2017-02-07 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/79256
PR middle-end/79278
* go-backend.c (go_field_alignment): Adjust.
2017-01-11 Than McIntosh <>
* (conditional_expression): Add Bfunction parameter.
2017-01-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
* gccgo.texi: Bump @copyrights-go year.
2016-12-16 Than McIntosh <>
* (Gcc_backend::expression_statement): Add Bfunction*
(Gcc_backend::init_statement): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::assignment_statement): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::if_statement): Likewise.
2016-12-06 Than McIntosh <>
* (Gcc_backend::var_expression): Add Varexpr_context
2016-11-22 Than McIntosh <>
* (char_needs_encoding): Remove.
(needs_encoding, fetch_utf8_char, encode_id): Remove.
(Gcc_backend::global_variable): Add asm_name parameter. Don't
compute asm_name here.
(Gcc_backend::implicit_variable): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::implicit_variable_reference): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct_reference): Likewise.
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/go-encode-id.o.
2016-11-22 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::Gcc_backend): Add builtin function
2016-10-25 David Malcolm <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_type_for_mode): Remove redundant cast
from result of GET_MODE_CLASS. Minor formatting fixes.
2016-10-13 Thomas Preud'homme <>
* go-backend.c: Include memmodel.h.
2016-10-10 Than McIntosh <>
* go-gcc.h: New file.
* go-c.h (struct go_create_gogo_args): Add backend and linemap
* go-lang.c: Include "go-gcc.h".
(go_langhook_init): Set linemap and backend fields of args.
* Include "go-gcc.h".
* Include "go-gcc.h".
2016-10-10 Than McIntosh <>
* (Gcc_linemap::location_line): New method.
2016-10-10 Eric Botcazou <>
* (lang_requires_boot_languages): Delete.
2016-10-06 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::stack_allocation_expression): Clear the
returned memory.
2016-09-27 Than McIntosh <>
* (Gcc_linemap::to_string): New method.
2016-09-23 Than McIntosh <>
* New file.
* go-location.h (Location): Remove operator source_location. Add
* go-system.h: #include <sstream>.
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/go-diagnostics.o and
(CFLAGS-go/go-gcc-diagnostics.o): New variable.
2016-09-23 Chris Manghane <>
PR go/77701
* (Gcc_backend::Gcc_backend): Fix calls to integer_type
to pass arguments in the correct order.
2016-09-22 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::Gcc_backend): Declare
2016-09-11 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::Gcc_backend): Add builtin versions of
ctz, ctzll, bswap32, bswap64.
2016-09-10 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-backend.c (go_trampoline_info): Remove.
* go-c.h (go_trampoline_info): Don't declare.
2016-09-09 Than McIntosh <>
* New file.
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/go-sha1.o.
(CFLAGS-go/go-sha1.o): New variable.
2016-08-29 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* lang.opt (fgo-c-header, fgo-compiling-runtime): New options.
* go-c.h (struct go_create_gogo_args): Define.
(go_create_gogo): Change declaration to take struct pointer.
* go-lang.c (go_c_header): New static variable.
(go_langhook_init): Update call to go_create_gogo.
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Document -fgo-c-header and
2016-08-09 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Document -fgo-optimize-allocs and
(Compiler Directives): New chapter.
(Function Names): Describe using //go:linkname. Suggest using
-fgo-pkgpath rather than -fgo-prefix.
2016-08-08 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/72814
* (Gcc_backend::function_type): If the return type is
zero bytes, treat the function as returning void.
(return_statement): If the return type is zero bytes, don't
actually return any values.
2016-08-05 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/72812
* (char_needs_encoding): New static function.
(needs_encoding, fetch_utf8_char): New static functions.
(encode_id): New static function.
(Gcc_backend::global_variable): Set asm name if the name is not
simple ASCII.
(Gcc_backend::implicit_variable): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::implicit_variable_reference): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct_reference): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::function): Likewise.
2016-08-02 Chris Manghane <>
* lang.opt: Add -fgo-debug-escape option.
* go-c.h (go_create_gogo): Add debug_escape_level parameter.
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init): Pass go_debug_escape_level to
2016-05-06 Chris Manghane <>
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/escape.o (based on an entirely
2016-04-29 Chris Manghane <>
* (GO_OBJS): Remove go/dataflow.o, go/escape.o.
2016-04-18 Michael Matz <>
* (Gcc_backend::implicit_variable): Use SET_DECL_ALIGN.
