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2000-12-29 Jakub Jelinek <>
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Fix sign of wchar_type_node.
2000-12-29 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (pushclass): Remove #if 0'd code.
* cp-tree.h (overload_template_name): Remove.
* decl.c (store_bindings): Simplify.
(pop_from_top_level): Likewise.
* pt.c (overload_template_name): Remove.
(instantiate_decl): Don't call push_to_top_level if it's not
2000-12-28 Mark Mitchell <>
* pt.c (register_local_specialization): Don't return a value.
(lookup_template_class): Use move-to-front heuristic when looking
up template instantiations.
(instantiate_decl): Only push_to_top_level when we're actually
going to instantiate the template.
2000-12-29 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* search.c (binfo_for_vtable): Return least derived class, not
most. Handle secondary vtables.
2000-12-22 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (more_specialized): Don't optimize len==0.
(fn_type_unification): If we're adding the return type, increase len.
* typeck.c (build_binary_op): Fix pmf comparison logic.
* call.c (joust): Use DECL_NONSTATIC_MEMBER_FUNCTION_P, not
* semantics.c (genrtl_finish_function): Don't try to jump to
return_label unless it exists.
In partial ordering for a call, ignore parms for which we don't have
a real argument.
* call.c (joust): Pass len to more_specialized.
(add_template_candidate_real): Strip 'this', pass len.
* pt.c (more_specialized): Pass len down. Lose explicit_args parm.
(get_bindings_order): New fn. Pass len down.
(get_bindings_real): Strip 'this', pass len.
(fn_type_unification): Likewise.
(type_unification_real): Succeed after checking 'len' args.
(most_specialized_instantiation): Lose explicit_args parm.
* class.c (resolve_address_of_overloaded_function): Strip 'this',
pass len.
2000-12-21 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (tsubst_decl): A FUNCTION_DECL has DECL_RESULT, not
* search.c (lookup_field_r): Call lookup_fnfields_1, not
* parse.y (typename_sub2): Return the TYPE_DECL, not the type.
* call.c (build_object_call): Also allow conversions that return
reference to pointer to function.
(add_conv_candidate): Handle totype being ref to ptr to fn.
(build_field_call): Also allow members of type reference to function.
Lose support for calling pointer to METHOD_TYPE fields.
* error.c (dump_expr): Handle *_CAST_EXPR.
* typeck2.c (build_scoped_ref): Always convert to the naming class.
* tree.c (break_out_cleanups): Lose.
* cp-tree.h: Remove prototype.
* typeck.c (build_component_ref): Don't break_out_cleanups.
(build_compound_expr): Likewise.
* semantics.c (finish_expr_stmt): Likewise.
2000-12-20 Richard Henderson <>
* cp-tree.h: Update declarations.
* decl.c (finish_case_label): Return the new stmt node.
* semantics.c (finish_goto_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_expr_stmt, finish_return_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_break_stmt, finish_continue_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_asm_stmt): Likewise.
* parse.y (already_scoped_stmt): Set STMT_LINENO.
(compstmt, implicitly_scoped_stmt, stmt): Likewise.
(simple_if, simple_stmt): Return the new stmt node.
(save_lineno): New.
2000-12-18 Joseph S. Myers <>
* cp-tree.h: Don't declare warn_long_long.
2000-12-15 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <>
* tree.c (no_linkage_helper): Use CLASS_TYPE_P instead of
2000-12-15 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <>
* pt.c (unify): Handle when both ARG and PARM are
2000-12-15 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <>
* pt.c (reduce_template_parm_level): Set DECL_ARTIFICIAL and
2000-12-15 Jason Merrill <>
* init.c (build_new_1): Reorganize. Now with 100% fewer SAVE_EXPRs!
* init.c (build_new_1): Don't strip quals from type.
* decl.c (pushdecl): Don't check for linkage on a non-decl.
* call.c (build_op_delete_call): See through ARRAY_TYPEs.
* call.c (build_new_function_call): Lose space before paren in
error message.
(build_new_method_call): Likewise.
* typeck2.c (build_m_component_ref): Propagate quals from datum.
2000-12-14 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <>
* pt.c (check_explicit_specialization): Propagate default
function arguments to explicit specializations.
2000-12-13 DJ Delorie <>
* typeck.c (build_binary_op): Do signed/unsigned warnings for >?
and <? operators.
2000-12-08 Jason Merrill <>
* error.c (dump_function_name): Don't let the user see __comp_ctor.
Clean up copy-initialization in overloading code.
* call.c (build_user_type_conversion_1): Die if we are asked to
convert to the same or a base type.
(implicit_conversion): Avoid doing so. Lose reference binding code.
(convert_like_real): Treat BASE_CONV and RVALUE_CONV as implicit
direct-initialization. Also do direct-init part of copy-init.
(build_user_type_conversion): Don't provide context to convert_like.
* cvt.c (ocp_convert): build_user_type_conversion will now provide
the constructor call for copy-init.
* pt.c (tsubst_decl): Call clone_function_decl here if this is an
instantiation of a member template.
(do_decl_instantiation): Not here.
2000-12-07 Nathan Sidwell <>
* class.c (check_field_decls): Don't special case anonymous
fields in error messages.
(note_name_declared_in_class): Use %D on diagnostic.
* tree.c (pod_type_p): Use strip_array_types.
(cp_valid_lang_attribute): Likewise.
* typeck.c (cp_type_quals): Strip arrays separately, to avoid
multiple evaluations.
(cp_has_mutable_p): Use strip_array_types.
2000-12-07 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (sufficient_parms_p): Declare new function.
* call.c (sufficient_parms_p): New function, broken out of ...
(add_function_candidate): ... here. Use it.
(add_conv_candidate): Use it.
* decl.c (grok_ctor_properties): Use it.
2000-12-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
* optimize.c (copy_body_r): Set STMT_IS_FULL_EXPR_P on EXPR_STMT.
2000-12-07 Joseph S. Myers <>
* decl2.c (lang_decode_option): Handle -Wformat-security.
2000-12-06 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <>
* pt.c (verify_class_unification): New function.
(get_class_bindings): Use it.
(try_class_unification): Tidy.
(unify): Handle when argument of a template-id is not
template parameter dependent.
(template_args_equal): Handle when TREE_CODE's do not match.
2000-12-06 Alexandre Oliva <>
* lang-specs.h (c++): When invoking the stand-alone preprocessor
for -save-temps, pass all relevant -Defines to it, and then don't
pass them to cc1plus.
2000-12-05 Will Cohen <>
* decl.c (finish_case_label): Cleared
more_cleanups_ok in surrounding function scopes.
(define_label): Likewise.
2000-12-05 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (IDENTIFIER_VIRTUAL_P): Document.
(get_matching_virtual): Remove.
(look_for_overrides): Declare new function.
* decl.c (grokfndecl): Don't set IDENTIFIER_VIRTUAL_P or
* class.c (check_for_override): Move base class iteration code
to look_for_overrides.
* search.c (next_baselink): Remove.
(get_virtuals_named_this): Remove.
(get_virtual_destructor): Remove.
(tree_has_any_destructors_p): Remove.
(struct gvnt_info): Remove.
(check_final_overrider): Remove `virtual' from error messages.
(get_matching_virtuals): Remove. Move functionality to ...
(look_for_overrides): ... here, and ...
(look_for_overrides_r): ... here. Set DECL_VIRTUAL_P, if found
to be overriding.
2000-12-05 Nathan Sidwell <>
* typeck.c (get_delta_difference): If via a virtual base,
return zero.
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): If via a virtual base, do no
2000-12-04 Richard Henderson <>
* error.c (dump_tree): Use output_add_string not OB_PUTS.
2000-12-04 Jason Merrill <>
* mangle.c (write_type): Mangle VECTOR_TYPE with "U8__vector".
(write_builtin_type): Pass intSI_type_node and the like through
* method.c (process_overload_item): Mangle VECTOR_TYPEs with 'o'.
Pass intSI_type_node and the like through type_for_mode.
* decl2.c (arg_assoc_type): Handle VECTOR_TYPE like COMPLEX_TYPE.
* pt.c (tsubst, unify): Likewise.
* tree.c (walk_tree): Likewise.
* error.c (dump_type): Likewise.
(dump_type_prefix, dump_type_suffix): Don't bother with VECTOR_TYPE.
* Tweak top comment for emacs.
(cp/TAGS): Restore.
* except.c (expand_throw): Use push_throw_library_fn for _Jv_Throw.
* class.c (clone_function_decl): Robustify.
2000-12-04 Michael Matz <>
* decl.c (store_bindings): Only search in the non modified
old_bindings for duplicates.
2000-12-04 Nathan Sidwell <>
* error.c (dump_function_decl): Use DECL_VIRTUAL_P, not
* typeck.c (build_static_cast): Remove unused variable.
2000-12-01 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <>
* pt.c: Fix typo in comment.
2000-12-01 Joseph S. Myers <>
* decl2.c (warn_format): Remove definition.
(lang_decode_option): Handle -Wformat-nonliteral,
-Wno-format-extra-args and -Wno-format-y2k. Use set_Wformat.
2000-12-01 Joseph S. Myers <>
* decl.c (WINT_TYPE, INTMAX_TYPE, UINTMAX_TYPE): Don't define.
(init_decl_processing): Don't create string_type_node,
const_string_type_node, wint_type_node, intmax_type_node,
uintmax_type_node, default_function_type, ptrdiff_type_node and
unsigned_ptrdiff_type_node. Adjust position of call to
(identifier_global_value): New function.
2000-12-01 Nathan Sidwell <>
* call.c (standard_conversion): Reject pointer to member
conversions from ambiguous, inaccessible or virtual bases.
* typeck.c (build_static_cast): Don't check pointers to members
2000-11-30 Nathan Sidwell <>
* method.c (do_build_copy_constructor): Preserve cv
qualifications when accessing source object members.
(do_build_assign_ref): Likewise. Remove separate diagnostics for
unnamed fields.
2000-11-30 Nathan Sidwell <>
* method.c (do_build_assign_ref): Construct appropriately
CV-qualified base reference. Don't allow const casts in base
2000-11-30 Nathan Sidwell <>
* call.c (build_over_call): Use VOID_TYPE_P. Don't die on
incomplete return type.
2000-11-28 Nathan Sidwell <>
* parse.y (base_class.1): Produce a _TYPE not a _DECL.
* semantics.c (finish_base_specifier): Accept a _TYPE not a
2000-11-28 Nathan Sidwell <>
* spew.c (yyerror): Cope if yylval.ttype is NULL.
2000-11-28 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Diagnose undefined template contexts.
2000-11-28 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Do type access control on friend
2000-11-27 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl.c (grokfndecl): Undo COMPONENT_REF damage caused by
bison parser ickiness.
* pt.c (tsubst_friend_function): Enter namespace scope when
tsubsting the function name.
* cp-tree.h (DECL_TI_TEMPLATE): Update comment to reflect reality.
2000-11-27 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (binfo_from_vbase): Return the virtual base's binfo.
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Add force parameter.
Allow conversions via virtual base if forced.
(convert_to_pointer_force): Adjust call to cp_convert_to_pointer.
(ocp_convert): Likewise.
* search.c (binfo_from_vbase): Return the virtual base's binfo.
* typeck.c (get_delta_difference): Adjust handling of virtual
2000-11-26 Mark Mitchell <>
* tree.c (struct list_hash): Remove.
(list_hash_table): Make it be an htab.
(struct list_proxy): New type.
(list_hash_eq): New function.
(list_hash_pieces): Renamed from ...
(list_hash): ... this.
(list_hash_lookup): Remove.
(list_hash_add): Remove.
(hash_tree_cons): Use the generic hashtable.
(mark_list_hash): Remove.
(init_tree): Create the hashtable.
2000-11-25 Joseph S. Myers <>
* method.c (build_mangled_C9x_name): Rename to
build_mangled_C99_name. Change C9X references in comments to
refer to C99.
2000-11-24 Nathan Sidwell <>
* parse.y (unary_expr): Move VA_ARG from here ...
(primary): ... to here.
2000-11-24 Nathan Sidwell <>
* semantics.c (finish_id_expr): If type is error_mark, return
2000-11-23 Nathan Sidwell <>
* pt.c (lookup_template_class): Simplify loop exit constructs.
Cope when there is no partial instantiation of a template
template member.
2000-11-23 J"orn Rennecke <>
* (g++spec.o, cxxmain.o): Depend on $(CONFIG_H).
2000-11-22 Mark Mitchell <>
* mangle.c (mangle_conv_op_name_for_type): Don't use `__op'
* pt.c (do_decl_instantiate): Explicitly clone constructors and
destructors that haven't already been cloned.
2000-11-20 Richard Henderson <>
* parse.y (yyparse_1): Rename the parser entry point.
2000-11-20 Alex Samuel <>
* mangle.c (write_name): Use <unscoped-name> for names directly in
function scope.
(write_unscoped_name): Accept names directly in function scope.
2000-11-20 Nathan Sidwell <>
* lex.c (rid_to_yy, RID_EXPORT): Make unique keyword.
* parse.y (extdef): Add EXPORT reduction.
* spew.c (yylex): Don't skip export here.
2000-11-19 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Correct name of pure virtual
function under the new ABI.
* rtti.c (throw_bad_cast): Likewise, for bad cast function.
(throw_bad_typeid): Likewise for bad typeid function.
2000-11-18 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (grokparms): Don't even function types of `void' type,
* mangle.c (write_type): Don't crash when confronted with the
* decl.c (grokparms): Don't create parameters of `void' type.
2000-11-17 Zack Weinberg <>
* lex.c (mark_impl_file_chain): Delete.
(init_parse): Remove call to ggc_add_string_root. No need to
ggc_strdup a string constant. Do not add impl_file_chain to GC
(handle_pragma_implementation): No need to ggc_strdup main_filename.
2000-11-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
* pt.c (tsubst_expr, DECL_STMT): Instantiate decl's type.
2000-11-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (PARMLIST_ELLIPSIS_P): New macro.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Don't reject void parms here.
(require_complete_types_for_parms): Simplify, use
(grokparms): Remove bitrot. Remove funcdef parm.
Deal with ellipsis parm lists here.
* semantics.c (finish_parmlist): Don't append void_list_node
2000-11-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
* typeck2.c (incomplete_type_error): Reorganize to avoid
excessive diagnostics.
2000-11-16 Zack Weinberg <>
* lex.c (struct impl_files, internal_filename): Constify a char *.
2000-11-16 Mark Mitchell <>
* mangle.c (write_special_name_constructor): Don't generate
assembler junk when confronted with an old-style constructor.
(write_special_name_destructor): Likewise.
(mangle_decl_string): Do it here instead.
2000-11-16 Nathan Sidwell <>
* call.c (op_error): Make error messages clearer.
2000-11-15 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (wrapup_globals_for_namespace): Don't mark things
TREE_ASM_WRITTEN when they're not.
2000-11-15 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck2.c (friendly_abort): Uncount the error before handing
off to fancy_abort.
2000-11-15 Nathan Sidwell <>
* typeck.c (lookup_anon_field): Cope with qv qualifiers.
2000-11-14 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (build_vtbl_initializer): Fix typo in comment.
* typeck.c (expr_sizeof): Don't crash on errors.
2000-11-14 Jim Wilson <>
* lang-specs.h: Add %2 after %(cc1_options).
2000-11-14 Richard Henderson <>
* typeck.c (c_sizeof): Be strict about casting result value
back to c_size_type_node.
