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! { dg-do run }
! PR 66680: ICE with openmp, a loop and a type bound procedure
! Contributed by Miha Polajnar <>
module m1
implicit none
integer :: n = 5
type :: t1
procedure :: s => s1
end type t1
pure subroutine s1(self,p,esta)
class(t1), intent(in) :: self
integer, optional, intent(in) :: p
integer, intent(out) :: esta
end subroutine s1
end module m1
module m2
use m1, only: t1, n
implicit none
type(t1), allocatable :: test(:)
pure subroutine s2(test1,esta)
type(t1), intent(in) :: test1
integer, intent(out) :: esta
integer :: p, i
do p = 1, n
i = p ! using i instead of p works
call test1%s(p=p,esta=esta)
if ( esta /= 0 ) return
end do
end subroutine s2
subroutine s3()
integer :: i, esta
!$omp parallel do &
!$omp private(i)
do i = 1, n
call s2(test(i),esta)
end do
!$omp end parallel do
end subroutine s3
end module m2
program main
implicit none
end program main