2016-02-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
* gofrontend/ Spelling fixes - behaviour -> behavior and
neighbour -> neighbor.
* gccgo.texi: Likewise.
2016-01-27 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init_options_struct): Default to
2016-01-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
* gccgo.texi: Bump @copyrights-go year.
2015-12-21 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (class Bvariable): Remove Gcc_tree parent class. Add
t_ and orig_type_ fields. Add new two parameter constructor. Add
get_tree and get_decl methods.
(Gcc_backend::var_expression): Pass location to var get_tree.
(Gcc_backend::global_variable): Don't add VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR. Use
two parameter constructor for Bvariable.
(Gcc_backend::global_variable_set_init): Don't remove
VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR. Use var get_decl, not get_tree.
(Gcc_backend::write_global_definitions): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::init_statement): Call var get_decl, not get_tree.
(Gcc_backend::block): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::implicit_variable_set_init): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct_set_init): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::function_set_parameters): Likewise.
2015-12-21 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::global_variable): If type is zero-sized,
add a VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR to the tree.
(Gcc_backend::global_variable_set_init): Remove any
(Gcc_backend::write_global_definitions): Likewise.
2015-11-30 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/68477
* (Gcc_backend::string_constant_expression): Don't set
TYPE_STRING_FLAG on a variant type.
2015-11-11 Andrew MacLeod <>
* go-backend.c: Remove unused header files.
* Likewise.
* go-lang.c: Likewise.
* gospec.c: Likewise.
2015-10-29 Andrew MacLeod <>
* go-backend.c: Reorder #include's and remove duplicates.
* go-lang.c: Likewise.
2015-10-20 Alan Modra <>
PR go/66870
* gospec.c (saw_opt_m32): Rename to..
(is_m64): ..this, initialised by TARGET_CAN_SPLIT_STACK_64BIT.
Update uses.
(lang_specific_driver): Set is_m64 if OPT_m64, clear if OPT_m32.
2015-10-01 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/66870
* gospec.c (lang_specific_driver): Only look for OPT_m32 if
2015-10-01 Lynn Boger <>
PR target/66870
* gospec.c (lang_specific_driver): Set appropriate split stack
options for 64 bit compiles based on TARGET_CAN_SPLIT_STACK_64BIT.
2015-09-10 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::type_size): Return -1 for
unrepresentable size.
2015-08-24 Marek Polacek <>
PR tree-optimization/67284
* (Gcc_backend::define_builtin): Add NORETURN_P parameter.
(Gcc_backend::Gcc_backend): Mark __builtin_trap as a noreturn call.
Pass false to the rest of define_builtin calls.
2015-07-31 Andreas Schwab <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init_options_struct): Don't set
(go_langhook_post_options): Set it here instead.
2015-07-12 Aldy Hernandez <>
* gofrontend/backend.h: Fix double word typos.
* gofrontend/ Same.
* gospec.c: Same.
2015-07-07 Andrew MacLeod <>
* go-backend.c: Adjust includes.
* Likewise.
* go-lang.c: Likewise.
2015-06-25 Andrew MacLeod <>
* Remove ipa-ref.h and plugin-api.h from include list.
2015-06-17 Andrew MacLeod <>
* go-backend.c: Do not include input.h, line-map.h or is-a.h.
* Likewise.
* go-lang.c: Likewise.
* go-system.h: Likewise.
2015-06-08 Andrew MacLeod <>
* go-backend.c : Adjust include files.
* : Likewise.
* go-lang.c : Likewise.
2015-06-05 Aldy Hernandez <>
* (write_global_definitions): Remove call to
Remove Go specific debug generation.
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_parse_file): Call go_write_globals.
(go_langhook_write_globals): Remove.
2015-06-04 Andrew MacLeod <>
* go-backend.c: Adjust includes for restructured coretypes.h.
* go-c.h: Likewise.
* Likewise.
* go-lang.c: Likewise.
2015-04-30 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::stack_allocation_expression): New
2015-04-27 Jim Wilson <>
* (go.mostlyclean): Remove gccgo, gccgo-cross, and go1.
2015-04-17 Chris Manghane <>
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/escape.o.
2015-02-02 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/64836
PR go/64838
* (Gcc_backend::type_size): Change return type to
(Gcc_backend::type_alignment): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::type_field_alignment): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::type_field_offset): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::implicit_variable): Change alignment parameter type
to int64_t.
