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2017-11-17 Igor Tsimbalist <>
* aclocal.m4: Regenerate.
* Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2017-10-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* ztest.c (test_large): Pass unsigned long *, not size_t *, to
zlib uncompress function.
2017-10-05 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* elf.c (elf_zlib_fetch): Change pval argument to uint64_t *.
Read a four byte integer.
(elf_zlib_inflate): Change val to uint64_t. Align pin to a 32-bit
boundary before ever calling elf_zlib_fetch.
* ztest.c (test_large): Simplify print statements a bit.
2017-10-02 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* ztest.c: #include <errno.h>.
(TEST_TIMING): Don't define, don't test.
(xclock_gettime, xclockid_t): Define if !HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME.
(clockid_t, clock_gettime, CLOCK_REALTIME): Likewise.
* Change clock_gettime_link to CLOCK_GETTIME_LINK.
* Likewise.
* configure, Rebuild.
2017-10-02 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR other/67165
* Append the content of clock_gettime_link to
* Test for the case that clock_gettime is in librt.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Likewise.
PR other/67165
* Check for clock_gettime.
* Regenerate.
* configure: Likewise.
* ztest.c (average_time, test_large): Conditionalize test timing
on clock_gettime availability.
2017-09-29 Tony Reix <>
* xcoff.c: Initial support for DWARF debug sections in XCOFF.
(enum dwarf_section): Define.
(struct dwsect_info): Define.
(xcoff_add): Look for DWARF sections, pass them to
2017-09-28 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR other/67165
* elf.c (__builtin_prefetch): Define if not __GNUC__.
(unlikely): Define.
(b_elf_chdr): Define type.
(enum debug_section): Add ZDEBUG_xxx values.
(debug_section_names): Add names for new sections.
(struct debug_section_info): Add compressed field.
(elf_zlib_failed, elf_zlib_fetch): New static functions.
(final_next_secondary): New static variable if
(elf_zlib_inflate_table): New static function.
function to produce fixed Huffman table.
(elf_zlib_default_table): New static variable.
(elf_zlib_inflate): New static function.
(elf_zlib_verify_checksum): Likewise.
(elf_zlib_inflate_and_verify): Likewise.
(elf_uncompress_zdebug): Likewise.
(elf_uncompress_chdr): Likewise.
(backtrace_uncompress_zdebug): New extern function.
(elf_add): Look for .zdebug sections and SHF_COMPRESSED debug
sections, and uncompress them.
* internal.h (backtrace_compress_zdebug): Declare.
* ztest.c: New file.
* Check for -lz and check whether the linker
supports --compress-debug-sections.
* (ztest_SOURCES): New variable.
(ztest_CFLAGS, ztest_LDADD): New variables.
(check_PROGRAMS): Add ztest.
(ctestg_SOURCES): New variable.
(ctestg_CFLAGS, ctestg_LDFLAGS, ctestg_LDADD): New variables.
(ctesta_SOURCES): New variable.
(ctesta_CFLAGS, ctesta_LDFLAGS, ctesta_LDADD): New variables.
(check_PROGRAMS): Add ctestg and ctesta.
* configure,, Rebuild.
2017-09-22 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR sanitizer/77631
* Check for lstat and readlink.
* elf.c (lstat, readlink): Provide dummy versions if real versions
are not available.
* configure, Rebuild.
2017-09-21 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR go/82284
* elf.c (backtrace_initialize): Set pd.exe_filename.
2017-09-20 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Denis Khalikov <>
PR sanitizer/77631
Support for external debug info.
* elf.c: Include <errno.h>, <sys/stat.h>, <unistd.h>.
(S_ISLNK): Define if not defined.
(xstrnlen): Define if strnlen is not available.
(b_elf_note): Define type.
(NT_GNU_BUILD_ID): Define macro.
(elf_crc32, elf_crc32_file): New static functions.
(elf_is_symlink, elf_readlink): New static functions.
