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2015-06-23 Release Manager
* GCC 4.8.5 released.
2015-03-30 Jerry DeLisle <>
PR libgfortran/59513
* io/transfer.c (data_transfer_init): Do not error for
2015-03-22 Jerry DeLisle <>
PR libgfortran/60956
Backport from mainline
* io/fbuf.c (fbuf_flush_list): New function that only flushes
if current fbuf position exceeds a limit.
* io/fbuf.h: Declare the new function.
* io/io.h (enum unit_mode): Add two new modes.
* io/list_read.c (list_formatted_read_scalar): Call new function.
* io/write.c: Include fbuf.h. (list_formatted_write_scalar):
Call new function.
2014-12-19 Release Manager
* GCC 4.8.4 released.
2014-10-20 Janne Blomqvist <>
PR libfortran/63589
* Check for strtok_r.
* runtime/main.c (gfstrtok_r): Fallback implementation of
(find_addr2line): Use strtok_r to split PATH.
* Regenerated.
* configure: Regenerated.
2014-08-20 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR libgfortran/62188
* m4/bessel.m4: Avoid indexing off the end of an array.
* generated/bessel_r10.c: Regenerated.
* generated/bessel_r16.c: Ditto.
* generated/bessel_r4.c: Ditto.
* generated/bessel_r8.c: Ditto.
2014-07-31 Janne Blomqvist <>
Backport from mainline
* libgfortran.h (xmallocarray): New prototype.
* runtime/memory.c (xmallocarray): New function.
(xcalloc): Check for nonzero separately instead of multiplying.
* generated/*.c: Regenerated.
* intrinsics/cshift0.c (cshift0): Call xmallocarray instead of
* intrinsics/eoshift0.c (eoshift0): Likewise.
* intrinsics/eoshift2.c (eoshift2): Likewise.
* intrinsics/pack_generic.c (pack_internal): Likewise.
(pack_s_internal): Likewise.
* intrinsics/reshape_generic.c (reshape_internal): Likewise.
* intrinsics/spread_generic.c (spread_internal): Likewise.
(spread_internal_scalar): Likewise.
* intrinsics/string_intrinsics_inc.c (string_trim): Likewise.
(string_minmax): Likewise.
* intrinsics/transpose_generic.c (transpose_internal): Likewise.
* intrinsics/unpack_generic.c (unpack_internal): Likewise.
* io/list_read.c (nml_touch_nodes): Don't cast xmalloc return value.
* io/transfer.c (st_set_nml_var): Call xmallocarray instead of
* io/unit.c (get_internal_unit): Likewise.
(filename_from_unit): Don't cast xmalloc return value.
* io/write.c (nml_write_obj): Likewise, formatting.
* m4/bessel.m4 (bessel_jn_r'rtype_kind`): Call xmallocarray
instead of xmalloc.
(besse_yn_r'rtype_kind`): Likewise.
* m4/cshift1.m4 (cshift1): Likewise.
* m4/eoshift1.m4 (eoshift1): Likewise.
* m4/eoshift3.m4 (eoshift3): Likewise.
* m4/iforeach.m4: Likewise.
* m4/ifunction.m4: Likewise.
* m4/ifunction_logical.m4 (name`'rtype_qual`_'atype_code):
* m4/in_pack.m4 (internal_pack_'rtype_ccode`): Likewise.
* m4/matmul.m4 (matmul_'rtype_code`): Likewise.
* m4/matmull.m4 (matmul_'rtype_code`): Likewise.
* m4/pack.m4 (pack_'rtype_code`): Likewise.
* m4/reshape.m4 (reshape_'rtype_ccode`): Likewise.
* m4/shape.m4 (shape_'rtype_kind`): Likewise.
* m4/spread.m4 (spread_'rtype_code`): Likewise.
(spread_scalar_'rtype_code`): Likewise.
* m4/transpose.m4 (transpose_'rtype_code`): Likewise.
* m4/unpack.m4 (unpack0_'rtype_code`): Likewise.
(unpack1_'rtype_code`): Likewise.