(expr_sizeof, c_sizeof_nowarn, c_alignof): Likewise.
2000-11-13 Joseph S. Myers <>
* typeck.c (build_unary_op): Use boolean_increment from
c-common.c, moving the relevant code there.
2000-11-11 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (mark_addressable): Don't call put_var_into_stack.
* decl.c (maybe_commonize_var): Set DECL_UNINLINABLE for statics
in inlines.
2000-11-10 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* decl.c (grokdeclarator, save_function_data): Use memcpy, not bcopy.
* lex.c (copy_lang_decl): Likewise.
2000-11-09 Mark Mitchell <>
* dump.c (cp_dump_tree): Don't dump function bodies here.
* (CXX_C_OBJS): Add c-dump.o.
(dump.o): Update dependency list.
* cp-tree.h (DECL_MAYBE_TEMPLATE): Remove.
(flag_dump_translation_unit): Likewise.
(CP_TYPE_QUALS): Adjust definition.
(add_maybe_template): Likewise.
(strip_array_types): Likewise.
(dump_node_to_file): Likewise.
(cp_dump_tree): New function.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Set lang_dump_tree.
* decl2.c (flag_dump_translation_unit): Remove.
* dump.c: Move most of it to ../c-dump.c.
(cp_dump_tree): New function.
* pt.c (add_maybe_template): Remove.
* typeck.c (strip_array_types): Likewise.
2000-11-07 Eric Christopher <>
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Change definition of
__wchar_t to wchar_t. Remove artificial declaration of
* lex.c: Change instances of __wchar_t to wchar_t.
2000-11-09 Nathan Sidwell <>
* lex.c (do_identifier): Don't lookup_name for operators.
* parse.y (operator): Save looking_for_typename.
(unoperator): Restore it.
* spew.c (frob_opname): Use nth_token for lookahead.
2000-11-08 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl.c (grok_op_properties): Always use coerce_new_type and
* decl2.c (coerce_new_type): Use c_size_type_node. Preserve
exception specification. Tidy up.
(coerce_delete_type): Preserve exception specification. Tidy up.
2000-11-07 Joseph S. Myers <>
* class.c (duplicate_tag_error, build_vtbl_initializer), decl.c
(push_binding_level), error.c (cp_tree_printer), pt.c
(process_partial_specialization, tsubst_template_arg_vector),
search.c (lookup_member): Use memset () instead of bzero ().
2000-11-07 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl.c (build_ptrmemfunc_type): Allow error_mark_node.
2000-11-05 Joseph S. Myers <>
* (c++.distdir): Remove.
2000-11-04 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl2.c (do_nonmember_using_decl): Allow `extern "C"'
declarations from different namespaces to be combined.
2000-11-03 Zack Weinberg <>
* decl.c: Include tm_p.h.
2000-11-03 Joseph S. Myers <>
* tree.c (cp_tree_equal): Use memcmp () instead of bcmp ().
2000-11-02 Joseph S. Myers <>
* dump.c (dequeue_and_dump), lex.c (interface_strcmp), method.c
(build_overload_value), repo.c (open_repo_file), xref.c
(open_xref_file): Use strchr () and strrchr () instead of index ()
and rindex ().
2000-11-01 Bernd Schmidt <>
* call.c (build_over_call): Call fold on the CALL_EXPR.
2000-11-01 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* error.c (dump_template_decl): Separate template hearders with
space not comma.
2000-10-31 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* error.c: Move TFF_ macros into cp-tree.h. Throughout, replace
TS_* flags with corresponding TFF_*. Adjust prototypes of
functions (which used to take a tree_string_flags) to take an int.
* cp-tree.h (enum tree_string_flags): Remove
(type_as_string, decl_as_string, expr_as_string,
context_as_string): Adjust prototype.
* class.c (dump_class_hierarchy_r): Use TFF_PLAIN_IDENTIFIER
instead of TS_PLAIN.
* pt.c (mangle_class_name_for_template): Use TFF_CHASE_TYPEDEF
plain `0'.
2000-10-30 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (DECL_EXTERNAL_LINKAGE_P): New macro.
(linkage_kind): New enumeration.
(decl_linkage): New function.
* decl2.c (comdat_linkage): Extend comment.
* error.c (dump_function_decl): Print the arguments used to
instantiate a template, even when not printing the type of the
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument): Use DECL_EXTERNAL_LINKAGE_P,
not TREE_PUBLIC, to test for external linkage.
* tree.c (decl_linkage): New function.
2000-10-28 Mark Mitchell <>
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Always instantiate static data members
initialized in-class.
2000-10-27 Zack Weinberg <>
* Move all build rules here from,
adapt to new context. Wrap all rules that change the current
directory in parentheses. Expunge all references to $(P).
When one command depends on another and they're run all at
once, use && to separate them, not ;. Add OUTPUT_OPTION to
all object-file generation rules. Delete obsolete variables.
* Delete.
* Delete outputs= line.
2000-10-26 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* error.c (dump_function_decl): Print no space between
`ptr-operator' the `type-specifier' of the return type.
(dump_type_prefix): Make sure we put space at the appropriate
2000-10-23 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (equal_functions): Also call decls_match for extern "C" fns.
2000-10-22 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (build_conditional_expr): Use ocp_convert to force
rvalue conversion.
2000-10-22 Mark Mitchell <>
* call.c (standard_conversion): Use RVALUE_CONVs for all
expressions that satisfy lvalue_p, not just those that satisfy
* optimize.c (copy_body_r): Don't treat CALL_EXPRs specially.
* typeck.c (c_sizeof): Return an expression of `size_t' type,
not one with TYPE_IS_SIZETYPE set.
(dubious_conversion_warnings): Remove special-case code.
2000-10-21 Geoffrey Keating <>
* decl2.c (arg_assoc_type): Handle VECTOR_TYPE.
* error.c (dump_type): Handle VECTOR_TYPE like POINTER_TYPE.
(dump_type_prefix): Print vector-of-int as 'int vector'.
(dump_type_suffix): Handle VECTOR_TYPE like POINTER_TYPE.
* tree.c (walk_tree): Handle VECTOR_TYPE.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Call MD_INIT_BUILTINS.
2000-10-21 Jason Merrill <>
* parse.y (operator): Set got_object from got_scope.
Set looking_for_typename.
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): Clear val after setting from_obj.
Reorganize diagnostic.
2000-10-20 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (walk_tree): Don't walk into default args.
* error.c (dump_expr): Use host_integerp.
2000-10-20 David Edelsohn <>
* typeck2.c (abstract_virtuals_error): Use "because" instead of
"since" in error message.
2000-10-20 Richard Kenner <>
* typeck.c (dubious_conversion_warning): Suppress if TYPE_IS_SIZETYPE.
2000-10-20 Jeffrey Oldham <>
* decl.c (revert_static_member_fn): Fixed typo.
2000-10-19 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (subobject_offset_fn): New type.
(dfs_record_base_offsets): Remove.
(record_base_offsets): Likewise.
(dfs_search_base_offsets): Likewise.
(record_subobject_offset): New function.
(check_subobject_offset): Likewise.
(walk_subobject_offsets): Likewise.
(record_subobject_offsets): Likewise.
(layout_conflict_p): Reimplement.
(layout_nonempty_base_or_field): Correct handling of type
conflicts during layout.
(layout_empty_base): Likewise.
(build_base_field): Adjust to handle new representation of empty
base offset table.
(build_base_fields): Likewise.
(layout_virtual_bases): Likewise.
(splay_tree_compare_integer_csts): New function.
(layout_class_type): Use a splay_tree, rather than a varray, to
represent the offsets of empty bases.
* cp-tree.h (DECL_ANTICIPATED): Don't require a FUNCTION_DECL.
* decl.c (select_decl): Don't return declarations that are
2000-10-18 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (cp_tree_index): Add CPTI_FAKE_STD.
(fake_std_node): New macro.
* decl.c (in_std): Rename to ...
(in_fake_std): ... this.
(flag_no_builtin): Remove.
(flag_no_nonansi_builtin): Likewise.
(walk_namespaces_r): Use fake_std_node.
(push_namespace): Use std_identifier.
(pop_namespace): Use in_fake_std.
(lookup_name_real): Use fake_std_node.
(init_decl_processing): When -fhonor-std, create the `std'
namespace. Don't create a dummy fake_std_node in that case.
Adjust call to c_common_nodes_and_builtins. Use std_identifier.
(builtin_function): Put builtins whose names don't begin
with `_' in the std namespace.
* decl2.c (flag_no_builtin): Remove.
(flag_no_nonansi_builtin): Likewise.
(set_decl_namespace): Use fake_std_node.
(validate_nonmember_using_decl): Likewise.
(do_using_directive): Likewise.
(handle_class_head): Likewise.
* dump.c (dequeue_and_dump): Likewise.
* except.c (init_exception_processing): Use std_identifier.
* init.c (build_member_call): Use fake_std_node.
* rtti.c (init_rtti_processing): Use std_identifier.
2000-10-17 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (back_end_hook): Remove declaration.
* decl2.c (back_end_hook): Remove definition.
* dump.c (dequeue_and_dump): Dump TREE_USED.
2000-10-17 Brad Lucier <>
* spew.c (snarf_defarg): Cast 2nd arg to obstack_blank to (int).
2000-10-17 Joseph S. Myers <>
* decl.c (WINT_TYPE): Define.
(init_decl_processing): Create types unsigned_ptrdiff_type_node,
c_size_type_node, signed_size_type_node and wint_type_node.
2000-10-17 Joseph S. Myers <>
* decl2.c (warn_missing_format_attribute): New variable.
(lang_decode_option): Decode -Wmissing-format-attribute.
2000-10-16 Mark Mitchell <>
* typeck.c (qualify_type): Remove.
(composite_pointer_type): Fix handling of conversions to `cv void*'.
2000-10-14 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (parse.c, parse.h): Fix think-o in last patch.
2000-10-13 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (parse.c, parse.h): Create atomically.
2000-10-12 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (current_obstack): Remove.
* decl.c (ggc_p): Remove.
(start_decl): Don't use decl_tree_cons.
(grokdeclarator): Don't use build_decl_list.
(start_function): Don't use decl_tree_cons.
(finish_function): Don't mess with obstacks.
* decl2.c (grok_x_components): Don't use build_decl_list.
* lex.c (make_call_declarator): Don't call decl_tree_cons.
(implicitly_declare_fn): Don't call build_decl_list.
* parse.y (frob_specs): Don't call build_decl_list or
(expr_or_declarator_intern): Don't call decl_tree_cons.
(primary): Don't call build_decl_list.
(fcast_or_absdcl): Likewise.
(typed_declspecs): Don't call decl_tree_cons.
(reserved_declspecs): Don't call build_decl_list.
(declmods): Likewise.
(reserved_typespecquals): Likewise.
(aggr): Likewise.
(new_type_id): Likewise.
(cv_qualifiers): Likewise.
(after_type_declarator_intern): Likewise.
(notype_declarator_intern): Likewise.
(absdcl_intern): Likewise.
(named_parm): Likewise.
* pt.c (most_specialized_class): Likewise.
* repo.c (temporary_obstack): Make it a structure, not a pointer.
(init_repo): Initialize it.
* search.c (current_obstack): Remove.
* typeck2.c (add_exception_specifier): Don't call build_decl_list.
2000-10-09 Richard Henderson <>
(c++ language support bits for libgcc): Remove.
(c++.clean): Remove cplib2.txt cleanup.
* (headers, lib2funcs): Remove.
*,,, Remove files.
*, tinfo.h,, Remove files.
* inc/cxxabi.h, inc/exception, inc/new: Remove files.
* inc/new.h, inc/typeinfo: Remove files.
2000-10-08 Joseph S. Myers <>
* decl.c (INTMAX_TYPE, UINTMAX_TYPE): Define if not already
(init_decl_processing): Initialize intmax_type_node and
2000-10-06 Richard Henderson <>
* cp-tree.h (struct cp_language_function): Remove x_result_rtx.
(original_result_rtx): Remove.
* decl.c (save_function_data): Don't clear x_result_rtx.
(mark_lang_function): Don't mark it either.
* expr.c (fixup_result_decl): Remove.
* semantics.c (genrtl_named_return_value): Frob the return decl
before calling emit_local_var.
(genrtl_finish_function): Don't call fixup_result_decl.
Always emit the jump to return_label.
2000-10-06 Nathan Sidwell <>
* pt.c (lookup_template_class): Set current access for enum.
(tsubst_enum): Set file & line for enum decl.
* spew.c (yylex): Remove unused variable.
2000-10-05 Richard Henderson <>
* semantics.c (genrtl_finish_function): Don't init or check
can_reach_end; remove noreturn and return value checks.
2000-10-05 Tom Tromey <>
* init.c (build_java_class_ref): Use `build_static_name' with a
suffix, not a prefix, to build the class object's name.
2000-10-05 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (access_kind): Fix comment typo.
* decl2.c (grokfield): Fix diagnostic typo.
* semantics.c (finish_template_type): Fix comment typo.
(finish_qualified_object_call_expr): Likewise.
2000-10-05 Nathan Sidwell <>
* pt.c (tsubst_expr, DECL_STMT case): Don't process if
tsubsting fails.
2000-10-05 Nathan Sidwell <>
* spew.c (frob_id): New static function.
(frob_opname): Use it.
(yylex): Use it.
2000-10-01 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (lang_mark_false_label_stack): Remove.
* lex.c (cp_mang_lang_type): Use ggc_alloc_cleared.
2000-09-30 Joseph S. Myers <>
* gxxint.texi: Use @email for formatting email addresses.
2000-09-29 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* error.c: Remove direct obstack manipulation. Replace with
output_buffer-based formatting. Adjust calls to removed macros.
(obstack_chunk_alloc, obstack_chunk_free): Remove.
2000-09-24 Mark Mitchell <>
* ir.texi: Move to ../c-tree.texi.
2000-09-20 Jason Merrill <>
* decl2.c (get_guard): Check DECL_FUNCTION_SCOPE_P.
2000-09-21 Andreas Jaeger <>
* errfn.c: Move declaration of cp_printer and cp_printers to ...
* cp-tree.h: ... here.
* error.c: Remove declaration of cp_printer.
2000-09-20 Mark Mitchell <>
* tree.c (mark_local_for_remap_r): Handle CASE_LABELs.
2000-09-20 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* except.c: Delete #if 0:d EXCEPTION_SECTION_ASM_OP-default and
2000-09-18 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (start_function): Robustify.
2000-09-18 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* cp-tree.h (check_function_format): Accept a `status' parameter.
* call.c, typeck.c: Updates calls to `check_function_format'.
2000-09-17 Geoffrey Keating <>
* decl2.c (handle_class_head): Always push some scope even
in the error case.
2000-09-16 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (struct cp_language_function): Remove
x_scope_stmt_stack and name_declared.
(current_scope_stmt_stack): Remove.
(function_name_declared_p): New macro.
(struct lang_decl_flags): Use c_lang_decl as a base class.
(context): Remove.
(struct lang_decl): Replace saved_tree with context.
(DECL_FRIEND_CONTEXT): Adjust accordingly.
(cplus_expand_expr_stmt): Don't declare.
(add_decl_stmt): Likewise.
(add_scope_stmt): Likewise.
* decl.c (mark_stmt_tree): Remove.
(case_compare): Likewise.
