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2022-04-27 Lulu Cheng <>
* config/loongarch/ Add fdiv define_expand template,
then generate floating-point division and floating-point reciprocal
2022-04-27 Lulu Cheng <>
* config/loongarch/ Add '(clobber (mem:BLK (scratch)))'
to PLV instruction templates.
2022-04-27 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/104492
(pass_waccess::warn_invalid_pointer): Exclude equality compare
diagnostics for all kind of invalidations.
(pass_waccess::check_dangling_uses): Fix post-dominator query.
(pass_waccess::check_pointer_uses): Likewise.
2022-04-27 Andreas Krebbel <>
PR target/102024
* config/s390/s390-protos.h (s390_function_arg_vector): Remove
* config/s390/ (s390_single_field_struct_p): New function.
(s390_function_arg_vector): Invoke s390_single_field_struct_p.
(s390_function_arg_float): Likewise.
2022-04-27 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR sanitizer/105396
* (asan_redzone_buffer::emit_redzone_byte): Handle the case
where offset is bigger than off but smaller than m_prev_offset + 32
bits by pushing one or more 0 bytes. Sink the
m_shadow_bytes.safe_push (value); flush_if_full (); statements from
all cases to the end of the function.
2022-04-27 Kewen Lin <>
PR target/105271
* config/rs6000/rs6000-builtins.def (NEG_V2DI): Move to [power8-vector]
2022-04-26 Thomas Schwinge <>
* config/gcn/ (gcn_print_lds_decl): Make "gang-private
data-share memory exhausted" error more verbose.
2022-04-26 Martin Liska <>
PR lto/105364
* (print_lto_docs_link): Use global_dc.
(run_gcc): Parse OPT_fdiagnostics_urls_.
(main): Initialize global_dc.
2022-04-26 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/105314
* (noce_try_store_flag_mask): Don't require that the non-zero
operand is equal to if_info->x, instead use the non-zero operand
as one of the operands of AND with if_info->x as target.
2022-04-26 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/105374
* (eliminate_redundant_comparison): Punt if
!fold_convertible_p rather than assuming fold_convert must succeed.
2022-04-26 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105367
* config/i386/ (ix86_veclibabi_svml, ix86_veclibabi_acml): Pass
el_mode == DFmode ? double_type_node : float_type_node instead of
TREE_TYPE (type_in) as first arguments to mathfn_built_in.
2022-04-25 David Malcolm <>
PR analyzer/104308
* (gimple_fold_builtin_memory_op): Explicitly set
the location of new_stmt in all places that don't already set it,
whether explicitly, or via a call to gsi_replace.
2022-04-25 Paul A. Clarke <>
* doc/extend.texi (Other Builtins): Correct reference to 'modff'.
2022-04-25 Andrew MacLeod <>
PR tree-optimization/105276
* (gimple_ranger::prefill_stmt_dependencies): Include
existing global range with calculated value.
2022-04-25 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105368
* (powi_cost): Use absu_hwi.
2022-04-25 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/100810
* (struct iv_cand): Add involves_undefs flag.
(find_ssa_undef): New function.
(add_candidate_1): Avoid adding derived candidates with
undefined SSA names and mark the original ones.
(determine_group_iv_cost_generic): Reject rewriting
uses with a different IV when that involves undefined SSA names.
2022-04-25 Steven G. Kargl <>
PR target/89125
* config/freebsd.h: Define TARGET_LIBC_HAS_FUNCTION to be
* (bsd_libc_has_function): New function.
Expand the supported math functions to inclue C99 libm.
* targhooks.h (bsd_libc_has_function): New Prototype.
2022-04-25 Richard Biener <>
PR rtl-optimization/105231
* (distribute_notes): Assert that a REG_EH_REGION
with landing pad > 0 is from i3. Put any REG_EH_REGION note
on i3 or drop it if the insn can not trap.
(try_combine): Ensure that we can merge REG_EH_REGION notes
with non-call exceptions. Ensure we are not splitting a
trapping part of an insn with non-call exceptions when there
is any REG_EH_REGION note to preserve.
2022-04-25 Hongyu Wang <>
PR target/105339
* config/i386/avx512fintrin.h (_mm512_scalef_round_pd):
Add parentheses for parameters and djust format.
(_mm512_mask_scalef_round_pd): Ditto.
(_mm512_maskz_scalef_round_pd): Ditto.
(_mm512_scalef_round_ps): Ditto.
(_mm512_mask_scalef_round_ps): Ditto.
(_mm512_maskz_scalef_round_ps): Ditto.
(_mm_scalef_round_sd): Use _mm_undefined_pd.
(_mm_scalef_round_ss): Use _mm_undefined_ps.
(_mm_mask_scalef_round_sd): New macro.
(_mm_mask_scalef_round_ss): Ditto.
(_mm_maskz_scalef_round_sd): Ditto.
(_mm_maskz_scalef_round_ss): Ditto.
2022-04-23 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105338
* config/i386/ (ix86_expand_int_movcc): Handle
op0 == cst1 ? op0 : op3 like op0 == cst1 ? cst1 : op3 for the non-cmov
2022-04-22 Segher Boessenkool <>
PR target/105334
* config/rs6000/ (pack<mode> for FMOVE128): New expander.
(pack<mode> for FMOVE128): Rename and split the insn_and_split to...
(pack<mode>_hard for FMOVE128): ... this...
(pack<mode>_soft for FMOVE128): ... and this.
2022-04-22 Paul A. Clarke <>
* doc/extend.texi: Correct "This" to "These".
2022-04-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/105333
* (replace_rtx): Use simplify_subreg or
simplify_unary_operation if CONST_SCALAR_INT_P rather than just
2022-04-21 Segher Boessenkool <>
PR target/103197
PR target/102146
* config/rs6000/ (zero_extendqi<mode>2 for EXTQI): Disparage
the "Z" alternatives in {l,st}{f,xs}iwzx.
(zero_extendhi<mode>2 for EXTHI): Ditto.
(zero_extendsi<mode>2 for EXTSI): Ditto.
(*movsi_internal1): Ditto.
(*mov<mode>_internal1 for QHI): Ditto.
(movsd_hardfloat): Ditto.
2022-04-21 Martin Liska <>
* Enable compressed debug sections for mold
* configure: Regenerate.
2022-04-21 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR debug/105203
* (emit_copy_of_insn_after): Don't call mark_jump_label
2022-04-20 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104912
* (vect_loop_versioning): Split
the cost model check to a separate BB to make sure it is
checked first and not combined with other version checks.
2022-04-20 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105312
* (gimple_expand_vec_cond_expr): Query both
VCOND and VCONDU for EQ and NE.
2022-04-20 Jan Hubicka <>
PR ipa/103818
* (modref_access_node::closer_pair_p): Use
poly_offset_int to avoid overflow.
(modref_access_node::update2): likewise.
2022-04-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR ipa/105306
* (cgraph_node::create): Set node->semantic_interposition
to opt_for_fn (decl, flag_semantic_interposition).
* (cgraph_node::create_clone): Copy over
semantic_interposition flag.
2022-04-19 Sergei Trofimovich <>
PR gcov-profile/105282
* (stream_out_histogram_value): Allow negative counts
2022-04-19 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105257
* config/sparc/ (epilogue_renumber): If ORIGINAL_REGNO,
use gen_raw_REG instead of gen_rtx_REG and copy over also
ORIGINAL_REGNO. Use return 0; instead of /* fallthrough */.
2022-04-19 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104010
PR tree-optimization/103941
* (vect_bb_slp_scalar_cost): When
we run into stmts in patterns continue walking those
for uses outside of the vectorized region instead of
marking the lane live.
2022-04-18 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* doc/install.texi <CRIS>: Remove references to removed websites and
adjust for cris-*-elf being the only remaining toolchain.
2022-04-18 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* doc/invoke.texi <CRIS>: Remove references to options for removed
subtarget cris-axis-linux-gnu and tweak wording accordingly.
2022-04-16 Gerald Pfeifer <>
* doc/install.texi (Specific): Adjust mingw-w64 download link.
2022-04-15 Hongyu Wang <>
* config/i386/smmintrin.h: Correct target pragma from sse4.1
and sse4.2 to crc32 for crc32 intrinsics.
2022-04-14 Indu Bhagat <>
PR debug/105089
* (ctf_dvd_ignore_insert): New function.
(ctf_dvd_ignore_lookup): Likewise.
(ctf_add_variable): Keep track of non-defining decl DIEs.
(new_ctf_container): Initialize the new hash-table.
(ctfc_delete_container): Empty hash-table.
* ctfc.h (struct ctf_container): Add new hash-table.
(ctf_dvd_ignore_lookup): New declaration.
(ctf_add_variable): Add additional argument.
* (ctf_dvd_preprocess_cb): Skip adding CTF variable
record for non-defining decl for which a defining decl exists
in the same TU.
(ctf_preprocess): Defer updating the number of global objts
until here.