* runtime/convert_char.c (convert_char1_to_char4): Likewise.
(convert_char4_to_char1): Simplify.
* runtime/environ.c (init_unformatted): Call xmallocarray instead
of xmalloc.
* runtime/in_pack_generic.c (internal_pack): Likewise.
2014-05-26 Janne Blomqvist <>
Backport from mainline
PR libfortran/61310
* intrinsics/ctime.c (strctime): Rename to gf_ctime, use snprintf
instead of strftime.
(fdate): Use gf_ctime.
(fdate_sub): Likewise.
(ctime): Likewise.
(ctime_sub): Likewise.
2014-05-25 Janne Blomqvist <>
Backport from trunk.
PR libfortran/61187
* io/unix.c (raw_close): Check if s->fd is -1.
(fd_to_stream): Check return value of fstat(), handle error.
2014-05-22 Release Manager
* GCC 4.8.3 released.
2014-05-03 Janne Blomqvist <>
Backport from 4.9
PR libfortran/56919
* intrinsics/system_clock.c (GF_CLOCK_MONOTONIC): Check
2014-04-12 Jerry DeLisle <jvdelisle@gcc.gnu>
Backport from mainline
PR libfortran/60810
* io/unit.c (is_trim_ok): If internal unit is array, do not trim.
2014-04-04 Bill Schmidt <>
Backport from mainline
2013-11-15 Ulrich Weigand <>
* configure: Regenerate.
2014-03-15 Dominique d'Humieres <>
Backport from mainline
PR libgfortran/60128
* io/write_float.def (output_float): Remove unused variable
nzero_real. Replace a double space with a single one.
(determine_en_precision): Fix wrong handling of the EN format.
2014-03-15 Jerry DeLisle <jvdelisle@gcc.gnu>
Backport from mainline
PR libfortran/58324
PR libfortran/38199
* io/list_read.c (finish_list_read): Read one character to check
for the end of the file. If it is the end, then issue the file
end error message. If not, use eat_line to reach the end
without giving error. The next attempt to read will then
issue the error as described above.
* io/read.c (read_decimal): Quickly skip spaces to avoid calls
to next_char.
* io/unit.c (is_trim_ok): New helper function to check various
conditions to see if its OK to trim the internal unit string.
(get_internal_unit): Use LEN_TRIM to shorten selected internal
unit strings for optimizing READ. Enable this optimization for
formatted READ.
2014-02-21 Jerry DeLisle <jvdelisle@gcc.gnu>
Dominique d'Humieres <>
Steven G. Kargl <>
Backport from mainline
PR libfortran/59700
PR libfortran/59764
* io/io.h (struct st_parameter_dt): Assign expanded_read flag to
unused bit. Define new variable line_buffer_pos.
* io/list_read.c (free_saved, next_char, l_push_char,
read_logical, read_real): Replace use of item_count with
line_buffer_pos for line_buffer look ahead.
(read_logical, read_integer, parse_real, read_real, check_type):
Adjust location of free_line to after generating error messages
to retain the correct item count for the message.
2014-02-15 Jerry DeLisle <jvdelisle@gcc.gnu>
Dominique d'Humieres <>
Backport from mainline
PR libfortran/59771
PR libfortran/59774
PR libfortran/59836
* io/write_float.def (output_float): Fix wrong handling of the
Fw.0 format.
(output_float_FMT_G_): Fixes rounding issues with -m32.
2013-10-16 Release Manager
* GCC 4.8.2 released.
2013-10-04 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/55469
* io/list_read (parse_repeat, read_integer, read_character,
parse_real, read_real, check_type, list_formatted_read_scalar,
finish_list_read): Call list_free.
2013-06-21 Uros Bizjak <>
Backport from mainline
2013-06-20 Uros Bizjak <>
* config/fpu-387.h (_FPU_MASK_ALL): New.
(_FPU_EX_ALL): Ditto.
(set_fpu): Use fstcw to store x87 FPU control word. Use fnclex to
clear stalled exception flags. Correctly clear stalled SSE
exception flags. Simplify code.
