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/* Tree inlining hooks and declarations.
Copyright (C) 2001-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by Alexandre Oliva <>
This file is part of GCC.
GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
any later version.
GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
<>. */
struct cgraph_edge;
/* Indicate the desired behavior wrt call graph edges. We can either
duplicate the edge (inlining, cloning), move the edge (versioning,
parallelization), or move the edges of the clones (saving). */
enum copy_body_cge_which
typedef int_hash <unsigned short, 0> dependence_hash;
/* Data required for function body duplication. */
struct copy_body_data
/* FUNCTION_DECL for function being inlined, or in general the
source function providing the original trees. */
tree src_fn;
/* FUNCTION_DECL for function being inlined into, or in general
the destination function receiving the new trees. */
tree dst_fn;
/* Callgraph node of the source function. */
struct cgraph_node *src_node;
/* Callgraph node of the destination function. */
struct cgraph_node *dst_node;
/* struct function for function being inlined. Usually this is the same
as DECL_STRUCT_FUNCTION (src_fn), but can be different if saved_cfg
and saved_eh are in use. */
struct function *src_cfun;
/* The VAR_DECL for the return value. */
tree retvar;
/* The VAR_DECL for the return bounds. */
tree retbnd;
/* Assign statements that need bounds copy. */
vec<gimple *> assign_stmts;
/* The map from local declarations in the inlined function to
equivalents in the function into which it is being inlined. */
hash_map<tree, tree> *decl_map;
/* Create a new decl to replace DECL in the destination function. */
tree (*copy_decl) (tree, struct copy_body_data *);
/* Current BLOCK. */
tree block;
/* GIMPLE_CALL if va arg parameter packs should be expanded or NULL
is not. */
gcall *call_stmt;
/* Exception landing pad the inlined call lies in. */
int eh_lp_nr;
/* Maps region and landing pad structures from the function being copied
to duplicates created within the function we inline into. */
hash_map<void *, void *> *eh_map;
/* We use the same mechanism do all sorts of different things. Rather
than enumerating the different cases, we categorize the behavior
in the various situations. */
/* What to do with call graph edges. */
enum copy_body_cge_which transform_call_graph_edges;
/* True if a new CFG should be created. False for inlining, true for
everything else. */
bool transform_new_cfg;
/* True if RETURN_EXPRs should be transformed to just the contained
MODIFY_EXPR. The branch semantics of the return will be handled
by manipulating the CFG rather than a statement. */
bool transform_return_to_modify;
/* True if the parameters of the source function are transformed.
Only true for inlining. */
bool transform_parameter;
/* True if this statement will need to be regimplified. */
bool regimplify;
/* True if trees should not be unshared. */
bool do_not_unshare;
/* > 0 if we are remapping a type currently. */
int remapping_type_depth;
/* A function to be called when duplicating BLOCK nodes. */
void (*transform_lang_insert_block) (tree);
/* Statements that might be possibly folded. */
hash_set<gimple *> *statements_to_fold;
/* Entry basic block to currently copied body. */
basic_block entry_bb;
/* For partial function versioning, bitmap of bbs to be copied,
otherwise NULL. */
bitmap blocks_to_copy;
/* Debug statements that need processing. */
vec<gdebug *> debug_stmts;
/* A map from local declarations in the inlined function to
equivalents in the function into which it is being inlined, where
the originals have been mapped to a value rather than to a
variable. */
hash_map<tree, tree> *debug_map;
/* A map from the inlined functions dependence info cliques to
equivalents in the function into which it is being inlined. */
hash_map<dependence_hash, unsigned short> *dependence_map;
/* A list of addressable local variables remapped into the caller
when inlining a call within an OpenMP SIMD-on-SIMT loop. */
vec<tree> *dst_simt_vars;
/* Do not create new declarations when within type remapping. */
bool prevent_decl_creation_for_types;
/* Weights of constructions for estimate_num_insns. */
struct eni_weights
/* Cost per call. */
unsigned call_cost;
/* Cost per indirect call. */
unsigned indirect_call_cost;
/* Cost per call to a target specific builtin */
unsigned target_builtin_call_cost;
/* Cost of "expensive" div and mod operations. */
unsigned div_mod_cost;
/* Cost for omp construct. */
unsigned omp_cost;
/* Cost for tm transaction. */
unsigned tm_cost;
/* Cost of return. */
unsigned return_cost;
/* True when time of statement should be estimated. Thus, the
cost of a switch statement is logarithmic rather than linear in number
of cases. */
bool time_based;
/* Weights that estimate_num_insns uses for heuristics in inlining. */
extern eni_weights eni_inlining_weights;
/* Weights that estimate_num_insns uses to estimate the size of the
produced code. */
extern eni_weights eni_size_weights;
/* Weights that estimate_num_insns uses to estimate the time necessary
to execute the produced code. */
extern eni_weights eni_time_weights;
/* Function prototypes. */
void init_inline_once (void);
extern tree copy_tree_body_r (tree *, int *, void *);
extern void insert_decl_map (copy_body_data *, tree, tree);
unsigned int optimize_inline_calls (tree);
tree maybe_inline_call_in_expr (tree);
bool tree_inlinable_function_p (tree);
tree copy_tree_r (tree *, int *, void *);
tree copy_decl_no_change (tree decl, copy_body_data *id);
int estimate_move_cost (tree type, bool);
int estimate_num_insns (gimple *, eni_weights *);
int estimate_num_insns_fn (tree, eni_weights *);
int estimate_num_insns_seq (gimple_seq, eni_weights *);
bool tree_versionable_function_p (tree);
extern tree remap_decl (tree decl, copy_body_data *id);
extern tree remap_type (tree type, copy_body_data *id);
extern gimple_seq copy_gimple_seq_and_replace_locals (gimple_seq seq);
extern bool debug_find_tree (tree, tree);
extern tree copy_fn (tree, tree&, tree&);
extern const char *copy_forbidden (struct function *fun);
extern tree copy_decl_for_dup_finish (copy_body_data *id, tree decl, tree copy);
/* This is in tree-inline.c since the routine uses
data structures from the inliner. */
extern tree build_duplicate_type (tree);
#endif /* GCC_TREE_INLINE_H */