(elf_open_debugfile_by_buildid): New static function.
(elf_try_debugfile): New static function.
(elf_find_debugfile_by_debuglink): New static function.
(elf_open_debugfile_by_debuglink): New static function.
(elf_add): Add filename and debuginfo parameters. Adjust all
callers. Look for external debug info notes, and try to fetch
debug info from external file.
(struct phdr_data): Add exe_filename field.
(phdr_callback): Pass filename to elf_add.
(backtrace_initialize): Add filename parameter.
* internal.h (backtrace_initialize): Add filename parameter.
* fileline.c (fileline_initialize): Pass filename to
* pecoff.c (fileline_initialize): Add unused filename parameter.
* unknown.c (fileline_initialize): Likewise.
* xcoff.c (fileline_initialize): Likewise.
* Check for objcopy --add-gnu-debuglink.
* (dtest): New test target.
* configure, Rebuild.
2017-09-12 Steve Ellcey <>
PR other/81096
* (ttest_CFLAGS): Add $(AM_CFLAGS)
* Regenerate.
2017-09-12 Steve Ellcey <>
PR other/81096
* libbacktrace/
2017-08-02 David Edelsohn <>
PR bootstrap/81638
* xcoff.c (xcoff_process_linenos): Initialize incl to NULL.
2017-07-28 Tony Reix <>
* xcoff.c: Don't leak a file descriptor if an archive is malformed.
2017-07-28 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* fileline.c (fileline_initialize): Print pid_t as long.
2017-07-26 Tony Reix <>
* Check for XCOFF32/XCOFF64. Check for loadquery.
* filetype.awk: Separate AIX XCOFF32 and XCOFF64.
* xcoff.c: Add support for AIX XCOFF32 and XCOFF64 formats.
* configure, Regenerate.
2017-07-21 Tony Reix <>
* filetype.awk: Add AIX XCOFF type detection.
* Recognize xcoff format.
* (FORMAT_FILES): Add xcoff.c.
* fileline.c: Include <unistd.h>.
(fileline_initialize): Add case for AIX procfs.
* xcoff.c: New file.
* configure, Rebuild.
2017-06-21 Richard Biener <>
* Regenerate.
* configure: Likewise.
2017-06-11 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* elf.c (backtrace_initialize): Always set *fileline_fn.
* ttest.c: New file.
* btest.c: Move support functions into testlib.c. Change calls to
check to pass file name.
* testlib.c: New file, copied from (part of) btest.c.
* testlib.h: New file, declarations for testlib.c.
* edtest.c: Use testlib.h and testlib.c.
* Test for -pthread, set HAVE_PTHREAD conditional.
* (btest_SOURCES): Add testlib.c.
(edtest_SOURCES): Likewise.
(ttest_SOURCES, ttest_CFLAGS, ttest_LDADD): Define.
* configure, Rebuild.
2017-05-19 Than McIntosh <>
* dwarf.c (free_line_header): Don't free dirs if dirs_count == 0.
(read_line_header): Don't allocate dirs if dirs_count == 0.
* edtest.c: New file.
* edtest2.c: New file.
* (edtest_SOURCES, edtest_LDADD): Define.
(check_PROGRAMS): Add edtest.
(edtest2_build.c, gen_edtest2_build): New targets.
* Rebuild.
2017-03-08 Sam Thursfield <>
* btest.c (test5): Replace #ifdef guard with 'unused' attribute
to fix compile warning when BACKTRACE_SUPPORTED isn't defined.
2017-01-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
2016-11-15 Matthias Klose <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2016-09-11 Carlos Liam <>
* all: Remove meaningless trailing whitespace.
2016-05-18 Uros Bizjak <>
PR target/71161
* elf.c (phdr_callback) [__i386__]: Add
2016-03-02 Maxim Ostapenko <>
* elf.c (backtrace_initialize): Properly initialize elf_fileline_fn to
avoid possible crash.