2015-01-23 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/63565
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Mention that Go programs should not
be stripped.
* gccgo.texi (C Interoperability): Mention that people should use
2015-01-23 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/64595
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init_options_struct): Set default
(go_langhook_post_options): If debug_info_level is still the
default, make sure write_symbols is set.
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Document that -g1 is the default.
2015-01-16 Richard Henderson <>
* (Gcc_backend::call_expression): Add chain_expr argument.
(Gcc_backend::static_chain_variable): New method.
2015-01-09 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (lang_dirs): Define.
2015-01-09 Michael Collison <>
* Include hash-set.h, machmode.h, vec.h, double-int.h,
input.h, alias.h, symtab.h, options.h, fold-const.h,
wide-int.h, and inchash.h due to flattening of tree.h.
* go-lang.c: Ditto.
* go-backend.c: Ditto.
2015-01-07 Chris Manghane <>
PR go/61204
* (Gcc_backend::temporary_variable): Don't initialize
zero-sized variable.
2015-01-06 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::constructor_expression): Don't
initialize zero-sized fields, just evaluate the values for side
2015-01-05 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
* gccgo.texi: Bump @copyrights-go year.
2014-12-19 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::array_constructor_expression): Don't
construct arrays of zero-sized values.
2014-10-29 Richard Sandiford <>
* go-lang.c: Remove redundant enum from machine_mode.
2014-10-28 Andrew MacLeod <>
* Adjust include files.
2014-10-27 Andrew MacLeod <>
* Adjust include files.
* go-lang.c: Ditto.
2014-10-23 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::complex_constant_expression): Take one
mpc_t parameter instead of two mpfr_t parameters.
2014-09-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (check_go_parallelize): Change to just an upper bound
2014-09-03 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::implicit_variable): Remove init
parameter. Add is_hidden parameter.
(Gcc_backend::implicit_variable_set_init): New method.
(Gcc_backend::implicit_variable_reference): New method.
2014-08-08 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::compound_statement): Don't return
2014-07-24 Uros Bizjak <>
* (Gcc_backend::global_variable_set_init): Rename
symtab_get_node to symtab_node::get.
2014-06-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/61496
* gospec.c (lang_specific_driver): On Solaris, when not using GNU
ld, add -t option to avoid warning about common symbol changing
2014-06-10 Jan Hubicka <>
* (Gcc_backend::global_variable_set_init): Use
2014-06-07 Jan Hubicka <>
* (global_variable_set_init): Use
2014-06-04 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::implicit_variable): Add is_common and
alignment parameters. Permit init parameter to be NULL.
2014-06-02 Andrew MacLeod <>
* Include builtins.h.
2014-05-17 Trevor Saunders <>
* go-lang.c (struct GTY): Don't use variable_size gty attribute.
2014-05-06 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::nil_pointer_expression): New method.
(Gcc_backend::boolean_constant_expression): New method.
(Gcc_backend::zero_expression): Use this->make_expression rather
than tree_to_expr.
(Gcc_backend::var_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::integer_constant_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::float_constant_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::complex_constant_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::struct_field_expression): Likewise.
(tree_to_type, tree_to_expr, tree_to_stat): Remove functions.
(tree_to_function, tree_to_block): Remove functions.
(type_to_tree, expr_to_tree, stat_to_tree): Remove functions.
(block_to_tree, var_to_tree, function_to_tree): Remove functions.
2014-05-06 Kenneth Zadeck <>
Mike Stump <>
Richard Sandiford <>
* (Gcc_backend::type_size): Use tree_fits_uhwi_p.
2014-05-06 Chris Manghane <>
* go-c.h (go_create_gogo): Update declaration to add
check_divide_zero and check_divide_overflow parameters.
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init): Pass new arguments to
2014-05-05 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::implicit_variable): Rename from
gc_root_variable. Add name and is_constant parameters.
2014-05-05 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::indirect_expression): Add btype
(Gcc_backend::temporary_variable): Check for erroneous function.
2014-04-30 Chris Manghane <>
* go-backend.c: #include "diagnostics.h".
(saw_errors): New function.
* go-c.h (saw_errors): Declare.
* (GO_OBJS): Remove go/gogo-tree.o.
2014-04-30 Chris Manghane <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_type_for_size): Do it here, rather than
calling into Go frontend.
(go_langhook_type_for_mode): Likewise.
* go-c.h (go_type_for_size, go_type_for_mode): Don't declare.
