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// { dg-do compile { target c++11 } }
struct A {
template <class U> using C = U;
// The particularity of the below struct is to have more than 7
// fields. In this case, looking up a member here should exercise
// cp/search.c:lookup_field_1 in such a way that it finds it in the
struct A7 {
int f0;
int f1;
int f2;
int f3;
int f4;
int f5;
int f6;
int f7;
template <class U> using C = U;
template <class T>
struct B {
typename T::template C<int> n; //#0
// These should trigger the lookup
// of template C inside class A or
// A7, via #0.
B<A> b;
B<A7> c;