(output_ctf_header): Use ctfc_vars_list_count as some CTF
variables may not make it to the final output.
(output_ctf_vars): Likewise.
* (gen_ctf_variable): Skip generating CTF variable
if this is known to be a non-defining decl DIE.
2022-04-14 Indu Bhagat <>
* ctfc.h (struct ctf_container): Introduce a new member.
* (ctf_list_add_ctf_vars): Use it instead of static
2022-04-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105247
* (simplify_const_binary_operation): For shifts
or rotates by VOIDmode constant integer shift count use word_mode
for the operand if int_mode is narrower than word.
2022-04-14 Robin Dapp <>
* config/s390/ (s390_get_sched_attrmask): Add z16.
(s390_get_unit_mask): Likewise.
(s390_is_fpd): Likewise.
(s390_is_fxd): Likewise.
* config/s390/s390.h (s390_tune_attr): Set max tune level to z16.
* config/s390/ (z900,z990,z9_109,z9_ec,z10,z196,zEC12,z13,z14,z15):
Add z16.
* config/s390/ New file.
2022-04-13 Richard Sandiford <>
PR tree-optimization/105254
* config/aarch64/
(aarch64_vector_costs::determine_suggested_unroll_factor): Take a
loop_vec_info as argument. Restrict the unroll factor to values
that divide the VF.
(aarch64_vector_costs::finish_cost): Update call accordingly.
2022-04-13 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105263
* (try_special_add_to_ops): Do not consume
negates in multiplication chains with DFP.
2022-04-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/105253
* (tree_builtin_call_types_compatible_p): If PROP_gimple,
use useless_type_conversion_p checks instead of TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT
comparisons or tree_nop_conversion_p checks.
2022-04-13 Hongyu Wang <>
PR target/103069
* config/i386/ (ix86_expand_cmpxchg_loop):
Add missing set to target_val at pause label.
2022-04-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105234
* (decl_attributes): Don't set
DECL_FUNCTION_SPECIFIC_TARGET if target_option_default_node is
2022-04-13 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105250
* (fold_convertible_p): Revert
r12-7979-geaaf77dd85c333, instead check for size equality
of the vector types involved.
2022-04-13 Richard Biener <>
2022-04-13 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104912
* (vect_loop_versioning): Split
the cost model check to a separate BB to make sure it is
checked first and not combined with other version checks.
2022-04-13 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104912
* (vect_loop_versioning): Split
the cost model check to a separate BB to make sure it is
checked first and not combined with other version checks.
2022-04-13 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (expression_expensive_p): Fix a comment typo.
2022-04-12 Antoni Boucher <>
PR jit/104072
* New functions (clear_global_regs_cache,
reginfo_cc_finalize) to avoid an issue where compiling the same
code multiple times gives an error about assigning the same
register to 2 global variables.
* rtl.h: New function (reginfo_cc_finalize).
* Call it.
2022-04-12 Antoni Boucher <>
PR jit/104071
* Call the new function tree_cc_finalize in
* New functions (clear_nonstandard_integer_type_cache
and tree_cc_finalize) to clear the cache of non-standard integer
types to avoid having issues with some optimizations of
bitcast where the SSA_NAME will have a size of a cached
integer type that should have been invalidated, causing a
comparison of integer constant to fail.
* tree.h: New function (tree_cc_finalize).
2022-04-12 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR target/97348
* config/nvptx/nvptx.h (ASM_SPEC): Don't set.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (misa): Adjust comment.
2022-04-12 Thomas Schwinge <>
2022-03-03 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx.h (ASM_SPEC): Add %{misa=sm_30:--no-verify}.
2022-04-12 Thomas Schwinge <>
2022-03-31 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx.h (ASM_SPEC): Use "-m sm_35" for -misa=sm_30.
2022-04-12 Richard Biener <>
PR ipa/104303
* (mark_stmt_if_obviously_necessary): Do not
include local escaped memory as obviously necessary stores.
2022-04-12 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105235
* (execute_cse_conv_1): Clean EH and
return whether the CFG changed.
(execute_cse_sincos_1): Adjust.
2022-04-12 Przemyslaw Wirkus <>
PR target/104144
* config/arm/t-aprofile (MULTI_ARCH_OPTS_A): Remove Armv9-a options.
(MULTI_ARCH_DIRS_A): Remove Armv9-a diretories.
(MULTILIB_REQUIRED): Don't require Armv9-a libraries.
(MULTILIB_MATCHES): Treat Armv9-a as equivalent to Armv8-a.
(MULTILIB_REUSE): Remove remap rules for Armv9-a.
* config/arm/t-multilib (v9_a_nosimd_variants): Delete.
(MULTILIB_MATCHES): Remove mappings for v9_a_nosimd_variants.
2022-04-12 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105232
* (component_ref_size): Bail out for too large
or non-constant sizes.
2022-04-12 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105226
* (vect_loop_versioning): Verify
we can split the exit of an outer loop we choose to version.
2022-04-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
* config/i386/ (ix86_emit_i387_sinh, ix86_emit_i387_cosh,
ix86_emit_i387_tanh, ix86_emit_i387_asinh, ix86_emit_i387_acosh,
ix86_emit_i387_atanh, ix86_emit_i387_log1p, ix86_emit_i387_round,
ix86_emit_swdivsf, ix86_emit_swsqrtsf,
ix86_expand_atomic_fetch_op_loop, ix86_expand_cmpxchg_loop):
Formatting fix.
* config/i386/ (warn_once_call_ms2sysv_xlogues): Likewise.
2022-04-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105214
* config/i386/ (ix86_emit_i387_log1p): Call
2022-04-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/105211
* (expand_builtin_int_roundingfn_2): If mathfn_built_in_1
fails for TREE_TYPE (arg), retry it with
TREE_VALUE (TYPE_ARG_TYPES (TREE_TYPE (fndecl))) and if even that
fails, emit call normally.
2022-04-12 Andreas Krebbel <>
* common/config/s390/ Rename PF_ARCH14 to PF_Z16.
* config.gcc: Add z16 as march/mtune switch.
* config/s390/ (s390_host_detect_local_cpu):
Recognize z16 with -march=native.
* config/s390/s390-opts.h (enum processor_type): Rename
* config/s390/ (PROCESSOR_ARCH14): Rename to ...
(PROCESSOR_3931_Z16): ... throughout the file.
(s390_processor processor_table): Add z16 as cpu string.
* config/s390/s390.h (enum processor_flags): Rename PF_ARCH14 to
(TARGET_CPU_ARCH14): Rename to ...
(TARGET_CPU_Z16): ... this.
(TARGET_CPU_ARCH14_P): Rename to ...
(TARGET_CPU_Z16_P): ... this.
(TARGET_ARCH14): Rename to ...
(TARGET_Z16): ... this.
(TARGET_ARCH14_P): Rename to ...
(TARGET_Z16_P): ... this.
* config/s390/ (cpu_facility): Rename arch14 to z16 and
check TARGET_Z16 instead of TARGET_ARCH14.
* config/s390/s390.opt: Add z16 to processor_type.
* doc/invoke.texi: Document z16 and arch14.
2022-04-12 chenglulu <>
* config/loongarch/ Fix bug for
2022-04-11 Peter Bergner <>
PR target/104894
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_sibcall_aix): Handle pcrel sibcalls
to longcall functions.
2022-04-11 Jason Merrill <>
* (free_lang_data_in_decl): Fix typos.
2022-04-11 Segher Boessenkool <>
PR target/105213
PR target/103623
* config/rs6000/ (unpack<mode>_nodm): Add m,r,i alternative.
2022-04-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/105218
* (value_replacement): If middle_bb has
more than one predecessor or phi's bb more than 2 predecessors,
reset phi result uses instead of adding a debug temp.
2022-04-11 Kito Cheng <>
PR target/104853
* config.gcc: Pass -misa-spec to arch-canonicalize and
* config/riscv/arch-canonicalize: Adding -misa-spec option.
(arch_canonicalize): New argument `isa_spec`.
Handle multiple ISA spec versions.
* config/riscv/multilib-generator: Adding -misa-spec option.
2022-04-11 Kito Cheng <>
* config/riscv/arch-canonicalize: Add TODO item.
(arch_canonicalize): Checking until no change.
2022-04-11 Tamar Christina <>
PR target/105197
* (vectorizable_condition): Prevent cond swap when
not masked.
2022-04-11 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/100370
* (compute_objsize_r) [POINTER_PLUS_EXPR]: Require
deref == -1.
2022-04-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/104639
* Include tree-ssa-propagate.h.
(value_replacement): Optimize (x != cst1 ? x : cst2) != cst3
into x != cst3.
2022-04-11 Jeff Law <>
* config/bfin/ (rol_one): Fix pattern to indicate the
sign bit of the source ends up in CC.
