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LIB1ASMSRC = ia64/lib1funcs.S
# We use different names for the DImode div/mod files so that they won't
# conflict with libgcc2.c files. We used to use __ia64 as a prefix, now
# we use __ as the prefix. Note that L_divdi3 in libgcc2.c actually defines
# a TImode divide function, so there is no actual overlap here between
# libgcc2.c and lib1funcs.S.
LIB1ASMFUNCS = __divxf3 __divdf3 __divsf3 \
__divdi3 __moddi3 __udivdi3 __umoddi3 \
__divsi3 __modsi3 __udivsi3 __umodsi3 __save_stack_nonlocal \
__nonlocal_goto __restore_stack_nonlocal __trampoline
# ??? Hack to get -P option used when compiling lib1funcs.S, because Intel
# assembler does not accept # line number as a comment.
# ??? This breaks C++ pragma interface/implementation, which is used in the
# C++ part of libgcc2, hence it had to be disabled. Must find some other way
# to support the Intel assembler.