(elf_add): Don't set *fileline_fn to elf_nodebug value in case of
missing debug info anymore.
2016-02-06 John David Anglin <>
* mmap.c (MAP_FAILED): Define if not defined.
2016-01-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
2015-12-18 Andris Pavenis <>
* Specify that DJGPP do not have mmap
even when sys/mman.h exists.
* configure: Regenerate
2015-12-09 John David Anglin <>
PR libgfortran/68115
* Set libbacktrace_cv_sys_sync to no on hppa*-*-hpux*.
* configure: Regenerate.
* elf.c (backtrace_initialize): Cast __sync_bool_compare_and_swap call
to void.
2015-09-17 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* posix.c (backtrace_open): Cast second argument of open() to int.
2015-09-11 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (backtrace.lo): Depend on internal.h.
(sort.lo, stest.lo): Add explicit dependencies.
* Rebuild.
2015-09-09 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* backtrace.c: #include <sys/types.h>.
2015-09-08 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR other/67457
* backtrace.c: #include "internal.h".
(struct backtrace_data): Add can_alloc field.
(unwind): If can_alloc is false, don't try to get file/line
(backtrace_full): Set can_alloc field in bdata.
* alloc.c (backtrace_alloc): Don't call error_callback if it is
* mmap.c (backtrace_alloc): Likewise.
* internal.h: Update comments for backtrace_alloc and
2015-09-08 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR other/67457
* mmap.c (backtrace_alloc): Correct test for mmap failure.
2015-08-31 Ulrich Weigand <>
* For spu-*-* targets, set have_fcntl to no.
* configure: Regenerate.
2015-08-27 Ulrich Weigand <>
* Remove [disable-shared] argument to LT_INIT.
Remove setting PIC_FLAG when building as target library.
* configure: Regenerate.
2015-08-26 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* Only compile with -fPIC if the target
supports it.
* configure: Regenerate.
2015-08-24 Ulrich Weigand <>
* Set have_mmap to no on spu-*-* targets.
* configure: Regenerate.
2015-08-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* dwarf.c (read_function_entry): Add vec_inlined parameter.
Change all callers.
2015-06-11 Martin Sebor <>
PR sanitizer/65479
* dwarf.c (struct line): Add new field idx.
(line_compare): Use it.
(add_line): Set it.
(read_line_info): Reset it.
2015-05-29 Tristan Gingold <>
* pecoff.c: New file.
* (FORMAT_FILES): Add pecoff.c and dependencies.
* Regenerate.
* filetype.awk: Detect pecoff.
* Define BACKTRACE_SUPPORTS_DATA on elf platforms.
Add pecoff.
* btest.c (test5): Test enabled only if BACKTRACE_SUPPORTS_DATA is
* configure: Regenerate.
* pecoff.c: New file.
2015-05-13 Michael Haubenwallner <>
* Regenerated with automake-1.11.6.
* aclocal.m4: Likewise.
* configure: Likewise.
2015-01-24 Matthias Klose <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2015-01-05 Jakub Jelinek <>
Update copyright years.
2014-11-21 H.J. Lu <>
PR bootstrap/63784
* configure: Regenerated.
2014-11-11 David Malcolm <>
* ChangeLog.jit: New.
2014-11-11 Francois-Xavier Coudert <>
PR target/63610
* configure: Regenerate.
2014-10-23 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* internal.h (backtrace_atomic_load_pointer) [no atomic or sync]:
Fix to return void *.
2014-05-08 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mmap.c (backtrace_free): If freeing a large aligned block of
memory, call munmap rather than holding onto it.
(backtrace_vector_grow): When growing a vector, double the number
of pages requested. When releasing the old version of a grown
vector, pass the correct size to backtrace_free.
2014-03-07 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* sort.c (backtrace_qsort): Use middle element as pivot.
2014-03-06 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* sort.c: New file.
* stest.c: New file.