2022-04-09 Jan Hubicka <>
PR ipa/103376
* (cgraph_node::analyze): update semantic_interposition
2022-04-09 Jan Hubicka <>
* (ipa_merge_modref_summary_after_inlining): Propagate
nondeterministic and side_effects flags.
2022-04-08 Andre Vieira <>
PR target/105157
* config.gcc: Shift ext_mask by TARGET_CPU_NBITS.
* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (TARGET_CPU_NBITS): New macro.
(TARGET_CPU_MASK): Likewise.
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_get_tune_cpu): Use TARGET_CPU_MASK.
(aarch64_get_arch): Likewise.
(aarch64_override_options): Use TARGET_CPU_NBITS.
2022-04-08 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105198
* (find_looparound_phi): Check whether
the found memory location of the entry value is clobbered
inbetween the value we want to use and loop entry.
2022-04-08 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/105189
* (make_range_step): Fix up handling of
(unsigned) x +[low, -] ranges for signed x if low fits into
typeof (x).
2022-04-08 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105175
* (vectorizable_operation): Suppress
-Wvector-operation-performance if using emulated vectors.
* (expand_vector_piecewise): Do not diagnose
-Wvector-operation-performance when suppressed.
(expand_vector_parallel): Likewise.
(expand_vector_comparison): Likewise.
(expand_vector_condition): Likewise.
(lower_vec_perm): Likewise.
(expand_vector_conversion): Likewise.
2022-04-07 Tamar Christina <>
PR target/104409
* config/aarch64/ (handle_arm_acle_h): New.
(aarch64_general_init_builtins): Move LS64 code.
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_pragma_aarch64): Support
* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h (handle_arm_acle_h): New.
* config/aarch64/arm_acle.h: Add pragma GCC aarch64 "arm_acle.h".
2022-04-07 Richard Biener <>
Jan Hubicka <>
PR ipa/104303
* tree-ssa-alias.h (ptr_deref_may_alias_global_p,
ref_may_alias_global_p, ref_may_alias_global_p,
stmt_may_clobber_global_p, pt_solution_includes_global): Add
bool parameters indicating whether escaped locals should be
considered global.
* (pt_solution_includes_global):
When the new escaped_nonlocal_p flag is true also consider
* (ptr_deref_may_alias_global_p):
Pass down new escaped_nonlocal_p flag.
(ref_may_alias_global_p): Likewise.
(stmt_may_clobber_global_p): Likewise.
(ref_may_alias_global_p_1): Likewise. For decls also
query the escaped solution if true.
(ref_may_access_global_memory_p): Remove.
(modref_may_conflict): Use ref_may_alias_global_p with
escaped locals considered global.
(ref_maybe_used_by_stmt_p): Adjust.
* (points_to_local_or_readonly_memory_p):
* (dse_classify_store): Likewise.
* (thread_private_new_memory): Likewise, but
consider escaped locals global.
* (mark_stmt_if_obviously_necessary): Likewise.
2022-04-07 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105185
* (visit_reference_op_call): Simplify
modref query again.
2022-04-07 Tamar Christina <>
PR target/104049
* config/aarch64/
(aarch64_reduc_plus_internal<mode>): Fix RTL and rename to...
(reduc_plus_scal_<mode>): ... This.
(reduc_plus_scal_v4sf): Moved.
(aarch64_reduc_plus_internalv2si): Fix RTL and rename to...
(reduc_plus_scal_v2si): ... This.
2022-04-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/102586
* langhooks.h (struct lang_hooks_for_types): Add classtype_as_base
* langhooks-def.h (LANG_HOOKS_CLASSTYPE_AS_BASE): Define.
* (clear_padding_type): Use ftype instead of
TREE_TYPE (field) some more. For artificial FIELD_DECLs without
name try the lang_hooks.types.classtype_as_base langhook and
if it returns non-NULL, use that instead of ftype for recursive call.
2022-04-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/105150
* (tree_builtin_call_types_compatible_p): New function.
(get_call_combined_fn): Use it.
2022-04-07 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/105165
* (expand_complex_asm): Sorry for asm goto
_Complex outputs.
2022-04-07 liuhongt <>
* config/i386/ (<sse2_avx2>_andnot<mode>3_mask):
(<sse>_andnot<mode>3<mask_name>): Disable V*HFmode patterns
for mask_applied.
(<code><mode>3<mask_name>): Ditto.
(*<code><mode>3<mask_name>): Ditto.
(VFB_128_256): Adjust condition of V8HF/V16HFmode according to
real instruction.
(VFB_512): Ditto.
(VFB): Ditto.
2022-04-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/104985
* (struct undo): Add where.regno member.
(do_SUBST_MODE): Rename to ...
(subst_mode): ... this. Change first argument from rtx * into int,
operate on regno_reg_rtx[regno] and save regno into where.regno.
(SUBST_MODE): Remove.
(try_combine): Use subst_mode instead of SUBST_MODE, change first
argument from regno_reg_rtx[whatever] to whatever. For UNDO_MODE, use
regno_reg_rtx[undo->where.regno] instead of *undo->where.r.
(undo_to_marker): For UNDO_MODE, use regno_reg_rtx[undo->where.regno]
instead of *undo->where.r.
(simplify_set): Use subst_mode instead of SUBST_MODE, change first
argument from regno_reg_rtx[whatever] to whatever.
2022-04-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105069
* config/sh/sh.opt (mdiv=): Add Save.
2022-04-06 Martin Liska <>
PR driver/105096
* common.opt: Document properly based on what it does.
* (display_help): Unify with what we have in common.opt.
* (common_handle_option): Do not print undocumented
2022-04-06 Xi Ruoyao <>
* config/mips/ (mips_fpr_return_fields): Ignore
cxx17_empty_base_field_p fields and set an indicator.
(mips_return_in_msb): Adjust for mips_fpr_return_fields change.
(mips_function_value_1): Inform psABI change about C++17 empty
2022-04-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/105150
* (gimple_builtin_call_types_compatible_p): Use
builtin_decl_explicit here...
(gimple_call_builtin_p, gimple_call_combined_fn): ... rather than
2022-04-06 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105173
* (find_insert_point): Get extra
insert_before output argument and compute it.
(insert_stmt_before_use): Adjust.
(rewrite_expr_tree): Likewise.
2022-04-06 Richard Biener <>
PR ipa/105166
* (modref_access_node::get_ao_ref ): Bail
out for non-pointer arguments.
2022-04-06 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105163
* (repropagate_negates): Avoid propagating
negated abnormals.
2022-04-06 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/105150
* (gimple_call_builtin_p, gimple_call_combined_fn):
For BUILT_IN_NORMAL calls, call gimple_builtin_call_types_compatible_p
preferrably on builtin_decl_explicit decl rather than fndecl.
* (valid_builtin_call): Don't call
gimple_builtin_call_types_compatible_p here.
2022-04-06 Richard Sandiford <>
PR tree-optimization/103761
* (check_load_store_for_partial_vectors): Replace
the ncopies parameter with an slp_node parameter. Calculate the
number of vectors based on it and vectype. Rename lambda to
(vectorizable_store, vectorizable_load): Update calls accordingly.
2022-04-06 Martin Liska <>
* doc/invoke.texi: Document it.
2022-04-06 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105148
* (idx_record_use): Walk raw operands
2 and 3 of ARRAY_REFs.
2022-04-06 Roger Sayle <>
* config/i386/ (ANDNOT_MODE): New mode iterator for TF and V1TI.
(*andnottf3): Replace with...
(*andnot<mode>3): New define_insn using ANDNOT_MODE.
2022-04-06 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105142
* gimple-fold.h (maybe_fold_and_comparisons): Add defaulted
basic-block parameter.
(maybe_fold_or_comparisons): Likewise.
* (follow_outer_ssa_edges): New.
(maybe_fold_comparisons_from_match_pd): Use follow_outer_ssa_edges
when an outer condition basic-block is specified.
(and_comparisons_1, and_var_with_comparison,
and_var_with_comparison_1, or_comparisons_1,
or_var_with_comparison, or_var_with_comparison_1): Receive and pass
down the outer condition basic-block.
* (ifcombine_ifandif): Pass down the
basic-block of the outer condition.
2022-04-06 Kewen Lin <>
PR target/105002
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_maybe_emit_maxc_minc): Support more
comparison codes UNLT/UNLE/UNGT/UNGE.
2022-04-05 David Malcolm <>
* doc/extend.texi (Common Function Attributes): Document that
'access' does not imply 'nonnull'.
2022-04-05 Uroš Bizjak <>
PR target/105139
* config/i386/ (*movv2qi_internal):
Change insn mode of alternative 5 to HF for TARGET_AVX512FP16.
2022-04-05 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_cpymemdi): Turn into a
define_expand and turn operands 0 and 1 from REGs to MEMs.
(*aarch64_cpymemdi): New pattern.
(aarch64_setmemdi): Turn into a define_expand and turn operand 0
from a REG to a MEM.
(*aarch64_setmemdi): New pattern.