(finish_case_label): Use c_add_case_label.
(init_decl_processing): Set more language-specific hooks.
(build_enumerator): Fix typo in comment.
(cplus_expand_expr_stmt): Remove.
(mark_lang_function): Use mark_c_language_function.
(lang_mark_tree): Use c_mark_lang_decl.
* decl2.c: Change order of inclusion.
* except.c: Likewise.
* expr.c (cplus_expand_expr): Remove handling of STMT_EXPR. Fall
back on c_expand_expr.
* friend.c: Include expr.h.
* init.c: Change order of inclusion.
* Update dependencies.
* lex.h (free_lang_decl_chain): Remove.
* optimize.c (maybe_clone_body): Use function_name_declared_p.
* pt.c (build_template_decl): Don't copy DECL_VIRTUAL_CONTEXT if
it doesn't exist.
(instantiate_decl): Use function_name_declared_p.
* semantics.c (lang_expand_expr_stmt): Remove.
(set_current_function_name_declared): Likewise.
(current_function_name_declared): Likewise.
(begin_compound_stmt): Use function_name_declared_p.
(add_decl_stmt): Remove.
(setup_vtbl_ptr): Use function_name_declared_p.
(add_scope_stmt): Remove.
(current_scope_stmt_stack): New function.
(cp_expand_stmt): Don't handle SCOPE_STMTs.
(expand_body): Use function_name_declared_p.
* tree.c (cp_statement_code_p): Don't include SCOPE_STMT.
* typeck.c: Change order of includes.
(convert_sequence): Remove.
2000-09-14 Joseph S. Myers <>
* lex.c (reswords): Add _Complex.
2000-09-14 Richard Kenner <>
* (cplib2.txt): Depend on cp/Makefile.
2000-09-13 J. David Anglin <>
* init.c (begin_init_stmts): Don't use // comments.
2000-09-12 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (maybe_deduce_size_from_array_init): Set do_default for
all non-extern arrays.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Complain about 'friend T' for implicit
typenames, too. Downgrade complaint to pedwarn.
(xref_tag): Warn about surprising behavior of 'friend struct T'.
* decl2.c (handle_class_head): Generate a TYPENAME_TYPE for
'class This::Inherited'.
2000-09-12 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (finish_case_label): Given the LABEL_DECL a
2000-09-12 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
New macros.
(sorry_for_unsupported_tree, print_scope_operator,
print_left_paren, print_right_paren, print_left_bracket,
print_right_bracket, print_whitespace): Likewise.
(aggr_variety): Rename to class_key_or_enum.
(print_type): Rename to print_type_id.
(print_type_specifier_seq, print_simple_type_specifier,
print_parameter_declaration_clause, print_exception_specification,
print_nested_name_specifier, print_template_id,
typedef_original_name, print_template_argument_list_start,
print_template_argument_list_end): New functions.
2000-09-11 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* ir.texi: Add more documentation.
2000-09-11 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (struct saved_scope): Remove x_function_parms.
(current_function_parms): Don't define.
(struct cp_language_function): Remove parms_stored.
(current_function_just_assigned_this): Don't define.
(current_function_parms_stored): Likewise.
(static_ctors): Declare.
(static_dtors): Likewise.
(SF_EXPAND): Don't define.
(expand_start_early_try_stmts): Remove declaration.
(store_parm_decls): Likewise.
* decl.c (static_ctors): Don't declare.
(static_dtors): Likewise.
(struct binding_level): Remove this_block.
(poplevel): Remove dead code.
(set_block): Likewise.
(mark_binding_level): Don't mark this_block.
(mark_saved_scope): Don't mark x_function_parms.
(init_decl_processing): Don't add current_function_parms as a GC
(check_function_type): Change prototype.
(start_function): Remove RTL-generation code.
(expand_start_early_try_stmts): Remove.
(store_parm_decls): Give it internal linkage. Remove
RTL-generation code.
(finish_function): Remove RTL-generation code.
* decl2.c (static_ctors): Fix formatting.
(static_dtors): Likewise.
* method.c (use_thunk): Don't call store_parm_decls.
(synthesize_method): Likewise.
* optimize.c (maybe_clone_body): Likewise.
* parse.y (fn.def2): Likewise.
(.set_base_init): Likewise.
(nodecls): Likewise.
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Likewise.
* rtti.c (synthesize_tinfo_fn): Likewise.
* semantics.c (genrtl_try_block): Simplify.
(expand_body): Use genrtl_start_function and
(genrtl_start_function): New function.
(genrtl_finish_function): Likewise.
2000-09-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
* error.c (cp_tree_printer, case 'P'): Append break.
2000-09-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (frob_opname): Declare.
* parse.y (saved_scopes): New static variable.
(cp_parse_init): Adjust.
(do_id): If lastiddecl is NULL, do do_identifier.
(operator): Save scope information.
(unoperator): New reduction. Restore scope information.
(operator_name): Append unoperator. Call frob_opname.
* spew.c (frob_opname): Define.
2000-09-10 Zack Weinberg <>
* decl.c, rtti.c: Include defaults.h if not already included.
Don't define the *_TYPE_SIZE macros.
2000-09-09 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (push_switch): Change prototype.
(check_cp_case_value): Remove declaration.
(decl_constant_value): Likewise.
* decl.c (struct cp_switch): Add switch_stmt and cases.
(case_compare): New function.
(push_switch): Set switch_stmt. Initialize cases.
(pop_switch): Clean up cases.
(define_case_label): Rename to ...
(finish_case_label): ... this. Do semantic analysis for case
labels here.
(start_function): Correct comment.
* decl2.c (check_cp_case_value): Remove.
* expr.c (do_case): Remove.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Adjust call to finish_case_label.
* semantics.c (genrtl_do_poplevel): Remove declaration.
(finish_break_stmt): Use build_break_stmt.
(finish_continue_stmt): Use build_continue_stmt.
(finish_switch_cond): Adjust condition here, rater than in
(finish_case_label): Remove.
* typeck.c (c_expand_return): Remove.
(c_expand_start_case): Likewise.
2000-09-07 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* ir.texi: Document type nodes.
2000-09-06 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (init_cp_semantics): Declare.
(genrtl_try_block): Don't declare.
(genrtl_handler): Likewise.
(genrtl_catch_block): Likewise.
(genrtl_ctor_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_subobject): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_poplevel): Likewise.
(genrtl_named_return_value): Likewise.
* lex.c (init_parse): Call init_cp_semantics.
* semantics.c (genrtl_try_block): Give it internal linkage.
(genrtl_handler): Likewise.
(genrtl_catch_block): Likewise.
(genrtl_ctor_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_subobject): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_poplevel): Likewise.
(genrtl_named_return_value): Likewise.
(lang_expand_stmt): Rename to ...
(cp_expand_stmt): ... this. Only handle C++-specific nodes.
(init_cp_semantics): Define.
* decl.c (initialize_local_var): Remove RTL-generating code.
* semantics.c (genrtl_try_block): Fix formatting.
Move statement-tree facilities from C++ to C front-end.
* cp-tree.h (cp_tree_index): Remove CPTI_VOID_ZERO.
(void_zero_node): Remove.
(stmt_tree): Likewise.
(scope_chain): Adjust.
(language_function): Rename to cp_language_function.
(cp_function_chain): Adjust.
(current_stmt_tree): Remove.
(last_tree): Likewise.
(last_expr_type): Likewise.
(struct lang_decl): Adjust.
(add_tree): Remove.
(begin_stmt_tree): Likewise.
(finish_stmt_tree): Likewise.
(walk_tree_fn): Likewise.
(walk_stmt_tree): Likewise.
* class.c (finish_struct): Replace use of add_tree with add_stmt.
* decl.c (mark_stmt_tree): Adjust type.
(init_decl_processing): Don't build void_zero_node.
(initialize_local_var): Adjust usage of current_stmt_tree.
(finish_enum): Use add_stmt, not add_tree.
(save_function_data): Adjust use of language_function.
(finish_constructor_body): Use add_stmt, not add_tree.
(finish_destructor_body): Likewise.
(push_cp_function_context): Adjust use of language_function.
(pop_cp_function_context): Likewise.
(mark_lang_function): Likewise.
(mark_cp_function_context): Likewise.
* init.c (build_aggr_init): Adjust use of current_stmt_tree.
(build_vec_init): Likewise.
* semantics.c (SET_LAST_STMT): Remove.
(RECHAIN_STMTS): Don't use it.
(stmts_are_full_exprs_p): Adjust use of current_stmt_tree.
(current_stmt_tree): Define.
(add_tree): Remove.
(finish_goto_stmt): Use add_stmt, not add_tree.
(finish_expr_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_if_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_then_clause): Likewise.
(begin_while_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_do_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_return_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_for_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_break_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_continue_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_switch_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_case_label): Likewise.
(begin_try_block): Likewise.
(begin_function_try_block): Likewise.
(begin_handler): Likewise.
(begin_catch_block): Likewise.
(begin_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_asm_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_asm_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_label_stmt): Likewise.
(add_decl_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_subobject): Likewise.
(finish_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
(finish_named_return_value): Likewise.
(setup_vtbl_ptr): Likewise.
(add_scope_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_stmt_expr): Likewise.
(prune_unused_decls): Remove.
(begin_stmt_tree): Likewise.
(finish_stmt_tree): Likewise.
(prep_stmt): Adjust use of current_stmt_tree.
(lang_expand_stmt): Likewise.
* tree.c (statement_code_p): Remove.
(cp_statement_code_p): New function.
(walk_stmt_tree): Remove.
(init_tree): Set lang_statement_code_p.
2000-09-06 Zack Weinberg <>
Integrated preprocessor.
*, Remove all references to input.c,
gxx.gperf, and hash.h. Add ../c-lex.o to C_OBJS.
* gxx.gperf, hash.h, input.c: Delete.
* lang-specs.h: Pass -lang-c++ to cc1plus so cpplib is
initialized properly.
* class.c (fixup_pending_inline): Take a tree, not a
struct pending_inline *. All callers changed.
(init_class_processing): Set RID_PUBLIC, RID_PRIVATE,
RID_PROTECTED entries in ridpointers[] array here.
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Do not refer to struct
(record_builtin_type, init_decl_processing): Use RID_MAX not
(grokdeclarator): Use C_IS_RESERVED_WORD.
* decl2.c (lang_decode_option): Ignore -lang-c++ for sake of
(grok_x_components): Do not inspect pending_inlines chain.
* cp-tree.h (struct lang_identifier): Add rid_code entry.
(flag_no_gnu_keywords, flag_operator_names, rid_to_yy): Declare.
(DEFARG_LENGTH, struct pending_inline, TIME_IDENTIFIER_TIME,
Update prototypes.
* lex.h: Expunge cp_rid. Rewrite RIDBIT macros to use just a
single 32-bit word.
* parse.y: Call do_pending_inlines unconditionally.
reinit_parse_for_method is now snarf_method. fn.defpen is no
longer necessary. Remove unnecessary <itype> annotation on
SCOPE. Do not refer to end_of_file or struct pending_inline.
* semantics.c (begin_inline_definitions): Call
do_pending_inlines unconditionally.
* lex.c: Remove all code now shared with C front end.
Initialize cpplib properly if USE_CPPLIB. Put reserved words
into the get_identifier table. Rewrite pragma handling to
work with the registry. Move code to save tokens for later
processing to spew.c.
* spew.c: Rewrite everything in terms of token streams instead
of text. Move routines here from lex.c / input.c as
appropriate. GC-mark trees hanging off the pending inlines
2000-09-06 Mark Mitchell <>
* NEWS: Mention that the named return value extension has been
* cp-tree.h (original_result_rtx): Define.
(DECL_VPARENT): Likewise.
(pushdecl_nonclass_level): Likewise.
(store_return_init): Likewise.
(reinit_lang_specific): Likewise.
(genrtl_named_return_value): Change prototype.
* decl.c (original_result_rtx): Remove.
(cp_finish_decl): Don't build DECL_STMTs for RESULT_DECLs.
Do not generate RTL for local variables here.
(store_return_init): Remove.
* semantics.c (genrtl_named_return_value): Simplify. Fold in
(finish_named_return_value): Adjust accordingly. Warn that this
extension is deprecated.
(lang_expand_stmt): Adjust call to genrtl_named_return_value.
2000-09-06 Nathan Sidwell <>
* pt.c (type_unification_real): Replace switch with if.
(unify): Tsubst non-type parms before comparing.
2000-09-06 Nathan Sidwell <>
* error.c (dump_typename): New function, broken out of ...
(dump_type): ... here. Use it.
* typeck.c (same_type_p): Use cp_tree_equal for TYPENAME_TYPE.
2000-09-06 Nathan Sidwell <>
* init.c (build_offset_ref): Deal with namespace scoped
2000-09-06 Nathan Sidwell <>
* class.c (resolve_address_of_overloaded_function): Add
explanation message.
* decl.c (define_case_label): Reformat explanation.
* decl2.c (finish_static_data_member_decl): Likewise.
(grokfield): Likewise.
* friend.c (do_friend): Likewise.
2000-09-05 Zack Weinberg <>
* tree.c (walk_tree): Expose tail recursion.
(walk_stmt_tree): New function.
* cp-tree.h: Prototype walk_stmt_tree.
* semantics.c (prune_unused_decls): Operate on SCOPE_STMTs not
the BLOCKs directly. If a BLOCK has no variables after
pruning, discard it.
(finish_stmt_tree): Use walk_stmt_tree. No need to save and
restore the line number.
2000-09-05 Mark Mitchell <>
* (CXX_TREE_H): Add dependency on HTAB_H.
(pt.o): Remove dependency on HTAB_H.
* cp-tree.h: Include hashtab.h.
(walk_tree): Change prototype.
(walk_tree_without_duplicates): New function.
* decl.c (check_default_argument): Use it.
* optimize.c (remap_decl): Adjust calls to walk_tree.
(copy_body): Likewise.
(expand_calls_inline): Likewise.
(calls_setjmp_p): Use walk_tree_without_duplicates.
* pt.c: Don't include hashtab.h.
(for_each_template_parm): Use walk_tree_without_duplicates.
* semantics.c (finish-stmt_tree): Likewise.
(expand_body): Likewise.
* tree.c (walk_tree): Add additional parameter.
(walk_tree_without_duplicates): New function.
(count_trees): Use it.
(verify_stmt_tree): Adjust call to walk_tree.
(find_tree): Use walk_tree_without_duplicates.
(no_linkage_check): Likewise.
(break_out_target_exprs): Adjust call to walk_tree.
(cp_unsave): Likewise.
2000-09-04 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <>
* cp-tree.def (BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM): New tree code.
* cp-tree.h (TYPE_BINFO): Adjust comment.
* class.c (push_nested_class): Likewise.
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): Likewise.
(grokdeclarator): Likewise.
(grok_op_properties): Likewise.
(xref_tag): Likewise.
(xref_basetypes): Likewise.
* decl2.c (constructor_name_full): Likewise.
(arg_assoc_template_arg): Add TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM case.
(arg_assoc_type): Use BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM instead.
* error.c (dump_type): Split TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM case.
(dump_type_prefix): Add BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM.
(dump_type_suffix): Likewise.
* init.c (is_aggr_type): Use BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM
(get_aggr_from_typedef): Likewise.
* mangle.c (write_type): Split TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM case.
(write_expression): Add BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM.
(write_template_parm): Likewise.
