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The libbacktrace library
Initially written by Ian Lance Taylor <>
The libbacktrace library may be linked into a program or library and
used to produce symbolic backtraces.
Sample uses would be to print a detailed backtrace when an error
occurs or to gather detailed profiling information.
In general the functions provided by this library are async-signal-safe,
meaning that they may be safely called from a signal handler.
The libbacktrace library is provided under a BSD license.
See the source files for the exact license text.
The public functions are declared and documented in the header file
backtrace.h, which should be #include'd by a user of the library.
Building libbacktrace will generate a file backtrace-supported.h,
which a user of the library may use to determine whether backtraces
will work.
See the source file for the macros that it
As of October 2020, libbacktrace supports ELF, PE/COFF, Mach-O, and
XCOFF executables with DWARF debugging information.
In other words, it supports GNU/Linux, *BSD, macOS, Windows, and AIX.
The library is written to make it straightforward to add support for
other object file and debugging formats.
The library relies on the C++ unwind API defined at
This API is provided by GCC and clang.