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_expand_cpymem_mops): Use
copy_to_mode_reg on all three registers. Replace the original
MEM addresses rather than creating wild reads and writes.
(aarch64_expand_setmem_mops): Likewise for the size and for the
destination memory and address.
2022-04-05 Richard Sandiford <>
PR target/103147
* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h (aarch64_simd_switcher): New class.
* config/aarch64/aarch64-sve-builtins.h (sve_switcher): Inherit
from aarch64_simd_switcher.
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_simd_tuple_modes):
New variable.
(aarch64_lookup_simd_builtin_type): Use it instead of TYPE_MODE.
(register_tuple_type): Add more asserts. Expect the alignment
of the structure to be subject to flag_pack_struct and
maximum_field_alignment. Set aarch64_simd_tuple_modes.
(aarch64_simd_switcher::aarch64_simd_switcher): New function.
(aarch64_simd_switcher::~aarch64_simd_switcher): Likewise.
(handle_arm_neon_h): Hold an aarch64_simd_switcher throughout.
(aarch64_general_init_builtins): Hold an aarch64_simd_switcher
while calling aarch64_init_simd_builtins.
* config/aarch64/ (sve_switcher::sve_switcher)
(sve_switcher::~sve_switcher): Remove code now performed by
2022-04-05 Richard Sandiford <>
PR target/104897
* config/aarch64/
(function_resolver::infer_vector_or_tuple_type): Use error_n
for "%d vectors" messages.
2022-04-05 Chung-Lin Tang <>
* (lower_omp_target): Use outer context looked-up 'var' as
argument to lang_hooks.decls.omp_array_data, instead of 'ovar' from
current clause.
2022-04-05 Richard Biener <>
PR c/105151
* passes.def (pass_walloca): Move early instance into
pass_build_ssa_passes to make SSA form available.
2022-04-05 liuhongt <>
PR target/101908
* config/i386/ (ix86_split_stlf_stall_load): New
(ix86_reorg): Call ix86_split_stlf_stall_load.
* config/i386/i386.opt (-param=x86-stlf-window-ninsns=): New
2022-04-05 Alexandre Oliva <>
* (default_zero_call_used_regs): Attempt to group
regs that the target refuses to use in their natural modes.
(zcur_select_mode_rtx): New.
* regs.h (struct target_regs): Add x_hard_regno_max_nregs.
(hard_regno_max_nregs): Define.
* (init_reg_modes_target): Set hard_regno_max_nregs.
2022-04-04 Alex Coplan <>
* doc/match-and-simplify.texi: Fix typos.
2022-04-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105144
* config/aarch64/t-aarch64 (s-aarch64-tune-md): Do move-if-change
only if configured with --enable-maintainer-mode, otherwise compare with $(srcdir)/config/aarch64/ and
if they differ, emit a message and fail.
2022-04-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105144
* config/aarch64/t-aarch64 (s-mddeps): Depend on s-aarch64-tune-md.
* config/aarch64/ Regenerated.
2022-04-04 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105132
* (vectorizable_operation): Check that
the input vectors have the same number of elements.
2022-04-04 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/105140
* (fold_convertible_p): Allow a TYPE_P arg.
2022-04-03 Jeff Law <>
PR target/104987
* config/iq2000/ (bbi): New attribute, default to no.
(delay slot descripts): Use different delay slot description when
the insn as the "bbi" attribute.
(bbi, bbin patterns): Set the bbi attribute to yes.
2022-04-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/105123
* config/i386/ (ix86_expand_vector_init_general): Avoid
using word as target for expand_simple_binop when doing ASHIFT and
2022-04-02 Xi Ruoyao <>
* config/mips/ (mips_function_arg): Check if DECL_SIZE is
NULL before dereferencing it.
2022-04-01 Qing Zhao <>
* config/i386/ (zero_all_st_registers): Return the value of
(ix86_zero_call_used_regs): Update zeroed_hardregs set according to
the return value of zero_all_st_registers.
* doc/tm.texi: Update the documentation of TARGET_ZERO_CALL_USED_REGS.
* (gen_call_used_regs_seq): Add an assertion.
* target.def: Update the documentation of TARGET_ZERO_CALL_USED_REGS.
2022-04-01 Xi Ruoyao <>
PR target/102024
* config/mips/ (mips_function_arg): Ignore zero-width
fields, and inform if it causes a psABI change.
2022-04-01 Xi Ruoyao <>
PR target/102024
* config/mips/ (mips_fpr_return_fields): Detect C++
zero-width bit-fields and set up an indicator.
(mips_return_in_msb): Adapt for mips_fpr_return_fields change.
(mips_function_value_1): Diagnose when the presense of a C++
zero-width bit-field changes function returning in GCC 12.
2022-04-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/104645
* (value_replacement): If assign has
CONVERT_EXPR_CODE_P rhs_code, treat it like a preparation
statement with constant evaluation.
2022-04-01 YunQiang Su <>
* config/mips/ (mips_expand_prologue):
IPL is 8bit for MCU ASE.
2022-03-31 Bill Schmidt <>
PR target/104004
* config/rs6000/rs6000-builtins.def (MFFSL): Mark nosoft.
(MTFSB0): Likewise.
(MTFSB1): Likewise.
(SET_FPSCR_RN): Likewise.
(SET_FPSCR_DRN): Mark nosoft and no32bit.
2022-03-31 Thomas Schwinge <>
* doc/options.texi (Option file format): Clarifications around
option definition records' help texts.
2022-03-31 Thomas Schwinge <>
* optc-gen.awk <END>: Fix "Multiple different help strings" error
2022-03-31 Andre Vieira <>
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_vector_costs): Define
determine_suggested_unroll_factor and m_has_avg.
(determine_suggested_unroll_factor): New function.
(aarch64_vector_costs::add_stmt_cost): Check for a qualifying pattern
to set m_nosve_pattern.
(aarch64_vector_costs::finish_costs): Use
* config/aarch64/aarch64.opt (aarch64-vect-unroll-limit): New.
* doc/invoke.texi: (aarch64-vect-unroll-limit): Document new option.
2022-03-31 Martin Jambor <>
PR ipa/103083
* ipa-prop.h (ipa_ancestor_jf_data): New flag keep_null;
(ipa_get_jf_ancestor_keep_null): New function.
* (ipa_set_ancestor_jf): Initialize keep_null field of the
ancestor function.
(compute_complex_assign_jump_func): Pass false to keep_null
parameter of ipa_set_ancestor_jf.
(compute_complex_ancestor_jump_func): Pass true to keep_null
parameter of ipa_set_ancestor_jf.
(update_jump_functions_after_inlining): Carry over keep_null from the
original ancestor jump-function or merge them.
(ipa_write_jump_function): Stream keep_null flag.
(ipa_read_jump_function): Likewise.
(ipa_print_node_jump_functions_for_edge): Print the new flag.
* (class ipcp_bits_lattice): Make various getters const. New
member function known_nonzero_p.
(ipcp_bits_lattice::known_nonzero_p): New.
(ipcp_bits_lattice::meet_with_1): New parameter drop_all_ones,
observe it.
(ipcp_bits_lattice::meet_with): Likewise.
(propagate_bits_across_jump_function): Simplify. Pass true in
drop_all_ones when it is necessary.
(propagate_aggs_across_jump_function): Take care of keep_null
(ipa_get_jf_ancestor_result): Propagate NULL accross keep_null
jump functions.
2022-03-31 Martin Jambor <>
PR ipa/102513
* (decide_whether_version_node): Skip scalar values
which do not fit the known value_range.
2022-03-31 Martin Jambor <>
PR ipa/103171
* (propagate_controlled_uses): Add a LOAD reference
always when an ADDR_EXPR constant is known to reach a load because
of inlining, not just when removing an ADDR reference.
2022-03-31 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105109
* (execute_update_addresses_taken): Suppress
diagnostics on the load of the other complex component.
2022-03-31 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx.h (ASM_SPEC): Use "-m sm_35" for -misa=sm_30.
2022-03-31 Richard Biener <>
PR rtl-optimization/105091
* (mark_addressable): Handle TARGET_MEM_REF
2022-03-31 Richard Biener <>
2021-09-13 Richard Earnshaw <>
PR target/102125
* gimple-fold.c (gimple_fold_builtin_memory_op): Allow folding
memcpy if the size is not more than MOVE_MAX * MOVE_RATIO.
2022-03-31 Sebastian Huber <>
* (gcov_read_string): Reword documentation comment.
2022-03-30 Bill Schmidt <>
* config/rs6000/rs6000-builtins.def (NEG_V16QI): Move to [altivec]
(NEG_V4SF): Likewise.
(NEG_V4SI): Likewise.
(NEG_V8HI): Likewise.
(NEG_V2DF): Move to [vsx] stanza.
(NEG_V2DI): Likewise.
2022-03-30 Vladimir N. Makarov <>
PR middle-end/105032
* (find_reload_regno_insns): Modify loop condition.