* internal.h (backtrace_qsort): Declare.
* dwarf.c (read_abbrevs): Call backtrace_qsort instead of qsort.
(read_line_info, read_function_entry): Likewise.
(read_function_info, build_dwarf_data): Likewise.
* elf.c (elf_initialize_syminfo): Likewise.
* (libbacktrace_la_SOURCES): Add sort.c.
(stest_SOURCES, stest_LDADD): Define.
(check_PROGRAMS): Add stest.
2014-02-07 Misty De Meo <>
PR target/58710
* Use AC_LINK_IFELSE in check for
* configure: Regenerate.
2014-01-02 Richard Sandiford <>
Update copyright years
2013-12-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
* elf.c (ET_DYN): Undefine and define again.
(elf_add): Add exe argument, if true and ehdr.e_type is ET_DYN,
return early -1 without closing the descriptor.
(struct phdr_data): Add exe_descriptor.
(phdr_callback): If pd->exe_descriptor is not -1, for very first
call if dlpi_name is NULL just call elf_add with the exe_descriptor,
otherwise backtrace_close the exe_descriptor if not -1. Adjust
call to elf_add.
(backtrace_initialize): Adjust call to elf_add. If it returns
-1, set pd.exe_descriptor to descriptor, otherwise set it to -1.
2013-12-05 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* alloc.c (backtrace_vector_finish): Add error_callback and data
parameters. Call backtrace_vector_release. Return address base.
* mmap.c (backtrace_vector_finish): Add error_callback and data
parameters. Return address base.
* dwarf.c (read_function_info): Get new address base from
* internal.h (backtrace_vector_finish): Update declaration.
2013-11-27 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* dwarf.c (find_address_ranges): New static function, broken out
of build_address_map.
(build_address_map): Call it.
* btest.c (check): Check for missing filename or function, rather
than crashing.
(f3): Check that enough frames were returned.
2013-11-19 Jakub Jelinek <>
* backtrace.h (backtrace_syminfo_callback): Add symsize argument.
* elf.c (elf_syminfo): Pass 0 or sym->size to the callback as
last argument.
* btest.c (struct symdata): Add size field.
(callback_three): Add symsize argument. Copy it to the data->size
(f23): Set symdata.size to 0.
(test5): Likewise. If sizeof (int) > 1, lookup address of
((uintptr_t) &global) + 1. Verify symdata.val and symdata.size
* atomic.c: Include sys/types.h.
2013-11-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Check for support of __atomic extensions.
* internal.h: Declare or #define atomic functions for use in
backtrace code.
* atomic.c: New file.
* dwarf.c (dwarf_lookup_pc): Use atomic functions.
(dwarf_fileline, backtrace_dwarf_add): Likewise.
* elf.c (elf_add_syminfo_data, elf_syminfo): Likewise.
(backtrace_initialize): Likewise.
* fileline.c (fileline_initialize): Likewise.
* (libbacktrace_la_SOURCES): Add atomic.c.
* configure,, Rebuild.
2013-11-18 Jakub Jelinek <>
* elf.c (SHN_UNDEF): Define.
(elf_initialize_syminfo): Add base_address argument. Ignore symbols
with st_shndx == SHN_UNDEF. Add base_address to address fields.
(elf_add): Adjust caller.
* elf.c (phdr_callback): Process info->dlpi_addr == 0 normally.
2013-11-16 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* backtrace.h (backtrace_create_state): Correct comment about
2013-11-15 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* backtrace.h (backtrace_syminfo): Update comment and parameter
name to take any address, not just a PC value.
* elf.c (STT_OBJECT): Define.
(elf_nosyms): Rename parameter pc to addr.
(elf_symbol_search): Rename local variable pc to addr.
(elf_initialize_syminfo): Add STT_OBJECT symbols to elf_symbols.
(elf_syminfo): Rename parameter pc to addr.
* btest.c (global): New global variable.
(test5): New test.
(main): Call test5.