(write_template_template_parm): Check tree code instead of
* method.c (build_overload_nested_name): Add
(process_overload_item): Split TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM case.
* parse.y (bad_parm): Add BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM.
* pt.c (convert_template_argument): Check tree code instead of
(for_each_template_parm_r): Split TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM case.
(for_each_template_parm): Adjust comment.
(tsubst): Add BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM. Reorganize.
(unify): Add BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM. Reorganize. Use
template_args_equal to compare template template parameter cases.
* ptree.c (print_lang_type): Add BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM.
* search.c (lookup_field_1): Use BOUND_TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM
* tree.c (copy_template_template_parm): Decide whether to create
(copy_tree_r): Likewise.
* typeck.c (comptypes): Likewise. Check tree code instead of
2000-09-04 Mark Elbrecht <>
* decl.c (finish_function): Move the code for handling functions
marked with the constructor and destructor attributes inside the
expand_p block.
2000-09-04 Nathan Sidwell <>
* init.c (resolve_offset_ref): Deal with TEMPLATE_ID_EXPR.
2000-09-04 Nathan Sidwell <>
* pt.c (lookup_template_class): Remove abort.
* tree.c (get_type_decl): Allow error_mark_node.
2000-09-04 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl2.c (arg_assoc): Deal with COMPONENT_REFs inside
2000-09-03 Mark Mitchell <>
* operators.def (ALIGNOF_EXPR, MAX_EXPR, MIN_EXPR): Change
new ABI mangling.
2000-09-01 Nathan Sidwell <>
* parse.y (named_class_head): Check for TYPENAME_TYPE. Simplify
union tag mismatch error reporting.
2000-09-01 Nathan Sidwell <>
* call.c (build_scoped_method_call): Check it is not a namespace.
2000-08-30 Jason Merrill <>
* cp-tree.h (LOCAL_CLASS_P): Use decl_function_context.
* tree.c (bot_manip): Check TREE_CONSTANT rather than
!TREE_SIDE_EFFECTS. Call break_out_target_exprs and
build_target_expr_with_type for the non-AGGR_INIT_EXPR case.
* decl.c (start_function): Always call make_function_rtl.
2000-08-29 Zack Weinberg <>
* semantics.c (prune_unused_decls): New function.
(finish_stmt_tree): Call it via walk_tree.
2000-08-29 Zack Weinberg <>
* class.c (build_secondary_vtable): Constify a char *.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Initialize function_id_node,
pretty_function_id_node, and func_id_node.
* input.c (struct input_source): Constify 'str'.
(feed_input): Constify first argument.
* mangle.c (write_identifier): Constify argument.
* pt.c (mangle_class_name_for_template): Constify argument.
2000-08-29 Mark Mitchell <>
* typeck.c (mark_addressable): Remove code that pokes around in
2000-08-28 Jason Merrill <>
* lex.c (file_name_nondirectory): Move to toplev.c.
* cp-tree.h (LOCAL_CLASS_P): New macro.
* class.c (finish_struct_1): Use it.
2000-08-27 Alex Samuel <>
* mangle.c (CLASSTYPE_TEMPLATE_ID_P): Remove unexplained voodoo.
(write_encoding): Pass another argument to write_name.
(write_name): Add ignore_local_scope parameter. Fix handling of
local names.
(write_nested_name): Use write_unqualified_name.
(write_prefix): Likewise. Skip out on FUNCTION_DECLs.
(write_template_prefix): Use write_unqualified_name.
(write_component): Remove.
(write_local_name): Add parameter. Use direct local entity to
discriminator calculation.
(write_class_enum_type): Pass another argument to write_name.
(write_template_template_arg): Likewise.
(make_guard_variable): Likewise.
2000-08-27 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (pushdecl): Matching decls for local externs are found in
the current level. Propagate linkage information from previous
2000-08-26 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* ir.texi (Expressions): Fix typo.
2000-08-25 Greg McGary <>
* tree.c (init_tree): Use ARRAY_SIZE.
2000-08-25 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* error.c (cp_tree_printer): Rework.
2000-08-25 Mark Mitchell <>
* (CXX_LIB2FUNCS): Remove cp-demangle.o and
(CXX_LIB2SRCS): Remove cp-demangle.c and dyn-string.c.
(cp-demangle.o): Remove target.
(dyn-string.o): Likewise.
* decl.c (grokfndecl): Require that `main' return an `int'.
* mangle.c (write_encoding): Don't mangle return types for
conversion functions.
2000-08-25 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* error.c (tree_formatting_info): New data type.
(tree_being_formatted): New macro.
(tree_formatting_flags): Likewise.
(put_whitespace): Likewise.
(print_tree_identifier): Likewise.
(print_identifier): Likewise.
(cp_tree_printer, print_function_argument_list, print_declaration,
print_expression, print_function_declaration,
print_function_parameter, print_type, print_cv_qualifier): New
(init_error): Initialize lang_printer.
2000-08-24 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_ptrmemfunc): Just reinterpret if there's no
adjustment necessary.
2000-08-24 Greg McGary <>
* cp-tree.h (MAIN_NAME_P): Remove macro.
2000-08-24 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* error.c (print_instantiation_context): Don't forget to flush the
2000-08-23 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (build_ptrmemfunc): Save the input pmf.
* method.c (process_modifiers): Use same_type_p.
2000-08-23 Mark Mitchell <>
* mangle.c (write_function_type): Change prototype.
(write_encoding): Don't mangle return types for
constructors or destructors.
(write_type): Adjust call to write_function_type.
* pt.c (instantiate_template): Instantiate alternate entry points
when instantiating the main function.
2000-08-23 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* error.c (cp_print_error_function): Don't use embedded '\n' in
2000-08-23 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Remove bogus initialization.
* error.c (lang_print_error_function): Restore here.
(init_error): Initialize print_error_function.
2000-08-22 Theodore Papadopoulo <>
* decl2.c (arg_assoc): Revert my 2000-08-11 change.
2000-08-22 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* (error.o): Depends on diagnostic.h
* cp-tree.h (problematic_instantiation_changed,
record_last_problematic_instantiation, current_instantiation,
print_instantiation_context): Declare.
(maybe_print_template_context): Remove.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Set print_error_function to NULL.
(lang_print_error_function): Remove, since we're using a new
* error.c: #include diagnostic.h
(function_category): New function.
(cp_diagnostic_starter): Likewise.
(cp_diagnostic_finalizer): Likewise.
(cp_print_error_function): Likewise.
(maybe_print_instantiation_context): Likewise.
(print_instantiation_full_context): Likewise.
(print_instantiation_partial_context): Likewise.
(print_instantiation_context): Define.
(init_error): Initialize diagnostic pager and finalizer.
* pt.c (problematic_instantiation_changed): Define.
(record_last_problematic_instantiation): Likewise.
(current_instantiation): Likewise.
(maybe_print_template_context): Remove.
(print_template_context): Likewise.
(current_tinst_level): Make static to reflect Brendan Kehoe's
change of 1995-04-13.
(push_tinst_level): Call print_instantiation_context.
2000-08-21 Nix <>
* lang-specs.h: Do not process -o or run the assembler if
2000-08-21 Joseph S. Myers <>
* decl.c (flag_hosted, flag_noniso_default_format_attributes): New
* decl2.c (lang_decode_option): Disable gettext attributes for
2000-08-21 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* lex.c (lang_init_options): Default diagnostic message maximum
length to 80, when line-wrapping.
2000-08-20 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (build_vtbl_initializer): Clear the entire
vtbl_init_data. Start keeping track of the functions for which we
have created vcall offsets here.
(dfs_build_vcall_offset_vtbl_entries): Remove.
(build_vcall_offset_vtbl_entries): Reimplement.
(add_vcall_offset_vtbl_entries_r): New function.
(add_vcall_offset_vtbl_entries_1): Likewise. Tweak logic for
computing when vcall offsets are necessary.
2000-08-18 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl.c (member_function_or_else): Use cp_error ... %T.
(grokdeclarator): Likewise.
(start_method): Likewise.
* friend.c (make_friend_class): Use cp_pedwarn ... %T.
2000-08-18 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl2.c (grokfield): Set CLASSTYPE_GOT_SEMICOLON on class
2000-08-18 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (PTRMEM_OK_P): New macro.
(itf_ptrmem_ok): New enumeration value.
* class.c (resolve_address_of_overloaded_function): Add PTRMEM
argument. Diagnose implicit pointer to member.
(instantiate_type): Don't diagnose implicit pointer to member
here. Pass itf_ptrmem_ok if ok. Adjust calls to
* init.c (build_offset_ref): Set PTRMEM_OK_P.
(resolve_offset_ref): Don't diagnose implicit pointer to member here.
* semantics.c (finish_parenthesized_expr): Clear OFFSET_REFs here.
* typeck.c (build_x_unary_op): Calculate PTRMEM_OK_P.
(build_unary_op): Deal with single non-static member in
2000-08-18 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl2.c (arg_assoc_type): Cope with TYPENAME_TYPE.
2000-08-18 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (enum_name_string): Remove prototype.
(report_case_error): Remove prototype.
* cp/typeck2.c (enum_name_string): Remove.
(report_case_error): Remove.
* error.c (dump_expr): Deal with enum values directly.
Correctly negate integer constant.
2000-08-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
* inc/cxxabi.h (__cxa_vec_new2, __cxa_vec_new3): Declare.
(__cxa_vec_delete2, __cxa_vec_delete3): Declare.
* (__cxa_vec_new2, __cxa_vec_new3): Implement.
(__cxa_vec_delete2, __cxa_vec_delete3): Implement.
(__cxa_vec_new): Use __cxa_vec_new2.
(__cxa_vec_delete): Use __cxa_vec_delete2.
2000-08-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (__cxa_vec_new): Set "C" linkage.
(__cxa_vec_ctor): Likewise.
(__cxa_vec_cctor): Likewise.
(__cxa_vec_dtor): Likewise.
(__cxa_vec_delete): Likewise.
* inc/cxxabi.h (__cxa_vec_new): Set "C" linkage.
(__cxa_vec_ctor): Likewise.
(__cxa_vec_cctor): Likewise.
(__cxa_vec_dtor): Likewise.
(__cxa_vec_delete): Likewise.
2000-08-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
* class.c (instantiate_type): Reinstate local variable
deleted in previous change.
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Pass itf_complain, not
2000-08-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (instantiate_type_flags): New enumeration.
(instantiate_type): Change parameter.
* class.c (instantiate_type): Adjust prototype. Adjust.
* call.c (standard_conversion): Adjust instantiate_type call.
(reference_binding): Likewise.
(build_op_delete_call): Likewise.
(convert_like_real): Likewise.
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Likewise.
(convert_to_reference): Likewise.
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument): Likewise.
* typeck.c (build_binary_op): Likewise.
(build_ptrmemfunc): Likewise.
(convert_for_assignment): Likewise.
2000-08-17 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (CPTR_AGGR_TAG): New global tree node.
(current_aggr): Define.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Make sure a friend class is an
elaborated type specifier.
* parse.y (current_aggr): Remove static definition.
(cp_parse_init): Adjust.
(structsp): Clear and restore current_aggr.
(component_decl_list): Clear current_aggr.
* error.c (dump_type, case TYPENAME_TYPE): Don't emit the
aggregate tag on the typename's context.
* pt.c (tsubst_friend_class): Return error_mark_node, if
parms becomes NULL.
(instantiate_class_template): Ignore error_mark_node friend types.
2000-08-14 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cvt.c (warn_ref_binding): New static function, broken out of ...
(convert_to_reference): ... here. Use it.
2000-08-11 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <>
* parse.y (template_arg): Add rule for template qualified with
global scope.
2000-08-11 Theodore Papadopoulo <>
* decl2.c (add_function): Reorganize.
(arg_assoc): Do not consider function template decls.
2000-08-11 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (lookup_name_real): Don't forget the TYPENAME_TYPE we're
looking inside.
2000-08-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (resolve_scope_to_name): Remove unused prototype.
(lookup_nested_tag): Likewise.
* decl2.c (grokfield): Fix comment to reflect many types of _DECLs
can be produced.
2000-08-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
* parse.y (named_complex_class_head_sans_basetype): Remove
always true if.
2000-08-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl2.c (build_expr_from_tree, case METHOD_CALL_EXPR): Build
explicit TEMPLATE_ID_EXPR args.
(build_expr_from_tree, case CALL_EXPR): Likewise.
2000-08-11 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl.c (check_tag_decl): Diagnose typename's which don't
declare anything.
2000-08-10 Nathan Sidwell <>
* init.c (build_aggr_init): Reject bogus array initializers
2000-08-09 Nathan Sidwell <>
* rtti.c (build_dynamic_cast_1): Set "C" linkage for new abi
* cp/ (__dynamic_cast): Likewise.
* cp/inc/cxxabi.h (__dynamic_cast): Likewise.
2000-08-09 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cvt.c (convert_to_pointer_force): Fix error message when
attempting to cast from ambiguous base.
2000-08-08 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (tsubst_aggr_type): Bail if creating the argvec fails.
(tsubst_template_arg_vector): Likewise.
* decl2.c (build_anon_union_vars): Choose the largest field; don't
assume that one will be as large as the union.
2000-08-07 Kazu Hirata <>
* cp-tree.h (CLASSTYPE_HAS_PRIMARY_BASE_P): Fix a comment typo.
* decl.c (pop_labels): Likewise.
2000-08-04 Jeffrey Oldham <>
* inc/cxxabi.h (__pbase_type_info): Changed member names to match
(__pointer_to_member_type_info): Likewise.
(__base_class_info): Likewise.
(__class_type_info): Likewise.
(__si_class_type_info): Likewise.
(__vmi_class_type_info): Likewise.
* (__si_class_type_info::__do_find_public_src):
Changed member names to match specifications.
(__vmi_class_type_info::__do_find_public_src): Likewise.
(__si_class_type_info::__do_dyncast): Likewise.
(__vmi_class_type_info::__do_dyncast): Likewise.
(__si_class_type_info::__do_upcast): Likewise.
(__vmi_class_type_info::__do_upcast): Likewise.
* (__pbase_type_info::__do_catch): Likewise.
(__pbase_type_info::__pointer_catch): Likewise.
(__pointer_type_info::__pointer_catch): Likewise.
(__pointer_to_member_type_info::__pointer_catch): Likewise.
2000-08-04 Zack Weinberg <>
* (cc1plus): Depend on $(BACKEND), not stamp-objlist.
(cc1plus): Link with $(BACKEND) and $(C_OBJS).
2000-08-04 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (add_method): Change prototype.
* class.c (add_method): Remove FIELDS parameter. Add ERROR_P.
Don't double the size of the method vector in the error case.
(handle_using_decl): Adjust call to add_method.
(add_implicitly_declared_members): Likewise.
(clone_function_decl): Likewise.
* decl2.c (check_classfn): Likewise.
* semantics.c (finish_member_declaration): Likewise.
2000-08-04 Joseph S. Myers <>
* decl.c (flag_isoc94): New variable.
2000-08-02 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (do_type_instantiation): Add complain parm; don't complain
if called recursively.
* cp-tree.h, parse.y: Adjust.
2000-08-02 Zack Weinberg <>
* decl2.c: Silently ignore -Wstrict-prototypes; warn about
* g++spec.c: Adjust type of second argument to
lang_specific_driver, and update code as necessary.
* cp-tree.h: Don't prototype min_precision here.
(my_friendly_assert): Cast expression to void.
