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* Disclaimer: The codes contained in these modules may be specific
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/** @ingroup COIResult
* @addtogroup COIResultCommon
* @file common/COIResult_common.h
* Result codes and definitions. */
#include "../common/COITypes_common.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
typedef enum COIRESULT
COI_SUCCESS = 0, ///< The function succeeded without error.
COI_ERROR, ///< Unspecified error.
COI_NOT_INITIALIZED, ///< The function was called before the
///< system was initialized.
COI_ALREADY_INITIALIZED, ///< The function was called after the
///< system was initialized.
COI_ALREADY_EXISTS, ///< Cannot complete the request due to
///< the existence of a similar object.
COI_DOES_NOT_EXIST, ///< The specified object was not found.
COI_INVALID_POINTER, ///< One of the provided addresses was not
///< valid.
COI_OUT_OF_RANGE, ///< One of the arguments contains a value
///< that is invalid.
COI_NOT_SUPPORTED, ///< This function is not currently
///< supported as used.
COI_TIME_OUT_REACHED, ///< The specified time out caused the
///< function to abort.
COI_MEMORY_OVERLAP, ///< The source and destination range
///< specified overlaps for the same
///< buffer.
COI_ARGUMENT_MISMATCH, ///< The specified arguments are not
///< compatible.
COI_SIZE_MISMATCH, ///< The specified size does not match the
///< expected size.
COI_OUT_OF_MEMORY, ///< The function was unable to allocate
///< the required memory.
COI_INVALID_HANDLE, ///< One of the provided handles was not
///< valid.
COI_RETRY, ///< This function currently can't
///< complete, but might be able to later.
COI_RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED, ///< The resource was not large enough.
COI_ALREADY_LOCKED, ///< The object was expected to be
///< unlocked, but was locked.
COI_NOT_LOCKED, ///< The object was expected to be locked,
///< but was unlocked.
COI_MISSING_DEPENDENCY, ///< One or more dependent components
///< could not be found.
COI_UNDEFINED_SYMBOL, ///< One or more symbols the component
///< required was not defined in any
///< library.
COI_PENDING, ///< Operation is not finished
COI_BINARY_AND_HARDWARE_MISMATCH, ///< A specified binary will not run on
///< the specified hardware.
COI_INVALID_FILE, ///< The file is invalid for its intended
///< usage in the function.
COI_EVENT_CANCELED, ///< Event wait on a user event that
///< was unregistered or is being
///< unregistered returns
COI_VERSION_MISMATCH, ///< The version of Intel(R) Coprocessor
///< Offload Infrastructure on the host
///< is not compatible with the version
///< on the device.
COI_BAD_PORT, ///< The port that the host is set to
///< connect to is invalid.
COI_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE, ///< The daemon was unable to authenticate
///< the user that requested an engine.
///< Only reported if daemon is set up for
///< authorization. Is also reported in
///< Windows if host cannot find user.
COI_COMM_NOT_INITIALIZED, ///< The function was called before the
///< comm was initialized.
COI_INCORRECT_FORMAT, ///< Format of data is incorrect
COI_NUM_RESULTS ///< Reserved, do not use.
/// Returns the string version of the passed in COIRESULT. Thus if
/// COI_RETRY is passed in, this function returns the string "COI_RETRY". If
/// the error code passed ins is not valid then "COI_ERROR" will be returned.
/// @param in_ResultCode
/// [in] COIRESULT code to return the string version of.
/// @return String version of the passed in COIRESULT code.
const char *
COIRESULT in_ResultCode);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" */
#endif /* _COIRESULT_COMMON_H */
/*! @} */