2022-03-30 Tom de Vries <>
Tobias Burnus <>
* doc/invoke.texi (march): Document __PTX_SM__.
(mptx): Document __PTX_ISA_VERSION_MAJOR__ and
2022-03-30 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR sanitizer/105093
* (instrument_object_size): If t is equal to inner and
is a decl other than global var, punt. When emitting call to
UBSAN_OBJECT_SIZE ifn, make sure base is addressable.
2022-03-30 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/105094
* (mem_valid_for_store_merging): Punt if
bitsize <= 0 rather than just == 0.
2022-03-30 Tom de Vries <>
* doc/invoke.texi (misa, mptx): Update.
(march, march-map): Add.
2022-03-30 Thomas Schwinge <>
* opt-functions.awk (n_args): New function.
(lang_enabled_by): Merge function into...
* optc-gen.awk <END>: ... sole user here.
Improve diagnostics.
2022-03-29 Marek Polacek <>
Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/103597
* (collect_fallthrough_labels): Don't push UNUSED_LABEL_Ps
into labels. Maybe set prev to the statement preceding UNUSED_LABEL_P.
(gimplify_cond_expr): Set UNUSED_LABEL_P.
* tree.h (UNUSED_LABEL_P): New.
2022-03-29 Michael Meissner <>
* config/rs6000/ (vsx_extract_<mode>): Allow destination to
be any VSX register.
2022-03-29 Richard Earnshaw <>
PR target/102024
* config/aarch64/ (aapcs_vfp_sub_candidate): Handle
zero-sized bit-fields. Detect cases where a warning may be needed.
(aarch64_vfp_is_call_or_return_candidate): Emit a note if a
zero-sized bit-field has caused parameter passing to change.
2022-03-29 Richard Earnshaw <>
PR target/102024
* config/arm/ (aapcs_vfp_sub_candidate): Handle zero-sized
bit-fields. Detect cases where a warning may be needed.
(aapcs_vfp_is_call_or_return_candidate): Emit a note if
a zero-sized bit-field has caused parameter passing to change.
2022-03-29 Richard Earnshaw <>
PR target/96882
* config/arm/ (arm_get_pcs_model): Disable selection of
2022-03-29 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104857
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_cpu_cpp_builtins): Emit
* config/nvptx/ (ptx_version_to_number): New function.
* config/nvptx/nvptx-protos.h (ptx_version_to_number): Declare.
2022-03-29 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (m64): Update help text to reflect that it
is ignored.
2022-03-29 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104714
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (march-map=*): Add aliases.
2022-03-29 Jan Hubicka <>
* config/i386/ (ix86_vectorize_builtin_gather): Test
* config/i386/i386.h (TARGET_USE_GATHER_2PARTS): New macro.
* config/i386/x86-tune.def (X86_TUNE_USE_GATHER_2PARTS): New tune
2022-03-29 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (march): Add alias of misa.
2022-03-29 Chenghua Xu <>
Lulu Cheng <>
* doc/install.texi: Add LoongArch options section.
* doc/invoke.texi: Add LoongArch options section.
* doc/md.texi: Add LoongArch options section.
2022-03-29 Chenghua Xu <>
Lulu Cheng <>
* config/loongarch/
2022-03-29 Chenghua Xu <>
Lulu Cheng <>
* config/loongarch/larchintrin.h: New file.
* config/loongarch/ New file.
2022-03-29 Chenghua Xu <>
Lulu Cheng <>
* config/ Add LoongArch support.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-protos.h: New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-tune.h: Likewise.
* config/loongarch/ Likewise.
* config/loongarch/loongarch.h: Likewise.
2022-03-29 Chenghua Xu <>
Lulu Cheng <>
* config/loongarch/ New file.
* config/loongarch/ New file.
* config/loongarch/ New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-ftypes.def: New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-modes.def: New file.
* config/loongarch/ New file.
* config/loongarch/ New file.
* config/loongarch/ New file.
2022-03-29 Chenghua Xu <>
Lulu Cheng <>
* configure: Regenerate file.
2022-03-29 Chenghua Xu <>
Lulu Cheng <>
* common/config/loongarch/ New file.
* config/loongarch/genopts/ New file.
* config/loongarch/genopts/loongarch-strings: New file.
* config/loongarch/genopts/ New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-str.h: New file.
* config/loongarch/gnu-user.h: New file.
* config/loongarch/linux.h: New file.
* config/loongarch/ New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-cpu.h: New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-def.c: New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-def.h: New file.
* config/loongarch/ New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-driver.h: New file.
* config/loongarch/ New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch-opts.h: New file.
* config/loongarch/loongarch.opt: New file.
* config/loongarch/t-linux: New file.
* config/loongarch/t-loongarch: New file.
* config.gcc: Add LoongArch support.
* Add LoongArch support.
2022-03-29 Thomas Schwinge <>
* opt-functions.awk (lang_enabled_by): Fix 'enabledby_negargs'
2022-03-29 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105080
* (printf_strlen_execute): Always init
loops and SCEV.
2022-03-28 Indu Bhagat <>
* (ctf_preprocess): Use ctfc_get_num_ctf_vars instead.
(output_ctf_vars): Likewise.
2022-03-28 Jason Merrill <>
PR c++/59426
* doc/extend.texi: Refer to __is_trivial instead of __is_pod.
2022-03-28 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/105068
* config/i386/ (*ssse3_pshufbv8qi3): Also replace "Yv" with
"Yw" in clobber.
2022-03-28 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104818
* config/nvptx/ (ptx_isa): Improve help text.
* config/nvptx/nvptx-gen.opt: Regenerate.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (misa, mptx, ptx_version): Improve help text.
* config/nvptx/t-nvptx (s-nvptx-gen-opt): Add missing dependency on
2022-03-28 David Malcolm <>
PR analyzer/104308
* (gimple_fold_builtin_memory_op): When optimizing
to loads then stores, set the location of the new load stmt.
2022-03-28 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105070
* tree-switch-conversion.h
(bit_test_cluster::hoist_edge_and_branch_if_true): Add location
(bit_test_cluster::hoist_edge_and_branch_if_true): Annotate
cond with location.
(bit_test_cluster::emit): Annotate all generated expressions
with location.
2022-03-28 Andre Vieira <>
* config/aarch64/aarch64-cores.def: Update Neoverse N2 core entry.
2022-03-28 liuhongt <>
PR target/105066
* config/i386/ (vec_set<mode>_0): Change attr "isa" of
alternative 4 from sse4_noavx to noavx.
2022-03-28 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/105056
* (component::component): Initialize also comp_step.
2022-03-27 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/105068
* config/i386/ (*ssse3_pshufbv8qi3): Replace "Yv" with
2022-03-26 Roger Sayle <>
PR middle-end/104885
* (mark_stack_region_used): Check that the region
is within the allocated size of stack_usage_map.
2022-03-26 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/103775
* (check_invalid_inc_dec): New function.
(insn_invalid_p): Return 1 if REG_INC operand overlaps
any stored REGs.
2022-03-26 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/105058
* config/i386/ (loadiwkey): Replace "v" with "x".
(aes<aesklvariant>u8): Likewise.
2022-03-26 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/105052
* config/i386/ (ssse3_ph<plusminus_mnemonic>wv4hi3):
Replace "Yv" with "x".
(ssse3_ph<plusminus_mnemonic>dv2si3): Likewise.
(ssse3_psign<mode>3): Likewise.
2022-03-26 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* (find_reloads): Align comment with code where
considering the intersection of register classes then tweaking the
regclass for the current alternative or rejecting it.
2022-03-25 Christophe Lyon <>
PR target/104882
2021-06-11 Christophe Lyon <>
* config/arm/ (mve_vec_unpack<US>_lo_<mode>): Delete.
(mve_vec_unpack<US>_hi_<mode>): Delete.
(@mve_vec_pack_trunc_lo_<mode>): Delete.
(mve_vmovntq_<supf><mode>): Remove '@' prefix.
* config/arm/ (vec_unpack<US>_hi_<mode>): Move back
(vec_unpack<US>_lo_<mode>): Likewise.
(vec_pack_trunc_<mode>): Rename from
* config/arm/ (vec_unpack<US>_hi_<mode>): Delete.
(vec_unpack<US>_lo_<mode>): Delete.
(vec_pack_trunc_<mode>): Delete.
2022-03-25 Vladimir N. Makarov <>
PR middle-end/104971
* (process_bb_lives): Check hard_regs_live for hard
regs to clear remove_p flag.
2022-03-25 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105053
* (vect_create_epilog_for_reduction): Pick
the correct live-out stmt for a reduction chain.
2022-03-25 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/105049
* (uniform_vector_p): Recurse for VECTOR_CST or
CONSTRUCTOR first elements.
2022-03-25 Tobias Burnus <>
PR analyzer/103533
* doc/invoke.texi (Static Analyzer Options): Move
@ignore block after @gccoptlist's '}' for 'make pdf'.