* semantics.c (do_poplevel): Initialize scope_stmts.
2000-08-02 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (DECL_NEEDED_P): Tweak.
2000-07-28 Jason Merrill <>
* lang-specs.h: Use %i in rule for .ii files.
2000-07-31 Zack Weinberg <>
* lang-specs.h: Rename cpp to cpp0 and/or tradcpp to tradcpp0.
2000-07-30 Mark Mitchell <>
Allow indirect primary bases.
* cp-tree.h (struct lang_type): Remove vfield_parent. Add
(get_primary_binfo): New function.
* decl.c (lang_mark_tree): Make lang_type::primary_base.
* class.c (vcall_offset_data_s): Rename to ...
(vtbl_init_data_s): ... this. Rename primary_p to primary_vtbl_p,
and add ctor_vtbl_p.
(get_derived_offset): Use get_primary_binfo.
(dfs_mark_primary_bases): Adjust handling of virtual primary
(mark_primary_bases): Likewise.
(set_primary_base): Take a binfo, not an integer, as a
representation of the primary base.
(indirect_primary_base_p): Remove.
(determine_primary_base): Adjust for indirect primary bases.
(dfs_find_final_overrider): Fix typo in coment.
(update_vtable_entry_for_fn): Use get_primary_binfo.
(layout_nonempty_base_or_field): Tweak.
(build_base_fields): Adjust for new primary base semantics.
(dfs_propagate_binfo_offsets): Remove.
(propagate_binfo_offsets): Rewrite.
(dfs_set_offset_for_shared_vbases): Remove.
(layout_virtual_bases): Don't use it.
(layout_class_type): Set CLASSTYPE_SIZE correctly under the new
(finish_struct_1): Set CLASSTYPE_PRIMARY_BINFO, not
(dfs_get_primary_binfo): New function.
(get_primary_binfo): Likewise.
(dump_class_hierarchy_r): Tweak printing of primary bases.
(build_vtbl_initializer): Fix typo in comments. Use
(build_vcall_and_vbase_vtbl_entries): Likewise.
(build_vbaes_offset_vtbl_entries): Likewise.
(dfs_build_vcall_offset_vtbl_entries): Adjust setting of
BV_VCALL_INDEX to handle indirect primary bases.
(build_vcall_offset_vtbl_entries): Use vtbl_init_data.
(build_rtti_vtbl_entries): Likewise.
* search.c (get_shared_vbase_if_not_primary): Tweak.
(find_vbase_instance): Likewise.
(binfo_for_vtable): Simplify.
* tree.c (unshare_base_binfos): Clear BINFO_PRIMARY_BASE_OF.
(make_binfo): Make it have 11 entries.
2000-07-30 Alex Samuel <>
* mangle.c (DECL_TEMPLATE_ID_P): Remove.
(CLASSTYEP_TEMPLATE_ID_P): Check template info, and context when
ascertaining primaryness.
(G): Remove template_args.
(decl_is_template_id): New function.
(write_encoding): Use decl_is_template_id.
(write_name): Likewise. Handle type_decls. Get main variant of
type decls.
(write_nested_name): Likewise.
(write_prefix): Likewise.
(write_template_prefix): Likewise.
(write_special_name_constructor): Remove defunct production from
(write_bare_function_type): Remove comment about absent parameter.
(write_template_template_arg): Add missing grammar production to
2000-07-27 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): If common_type produces a non-typedef
type for a typedef, just use the old type.
2000-07-27 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (function_depth): Declare.
(verify_stmt_tree): Likewise.
(find_tree): Likewise.
* decl.c (function_depth): Give it external linkage.
* optimize.c (optimize_function): Increment and decrement it.
* tree.c (verify_stmt_tree_r): New function.
(verify_stmt_tree): Likewise.
(find_tree_r): Likewise.
(find_tree): Likewise.
2000-07-27 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (for_each_template_parm_r, case RECORD_TYPE): Use
2000-07-26 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (start_cleanup_fn): Mark the function as `inline'.
* decl2.c (get_guard): Call cp_finish_decl, not
rest_of_decl_compilation, for local guards.
* lex.c (do_identifier): Remove unused variable.
2000-07-26 Marc Espie <>
* parse.y: Add missing ';'.
2000-07-26 Mark Mitchell <>
* parse.y (empty_parms): Use `()', not `(...)', when in the scope
of `extern "C++"'.
2000-07-25 Nathan Sidwell <>
Kill strict_prototype. Backwards compatibility only for
* cp-tree.h (flag_strict_prototype): Remove.
(strict_prototype): Remove.
(strict_prototypes_lang_c, strict_prototypes_lang_cplusplus): Remove.
* decl.c (maybe_push_to_top_level): Adjust.
(pop_from_top_level): Adjust.
(decls_match): Only allow sloppy parm matching for ancient
system headers.
(init_decl_processing): Adjust.
(grokdeclarator): Adjust.
* decl2.c (flag_strict_prototype): Remove.
(strict_prototype): Remove.
(strict_prototypes_lang_c, strict_prototypes_lang_cplusplus): Remove.
(lang_f_options): Remove "strict-prototype".
(unsupported-options): Add "strict-prototype".
* lex.c (do_identifier): Adjust.
(do_scoped_id): Adjust.
* parse.y (empty_parms): Adjust.
* class.c (push_lang_context): Adjust.
(pop_lang_context): Adjust.
* typeck.c (comp_target_parms): Adjust.
2000-07-25 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl.c (poplevel): Deal with anonymous variables at for scope.
(maybe_inject_for_scope_var): Likewise.
2000-07-25 Zack Weinberg <>
* decl.c: Remove all signal handling code, now done in toplev.c.
2000-07-23 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (make_rtl_for_nonlocal_decl): Rework.
* pt.c (lookup_template_class): Ensure that TYPE_CONTEXT is set
2000-07-20 Zack Weinberg <>
* cp-tree.h: Use __FUNCTION__ not __PRETTY_FUNCTION__.
Define my_friendly_assert and my_friendly_abort as macros
which may call friendly_abort. Prototype friendly abort, not
my_friendly_abort or my_friendly_assert.
* decl.c (signal_catch): Report the signal caught in the error
message. Call fatal directly.
* typeck2.c (ack, my_friendly_assert): Delete.
(my_friendly_abort): Rename to friendly_abort. Expect file,
line, and function parameters. Report the abort code, then
call fancy_abort. Do not mask an abort if errors have
already occurred.
2000-07-18 Nathan Sidwell <>
* typeck.c (comp_target_parms): Remove obsolete parameter.
(comp_target_types): Adjust.
2000-07-17 Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (mark_addressable): Never set TREE_USED.
* call.c (build_call): Don't abort on calls to library functions
that have been declared normally.
* typeck.c (build_binary_op): Fix grammar in warning.
* (__eh_free): Fix prototype.
* decl2.c (finish_decl_parsing): Handle TEMPLATE_ID_EXPR.
* decl.c (pushdecl): Handle seeing an OVERLOAD in
2000-07-16 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (THUNK_VCALL_OFFSET): Update documentation.
* method.c (use_thunk): Correct handling of vcall offsets.
2000-07-14 Zack Weinberg <>
* .cvsignore: parse.h and parse.c have no cp- prefix.
2000-07-13 Mark Mitchell <>
* .cvsignore: New file.
2000-07-13 Zack Weinberg <>
* lang-specs.h: Use the new named specs. Remove unnecessary braces.
2000-07-12 Mark Mitchell <>
* ($(PARSE_H)): Depend directly on parse.y.
* parse.c: Remove.
* parse.h: Likewise.
2000-07-11 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (layout_class_type): Add pointers to virtual bases after
base classes under the old ABI.
2000-07-10 Benjamin Chelf <>
* semantics.c (finish_for_stmt): Remove call to emit_line_note.
(finish_continue_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_for_stmt): Remove call to note_level_for_for.
(finish_goto_stmt): Change call from build_min_nt
to build_stmt.
(finish_expr_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_if_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_while_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_while_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_return_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_for_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_for_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_break_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_switch_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_case_label): Likewise.
(genrtl_try_block): Likewise.
(begin_try_block): Likewise.
(begin_handler): Likewise.
(begin_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_asm_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_label_stmt): Likewise.
(add_decl_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_subobject): Likewise.
(finish_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
(finish_named_return_value): Likewise.
(setup_vtbl_ptr): Likewise.
(add_scope_stmt): Likewise.
* decl.c (finish_constructor_body): Likewise.
(finish_destructor_body): Likewise.
* optimize.c (copy_body_r): Likewise.
(initialize_inlined_parameters): Likewise.
(declare_return_variable): Likewise.
(expand_call_inline): Likewise.
2000-07-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
* semantics.c (expand_body): Sync interface information
at the end of function body expansion.
2000-07-09 Jason Merrill <>
* init.c (build_new_1): Bail early if the call to new fails.
* decl.c (compute_array_index_type): Check specifically for
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Don't call duplicate_decls on
(decls_match): Return 0 if the DECL_TEMPLATE_RESULTs have different
* error.c (dump_template_bindings): Don't crash if we had an
invalid argument list.
* typeck.c (c_expand_start_case): Do narrowing here.
* semantics.c (finish_switch_cond): Not here.
2000-07-09 Hidvegi Zoli <>
* parse.y (asm_clobbers): Do string concatenation.
2000-07-09 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (pushtag): Don't put local classes in template functions
on the local_classes list.
2000-07-04 Scott Snyder <>
* decl2.c (get_guard): Add missing return for old ABI local
variable case.
2000-07-09 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (char_type_p): New function.
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Don't initialize
signed_wchar_type_node or unsigned_wchar_type_node.
(complete_array_type): Handle brace-enclosed string-constants.
* rtti.c (emit_support_tinfos): Remove #if 0'd code.
* tree.c (char_type_p): New function.
* typeck2.c (digest_init): Use char_type_p.
2000-07-06 Nathan Sidwell <>
* pt.c (tsubst): Don't layout type, if it's error_mark.
2000-07-06 Nathan Sidwell <>
* pt.c (instantiate_pending_templates): Reset template level.
2000-07-05 Jason Merrill <>
* call.c (joust): Don't complain about `operator char *()' beating
`operator const char *() const'.
2000-07-04 scott snyder <>
Jason Merrill <>
* repo.c (repo_get_id): Handle the case where a class with virtual
bases has a null TYPE_BINFO_VTABLE.
2000-07-04 Kevin Buhr <>
Jason Merrill <>
* parse.y (member_init): Just pass in the type.
* init.c (expand_member_init): Handle getting a type.
2000-07-04 Martin v. Löwis <>
Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (finish_function): Warn if a function has no return
Suggested by Andrew Koenig.
* typeck.c (check_return_expr): Do set current_function_returns_value
if we got an error_mark_node.
2000-07-03 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl2.c (push_decl_namespace): Push the original namespace.
2000-07-03 Nathan Sidwell <>
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Set CLASSTYPE_VBASECLASSES.
* semantics.c (begin_class_definition): Clear it.
2000-07-02 Benjamin Chelf <>
* cp-tree.h (genrtl_goto_stmt): Remove declaration.
(genrtl_expr_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_decl_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_if_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_while_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_return_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_for_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_break_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_continue_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_scope_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_switch_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_case_label): Likewise.
(genrtl_begin_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_finish_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_asm_stmt): Likewise.
* init.c (begin_init_stmts): Remove call to
(finish_init_stmts): Remove call to genrtl_finish_compound_stmt.
* semantics.c (lang_expand_stmt): Changed call to
genrtl_compound_stmt to ignore return value.
2000-07-02 Mark Mitchell <>
* mangle.c (canonicalize_for_substitution): Return the canonical
variant of a type.
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Preserve DECL_ORIGINAL_TYPE for a
* typeck.c (commonparms): Remove obstack manipulations.
2000-07-01 Benjamin Chelf <>
* (cc1plus$(exeext)): Added c-semantics.o.
* (OBJS): Added ../c-semantics.o.
(OBJDEPS): Likewise.
* cp-tree.h (TREE_LANG_FLAG_?): Moved common documentation to
(struct stmt_tree): Added comment.
(current_function_name_declared): Removed.
(stmts_are_full_exprs_p): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_pushlevel): Likewise.
(genrtl_clear_out_block): Likewise.
(COMPOUND_STMT_NO_SCOPE): Moved to ../c-common.h.
(emit_local_var): Likewise.
(make_rtl_for_local_static): Likewise.
(do_case): Likewise.
(expand_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
(c_expand_asm_operands): Likewise.
(c_expand_return): Likewise.
(c_expand_start_case): Likewise.
* decl.c (make_rtl_for_local_static): Moved to c-semantics.c.
(emit_local_var): Likewise.
(initialize_local_var): Change reference to
stmts_are_full_exprs_p to call to stmts_are_full_exprs_p().
Change reference to stmts_are_full_exprs_p to
(push_cp_function_context): Likewise.
* expect.c (expand_throw): Change reference to
* init.c (build_aggr_init): Change reference to
(build_vec_init): Likewise.
* optimize.c (maybe_clone_body): Change reference to
current_function_name_declared to
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Change reference to
current_function_name_declared to
* semantics.c (expand_cond): Moved declaration to c-common.h.
(genrtl_do_pushlevel): Moved to c-semantics.c.
(genrtl_clear_out_block): Likewise.
(genrtl_goto_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_expr_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_decl_stmt): Likewise.
(gerntl_if_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_while_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_return_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_for_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_break_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_continue_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_scope_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_switch_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_case_label): Likewise.
(genrtl_begin_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_finish_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_asm_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
(expand_cond): Likewise.
(expand_stmt): Renamed to ...
(lang_expand_stmt): ... this.
(lang_expand_expr_stmt): Initialize.
(set_current_function_name_declared): Likewise.
(stmts_are_full_exprs_p): Likewise.
(current_function_name_declared): Likewise.
(anon_aggr_type_p): Likewise.
(do_poplevel): Change reference to
stmts_are_full_exprs_p to call to stmts_are_full_exprs_p().
Change reference to stmts_are_full_exprs_p to
(add_tree): Likewise.
(finish_expr_stmt): Likewise.
(prep_stmt): Likewise.
(lang_expand_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_compound_stmt): Change reference to
current_function_name_declared to
cp_function_chain->name_declared and call to
(setup_vtbl_ptr): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_poplevel): Removed.
2000-06-30 Jason Merrill <>
* init.c (init_init_processing): Go back to aligning like
double_type_node for old ABI.
(get_cookie_size): Make cookie larger if we get a type that needs
more alignment.
(build_vec_delete): Call it.
* typeck.c (qualify_type_recursive): New fn.
(composite_pointer_type): Use it.
(build_binary_op): Use composite_pointer_type.
2000-06-24 Carlos O'Ryan <>
Jason Merrill <>
* typeck.c (check_return_expr): Don't complain about returning
NULL from operator new if -fcheck-new.
* cp-tree.h: Declare flag_check_new here.
* init.c: Not here.
2000-06-28 Alex Samuel <>
* mangle.c (find_substitution): Use same_type_p.
(write_encoding): Don't check for substitutions.
2000-06-30 Nathan Sidwell <>
* parse.y (expr_no_comma_rangle): New non-terminal.
(template_parm): Use it for default parameter case.
(template_arg): Use it.
(expr_no_commas): Remove commented out undefined extensions.
* (CONFLICTS): Adjust to 33 s/r & 48 r/r.
* parse.h, parse.c: Rebuilt.