Backport from mainline
2013-06-19 Uros Bizjak <>
* config/fpu-387.h: Use __asm__ and __volatile__ consistently.
2013-05-31 Release Manager
* GCC 4.8.1 released.
2013-04-28 Jerry DeLisle <>
Backport from mainline:
2013-03-20 Tilo Schwarz <>
PR libfortran/51825
* io/list_read.c (nml_read_obj): Don't end the component loop on a
nested derived type, but continue with the next loop iteration.
(nml_get_obj_data): Don't move the first_nl pointer further in the
list if a qualifier was found.
2013-04-28 Jerry DeLisle <>
Backport from mainline:
PR libfortran/56786
* io/list_read.c (nml_parse_qualifier): Remove spurious next_char call
when checking for EOF. Use error return mechanism when EOF detected.
Do not return FAILURE unless parse_err_msg and parse_err_msg_size have
been set. Use hit_eof.
(nml_get_obj_data): Likewise use the correct error mechanism.
* io/transfer.c (hit_eof): Do not set AFTER_ENDFILE if in namelist
2013-04-27 Jerry DeLisle <>
Backport from mainline:
2013-03-25 Tilo Schwarz <>
PR libfortran/52512
* io/list_read.c (nml_parse_qualifier): To check for a derived type
don't use the namelist head element type but the current element type.
(nml_get_obj_data): Add current namelist element type to
nml_parse_qualifier call.
2013-04-02 Tobias Burnus <>
Backport from mainline:
2013-03-28 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56735
* io/list_read.c (nml_query): Only abort when
an error occured.
(namelist_read): Add goto instead of falling through.
2013-04-02 Tobias Burnus <>
Backport from mainline:
2013-03-29 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56737
* io/format.c (parse_format): With caching, copy
dtp->format string.
(save_parsed_format): Use dtp->format directly without
2012-03-29 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56737
* io/format.c (parse_format_list): Also cache FMT_STRING.
(parse_format): Update call.
2013-03-24 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/56696
* io/list_read.c (read_real): Fix EOF diagnostic.
2013-03-22 Release Manager
* GCC 4.8.0 released.
2013-03-11 Tobias Burnus <>
* io/transfer.c (read_block_direct): Correct condition.
* intrinsics/execute_command_line.c (execute_command_line):
Remove dead code for the HAVE_FORK case.
2013-02-21 Janne Blomqvist <>
PR libfortran/30162
* io/open.c (test_endfile): Call stell only if size != 0.
* io/unix.c (raw_tell): Revert r194679.
(raw_size): Return size field only for regular files, otherwise 0.
2013-02-19 John David Anglin <>
PR target/56347
* acinclude.m4 (LIBGFOR_CHECK_FOR_BROKEN_POWF): Remove check for
broken powf.
* intrinsics/c99_functions.c: Likewise.
* configure: Rebuilt.
* Rebuilt.
2013-02-06 Janus Weil <>
PR fortran/55978
* runtime/in_pack_generic.c (internal_pack): Return if base_addr is
2013-01-23 Janne Blomqvist <>
* io/file_pos.c (unformatted_backspace): Use __builtin_bswapXX
instead of reverse_memcpy.
* io/io.h (reverse_memcpy): Remove prototype.
* io/transfer.c (reverse_memcpy): Make static, move towards
beginning of file.
(bswap_array): New function.
(unformatted_read): Use bswap_array to byte swap the data
(unformatted_write): Use a larger temp buffer and bswap_array.
(us_read): Use __builtin_bswapXX instead of reverse_memcpy.
(write_us_marker): Likewise.
2013-01-14 Richard Sandiford <>
Update copyright years.
2013-01-06 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/54678
* intrinsics/env.c (get_environment_variable_i8): Don't use
uninitialized variable.
2013-01-02 Jerry DeLisle <>
PR libfortran/55818
* io/list_read.c (read_real): Do not call hit_eof when EOF can be
treated as a value separator.
(parse_real): Likewise.
(read_logical): Likewise.
(read_character): Likewise.
(read_complex): Likewise.
Copyright (C) 2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.