2022-03-25 David Malcolm <>
PR analyzer/104954
* doc/invoke.texi (Static Analyzer Options): Add
2022-03-25 Avinash Sonawane <>
PR analyzer/103533
* doc/invoke.texi: Document that enabling taint analyzer
checker disables some warnings from `-fanalyzer`.
2022-03-24 Alexandre Oliva <>
PR debug/104564
* (detach_value): Keep temps
2022-03-24 Alexandre Oliva <>
PR middle-end/104975
(pass_harden_compares::execute): Force split in case of
multiple edges.
2022-03-24 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c++/105035
* (operand_equal_p) <case COMPONENT_REF>: If either
field0 or field1 is not a FIELD_DECL, return false.
2022-03-24 Richard Biener <>
* (chain::chain): Add CTOR.
(component::component): Likewise.
(pcom_worker::release_chain): Use delete.
(release_components): Likewise.
(pcom_worker::filter_suitable_components): Likewise.
(pcom_worker::split_data_refs_to_components): Use new.
(make_invariant_chain): Likewise.
(make_rooted_chain): Likewise.
(pcom_worker::combine_chains): Likewise.
* (vect_create_epilog_for_reduction):
Make sure to release previously constructed scalar_results.
* (vectorizable_load): Use auto_vec
for vec_offsets.
* (simplify_using_ranges::~simplify_using_ranges):
Release m_flag_set_edges.
2022-03-24 Siddhesh Poyarekar <>
PR tree-optimization/104970
* (parm_object_size): Restrict size
computation scenarios to explicit access attributes.
2022-03-24 Kewen Lin <>
PR target/104967
* config/rs6000/ (find_instance): Skip instances with null
function types.
2022-03-23 Richard Biener <>
PR target/102125
* (gimple_fold_builtin_memory_op): Allow the
use of movmisalign when either the source or destination
decl is properly aligned.
2022-03-23 Richard Biener <>
PR rtl-optimization/105028
* (form_threads_from_copies): Remove unnecessary
copying of the sorted_copies tail.
2022-03-23 Martin Liska <>
* config/rs6000/ (altivec_resolve_overloaded_builtin):
Use %qs in format.
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_option_override_internal):
Reword the error message.
2022-03-23 liuhongt <>
PR target/104976
* config/i386/ (ssePSmodelower): New.
(*avx_cmp<mode>3_ltint_not): Force_reg operand before
lowpart_subreg to avoid NULL_RTX.
fma_<mode>_fmaddc_bcst, fma_<mode>_fcmaddc_bcst,
fix<fixunssuffix>_truncv2hfv2di2, extendv4hf<mode>2,
sdot_prod<mode>, avx2_pblend<ssemodesuffix>_1,
ashrv2di3,ashrv2di3,usdot_prod<mode>): Ditto.
2022-03-22 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104925
* config/nvptx/ (define_insn "nvptx_uniform_warp_check"):
Use % as register prefix.
2022-03-22 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_scalar_mode_supported_p)
(nvptx_libgcc_floating_mode_supported_p): Only enable HFmode for
2022-03-22 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (mexperimental): New option.
2022-03-22 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104957
* config/nvptx/nvptx-protos.h (nvptx_asm_output_def_from_decls): Declare.
* config/nvptx/ (write_fn_proto_1): Don't add function marker
for alias.
(nvptx_asm_output_def_from_decls): New function.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.h (ASM_OUTPUT_DEF): New macro def, define to
gcc_unreachable ().
(ASM_OUTPUT_DEF_FROM_DECLS): New macro def, define to
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (malias): New opt.
2022-03-22 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104916
PR target/104783
* config/nvptx/ (define_expand "omp_simt_exit"): Emit warp
sync (or uniform warp check for mptx < 6.0).
2022-03-22 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/105012
* (ifcvt_local_dce): Only call
dse_classify_store when we have a VDEF.
2022-03-22 Martin Liska <>
PR target/104902
* config/nvptx/ (handle_ptx_version_option):
Fix option wrapping in an error message.
2022-03-22 Martin Liska <>
PR target/104903
* config/rs6000/ (altivec_resolve_overloaded_builtin):
Wrap const keyword.
2022-03-22 Martin Liska <>
* config/v850/ (pop_data_area): Fix typo in pragma
2022-03-22 Martin Liska <>
PR target/104898
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_option_override_internal):
Use %qs instead of (%qs).
2022-03-22 Martin Liska <>
PR target/104898
* config/i386/ (ix86_option_override_internal):
Use '%qs' instead of '(%qs)'.
2022-03-22 Martin Liska <>
PR target/104898
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_handle_attr_arch):
Use 'qs' and remove usage '(%qs)'.
(aarch64_handle_attr_cpu): Likewise.
(aarch64_handle_attr_tune): Likewise.
(aarch64_handle_attr_isa_flags): Likewise.
2022-03-22 Tamar Christina <>
Andre Vieira <>
* config/aarch64/ (neoversev1_regmove_cost): New tuning
(neoversev1_tunings): Use neoversev1_regmove_cost and update store_int
(neoverse512tvb_tunings): Likewise.
2022-03-22 Tamar Christina <>
Andre Vieira <>
* config/aarch64/ (demeter_addrcost_table,
demeter_regmove_cost, demeter_advsimd_vector_cost,
demeter_sve_vector_cost, demeter_scalar_issue_info,
demeter_advsimd_issue_info, demeter_sve_issue_info,
demeter_vec_issue_info, demeter_vector_cost,
demeter_tunings): New tuning structs.
(aarch64_ve_op_count::rename_cycles_per_iter): Enable for demeter
* config/aarch64/aarch64-cores.def: Add entry for demeter.
* config/aarch64/ (tune): Add demeter to list.
2022-03-22 Tamar Christina <>
Andre Vieira <>
* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h (struct cpu_memmov_cost): New struct.
(struct tune_params): Change type of memmov_cost to use cpu_memmov_cost.
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_memory_move_cost): Update all
tunings to use cpu_memmov_cost struct.
2022-03-22 Tamar Christina <>
Andre Vieira <>
* config/aarch64/ (neoversen2_addrcost_table,
neoversen2_regmove_cost, neoversen2_advsimd_vector_cost,
neoversen2_sve_vector_cost, neoversen2_scalar_issue_info,
neoversen2_advsimd_issue_info, neoversen2_sve_issue_info,
neoversen2_vec_issue_info, neoversen2_tunings): New structs.
(neoversen2_tunings): Use new structs and update tuning flags.
(aarch64_vec_op_count::rename_cycles_per_iter): Enable for neoversen2
2022-03-22 Andre Vieira <>
* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (AARCH64_FL_FOR_ARCH9): Add FP16 feature
2022-03-22 liuhongt <>
PR target/104982
* config/i386/ (*jcc_bt<mode>_mask): Extend the
following splitter to reversed condition.
2022-03-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/104989
* (expand_call): Don't set ECF_NORETURN in flags after
sorry for passing too large argument, instead set sibcall_failure
for pass == 0, or a new normal_failure flag otherwise. If
normal_failure is set, don't assert all stack has been deallocated
at the end and throw away the whole insn sequence.
2022-03-22 Qian Jianhua <>
* Change array length
2022-03-22 Hongyu Wang <>
PR target/104978
* config/i386/
Use avx512f_movsf_mask instead of vmovaps or vblend, and
force_reg before lowpart_subreg.
(avx512fp16_fcmaddcsh_v8hf_mask1<round_expand_name): Likewise.
2022-03-21 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/105000
* common/config/i386/
2022-03-21 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/104998
* common/config/i386/cpuinfo.h (get_available_features): Pass
0x19 to __cpuid for bit_AESKLE. Enable FEATURE_AESKLE only if
bit_AESKLE is set.
2022-03-21 Richard Sandiford <>
PR middle-end/104869
* rtl-ssa/accesses.h (clobber_group::prev_clobber): Declare.
(clobber_group::next_clobber): Likewise.
(def_lookup::prev_def): Rename to...
(def_lookup::last_def_of_prev_group): ...this.
(def_lookup::next_def): Rename to...
(def_lookup::first_def_of_next_group): ...this.
(def_lookup::matching_or_prev_def): Rename to...
(def_lookup::matching_set_or_last_def_of_prev_group): ...this.
(def_lookup::matching_or_next_def): Rename to...
(def_lookup::matching_set_or_first_def_of_next_group): ...this.
(def_lookup::prev_def): New function, taking the lookup insn as
(def_lookup::next_def): Likewise.
* rtl-ssa/member-fns.inl (def_lookup::prev_def): Rename to...
(def_lookup::last_def_of_prev_group): ...this.
(def_lookup::next_def): Rename to...
(def_lookup::first_def_of_next_group): ...this.
(def_lookup::matching_or_prev_def): Rename to...
(def_lookup::matching_set_or_last_def_of_prev_group): ...this.