2014-04-30 Chris Manghane <>
* #include "langhooks.h".
(Gcc_backend::Gcc_backend): Add constructor.
(Gcc_backend::lookup_function): New function.
(Gcc_backend::define_builtin): New private function.
(Gcc_backend::gcc_backend): Remove.
(go_get_backend): Use new to create new Gcc_backend.
2014-04-25 Chris Manghane <>
* Include "cgraph.h" and "gimplify.h".
(Gcc_backend::return_statement): Push and pop function.
(Gcc_backend::label): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::function_defer_statement): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::switch_statement): Add function parameter.
(Gcc_backend::block): Don't permit function to be NULL.
(Gcc_backend::temporary_variable): Change go_assert to
(Gcc_backend::gc_root_variable): New function.
(Gcc_backend::write_global_definitions): New function.
2014-04-22 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::temporary_variable): Push cfun around
call to create_tmp_var. Require that function be non-NULL.
2014-04-17 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::named_constant_expression): New
2014-04-14 Chris Manghane <>
* Include "convert.h".
(Gcc_backend::string_constant_expression): New function.
(Gcc_backend::real_part_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::imag_part_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::complex_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::constructor_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::array_constructor_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::pointer_offset_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::array_index_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::call_expression): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::exception_handler_statement): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::function_defer_statement): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::function_set_parameters): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::function_set_body): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::convert_expression): Handle various type
2014-03-03 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::immutable_struct): If IS_COMMON, set
(GCC_backend::immutable_struct_set_init): If IS_COMMON, clear
2014-01-24 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::unary_expression): New function.
2014-01-16 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::conditional_expression): Add btype
(operator_to_tree_code): New static function.
(Gcc_backend::binary_expression): New function.
2014-01-14 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::compound_expression): New function.
(Gcc_backend::conditional_expression): New function.
2014-01-02 Richard Sandiford <>
Update copyright years
2014-01-02 Tobias Burnus <>
* gccgo.texi: Bump @copying's copyright year.
2013-12-16 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::struct_field_expression): New function.
2013-12-11 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_post_options): Disable sibling calls by
2013-12-10 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (check_go_parallelize): Test go-test.exp r* tests
2013-12-05 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Revert this change; no longer required.
2013-11-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_post_options): If
-fisolate-erroneous-paths was turned on by an optimization option,
turn it off.
2013-11-23 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::function_type): Add result_struct
2013-11-22 Andrew MacLeod <>
* Add required include files from gimple.h.
* go-lang.c: Likewise
2013-11-18 Richard Sandiford <>
* gofrontend/ Replace tree_low_cst (..., 0) with
tree_to_shwi throughout.
2013-11-18 Richard Sandiford <>
* gofrontend/ Replace host_integerp (..., 0) with
tree_fits_shwi_p throughout.
2013-11-14 Andrew MacLeod <>
* go-lang.c: Include only gimplify.h and gimple.h as needed.
2013-11-14 Diego Novillo <>
* go-backend.c: Include stor-layout.h.
* Include stringpool.h.
Include stor-layout.h.
Include varasm.h.
* go-lang.c: Include stor-layout.h.
2013-11-12 Andrew MacLeod <>
* go-lang.c: Include gimplify.h.
2013-11-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_post_options): If
-fisolate-erroneous-paths was turned on by an optimization option,
turn it off.
2013-10-14 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::address_expression): New function.
2013-10-11 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::function_code_expression): New
2013-10-10 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::error_function): New function.
(Gcc_backend::function): New function.
(Gcc_backend::make_function): New function.
(function_to_tree): New function.
2013-10-04 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::convert_expression): New function.
2013-10-02 Chris Manghane <>
* Include "real.h" and "realmpfr.h".
(Gcc_backend::integer_constant_expression): New function.
(Gcc_backend::float_constant_expression): New function.
(Gcc_backend::complex_constant_expression): New function.
2013-09-30 Chris Manghane <>
* (Gcc_backend::error_expression): New function.
(Gcc_backend::var_expression): New function.
(Gcc_backend::indirect_expression): New function.
2013-09-25 Tom Tromey <>
* (gospec.o): Remove.
(CFLAGS-go/gospec.o): New variable.
(GCCGO_OBJS): Update to use go/gospec.o.
(go_OBJS): Define.