2013-10-17 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* elf.c (elf_add): Don't get the wrong offsets if a debug section
is missing.
2013-10-15 David Malcolm <>
* Add --enable-host-shared, setting up
pre-existing PIC_FLAG variable within et al.
* configure: Regenerate.
2013-09-20 Alan Modra <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2013-07-23 Alexander Monakov <>
* elf.c (elf_syminfo): Loop over the elf_syminfo_data chain.
2013-07-23 Alexander Monakov <>
* elf.c (backtrace_initialize): Pass elf_fileline_fn to
dl_iterate_phdr callbacks.
2013-03-25 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* alloc.c: #include <sys/types.h>.
* mmap.c: Likewise.
2013-01-31 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* dwarf.c (read_function_info): Permit fvec parameter to be NULL.
(dwarf_lookup_pc): Don't use ddata->fvec if threaded.
2013-01-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR other/56076
* dwarf.c (read_line_header): Don't crash if DW_AT_comp_dir
attribute was not seen.
2013-01-16 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* dwarf.c (struct unit): Add filename and abs_filename fields.
(build_address_map): Set new fields when reading unit.
(dwarf_lookup_pc): If we don't find an entry in the line table,
just return the main file name.
2013-01-14 Richard Sandiford <>
Update copyright years.
2013-01-01 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR bootstrap/54834
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Remove -I ../gcc/include and -I
* Rebuild.
2013-01-01 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR other/55536
* mmap.c (backtrace_alloc): Don't call sync functions if not
(backtrace_free): Likewise.
2012-12-12 John David Anglin <>
* mmapio.c: Define MAP_FAILED if not defined.
2012-12-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR bootstrap/54926
* (AM_CFLAGS): Remove -frandom-seed=$@.
* If --with-target-subdir, add -frandom-seed=$@
to EXTRA_FLAGS unconditionally, otherwise check whether the compiler
accepts it.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
2012-12-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR bootstrap/54926
* (AM_CFLAGS): Add -frandom-seed=$@.
* Regenerated.
2012-11-20 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* dwarf.c (read_attribute): Always clear val.
2012-11-13 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR other/55312
* Only add -Werror if building a target library.
* configure: Rebuild.
2012-11-12 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Gerald Pfeifer <>
* Check for getexecname.
* fileline.c: #include <errno.h>. Define getexecname if not
(fileline_initialize): Try to find the executable in a few
different ways.
* print.c (error_callback): Only print the filename if it came
from the backtrace state.
* configure, Rebuild.
2012-10-29 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mmap.c (backtrace_vector_release): Correct last patch: add
aligned, not size.
2012-10-29 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mmap.c (backtrace_vector_release): Make sure freed block is
aligned on 8-byte boundary.
2012-10-26 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR other/55087
* posix.c (backtrace_open): Add does_not_exist parameter.
* elf.c (phdr_callback): Do not warn if shared library could not
be opened.
* fileline.c (fileline_initialize): Update calls to
* internal.h (backtrace_open): Update declaration.
2012-10-26 Jack Howarth <>
PR target/55061
* Check for _Unwind_GetIPInfo function declaration.
* configure: Regenerate.
2012-10-24 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR target/55061
* Check whether -funwind-tables option works.
* configure: Rebuild.
2012-10-11 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Do not use dl_iterate_phdr on Solaris 10.
* configure: Rebuild.
2012-10-10 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* elf.c: Rename all Elf typedefs to start with b_elf, and be all
lower case.
2012-10-10 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* elf.c (elf_add_syminfo_data): Add casts to avoid warning.
2012-10-09 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* dwarf.c (dwarf_fileline): Add cast to avoid warning.
(backtrace_dwarf_add): Likewise.
2012-10-09 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Add support for tracing through shared libraries.
* Check for link.h and dl_iterate_phdr.
* elf.c: #include <link.h> if system has dl_iterate_phdr. #undef
ELF macros before #defining them.