(def_lookup::matching_or_next_def): Rename to...
(def_lookup::matching_set_or_first_def_of_next_group): ...this.
* rtl-ssa/movement.h (restrict_movement_for_dead_range): Update after
above renaming.
* rtl-ssa/ (clobber_group::prev_clobber): New function.
(clobber_group::next_clobber): Likewise.
(def_lookup::prev_def): Likewise.
(def_lookup::next_def): Likewise.
(function_info::make_use_available): Pass the lookup insn to
def_lookup::prev_def and def_lookup::next_def.
2022-03-21 Martin Liska <>
* doc/invoke.texi: Document min-pagesize parameter.
2022-03-21 Richard Biener <>
* (estimate_numbers_of_iterations): Dump
we are estimating niter of loop.
2022-03-21 Kito Cheng <>
* common/config/riscv/ (riscv_ext_flag_table):
Update flag name and mask name.
* config/riscv/ (riscv_cpu_cpp_builtins): Define
misc macro for vector extensions.
* config/riscv/riscv-opts.h (MASK_VECTOR_EEW_32): Rename to ...
(MASK_VECTOR_ELEN_32): ... this.
(MASK_VECTOR_EEW_64): Rename to ...
(MASK_VECTOR_ELEN_64): ... this.
(MASK_VECTOR_EEW_FP_32): Rename to ...
(MASK_VECTOR_ELEN_FP_32): ... this.
(MASK_VECTOR_EEW_FP_64): Rename to ...
(MASK_VECTOR_ELEN_FP_64): ... this.
* config/riscv/riscv.opt (riscv_vector_eew_flags): Rename to ...
(riscv_vector_elen_flags): ... this.
2022-03-21 Hongyu Wang <>
PR target/104977
* config/i386/
Correct round operand for intel dialect.
2022-03-19 Arthur Cohen <>
* (diagnostic_cc_tests): Rename to...
(c_diagnostic_cc_tests): ...this.
* (opt_problem_cc_tests): Rename to...
(c_opt_problem_cc_tests): ...this.
* (selftest::run_tests): No longer run
opt_problem_cc_tests or diagnostic_cc_tests.
* selftest.h (diagnostic_cc_tests): Remove declaration.
(opt_problem_cc_tests): Likewise.
2022-03-19 Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen <>
PR jit/63854
* hash-traits.h (struct typed_const_free_remove): New.
(struct free_string_hash): New.
* pass_manager.h: Use free_string_hash.
* (pass_manager::register_pass_name): Use free_string_hash.
(pass_manager::~pass_manager): Delete allocated m_name_to_pass_map.
2022-03-19 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/104971
* config/i386/
(ix86_expand_builtin) <case IX86_BUILTIN_READ_FLAGS>: If ignore,
don't push/pop anything and just return const0_rtx.
2022-03-18 Vladimir N. Makarov <>
PR rtl-optimization/104961
* (find_reload_regno_insns): Process reload pseudo clobber.
2022-03-18 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.h (IDENTIFIER_LENGTH): Add comment.
2022-03-18 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/99578
PR middle-end/100680
PR tree-optimization/100834
* params.opt (--param=min-pagesize=): New parameter.
(compute_objsize_r) <case ARRAY_REF>: Formatting fix.
(compute_objsize_r) <case INTEGER_CST>: Use maximum object size instead
of zero for pointer constants equal or larger than min-pagesize.
2022-03-18 Tom de Vries <>
* (gimplify_omp_for): Set location using 'input_location'.
Set gfor location only when dealing with a OMP_TASKLOOP.
2022-03-18 Tom de Vries <>
* (gimplify_omp_for): Set taskloop location.
2022-03-18 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104952
* (lower_rec_input_clauses): Make sure GOMP_SIMT_XCHG_BFLY
is executed unconditionally.
2022-03-18 liuhongt <>
PR target/104974
* config/i386/ (*movhi_internal): Set attr type from HI
to HF for alternative 12 under TARGET_AVX512FP16.
2022-03-18 Cui,Lili <>
PR target/104963
* config/i386/i386.h (PTA_SAPPHIRERAPIDS): change it to base on ICX.
* doc/invoke.texi: Update documents for Intel sapphirerapids.
2022-03-17 Roger Sayle <>
PR target/86722
PR tree-optimization/90356
* config/i386/ (*movtf_internal): Don't guard
standard_sse_constant_p clause by optimize_function_for_size_p.
(*movdf_internal): Likewise.
(*movsf_internal): Likewise.
2022-03-17 Andrew MacLeod <>
PR tree-optimization/102943
* (ranger_cache::range_from_dom): Find range via
dominators and apply intermediary outgoing edge ranges.
2022-03-17 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104960
* passes.def: Add pass parameter to pass_sink_code, mark
last one to unsplit edges.
* (pass_sink_code::set_pass_param): New.
(pass_sink_code::execute): Always execute TODO_cleanup_cfg
when we need to unsplit edges.
2022-03-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/103984
* (gimplify_target_expr): Gimplify type sizes and
TARGET_EXPR_INITIAL into a temporary sequence, then push clobbers
and asan unpoisioning, then append the temporary sequence and
finally the TARGET_EXPR_CLEANUP clobbers.
2022-03-16 Roger Sayle <>
* config/i386/ Delete corrupt character/typo.
2022-03-16 Roger Sayle <>
PR target/94680
* config/i386/ (sse2_movq128): New define_expand to
preserve previous named instruction.
(*sse2_movq128_<mode>): Renamed from sse2_movq128, and
generalized to VI8F_128 (both V2DI and V2DF).
2022-03-16 Siddhesh Poyarekar <>
PR tree-optimization/104941
* (size_for_offset): Make useless conversion
check lighter and assign result of fold_convert to OFFSET.
2022-03-16 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/104890
* config/i386/x86gprintrin.h: Also check _SOFT_FLOAT before
pushing target("general-regs-only").
2022-03-16 Kito Cheng <>
* common/config/riscv/ (riscv_ext_version_table):
Add version info for zk, zks and zkn.
2022-03-16 LiaoShihua <>
* common/config/riscv/
(riscv_combine_info): New.
(riscv_subset_list::handle_combine_ext): Combine back into zk to
maintain the canonical order in isa strings.
(riscv_subset_list::parse): Ditto.
* config/riscv/riscv-subset.h (handle_combine_ext): New.
2022-03-16 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/102008
* passes.def: Move the added code sinking pass before the
preceeding phiopt pass.
2022-03-16 Patrick Palka <>
PR c++/96780
* doc/invoke.texi (C++ Dialect Options): Document
2022-03-16 Siddhesh Poyarekar <>
PR tree-optimization/104942
* (alloc_object_size): Remove STRIP_NOPS.
2022-03-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104910
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_load_symref_appropriately): Copy
imm rtx.
2022-03-16 Roger Sayle <>
Richard Biener <>
* (single_use): Implement inline using a
single loop.
2022-03-16 Roger Sayle <>
* match.pd (X CMP X -> true): Test tree_expr_maybe_nan_p
instead of HONOR_NANS.
(X LTGT X -> false): Enable if X is not tree_expr_maybe_nan_p, as
this can't trap/signal.
2022-03-16 liuhongt <>
PR target/104946
* config/i386/i386-builtin.def (BDESC): Add
CODE_FOR_sse4_1_blendvpd for IX86_BUILTIN_BLENDVPD.
* config/i386/ (ix86_gimple_fold_builtin): Don't fold
__builtin_ia32_blendvpd w/o sse4.2
2022-03-15 Peter Bergner <>
PR target/104923
* config/rs6000/ (mma_disassemble_output_operand): Restrict
acceptable MEM addresses.
2022-03-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/91229
* config/riscv/ (riscv_pass_aggregate_in_fpr_pair_p,
riscv_pass_aggregate_in_fpr_and_gpr_p): Pass OPT_Wpsabi instead of 0
to warning calls.
2022-03-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104890
* config/i386/i386.h (LIBGCC2_UNWIND_ATTRIBUTE): Use no-mmx,no-sse
instead of general-regs-only.
2022-03-15 Roger Sayle <>
Marc Glisse <>
Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/101895
* match.pd (vec_same_elem_p): Handle CONSTRUCTOR_EXPR def.
(plus (vec_perm (mult ...) ...) ...): New reordering simplification.
2022-03-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/104814
* (find_if_case_1, find_if_case_2): Punt if test_bb doesn't
end with onlyjump_p. Assume BB_END (test_bb) is always non-NULL.
2022-03-15 Martin Sebor <>
PR middle-end/104436
* (pass_waccess::check_dangling_stores):
Check for warning suppression. Avoid by-value arguments transformed
into by-transparent-reference.
2022-03-14 Roger Sayle <>
Uroš Bizjak <>
* config/i386/ (peephole2 xorl;movb -> movzbl): Disable
transformation when *zero_extend<mode>si2 is not available.