(go/go-backend.o, go/go-lang.o, go/go-gcc.o, go/go-linemap.o)
(go/ast-dump.o, go/dataflow.o, go/export.o, go/expressions.o)
(go/go.o, go/go-dump.o, go/go-optimize.o, go/gogo-tree.o)
(go/gogo.o, go/import.o, go/import-archive.o, go/lex.o)
(go/parse.o, go/runtime.o, go/statements.o, go/types.o)
(go/unsafe.o): Remove.
(CFLAGS-go/go-gcc.o, CFLAGS-go/go-linemap.o): New variables.
(go/%.o: go/gofrontend/ Use COMPILE and POSTCOMPILE.
2013-09-25 Tom Tromey <>
* (gospec.o): Don't use subshell.
2013-08-28 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::immutable_struct): Set TREE_PUBLIC if
the struct is not hidden.
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct_set_init): Don't set TREE_PUBLIC.
2013-08-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::immutable_struct_set_init): Use
2013-08-02 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (immutable_struct_set_init): Always call
2013-07-24 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::non_zero_size_type): If a struct has a
fields, recreate those fields with the first one with a non-zero
2013-07-23 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-backend.c: Don't #include "rtl.h".
(go_imported_unsafe): Don't call init_varasm_once.
* (go/go-backend.o): Don't depend on $(RTL_H).
2013-07-23 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c: Don't #include "except.h".
* (go/go-lang.o): Don't depend on $(EXCEPT_H).
2013-06-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::immutable_struct): Add is_hidden
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct_set_init): Likewise.
2013-05-16 Jason Merrill <>
* (go1$(exeext)): Use link mutex.
2013-01-16 Shenghou Ma <>
* gospec.c: pass -u pthread_create to linker when static linking.
2012-12-21 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR bootstrap/54659
* go-system.h: Don't include <cstdio>.
2012-12-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/55201
* gospec.c: Revert last patch.
2012-12-18 Andreas Schwab <>
PR go/55201
* gospec.c (LIBATOMIC): Define.
(lang_specific_driver): Add LIBATOMIC[_PROFILE] option.
2012-11-29 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Include "output.h".
(global_variable): Add is_unique_section parameter.
(global_variable_set_init): Adjust unique section if necessary.
* (go/go-gcc.o): Add dependency on output.h.
2012-11-17 Diego Novillo <>
Adjust for new vec API (
* go-lang.c: Use new vec API in vec.h.
2012-11-16 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (gccgo$(exeext)): Add + at start of command.
(go1$(exeext)): Likewise.
2012-10-30 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* lang.opt (-fgo-relative-import-path): New option.
* go-lang.c (go_relative_import_path): New static variable.
(go_langhook_init): Pass go_relative_import_path to
(go_langhook_handle_option): Handle -fgo-relative-import-path.
* go-c.h (go_create_gogo): Update declaration.
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Document
2012-09-17 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (target_libs): Add target-libbacktrace.
2012-09-16 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (go/gogo.o): Depend on filenames.h.
2012-08-14 Diego Novillo <>
Merge from cxx-conversion branch. Configury.
* go-c.h: Remove all handlers of ENABLE_BUILD_WITH_CXX.
* Likewise.
* go-system.h: Likewise.
2012-07-24 Uros Bizjak <>
* go-lang.c (lang_decl): Add variable_size GTY option.
2012-05-09 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* lang.opt: Add -fgo-pkgpath.
* go-lang.c (go_pkgpath): New static variable.
(go_prefix): New static variable.
(go_langhook_init): Pass go_pkgpath and go_prefix to
(go_langhook_handle_option): Handle -fgo-pkgpath. Change
-fgo-prefix handling to just set go_prefix.
* go-c.h (go_set_prefix): Don't declare.
(go_create_gogo): Add pkgpath and prefix to declaration.
* (Gcc_backend::global_variable): Change unique_prefix
to pkgpath. Don't include the package name in the asm name.
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Document -fgo-pkgpath. Update the
docs for -fgo-prefix.
2012-04-23 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init): Set MPFR precision to 256.
2012-04-20 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* lang.opt: Add -fgo-check-divide-zero and
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Document new options.
2012-04-18 Steven Bosscher <>
* (Gcc_backend::switch_statement): Build SWITCH_EXPR
with NULL_TREE type instead of void_type_node.
2012-03-09 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::assignment_statement): Convert the rhs
to the lhs type if necessary.
2012-03-08 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::init_statement): Don't initialize a
zero-sized variable.
(go_non_zero_struct): New global variable.
(Gcc_backend::non_zero_size_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::global_variable): Don't build an assignment for a
zero-sized value.