2000-06-30 Mark Mitchell <>
* semantics.c (genrtl_asm_stmt): Don't decay input operands here.
(finish_asm_stmt): Do it here, instead.
* cp-tree.h (ridpointers): Don't declare.
* decl.c (record_builtin_type): Use CP_RID_MAX instead of RID_MAX.
(record_builtin_java_type): Likewise.
(init_decl_processing): Likewise.
* lex.c: Move inclusion of lex.h.
(ridpointers): Don't define.
(init_parse): Initialize ripdointers. Use CP_RID_MAX instead of
* lex.h (enum rid): Rename to ...
(enum cp_rid): ... this.
(ridpointers): Don't declare.
* parse.y: Move inclusion of lex.h.
* parse.c: Regenerated.
* spew.c: Move inclusion of lex.h.
* cp-tree.h (struct language_function): Remove temp_name_counter.
(temp_name_counter): Remove.
(get_temp_name): Change prototype.
(get_guard): New function.
(get_guard_cond): Likewise.
(set_guard): Likewise.
* cvt.c (build_up_reference): Adjust call to get_temp_name.
* decl.c (expand_static_init): Use get_guard and friends to
implement guard variables.
* decl2.c (get_temp_name): Assume that the variables created are
always static.
(get_sentry): Rename to ...
(get_guard): ... this. Implement new ABI guard variables.
(get_guard_bits): New function.
(get_guard_cond): Likewise.
(set_guard): Likewise.
(start_static_initialization_or_destruction): Use them.
(do_static_initialization): Replace sentry with guard throughout.
(do_static_destruction): Likewise.
* init.c (create_temporary_var): Add comment.
2000-06-28 Alex Samuel <>
* mangle.c (find_substitution): Use same_type_p.
(write_encoding): Don't check for substitutions.
2000-06-30 Nathan Sidwell <>
* parse.y (expr_no_comma_rangle): New non-terminal.
(template_parm): Use it for default parameter case.
(template_arg): Use it.
(expr_no_commas): Remove commented out undefined extensions.
* (CONFLICTS): Adjust to 33 s/r & 48 r/r.
* parse.h, parse.c: Rebuilt.
2000-06-29 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (flag_const_strings): Remove.
(warn_parentheses): Likewise.
(warn_format): Likewise.
(common_type): Likewise.
(default_conversion): Likewise.
(build_binary_op): Likewise.
(cp_build_binary_op): New macro.
* call.c (build_new_op): Use cp_build_binary_op instead of
* class.c (build_vtable_entry_ref): Likewise.
* decl.c (expand_static_init): Likewise.
(compute_array_index_type): Likewise.
(build_enumerator): Likewise.
* decl2.c (delete_sanity): Likewise.
(start_static_initialization_or_destruction): Likewise.
* error.c (dump_type_suffix): Likewise.
* init.c (resolve_offset_ref): Likewise.
(build_new): Likewise.
(build_new_1): Likewise.
(build_vec_delete_1): Likewise.
(build_vec_init): Likewise.
(build_delete): Likewise.
* rtti.c (synthesize_tinfo_fn): Likewise.
(synthesize_tinfo_var): Likewise.
* search.c (expand_upcast_fixups): Likewise.
(fixup_all_virtual_upcast_offsets): Likewise.
* typeck.c (build_array_ref): Likewise.
(get_member_function_from_ptrfunc): Likewise.
(build_binary_op): Add parameter.
(pointer_int_sum): Use cp_build_binary_op.
(pointer_diff): Likewise.
(build_modify_expr): Likewise.
(get_delta_difference): Likewise.
(build_ptrmemfunc): Likewise.
2000-06-29 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (SET_DECL_ARTIFICIAL): Remove.
* decl.c (create_implicit_typedef): Adjust.
* decl2.c (build_artificial_parm): Adjust.
* method.c (implicitly_declare_fn): Adjust.
* pt.c (push_inline_template_parms_recursive): Adjust.
(process_template_parm): Adjust.
(overloaded_template_name): Adjust.
* semantics.c (finish_template_template_parm): Adjust.
2000-06-28 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (CLEAR_BINFO_NEW_VTABLE_MARKED): Remove.
* class.c (update_vtable_entry_for_fn): Correct logic for deciding
where to emit thunks.
(build_vtt): Adjust call to build_vtt_inits.
(build_vtt_inits): Add parameter to indicate whether or not
sub-VTTs for virtual bases should be included. Adjust handling of
construction vtables.
(get_matching_base): New function.
(dfs_build_vtt_inits): Rename to ...
(dfs_build_secondary_vptr_vtt_inits): Adjust handling of
construction vtables.
(dfs_fixup_binfo_vtbls): Likewise.
(build_ctor_vtbl_groups): Build construction vtables for virtual
bases, too.
(accumulate_vtbl_inits): Tweak logic for deciding whether or not
to build construction vtbls.
(dfs_accumulate_vtbl_inits): Adjust handling of
construction vtables.
* pt.c (tsubst, case TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM): Handle cv-qualified
types correctly.
2000-06-27 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (grokfndecl): Set DECL_CONTEXT for static functions too.
2000-06-26 Nathan Sidwell <>
* search.c (hides): Remove.
(is_subobject_of_p): Add most_derived parameter. Use
(lookup_field_queue_p): Adjust.
(lookup_field_r): Adjust.
2000-06-26 Nathan Sidwell <>
* decl2.c (handle_class_head): Bash typedefs to the type's main
2000-06-25 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (genrtl_begin_stmt_expr): Rename to ...
(begin_global_stmt_expr): ... this.
(genrtl_finish_stmt_expr): Rename to ...
(finish_global_stmt_expr): ... this.
* init.c (begin_init_stmts): Adjust calls.
(finish_init_stmts): Likewise.
* semantics.c (genrtl_begin_stmt_expr): Rename to ...
(begin_global_stmt_expr): ... this.
(genrtl_finish_stmt_expr): Rename to ...
(finish_global_stmt_expr): ... this.
2000-06-25 Theodore Papadopoulo <>
* search.c (lookup_member): Fix typo in comment.
2000-06-24 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (pushdecl): Don't set DECL_CONTEXT from current_namespace.
(push_namespace): Set DECL_CONTEXT for a new NAMESPACE_DECL.
2000-06-24 Martin v. Löwis <>
* parse.y (complex_direct_notype_declarator): Support global_scope.
* Adjust conflict count.
2000-06-23 Kriang Lerdsuwanakij <>
* parse.y (template_arg): Convert TEMPLATE_DECL
that is a template template parameter to
* cp-tree.def (TEMPLATE_TEMPLATE_PARM): Adjust comment.
(copy_template_template_parm): Adjust prototype.
* decl.c (grokdeclarator): Remove dead code.
* pt.c (process_template_parm): Tidy.
(lookup_template_class): Construct nodes in
(tsubst): Pass TEMPLATE_DECL rather than IDENTIFIER_NODE to
lookup_template_class. Use TYPE_TI_TEMPLATE.
* tree.c (copy_template_template_parm): Add NEWARGS
(mapcar): Adjust call to copy_template_template_parm.
* method.c (build_template_template_parm_names): Change error
code to avoid compilation warning.
* gxxint.texi: Document template template parameter
name mangling.
2000-06-21 Alex Samuel <>
* (CXX_LIB2FUNCS): Add cp-demangle.o and dyn-string.o.
(CXX_LIB2SRCS): Add cp-demangle.c and dyn-string.c.
(cp-demangle.o): New rule.
(dyn-string.o): Likewise.
* inc/cxxabi.h (__cxa_demangle): New declaration.
2000-06-22 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (BV_USE_VCALL_INDEX_P): New macro.
(lang_decl_flags): Add generate_with_vtable_p. Make vcall_offset
a tree, not an int.
(make_thunk): Change prototype.
(emit_thunk): Rename to use_thunk.
(mangle_thunk): Change prototype.
* class.c (get_derived_offset): Simplify.
(copy_virtuals): Clear BV_USE_VCALL_INDEX_P and
(build_primary_vtable): Simplify.
(add_virtual_function): Use BV_FN, rather than TREE_VALUE.
(dfs_find_base): Remove.
(update_vtable_entry_for_fn): Correct bug in finding the base
where a virtual function was first declared. Figure out whether
or not to emit a vcall-thunk with the vtables in which it appears.
Correct logic for deciding whether to use an ordinary thunk, or a
vcall thunk.
(finish_struct_1): Remove unnecssary code.
(build_vtbl_initializer): Use ssize_int for the running counter of
negative indices.
(build_vtbl_initializer): Only use vcall thunks where necessary.
Mark thunks as needing to be emitted with their vtables, or not.
(build_vbase_offset_vtbl_entries): Adjust for use of ssize_int in
indices. Use size_binop.
(dfs_build_vcall_offset_vtbl_entries): Don't rely on
BINFO_PRIMARY_MARKED_P here. Use BV_FN consistently. Use
(build_rtti_vtbl_entries): Adjust call to build_vtable_entry.
(build_vtable_entry): Mark thunks as needing to be emitted with
their vtables, or not.
* decl.c (lang_mark_tree): Mark the vcall_offset in a thunk.
* decl2.c (mark_vtable_entries): Use use_thunk instead of
* dump.c (dequeue_and_dump): Remove dead code. Dump new thunk
* error.c (dump_expr): Use BV_FN.
* mangle.c (mangle_thunk): Adjust now that vcall_offset is a tree,
not an int.
* method.c (make_thunk): Likewise.
(emit_thunk): Rename to use_thunk. Allow callers to decide
whether or not to actually emit the thunk. Adjust for changes in
representation of vcall offsets.
* search.c (dfs_get_pure_virtuals): Use BV_FN.
* semantics.c (emit_associated_thunks): New function.
(expand_body): Use it.
* ir.texi: Adjust descriptions of thunks.
2000-06-22 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (tsubst_decl, case FUNCTION_DECL): Clear DECL_SAVED_TREE.
(tsubst_friend_function): Copy it here.
* decl.c (grok_op_properties): Fix typo.
* decl2.c (delete_sanity): Clarify warning, avoid failure on
deleting void*.
* pt.c (check_explicit_specialization): Clarify error.
* decl.c (pushdecl): Also pull out one of the FUNCTION_DECLs from
an old OVERLOAD when we're declaring a non-function.
(pushdecl, destroy_local_var): Check for error_mark_node.
(warn_extern_redeclared_static): Also bail early if
we're a CONST_DECL.
(push_overloaded_decl): Ignore an old error_mark_node.
2000-06-22 Nathan Sidwell <>
* call.c (build_x_va_arg): Check if in a template decl.
* pt.c (tsubst_copy, case VA_ARG_EXPR): Use build_x_va_arg.
2000-06-20 Alexandre Petit-Bianco <>
* class.c (push_lang_context): TYPE_NAME gets you to the Java
types DECLs.
* decl.c (check_goto): Computed gotos assumed OK.
2000-06-20 Jason Merrill <>
* pt.c (tsubst_decl, case TYPE_DECL): Fix test for TYPE_DECLs
for which we don't need to look for instantiations.
2000-06-21 Nathan Sidwell <>
* parse.y (program): Always call finish_translation_unit.
* parse.c, parse.h: Rebuilt.
2000-06-20 Zack Weinberg <>
* method.c: Don't include hard-reg-set.h.
2000-06-20 Nathan Sidwell <>
* rtti.c (get_base_offset): Cope when vbase field is in a base.
2000-06-20 Nathan Sidwell <>
* call.c (build_conditional_expr): Use VOID_TYPE_P.
* cvt.c (cp_convert_to_pointer): Likewise.
(convert_to_void): Likewise.
* error.c (dump_expr): Likewise.
* except.c (complete_ptr_ref_or_void_ptr_p): Likewise.
* init.c (build_delete): Likewise.
* method.c (emit_thunk): Likewise.
* optmize.c (declare_return_variable): Likewise.
* rtti.c (get_tinfo_decl_dynamic): Likewise.
(get_typeid): Likewise.
(build_dynamic_cast_1): Likewise.
* typeck.c (composite_pointer_type): Likewise.
(common_type): Likewise.
(build_indirect_ref): Likewise.
(build_binary_op): Likewise.
(build_x_compound_expr): Likewise.
(check_return_expr): Likewise.
* typeck2.c (add_exception_specifier): Likewise.
* mangle.c (write_method_parms): Use direct comparison for end
of parmlist.
2000-06-19 Benjamin Chelf <>
* cp-tree.h (genrtl_try_block): Declare function.
(genrtl_handler): Likewise.
(genrtl_catch_block): Likewise.
(genrtl_ctor_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_subobject): Likewise.
(genrtl_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_poplevel): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_pushlevel): Likewise.
(genrtl_clear_out_block): Likewise.
(genrtl_goto_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_expr_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_decl_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_if_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_while_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_return_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_for_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_break_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_continue_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_scope_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_switch_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_case_label): Likewise.
(genrtl_begin_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_finish_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_asm_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_named_return_value): Likewise.
(genrtl_begin_stmt_expr): Likewise.
(genrtl_finish_stmt_expr): Likewise.
(finish_for_stmt): Removed first argument.
(finish_switch_stmt): Likewise.
* semantics.c (genrtl_try_block): Define function.
(genrtl_handler): Likewise.
(genrtl_catch_block): Likewise.
(genrtl_ctor_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_subobject): Likewise.
(genrtl_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_poplevel): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_pushlevel): Likewise.
(genrtl_clear_out_block): Likewise.
(genrtl_goto_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_expr_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_decl_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_if_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_while_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_do_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_return_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_for_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_break_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_continue_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_scope_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_switch_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_case_label): Likewise.
(genrtl_begin_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_finish_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_asm_stmt): Likewise.
(genrtl_named_return_value): Likewise.
(genrtl_begin_stmt_expr): Likewise.
(genrtl_finish_stmt_expr): Likewise.
(finish_for_stmt): Removed first argument and generate rtl
specific code.
(finish_switch_stmt): Likewise.
(do_poplevel): Removed generate rtl specific code.
(do_pushlevel): Likewise.
(add_tree): Likewise.
(finish_goto_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_expr_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_if_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_if_stmt_cond): Likewise.
(finish_then_clause): Likewise.
(begin_else_clause): Likewise.
(finish_else_clause): Likewise.
(finish_if_stmt): Likewise.
(clear_out_block): Likewise.
(begin_while_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_while_stmt_cond): Likewise.
(finish_while_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_do_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_do_body): Likewise.
(finish_do_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_return_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_for_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_for_init_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_for_cond): Likewise.
(finish_for_expr): Likewise.
(finish_break_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_continue_stmt): Likewise.
(begin_switch_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_switch_cond): Likewise.
(finish_case_label): Likewise.
(begin_try_block): Likewise.
(begin_function_try_block): Likewise.
(finish_try_block): Likewise.
(finish_cleanup_try_block): Likewise.
(finish_cleanup): Likewise.
(finish_function_try_block): Likewise.
(finish_handler_sequence): Likewise.
(finish_function_handler_sequence): Likewise.
(begin_handler): Likewise.
(finish_handler_parms): Likewise.
(begin_catch_block): Likewise.
(finish_handler): Likewise.
(begin_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_compound_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_asm_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_label_stmt): Likewise.
(finish_label_decl): Likewise.
(finish_subobject): Likewise.
(finish_decl_cleanup): Likewise.
(finish_named_return_value): Likewise.
(begin_stmt_expr): Likewise.