(dl_phdr_info, dl_iterate_phdr): Define if system does not have
(struct elf_syminfo_data): Add next field.
(elf_initialize_syminfo): Initialize next field.
(elf_add_syminfo_data): New static function.
(elf_add): New static function, broken out of
backtrace_initialize. Call backtrace_dwarf_add instead of
(struct phdr_data): Define.
(phdr_callback): New static function.
(backtrace_initialize): Call elf_add.
* dwarf.c (struct dwarf_data): Add next and base_address fields.
(add_unit_addr): Add base_address parameter. Change all callers.
(add_unit_ranges, build_address_map): Likewise.
(add_line): Add ddata parameter. Change all callers.
(read_line_program, add_function_range): Likewise.
(dwarf_lookup_pc): New static function, broken out of
(dwarf_fileline): Call dwarf_lookup_pc.
(build_dwarf_data): New static function.
(backtrace_dwarf_add): New function.
(backtrace_dwarf_initialize): Remove.
* internal.h (backtrace_dwarf_initialize): Don't declare.
(backtrace_dwarf_add): Declare.
* configure, Rebuild.
2012-10-04 Gerald Pfeifer <>
* btest.c (f23): Avoid uninitialized variable warning.
2012-10-04 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* dwarf.c: If the system header files do not declare strnlen,
provide our own version.
2012-10-03 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* dwarf.c (read_uleb128): Fix overflow test.
(read_sleb128): Likewise.
(build_address_map): Don't change unit_buf.start.
2012-10-02 Uros Bizjak <>
PR other/54761
* configure, Regenerate.
2012-09-29 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR other/54749
* fileline.c (fileline_initialize): Pass errnum as -1 when
reporting that we could not read executable information after a
previous failure.
2012-09-27 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR bootstrap/54732
* Add no-dependencies to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.
* Add dependencies for all objects.
* configure, aclocal.m4, Rebuild.
2012-09-27 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR other/54726
* elf.c (backtrace_initialize): Set *fileln_fn, not
2012-09-19 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Only use GCC_CHECK_UNWIND_GETIPINFO when compiled
as a target library.
* configure: Rebuild.
2012-09-19 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
Ian Lance Taylor <>
* backtrace.h: If we can't find <stdint.h>, use "gstdint.h".
* btest.c: Don't include <stdint.h>.
* dwarf.c: Likewise.
* configure, aclocal.m4,, Rebuild.
2012-09-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR bootstrap/54623
* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Define.
(AM_CFLAGS): Remove -I options.
* Rebuild.
2012-09-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* posix.c (O_BINARY): Define if not defined.
(backtrace_open): Pass O_BINARY to open. Only call fcntl if
HAVE_FCNTL is defined.
* Test for the fcntl function.
* configure, Rebuild.
2012-09-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* btest.c (test1, test2, test3, test4): Add the unused attribute.
2012-09-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* dwarf.c: Correct test of HAVE_DECL_STRNLEN.
2012-09-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* mmapio.c: Don't define _GNU_SOURCE.
* configure, Rebuild.
2012-09-18 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Check whether strnlen is declared.
* dwarf.c: Declare strnlen if not declared.
* configure, Rebuild.
2012-09-18 Rainer Orth <ro@CeBiTec.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* fileline.c: Include <stdlib.h>.
* mmap.c: Likewise.
2012-09-17 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR bootstrap/54611
* nounwind.c (backtrace_full): Rename from backtrace. Add state
2012-09-17 Gerald Pfeifer <>
PR bootstrap/54611
* nounwind.c (backtrace_simple): Add state parameter.
2012-09-17 Ian Lance Taylor <>
PR bootstrap/54609
* unknown.c (unknown_fileline): Add state parameter, remove
fileline_data parameter, name error_callback parameter.
(backtrace_initialize): Add state parameter.
2012-09-17 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* Initial implementation.
Copyright (C) 2012-2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.