* go-c.h (go_non_zero_struct): Declare.
* (gtfiles): Add go-c.h.
2012-02-29 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (class Gcc_tree): Add set_tree method.
(set_placeholder_pointer_type): When setting to a pointer to
error, set to error_mark_node.
2012-02-23 Richard Guenther <>
* (Gcc_backend::placeholder_pointer_type): Use
2012-02-17 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (go/import.o): Add dependency on $(GO_LEX_H).
2012-02-17 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* gospec.c (lang_specific_driver): If linking, and no -o option
was used, add one.
2012-02-14 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/48411
* (gccgo-cross$(exeext)): New target.
(go.all.cross): Depend on gccgo-cross$(exeext) instead of
(go.install-common): Only install GCCGO_TARGET_INSTALL_NAME if
gccgo-cross$(exeext) does not exist.
2012-02-07 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* gccgo.texi (Function Names): Document //extern instead of
2012-02-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/52079
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_type_for_mode): For TImode and 64-bit HWI
return build_nonstandard_integer_type result if possible.
2012-01-21 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::type_size): Check for error_mark_node.
(Gcc_backend::type_alignment): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::type_field_alignment): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::type_field_offset): Likewise.
2012-01-20 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::placeholder_struct_type): Permit name to
be empty.
(Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_struct_type): Likewise.
2012-01-17 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* gospec.c (lang_specific_driver): If we see -S without -o, add -o
BASE.s rather than -o BASE.o.
2012-01-11 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init): Initialize void_list_node before
calling go_create_gogo.
2012-01-10 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::type_size): New function.
(Gcc_backend::type_alignment): New function.
(Gcc_backend::type_field_alignment): New function.
(Gcc_backend::type_field_offset): New function.
* go-backend.c (go_type_alignment): Remove.
* go-c.h (go_type_alignment): Don't declare.
2011-12-27 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_struct_type): Use
build_distinct_type_copy rather than build_variant_type_copy.
(Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_array_type): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::named_type): Add special handling for builtin
basic types.
2011-12-22 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_pointer_type): Arrange
for the type name to have a DECL_ORIGINAL_TYPE as gcc expects.
(Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_struct_type): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_array_type): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::named_type): Set DECL_ORIGINAL_TYPE.
2011-12-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-backend.c: #include "simple-object.h" and "intl.h".
(GO_EXPORT_SEGMENT_NAME): Define if not defined.
(go_write_export_data): Use GO_EXPORT_SECTION_NAME.
(go_read_export_data): New function.
* go-c.h (go_read_export_data): Declare.
2011-11-29 Sanjoy Das <>
Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-location.h: New file.
* New file.
* Change all uses of source_location to Location.
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/go-linemap.o.
(GO_LINEMAP_H): New variable.
(go/go-linemap.o): New target.
2011-11-02 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* (gospec.o): Pass SHLIB instead of SHLIB_LINK.
2011-08-24 Roberto Lublinerman <>
* lang.opt: Add fgo-optimize-.
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_handle_option): Handle OPT_fgo_optimize.
* go-c.h (go_enable_optimize): Declare.
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/go-optimize.o.
(GO_EXPORT_H): Define.
(GO_AST_DUMP_H): Define.
(go/ast-dump.o, go/statements.o): Use GO_AST_DUMP_H.
(go/export.o, go/gogo.o, go/import.o): Use GO_EXPORT_H.
(go/types.o): Likewise.
(go/expressions.o): Use GO_AST_DUMP_H and GO_EXPORT_H.
(go/go-optimize.o): New target.
2011-08-24 Joseph Myers <>
* (CFLAGS-go/go-lang.o): New.
(go/go-lang.o): Remove explicit compilation rule.
2011-08-08 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* (gccgo$(exeext)): Add $(EXTRA_GCC_LIBS).
2011-08-02 Roberto Lublinerman <>
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/ast-dump.o.
(go/ast-dump.o): New target.
(go/expressions.o): Depend on go/gofrontend/ast-dump.h.
(go/statements.o): Likewise.
2011-07-06 Richard Guenther <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init):
Merge calls to build_common_tree_nodes and build_common_tree_nodes_2.
2011-06-14 Joseph Myers <>
* (go/go-lang.o, go/go-backend.o): Update
* go-backend.c: Include common/common-target.h.
(go_write_export_data): Use targetm_common.have_named_sections.
* go-lang.c: Include common/common-target.h.