(finish_stmt_expr): Likewise.
* decl.c (initialize_local_var): Changed call to finish_expr_stmt
to call genrtl_expr_stmt when appropriate.
* init.c (begin_init_stmts): Changed calls to begin_stmt_expr and
begin_compound_expr to call genrtl_begin_stmt_expr and
genrtl_begin_compound_expr when appropriate.
(finish_init_stmts): Changed calls to finish_compound_expr and
finish_stmt_expr to call genrtl_finish_compound_expr and
genrtl_finish_stmt_expr when appropriate.
(expand_default_init): Changed call to finish_expr_stmt to call
genrtl_expr_stmt when appropriate.
(build_vec_init): Likewise.
* parse.y (simple_stmt): Removed first argument from call to
finish_for_stmt. Removed first argument from call to
* parse.c: Regenerated.
* pt.c (tsubst_expr): Removed first argument from call to
finish_for_stmt. Removed first argument from call to
2000-06-16 Benjamin Chelf <>
* cp-tree.h (enum cplus_tree_code): Changed __DUMMY to
CP_DUMMY_TREE_CODE. Remove #include "c-common.def".
* lex.c (cplus_tree_code_type[]): Removed #include "c-common.def".
(cplus_tree_code_length[]): Likewise.
(cplus_tree_code_name[]): Likewise.
(init_parse): Added call to add_c_tree_codes. Changed
2000-06-16 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (finish_mem_initializers): Declare.
(count_trees): Likewise.
* parse.y (base_init): Use finish_mem_initializers.
* semantics.c (finish_mem_initializers): New function.
* tree.c (count_trees_r): Prototype. Use DATA parameter to store
the number of trees.
(n_trees): Remove.
(count_trees): Don't use it.
2000-06-15 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.c (count_trees): New debugging function.
* typeck.c (build_x_function_call): Use DECL_FUNCTION_TEMPLATE_P.
* init.c (build_member_call): Pull out the name of a DECL.
* (semantics.o, pt.o): Depend on TIMEVAR_H.
* semantics.c (expand_body): Push to TV_INTEGRATION here.
* optimize.c (optimize_function): Not here.
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Push to TV_PARSE.
2000-06-15 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (struct language_function): Remove x_base_init_list
and x_member_init_list.
(current_base_init_list): Remove.
(current_member_init_list): Likewise.
(setup_vtbl_ptr): Change prototype.
(emit_base_init): Likewise.
(expand_member_init): Likewise.
(reinit_parse_for_function): Remove.
* decl.c (save_function_data): Don't clear x_base_init_list and
(mark_language_function): Don't mark them.
* init.c (perform_member_init): Tweak comment.
(sort_member_init): Take the list of initializers as an argument.
(sort_base_init): Likewise.
(emit_base_init): Likewise.
(expand_member_init): Return the initializer. Don't use global
* lex.c (reinit_parse_for_function): Remove.
* method.c (build_template_parm_names): Correct substitution.
(do_build_copy_constructor): Don't use current_member_init_list
and current_base_init_list.
(synthesize_method): Likewise.
* parse.y (base_init): Split mem-initializers into
base-initializers and field-initializers.
(member_init_list): Build up the list here.
(member_init): Return the initializer.
(fn.depfn): Don't use reinit_parse_for_function.
* parse.c: Regenerated.
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument): Don't make an ADDR_EXPR of the
(tsubst_expr): Don't use current_member_init_list
and current_base_init_list.
(tsubst_expr_values): Rename to ...
(tsubst_initializer_list): ... this. Use convert_from_reference.
* semantics.c (setup_vtbl_ptr): Don't use current_member_init_list
and current_base_init_list.
(begin_function_definition): Don't call reinit_parse_for_function.
* dump.c (dequeue_and_dump): Use TREE_VEC_LENGTH with vectors.
* error.c (dump_expr): Handle ADDR_EXPRs with REFERENCE_TYPE
* cp-tree.h (DECL_PENDING_INLINE_P): Relax checking.
2000-06-14 Benjamin Chelf <>
* cp-tree.h (IF_COND): Move to c-common.h.
(THEN_CLAUSE): Likewise.
(ELSE_CLAUSE): Likewise.
(WHILE_COND): Likewise.
(WHILE_BODY): Likewise.
(DO_COND): Likewise.
(DO_BODY): Likewise.
(RETURN_EXPR): Likewise.
(EXPR_STMT_EXPR): Likewise.
(FOR_INIT_STMT): Likewise.
(FOR_COND): Likewise.
(FOR_EXPR): Likewise.
(FOR_BODY): Likewise.
(SWITCH_COND): Likewise.
(SWITCH_BODY): Likewise.
(CASE_LOW): Likewise.
(CASE_HIGH): Likewise.
(COMPOUND_BODY): Likewise.
(ASM_CV_QUAL): Likewise.
(ASM_STRING): Likewise.
(ASM_OUTPUTS): Likewise.
(ASM_INPUTS): Likewise.
(ASM_CLOBBERS): Likewise.
(DECL_STMT_DECL): Likewise.
(STMT_EXPR_STMT): Likewise.
(SCOPE_BEGIN_P): Likewise.
(SCOPE_END_P): Likewise.
(SCOPE_PARTIAL_P): Likewise.
(ASM_VOLATILE_P): Likewise.
(STMT_LINENO): Likewise.
* cp-tree.def: Removed SRCLOC, SIZEOF_EXPR, ARROW_EXPR,
* (CXX_TREE_H): Added $(srcdir)/../c-common.def.
* (CXX_SRCS): Added $(srcdir)/c-common.def.
(cc1plus$(exeext)): Added $(srcdir)/c-common.def.
* lex.c (cplus_tree_code_type[]): Added '#include "c-common.def"'.
(cplus_tree_code_length[]): Added '#include "c-common.def"'.
(cplus_tree_code_name[]): Added '#include "c-common.def"'.
2000-06-14 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (dfs_find_final_overrider): Set it appropriately.
(dfs_built_vtt_inits): Check BINFO_OVERRIDE_ALONG_VIRTUAL_PATH to
avoid unneeded secondary vptrs.
2000-06-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
* class.c (build_secondary_vtable): Set DECL_USER_ALIGN.
(check_bitfield_decl, check_field_decl): Likewise.
(build_vtbl_or_vbase_field, build_base_field): Likewise.
(layout_class_type): Set DECL_USER_ALIGN resp. CLASSTYPE_USER_ALIGN.
* decl.c (record_unknown_type): Set TYPE_USER_ALIGN.
(xfer_tag, finish_enum): Likewise.
* decl2.c (finish_builtin_type): Likewise.
* init.c (init_init_processing): Likewise.
* pt.c (instantiate_class_template): Likewise.
* rtti.c (get_tinfo_decl, synthesize_tinfo_fn): Set DECL_USER_ALIGN.
* cp-tree.h (struct lang_type): Add user_align member.
2000-06-13 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* (c++.install-common): Install g++-cross in
$(gcc_tooldir)/bin as g++ and c++; g++ in $(bindir) as
$(target_alias)-g++ and $(target_alias)-c++.
2000-06-12 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (vcall_offset_data_s): Add last_init and fns.
(overrides): Rename to same_signature_p.
(dfs_find_final_overrider): Adjust accordingly.
(mark_overriders): Likewise.
(warn_hidden): Likewise.
(build_vtbl_initializer): Reorganize machinery for building things
at negative offsets.
(build_vcall_and_vbase_vtbl_entries): Likewise.
(build_vbase_offset_vtbl_entries): Likewise.
(dfs_build_vcall_offset_vtbl_entries): Correct order of vcall
offset entries. Do not create two entries for functions with the
same signature.
(build_vcall_offset_vtbl_entries): Initialize vod->fns.
(build_rtti_vtbl_entries): Reorganize machinery for building things
at negative offsets.
* optimize.c (expand_call_inline): Don't recurse into the code
used to initialize the parameters more than once.
2000-06-11 Mark Mitchell <>
* mangle.c (NESTED_TEMPLATE_MATCH): Fix typo in comment.
(is_std_substitution): Don't check CLASSTYPE_USE_TEMPLATE here.
(find_substitution): Only use the `Sa' substitution for
std::allocator, not instantiations of it.
(write_template_prefix): Move comment. Only use a TREE_LIST to
represent substitutions for a member template.
(write_array_type): Mangle array dimensions correctly.
* optimize.c (maybe_clone_body): Copy more information from the
cloned function.
* pt.c (regenerate_decl_from_template): Preserve DECL_USE_TEMPLATE
on the regenerated declaration.
2000-06-11 Chip Salzenberg <>
Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (build_vtable): Clarify comment.
(build_ctor_vtbl_group): Pass the most derived type to
2000-06-11 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* decl2.c (compare_options): Don't needlessly cast away const-ness.
2000-06-10 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (add_binding): Handle duplicate declarations of external
2000-06-09 Chip Salzenberg <>
Mark Mitchell <>
* mangle.c (write_number): Take an unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT as an
(write_signed_number): New macro.
(write_unsigned_number): Likewise.
(write_source_name): Use them.
(write_number): Handle signed and unsigned values.
(write_integer_cst): Use tree_int_cst_sgn, and use
write_unsigned_number or write_signed_number as appropriate.
(write_discriminator): Use write_unsigned_number or
write_signed_number as appropriate.
(write_template_arg_literal): Likewise.
(write_array_type): Use tree_low_cst.
(write_template_parm): Use write_unsigned_number or
write_signed_number as appropriate.
(write_substitution): Adjust call to write_number.
(write_type): Get the TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT before mangling it.
(write_expression): Handle non-type template arguments of
reference type correctly.
(mangle_thunk): Use write_signed_number.
2000-06-09 Chip Salzenberg <>
* mangle.c (find_substition): Don't mangle objects with typename
substitutions (e.g. "cin" as "Si").
2000-06-09 Zack Weinberg <>
* call.c (add_candidate): Use ggc_alloc_cleared.
* decl.c (lookup_label): Likewise.
* lex.c (retrofit_lang_decl): Likewise.
2000-06-09 Jason Merrill <>
* semantics.c (expand_body): Push to TV_EXPAND.
* optimize.c (optimize_function): Push to TV_INTEGRATION.
* decl.c (start_function): Always call announce_function.
* Just declare abort.
2000-06-09 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* lex.c (DEF_OPERATOR): Say `operator@' -not- `operator @'
whenever @ is a symbolic name.
2000-06-08 Jakub Jelinek <>
* method.c (make_thunk): Clear DECL_VTT_PARM in thunk.
2000-06-07 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (pushdecl): Look up functions by DECL_NAME, not
2000-06-06 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl2.c (c_language): Define.
2000-06-06 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* lex.c (lang_init_options): Tweak.
* decl2.c: Remove #inclusion of diagnostic.h
(lang_decode_option): Move diagnostic formatting options to
* lang-options.h: Remove documentation for diagnostic options.
* (lex.o): Depends upon diagnostic.h
2000-06-06 Mark Mitchell <>
* decl.c (redeclaration_error_message): If two TEMPLATE_DECLs have
the same DECL_RESULT, it's not a redefinition.
* pt.c (tsubst_decl): Remove code to handle illegal
2000-06-06 Nathan Sidwell <>
* (__eh_alloc, __eh_free): Moved to libgcc2.c
2000-06-05 Jason Merrill <>
* search.c (maybe_suppress_debug_info): Don't check
* pt.c (mark_decl_instantiated): Do SET_DECL_EXPLICIT_INSTANTIATION
here if extern_p.
Remember instantiation context in deferred instantiations.
* cp-tree.h (struct tinst_level): Remove.
* pt.c (current_tinst_level): Now a tree.
(print_template_context, push_tinst_level, pop_tinst_level,
tinst_for_decl): Adjust.
(reopen_tinst_level): New fn.
(init_pt): Register current_tinst_level as a root.
(add_pending_template): Put current_tinst_level in TREE_PURPOSE
of the pending templates list.
(instantiate_pending_templates): Adjust. Call reopen_tinst_level.
* lex.c (extract_interface_info): Adjust.
* decl2.c (warn_if_unknown_interface): Adjust.
2000-06-05 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (indirect_primary_base_p): New function.
(determine_primary_base): Use it.
2000-06-05 Nathan Sidwell <>
Update new-abi dynamic cast algorithm.
* (__class_type_info::__dyncast_result): Add
whole_details. Adjust constructor.
(__vmi_class_type_info::__do_dyncast): Adjust for vmi_flags.
Avoid unnecessary searching.
(__dynamic_cast): Adjust for __dyncast_result::whole_details.
2000-06-05 Richard Kenner <>
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Don't call record_component_aliases.
* tree.c (build_cplus_array_type_1): Likewise.
2000-06-04 Mark Mitchell <>
* ir.texi: Correct typo.
* mangle.c (write_expression): Handle non-type template arguments
with reference type.
* method.c (build_overload_value): Likewise.
* pt.c (convert_nontype_argument): Explicitly represent conversion
to a reference with an ADDR_EXPR.
(unify): Always unify arguments in left-to-right order.
2000-06-03 Alex Samuel <>
Mark Mitchell <>
* (CXX_SRCS): Add mangle.c.
* (CXX_OBJS): Add mangle.o.
(mangle.o): New rule.
* class.c (local_classes): New variable.
* class.c (get_vtable_name): Use mangle_vtable_for_type for new ABI.
(get_vtt_name): Use mangle_vtt_name for new ABI.
(init_class_processing): Initialize local_classes.
(build_ctor_vtbl_group): Use mangle_ctor_vtbl_for_type for new ABI.
* cp-tree.h (cp_tree_index): Add CPTI_STD_IDENTIFIER.
(std_identifier): New macro.
(local_classes): Declare.
(get_mostly_instantiated_function_type): Declare.
(init_mangle): Declare.
(mangle_decl): Likewise.
(mangle_type_string): Likewise.
(mangle_type): Likewise.
(mangle_typeinfo_for_type): Likewise.
(mangle_typeinfo_string_for_type): Likewise.
(mangle_vtbl_for_type): Likewise.
(mangle_vtt_for_type): Likewise.
(mangle_ctor_vtbl_for_type): Likewise.
(mangle_thunk): Likewise.
(mangle_conv_op_name_for_type): Likewise.
(mangle_guard_variable): Likewise.
* decl.c (pushtag): Keep track of local classes.
(initialize_predefined_identifiers): Initialize std_identifier.
(init_decl_processing): Use std_identifier.
(start_decl): Don't treat instantiations as specializations.
(grokdeclarator): Likewise.
(grokvardecl): Call mangle_decl for new ABI. Only set mangled
name for fully-instantiated templates.
* decl2.c (grokclassfn): Use set_mangled_name_for_decl for
destructors with the new ABI.
(finish_static_data_member_decl): Use mangle_decl under the new ABI.
(grokfield): Use mangle_type for new ABI.
(grokoptypename): Use mangle_conv_op_for_type for new ABI.
(get_sentry): Use mangle_guard_variable for new ABI.
(start_static_initialization_or_destruction): Likewise.
* expr.c (extract_aggr_init): Remove.
(extract_scalar_init): Likewise.
(extract_init): Remove #if 0'd code.
* mangle.c: New function.
* method.c (build_mangled_name): Assert not flag_new_abi.
(build_static_name): Likewise.
(build_decl_overload_real): Likewise.
(build_typename_overload): Likewise.
(build_overload_with_type): Likewise.
(build_overload_name): Likewise.
