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// Test that char is deduced for UTF-8 character and string literals when
// -fchar8_t is not in effect.
// { dg-do compile }
// { dg-options "-std=c++17 -fno-char8_t" }
template<typename T1, typename T2>
struct is_same
{ static const bool value = false; };
template<typename T>
struct is_same<T, T>
{ static const bool value = true; };
template<typename T1, typename T2, typename T3>
void ft(T1, T2, T3 &) {
static_assert(is_same<T1, char>::value, "Error");
static_assert(is_same<T2, const char*>::value, "Error");
static_assert(is_same<T3, const char[2]>::value, "Error");
auto x = (ft(u8'x', u8"x", u8"x"),0);
auto c8 = u8'x';
static_assert(is_same<decltype(c8), char>::value, "Error");
auto c8p = u8"x";
static_assert(is_same<decltype(c8p), const char*>::value, "Error");
auto &c8a = u8"x";
static_assert(is_same<decltype(c8a), const char(&)[2]>::value, "Error");