(go_langhook_init_options_struct): Use
2011-06-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (go/expressions.o): Depend on $(GO_RUNTIME_H).
2011-06-10 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Include "toplev.h".
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct): New function.
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct_set_init): New function.
(Gcc_backend::immutable_struct_reference): New function.
* (go/go-gcc.o): Depend on toplev.h.
2011-06-09 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::zero_expression): New function.
2011-06-07 Richard Guenther <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init): Do not set
size_type_node or call set_sizetype.
2011-05-27 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-backend.c: Include "output.h".
(go_write_export_data): New function.
* go-c.h (go_write_export_data): Declare.
* (go/go-backend.o): Depend on output.h.
(go/export.o): Depend on $(GO_C_H). Do not depend on
$(MACHMODE_H), output.h, or $(TARGET_H).
2011-05-24 Joseph Myers <>
* (GCCGO_OBJS): Remove prefix.o.
(gccgo$(exeext)): Use libcommon-target.a.
2011-05-20 Joseph Myers <>
* (GCCGO_OBJS): Remove intl.o and version.o.
2011-05-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::function_type): When building a struct
for multiple results, check that all fields types have a size.
(Gcc_backend::placeholder_pointer_type): Permit name to be empty.
2011-05-12 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::local_variable): Add is_address_taken
(Gcc_backend::parameter_variable): Likewise.
2011-05-07 Eric Botcazou <>
* go-lang.c (global_bindings_p): Return bool and simplify.
2011-05-05 Nathan Froyd <>
* (Gcc_backend::switch_statement): Call build_case_label.
2011-05-04 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::struct_type): Call fill_in_struct.
(Gcc_backend::fill_in_struct): New function.
(Gcc_backend::array_type): Implement.
(Gcc_backend::fill_in_array): New function.
(Gcc_backend::placeholder_pointer_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_pointer_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_function_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::placeholder_struct_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_struct_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::placeholder_array_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::set_placeholder_array_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::named_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::circular_pointer_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::is_circular_pointer_type): New function.
2011-04-26 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::struct_type): Implement.
2011-04-25 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::error_type): Implement.
(Gcc_backend::string_type): Remove.
(Gcc_backend::function_type): Change signature and implement.
(Gcc_backend::struct_type): Change signature.
(Gcc_backend::slice_type, Gcc_backend::map_type): Remove.
(Gcc_backend::channel_type, Gcc_backend::interface_type): Remove.
(Gcc_backend::pointer_type): Check for error.
* (go/types.o): Depend on go/gofrontend/backend.h.
2011-04-25 Evan Shaw <>
* go-gcc.c (class Gcc_tree): Make get_tree const.
(Gcc_backend::void_type): Implement.
(Gcc_backend::bool_type): Implement.
(Gcc_backend::integer_type): Implement.
(Gcc_backend::float_type): Implement.
(Gcc_backend::complex_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::pointer_type): New function.
(Gcc_backend::make_type): New function.
(type_to_tree): New function.
2011-04-21 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-system.h (go_assert, go_unreachable): Define.
2011-04-19 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-system.h: Include "intl.h".
* (GO_SYSTEM_H): Add intl.h.
(go/statements.o): Remove dependencies on intl.h $(TREE_H)
$(GIMPLE_H) convert.h tree-iterator.h $(TREE_FLOW_H) $(REAL_H).
2011-04-19 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::temporary_variable): New function.
2011-04-19 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (class Bblock): Define.
(Gcc_backend::if_statement): Change then_block and else_block to
(Gcc_backend::block): New function.
(Gcc_backend::block_add_statements): New function.
(Gcc_backend::block_statement): New function.
(tree_to_block, block_to_tree): New functions.
2011-04-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Include "go-c.h".
(class Bvariable): Define.
(Gcc_backend::init_statement): New function.
(Gcc_backend::global_variable): New function.
(Gcc_backend::global_variable_set_init): New function.
(Gcc_backend::local_variable): New function.
(Gcc_backend::parameter_variable): New function.
(tree_to_type, var_to_tree): New functions.
* (go/go-gcc.o): Depend on $(GO_C_H).
* (go/gogo-tree.o): Depend on go/gofrontend/backend.h.
2011-04-15 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::compound_statement): New function.
(Gcc_backend::assignment_statement): Use error_statement.
(Gcc_backend::return_statement): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::if_statement): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::switch_statement): Likewise.
(Gcc_backend::statement_list): Likewise.