(get_ctor_vtbl_name): Likewise.
(start_squangling): Likewise.
(get_id_2): Likewise.
(set_mangled_name_for_decl): Call mangle_decl for new ABI.
(init_method): Call init_mangle for new ABI.
(make_thunk): Call mangle_thunk for new ABI.
* operators.def: Correct new ABI manglings for the `%' operator.
Add `::' operator.
* pt.c (build_template_decl): Copy DECL_OVERLOADED_OPERATOR_P and
(lookup_template_class): Call mangle_decl for new ABI.
(get_mostly_instantiated_function_type): New function.
(set_mangled_name_for_template_decl): Use it.
(tsubst_decl): Use set_mangled_name_for_decl for destructors with
the new ABI. Use mangle_conv_op_name_for_type for instantiated
conversion op names.
* rtti.c (tinfo_name): Call mangle_type_string for new ABI.
(get_tinfo_decl): Call mangle_typeinfo_for_type for new ABI.
(tinfo_base_init): Likewise. Mangle typeinfo string name with
2000-06-03 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (TMPL_ARGS_LEVEL): Clarify comment.
(innermost_args): Remove.
(get_innermost_template_args): New function.
* decl2.c (arg_assoc_class): Use INNERMOST_TEMPLATE_ARGS.
* error.c (dump_function_decl): Be caution when using
* method.c (build_template_parm_names): Use
* pt.c (add_to_template_args): Tidy comment
(get_innermost_template_args): New function.
(check_explicit_specialization): Clear DECL_INITIAL for a new
(process_partial_specialization): Use INNERMOST_TEMPLATE_ARGS.
(push_template_decl): Always register specializations of the most
general template.
(convert_template_argument): Use INNERMOST_TEMPLATE_ARGS.
(coerce_template_parms): Likewise.
(lookup_template_class): Likewise.
(innermost_args): Remove.
(tsubst_decl): Handle tricky specializations. Use
(instantiate_template): Simplify handling of partial
(get_class_bindings): Use INNERMOST_TEMPLATE_ARGS.
(most_general_template): Reimplement, in a more straightforward
(regenerate_decl_from_template): Tweak formatting. Use
TMPL_ARGS_DEPTH for clarity.
(set_mangled_name_for_template_decl): Use INNERMOST_ARGS.
* dump.c (dequeue_and_dump): Dump information about thunks.
2000-06-01 Richard Henderson <>
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Set lang_get_alias_set first thing.
2000-06-01 Richard Henderson <>
* decl2.c (unsupported_options): Fix typo, make const.
(lang_decode_option): Fix bsearch argument order.
2000-06-01 Mark Mitchell <>
* init.c (resolve_offset_ref): Remove check for TREE_ADDRESSABLE
2000-05-31 Richard Kenner <>
* cp-tree.h (c_get_alias_set): Deleted.
* (decl.o): Include ../expr.h.
* decl.c (expr.h): Include.
(init_decl_processing): Call record_component_aliases for arrays.
(grokdeclarator): Likewise.
Set TREE_ADDRESSABLE for fields that aren't bitfields.
* tree.c (build_cplus_array_type_1): Call record_component_aliases.
2000-05-31 Mark Mitchell <>
Remove guiding declaration support.
* cp/cp-tree.h (flag_dump_translation_unit): Make it const.
(flag_guiding_decls): Remove.
* call.c (build_user_type_conversion_1): Remove support for
guiding decls.
(build_new_function_call): Likewise.
(build_new_op): Likewise.
(build_new_method_call): Likewise.
* decl.c (start_function): Likewise.
* friend.c (is_friend): Likewise.
(do_friend): Likewise.
* decl2.c ((flag_dump_translation_unit): Make it const.
(flag_guiding_decls): Remove.
(unsupported_options): New variable
(compare_options): New function.
(lang_decode_option): Use them.
* decl.c (build_cp_library_fn): Set DECL_CONTEXT.
* method.c (mangle_expression): Adjust test for legal expression
* pt.c (instantiate_decl): Save and restore the local
specializations list.
2000-05-30 Jason Merrill <>
* decl.c (grok_reference_init): Pass LOOKUP_ONLYCONVERTING.
2000-05-30 Mark Mitchell <>
* call.c (add_template_candidate_real): Handle member template
constructors for classes with virtual bases.
(build_user_type_conversion_1): Use in_charge_arg_for_name.
(build_new_method_call): Use DECL_NONSTATIC_MEMBER_FUNCTION_P.
* ir.texi: Update thunk documentation.
* call.c (joust): Fix handling of overloaded builtin operators.
2000-05-30 Zack Weinberg <>
* cp-tree.h (DECL_ANTICIPATED): New macro.
Document new use of DECL_LANG_FLAG_7.
* decl.c (builtin_function): Set DECL_ANTICIPATED on builtins
in the user namespace.
* lex.c (do_identifier): If the identifier's declaration has
DECL_ANTICIPATED on, it has not yet been declared. But do not
replace it with an ordinary implicit declaration.
* Include stdlib.h.
2000-05-29 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (CLASSTYPE_ALIGN_UNIT): New macro.
* class.c (layout_empty_base): Use CLASSTYPE_ALIGN_UNIT, not
2000-05-28 Gabriel Dos Reis <>
* decl2.c (lang_decode_option): Use skip_leading_substring instead
of plain strncmp.
2000-05-28 Alexandre Oliva <>
* operators.def (<?): Duplicated, should have been...
(>?): this. Fixed.
2000-05-27 Alex Samuel <>
Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (ansi_opname): Make it a macro.
(ansi_assopname): Likewise.
(struct lang_decl_flags): Add assignment_operator_p.
(struct lang_decl): Add operator_code.
(DECL_VTT_PARM): Adjust.
(DECL_OVERLOADED_OPERATOR_P): Return the operator_code for an
overloaded operator.
(opname_tab): Remove.
(assignop_tab): Likewise.
(operator_name_info_t): New type.
(operator_name_info): New variable.
(assignment_operator_name_info): Likewise.
(build_cp_library_fn): Remove declaration.
(push_cp_library_fn): Likewise.
(operator_name_string): Likewise.
(build_decl_overload): Likewise.
* call.c (print_z_candidates): Simplify.
(build_object_call): Adjust usage of ansi_opname. Use
(op_error): Adjust operator name lookup.
(build_conditional_expr): Adjust usage of ansi_opname.
(build_new_op): Likewise.
(build_op_delete_call): Likewise.
(build_over_call): Likewise.
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Copy operator_code.
(init_decl_processing): Adjust parameters to push_cp_library_fn.
(builtin_function): Adjust parameters to build_library_fn_1.
(build_library_fn_1): Accept an overloaded operator code.
(build_library_fn): Pass ERROR_MARK.
(build_cp_library_fn): Accept an overloaded operator code.
(push_cp_library_fn): Likewise.
(grokfndecl): Tweak.
(grokdeclarator): Simplify code to compute names of overloaded
operators. Adjust use of ansi_opname.
(ambi_op_p): Work on tree_codes, not identifiers.
(unary_op_p): Likewise.
(grok_op_properties): Likewise.
(start_function): Use DECL_OVERLOADED_OPERATOR_P.
(lang_mark_tree): Don't try to mark the operator_code.
* decl2.c (grok_function_init): Use DECL_OVERLOADED_OPERATOR_P.
* error.c (dump_decl): Remove special handling for operator
(dump_function_name): Likewise.
(dump_expr): Adjust name lookup of operators.
(op_to_string): Simplify.
(assop_to_string): Likewise.
* init.c (build_new_1): Adjust use of ansi_opname.
* lex.c (opname_tab): Remove.
(assignop_tab): Likewise.
(ansi_opname): Likewise.
(ansi_assopname): Likewise.
(operator_name_string): Likewise.
(reinit_lang_specific): Likewise.
(operator_name_info): New variable.
(assignment_operator_name_info): Likewise.
(init_operators): New function.
(init_parse): Use it.
(do_identifier): Adjust use of ansi_opname.
* method.c (mangle_expression): Don't use ansi_opname for
(build_decl_overload_real): Use DECL_OVERLOADED_OPERATOR_P.
(build_decl_overload): Remove.
(build_typename_overload): Use OPERATOR_TYPENAME_FORMAT directly.
(do_build_assign_ref): Adjust use of ansi_opname.
(synthesize_method): Likewise.
(implicitly_declare_fn): Likewise.
* operators.def: New file.
* parse.y (operator): Adjust use of ansi_opname.
* pt.c (tsubst_decl): Use IDENTIFIER_OPNAME_P.
(set_mangled_name_for_template_decl): Don't play games with
(special_function_p): Adjust use of ansi_opname.
* typeck.c (check_return_expr): Likewise.
* (cc1plus): Depend on operators.def.
* (lex.o): Likewise.
(decl.o): Likewise.
2000-05-27 Zack Weinberg <>
* (cplib2.ready): Eradicate.
2000-05-27 Richard Kenner <>
* method.c (mangle_expression): Use TREE_CODE_LENGTH.
* tree.c (break_out_calls, build_min_nt): Use TREE_CODE_LENGTH.
(built_min, cp_tree_equal): Likewise.
2000-05-26 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (layout_nonempty_base_or_field): Replace
`record_layout_info' with `record_layout_info_s'.
2000-05-26 Jason Merrill <>
Fix goto checking.
* cp-tree.h (struct language_function): x_named_labels is now
a struct named_label_list*.
* decl.c (struct named_label_use_list): Renamed from...
(struct named_label_list): ...this. New struct.
(push_binding_level): Don't set eh_region.
(note_level_for_eh): New fn.
(pop_label): Take label and old value directly.
(pop_labels): Adjust for new named_labels format.
(lookup_label): Likewise.
(poplevel): Note characteristics of a binding level containing a
named label. Mess with named label lists earlier.
(mark_named_label_lists): New fn.
(mark_lang_function): Call it.
(use_label): New fn, split out from...
(make_label_decl): Don't call it.
(decl_jump_unsafe, check_previous_goto, check_previous_goto_1,
check_previous_gotos): New fns, split out from...
(check_switch_goto): New fn.
(define_case_label): Call it.
(check_goto): New fn.
* semantics.c (finish_goto_stmt): Call it and use_label.
(begin_compound_stmt): If we're a try block, call note_level_for_eh.
(expand_stmt): Never pass 1 as DONT_JUMP_IN to expand_end_bindings.
2000-05-26 Mark Mitchell <>
* class.c (build_vtable_entry_ref): Correct usage of
* decl2.c (grokclassfn): Set DECL_LANGUAGE here.
* method.c (implicitly_declare_fn): Not here.
2000-05-26 Nathan Sidwell <>
* cp-tree.h (CPTI_PTMD_DESC_TYPE): Rename to ...
(CPTI_PTMD_DESC_TYPE): ... here.
(ptmd_desc_type_node): Rename to ...
(ptm_desc_type_node): ... here.
* decl.c: Likewise.
* rtti.c (ptmd_initializer): Rename to ...
(ptm_initializer): ... here.
(sythesize_tinfo_var): Adjust. Deal with pointer to member
(create_tinfo_types): Adjust.
2000-05-25 Mark Mitchell <>
Finish implementation of VTTs.
* cp-tree.h (cp_tree_index): Add CPTI_VTT_PARM_TYPE and
(vtt_parm_identifier): New macro.
(vtt_parm_type): Likewise.
(struct lang_decl): Add vtt_parm.
(DECL_VTT_PARM): New macro.
(DECL_USE_VTT_PARM): Likewise.
(get_vtt_name): Declare.
(build_artificial_parm): Likewise.
(fixup_all_virtual_upcast_offsets): Likewise.
(expand_indirect_vtbls_init): Remove.
* call.c (build_new_method_call): Pass the vtt to subobject
constructors and destructors.
* class.c (get_vtt_name): Give it external linkage.
(build_clone): Handle the magic VTT parameters for clones.
(clone_function_decl): Fix typo in comment.
(build_vtt): Keep track of the indices in the VTTs where various
entities are stored.
(build_vtt_inits): Likewise.
(dfs_build_vtt_inits): Likewise.
(build_ctor_vtbl_group): Tweak type of construction vtables.
(dfs_accumulate_vtbl_inits): Build vtables for all bases, even
primary bases, when building construction vtables.
* decl.c (duplicate_decls): Handle DECL_VTT_PARM.
(initialize_predefined_identifiers): Add vtt_parm_identifier.
(init_decl_processing): Initialize vtt_parm_type.
(lang_mark_tree): Make vtt_parm.
* decl2.c (build_artificial_parm): New function.
(maybe_retrofit_in_chrg): Use it. Add VTT parameters.
(grokclassfn): Use build_artificial_parm.
* init.c (initialize_vtbl_ptrs): Call
fixup_all_virtual_upcast_offsets directly.
(perform_member_init): Use the complete subobject destructor for
member cleanups.
(build_vtbl_address): New function.
(expand_virtual_init): Handle VTTs.
* optimize (maybe_clone_body): Likewise.
* search.c (fixup_all_virtual_upcast_offsets): Give it external
(expand_indirect_vtbls_init): Remove.
* semantics.c (setup_vtbl_ptr): Fix typos in comment.
* tree.c (make_binfo): Make them bigger.
2000-05-25 Nathan Sidwell <>
* inc/cxxabi.h (__pbase_type_info): Define, based on
(__pointer_type_info): Derive from __pbase_type_info. Adjust.
(__pointer_to_member_type_info): Likewise.
* (__pbase_type_info::~__pbase_type_info): Implement.
(__pointer_to_member_type_info::__is_pointer_p): Remove.
(__pointer_type_info::__do_catch): Rename to ...
(__pbase_type_info::__do_catch): ... here. Adjust.
(__pbase_type_info::__pointer_catch): Implement.
(__pointer_type_info::__pointer_catch): Adjust.
(__pointer_to_member_type_info::__pointer_catch): Adjust.
2000-05-25 Nathan Sidwell <>
* tinfo.h (__user_type_info::contained_virtual_p): New
* (__user_type_info::do_upcast): Fix bug with diamond
shaped hierarchy.
(__vmi_class_type_info::__do_upcast): Fix bug with NULL pointer to
diamond shaped hierarchy. Add early out for mixed diamond and
duplicate shaped hierarchy.
2000-05-24 Mark Mitchell <>
* cp-tree.h (build_delete): Change prototype.
(build_vec_delete): Likewise.
* call.c (build_scoped_method_call): Use special_function_kind
values to indicate the kind of destruction to be done.
(build_method_call): Likewise.
* decl.c (finish_destructor_body): Likewise.
(maybe_build_cleanup_1): Likewise. Rename to ...
(maybe_build_cleanup): ... this.
* decl2.c (delete_sanity): Use special_function_kind
values to indicate the kind of destruction to be done.
(build_cleanup): Likewise.
* init.c (perform_member_init): Likewise.
(build_vec_delete_1): Likewise.
(build_dtor_call): Simplify.
(build_delete): Use special_function_kind
values to indicate the kind of destruction to be done.
(build_vbase_delete): Likewise.
(build_vec_delete): Likewise.
* init.c (sort_member_init): Fix typo in error message generation
2000-05-15 Donald Lindsay <>
* semantics.c (begin_class_definition): make the packed
attribute be sensitive to the "-fpack-struct" command line flag
2000-05-24 Nathan Sidwell <>
Update new-abi upcast algorithm.
* inc/cxxabi.h (__class_type_info::__do_upcast): Change