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All files under this contrib directory are UNSUPPORTED. There were
provided by users of zlib and were not tested by the authors of zlib.
Use at your own risk. Please contact the authors of the contributions
for help about these, not the zlib authors. Thanks.
ada/ by Dmitriy Anisimkov <>
Support for Ada
amd64/ by Mikhail Teterin <>
asm code for AMD64
See patch at
asm686/ by Brian Raiter <>
asm code for Pentium and PPro/PII, using the AT&T (GNU as) syntax
blast/ by Mark Adler <>
Decompressor for output of PKWare Data Compression Library (DCL)
delphi/ by Cosmin Truta <>
Support for Delphi and C++ Builder
dotzlib/ by Henrik Ravn <>
Support for Microsoft .Net and Visual C++ .Net
gcc_gvmat64/by Gilles Vollant <>
GCC Version of x86 64-bit (AMD64 and Intel EM64t) code for x64
assembler to replace longest_match() and inflate_fast()
infback9/ by Mark Adler <>
Unsupported diffs to infback to decode the deflate64 format
inflate86/ by Chris Anderson <>
Tuned x86 gcc asm code to replace inflate_fast()
iostream/ by Kevin Ruland <>
A C++ I/O streams interface to the zlib gz* functions
iostream2/ by Tyge LΓΈvset <>
Another C++ I/O streams interface
iostream3/ by Ludwig Schwardt <>
and Kevin Ruland <>
Yet another C++ I/O streams interface
masmx64/ by Gilles Vollant <>
x86 64-bit (AMD64 and Intel EM64t) code for x64 assembler to
replace longest_match() and inflate_fast(), also masm x86
64-bits translation of Chris Anderson inflate_fast()
masmx86/ by Gilles Vollant <>
x86 asm code to replace longest_match() and inflate_fast(),
for Visual C++ and MASM (32 bits).
Based on Brian Raiter (asm686) and Chris Anderson (inflate86)
minizip/ by Gilles Vollant <>
Mini zip and unzip based on zlib
Includes Zip64 support by Mathias Svensson <>
pascal/ by Bob Dellaca <> et al.
Support for Pascal
puff/ by Mark Adler <>
Small, low memory usage inflate. Also serves to provide an
unambiguous description of the deflate format.
testzlib/ by Gilles Vollant <>
Example of the use of zlib
untgz/ by Pedro A. Aranda Gutierrez <>
A very simple tar.gz file extractor using zlib
vstudio/ by Gilles Vollant <>
Building a minizip-enhanced zlib with Microsoft Visual Studio
Includes vc11 from kreuzerkrieg and vc12 from davispuh