2011-04-14 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::error_statement): New function.
2011-04-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (go/gogo-tree.o): depend on $(GO_RUNTIME_H).
2011-04-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/runtime.o.
(GO_RUNTIME_H): New variable.
(go/runtime.o): New target.
(go/gogo.o): Depend on $(GO_RUNTIME_H).
(go/statements.o): Likewise.
2011-04-12 Nathan Froyd <>
* go-lang.c (union lang_tree_node): Check for TS_COMMON before
calling TREE_CHAIN.
2011-04-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (if_statement): Use build3_loc.
(Gcc_backend::switch_statement): New function.
(Gcc_backend::statement_list): New function.
2011-04-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::if_statement): New function.
(tree_to_stat): New function.
(expr_to_tree): Renamed from expression_to_tree.
(stat_to_tree): Renamed from statement_to_tree.
2011-04-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (Gcc_backend::expression_statement): New function.
2011-04-04 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-gcc.c (class Blabel): Define.
(Gcc_backend::make_expression): New function.
(get_identifier_from_string): New function.
(Gcc_backend::label): New function.
(Gcc_backend::label_definition_statement): New function.
(Gcc_backend::goto_statement): New function.
(Gcc_backend::label_address): New function.
(expression_to_tree): New function.
* (go/expressions.o): Depend on
(go/gogo.o): Likewise.
2011-04-04 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* #include "tree-iterator.h", "gimple.h", and "gogo.h".
(class Bfunction): Define.
(Gcc_backend::assignment_statement): Rename from assignment.
Check for errors.
(Gcc_backend::return_statement): New function.
(tree_to_function): New function.
* (go/go-gcc.o): Depend on tree-iterator.h,
$(GIMPLE_H), and $(GO_GOGO_H).
2011-04-03 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* New file.
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/go-gcc.o.
(go/go-gcc.o): New target.
(go/go.o): Depend on go/gofrontend/backend.h.
(go/statements.o): Likewise.
2011-02-14 Ralf Wildenhues <>
* gccgo.texi (Top, Import and Export): Fix a typo and a markup nit.
2011-02-08 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init_options_struct): Set
frontend_set_flag_errno_math. Don't set x_flag_trapping_math.
2011-01-31 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* gospec.c (lang_specific_driver) [HAVE_LD_STATIC_DYNAMIC] Use
2011-01-21 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_init): Omit float_type_size when calling
* go-c.h: Update declaration of go_create_gogo.
2011-01-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* go-backend.c: Include "rtl.h" and "target.h".
(go_imported_unsafe): New function.
* go-c.h (go_imported_unsafe): Declare.
* (go/go-backend.o): Depend on $(RTL_H).
(go/gogo-tree.o): Remove dependency on $(RTL_H).
(go/unsafe.o): Depend on $(GO_C_H).
2010-12-31 Joern Rennecke <>
PR go/47113
* go-backend.c: (go_field_alignment): Add ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED to
variable ‘field’ .
2010-12-21 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (check-go): Remove.
(lang_checks_parallelized): Add check-go.
(check_go_parallelize): Set.
2010-12-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* gospec.c (lang_specific_driver): Add a -o option if not linking
and there is no -o option already.
2010-12-07 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR tree-optimization/46805
PR tree-optimization/46833
* go-lang.c (go_langhook_type_for_mode): Handle vector modes.
2010-12-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR other/46789
PR bootstrap/46812
* go-lang.c (go_char_p): Define type and vectors.
(go_search_dirs): New static variable.
(go_langhook_handle_option): Use version and version/machine
directories for -L.
(go_langhook_post_options): Add non-specific -L paths.
* (go/go-lang.o): Define DEFAULT_TARGET_VERSION and
* gccgo.texi (Invoking gccgo): Only document -L for linking.
(Import and Export): Don't mention -L for finding import files.
2010-12-03 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR bootstrap/46776
* go-backend.c: New file.
* go-c.h (go_type_alignment): Declare.
(go_field_alignment, go_trampoline_info): Declare.
* (GO_OBJS): Add go/go-backend.o.
(go/go-backend.o): New target.
(go/go-lang.o): Make dependencies match source file.
(go/expressions.o): Don't depend on $(TM_H) $(TM_P_H).
(go/gogo-tree.o): Don't depend on $(TM_H).
2010-12-03 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (build_by_default): Set to no.
2010-12-02 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Go frontend added to gcc repository.
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Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.