2022-03-14 Xi Ruoyao <>
* config/mips/mips.h (SUBTARGET_SHADOW_OFFSET): Define.
* config/mips/ (mips_option_override): Make
-fsanitize=address imply -fasynchronous-unwind-tables. This is
needed by libasan for stack backtrace on MIPS.
(mips_asan_shadow_offset): Return SUBTARGET_SHADOW_OFFSET.
2022-03-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR debug/104778
* (lra_substitute_pseudo): For debug_p mode, simplify
call simplified the first operand into VOIDmode constant.
2022-03-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/102586
* doc/extend.texi (__builtin_clear_padding): Clearify that for C++
argument type should be pointer to trivially-copyable type unless it
is address of a variable or parameter.
2022-03-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/99754
* config/i386/emmintrin.h (_mm_loadu_si32): Put loaded value into
first rather than last element of the vector, use __m32_u to do
a really unaligned load, use just 0 instead of (int)0.
(_mm_loadu_si16): Put loaded value into first rather than last
element of the vector, use __m16_u to do a really unaligned load,
use just 0 instead of (short)0.
2022-03-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR other/104899
* config/bfin/ (bfin_handle_longcall_attribute): Fix a typo
in diagnostic message - cannott -> cannot. Use %< and %> around
names of attribute. Avoid too long line.
* (operator_logical_and::op1_range): Fix up a typo
in comment - cannott -> cannot. Use 2 spaces after . instead of one.
2022-03-14 liuhongt <>
PR target/104666
* config/i386/
(ix86_check_builtin_isa_match): New func.
(ix86_expand_builtin): Move code to
ix86_check_builtin_isa_match and call it.
* config/i386/i386-protos.h
(ix86_check_builtin_isa_match): Declare.
* config/i386/ (ix86_gimple_fold_builtin): Don't fold
builtin into gimple when isa mismatches.
2022-03-13 Tobias Burnus <>
* doc/invoke.texi: Fix typos.
* doc/ Remove duplicated word.
* doc/tm.texi: Regenerate.
2022-03-12 Segher Boessenkool <>
PR target/104829
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_machine_from_flags): Don't output
"ppc" and "ppc64" based on rs6000_cpu.
2022-03-12 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR middle-end/100280
PR middle-end/104892
* (omp_oacc_kernels_decompose_1):
Remove special handling of 'GOMP_MAP_FORCE_TOFROM'.
2022-03-12 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR middle-end/100280
PR middle-end/104086
* (omp_oacc_kernels_decompose_1):
Mark variables used in 'present' clauses as addressable.
* (scan_sharing_clauses) <OMP_CLAUSE_MAP>: Gracefully
2022-03-12 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR other/65095
* tree-core.h (user_omp_claus_code_name): Declare function.
* (user_omp_clause_code_name): New function.
2022-03-12 Roger Sayle <>
PR middle-end/98420
* match.pd (minus @0 @0): Additional checks for -fno-rounding-math
(the defaut) or -fno-signed-zeros.
2022-03-12 Michael Meissner <>
PR target/104868
* config/rs6000/ (extendditi2): Use a 'b' constraint when
moving from a GPR register to an Altivec register.
2022-03-11 Roger Sayle <>
PR tree-optimization/98335
* config/i386/ (peephole2): Eliminate redundant insv.
Combine movl followed by movb. Transform xorl followed by
a suitable movb or movw into the equivalent movz[bw]l.
2022-03-11 Roger Sayle <>
Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/98335
* (get_object_alignment_2): Export.
* builtins.h (get_object_alignment_2): Likewise.
* (ao_ref_alignment): New.
* tree-ssa-alias.h (ao_ref_alignment): Declare.
* (compute_trims): Improve logic deciding whether
to align head/tail, writing more bytes but using fewer store insns.
2022-03-11 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104880
* (execute_update_address_taken): Remember if we
optimistically made something not addressable and
prepare to undo it.
2022-03-11 Richard Biener <>
PR target/104762
* config/i386/ (ix86_builtin_vectorization_cost): Do not
cost the first lane of SSE pieces as inserts for vec_construct.
2022-03-10 Roger Sayle <>
PR c++/84964
* (expand_call): Ignore stack adjustments after sorry.
2022-03-10 Vladimir N. Makarov <>
PR target/103074
* (split_reg): Set up
check_and_force_assignment_correctness_p when splitting hard
register live range.
2022-03-10 Martin Jambor <>
PR ipa/104813
* (create_specialized_node): Move removal of
self-recursive calls from callers vector before refrence
2022-03-10 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/102943
* (sbr_sparse_bitmap::bitvec):
Make a bitmap_head.
(sbr_sparse_bitmap::sbr_sparse_bitmap): Adjust and switch
to tree view.
(sbr_sparse_bitmap::set_bb_range): Adjust.
(sbr_sparse_bitmap::get_bb_range): Likewise.
2022-03-10 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/102943
* (back_propagate_equivalences): Only
populate the dominance bitmap if fast queries are not
available. Use a tree view bitmap.
(record_temporary_equivalences): Cache the dominance bitmap
across all equivalences on the edge.
2022-03-10 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104840
* config/nvptx/ (define_attr "predicable"): Use no,yes instead
of false,true.
2022-03-10 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104783
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_init_unisimt_predicate)
(nvptx_output_unisimt_switch): Handle unisimt_outside_simt_predicate.
(nvptx_get_unisimt_outside_simt_predicate): New function.
(predicate_insn): New function, factored out of ...
(nvptx_reorg_uniform_simt): ... here. Predicate all emitted insns.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.h (struct machine_function): Add
unisimt_outside_simt_predicate field.
* config/nvptx/ (define_insn "nvptx_warpsync")
(define_insn "nvptx_uniform_warp_check"): Make predicable.
2022-03-10 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_unisimt_handle_set): Handle unused
2022-03-10 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104815
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_print_operand): Handle 'x' operand
* config/nvptx/ Use %x0 destination operand in atom insns.
2022-03-10 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (define_insn "atomic_fetch_<logic><mode>"):
Emit atom.and.b64 instead of atom.b64.and.
2022-03-10 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/t-nvptx (MULTILIB_EXTRA_OPTS): Move mptx=3.1 ...
2022-03-10 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104758
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (misa): Set default to sm_30.
* config/nvptx/t-nvptx (MULTILIB_EXTRA_OPTS): Remove misa=sm_30.
2022-03-10 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR middle-end/90115
PR middle-end/102330
PR middle-end/104774
* (oacc_privatization_candidate_p)
(oacc_privatization_scan_decl_chain, lower_oacc_private_marker):
Analyze 'lookup_decl'-translated DECL.
2022-03-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/99708
* config/rs6000/rs6000.h (enum rs6000_builtin_type_index): Remove
RS6000_BTI_ptr_ieee128_float and RS6000_BTI_ptr_ibm128_float.
(ptr_ieee128_float_type_node, ptr_ibm128_float_type_node): Remove.
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_type_string): Return
"**NULL**" if type_node is NULL first. Handle
(rs6000_init_builtins): Don't initialize ptr_ieee128_float_type_node
and ptr_ibm128_float_type_node. Set ibm128_float_type_node and
ieee128_float_type_node to NULL rather than long_double_type_node if
they aren't supported. Do support __ibm128 even if
!TARGET_FLOAT128_TYPE when long double is double double.
(rs6000_expand_builtin): Error if bif_is_ibm128 and
!ibm128_float_type_node. Remap RS6000_BIF_{,UN}PACK_IF to
RS6000_BIF_{,UN}PACK_TF much earlier and only use bif_is_ibm128 check
for it.
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_target_modify_macros): Define
__SIZEOF_FLOAT128__ here and only iff __float128 macro is defined.
(rs6000_cpu_cpp_builtins): Don't define __SIZEOF_FLOAT128__ here.
Define __SIZEOF_IBM128__=16 if ieee128_float_type_node is non-NULL.
Formatting fix.
* config/rs6000/ Document ibm128 attribute.
(struct attrinfo): Add isibm128 member.
(TYPE_MAP_SIZE): Remove.
(type_map): Use [] instead of [TYPE_MAP_SIZE]. For "if" use
ibm128_float_type_node only if it is non-NULL, otherwise fall back
to long_double_type_node. Remove "pif" entry.
(parse_bif_attrs): Handle ibm128 attribute and print it for debugging.
(write_decls): Output bif_ibm128_bit and bif_is_ibm128.
(write_type_node): Use sizeof type_map / sizeof type_map[0]
instead of TYPE_MAP_SIZE.
(write_bif_static_init): Handle isibm128.
* config/rs6000/rs6000-builtins.def: Document ibm128 attribute.
(__builtin_pack_ibm128, __builtin_unpack_ibm128): Add ibm128
2022-03-09 Richard Biener <>
* (expand_gimple_asm): Special-case MEM_REF
with non-decl operand, avoiding a copy.
2022-03-09 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104781
* config/i386/i386.h (LIBGCC2_UNWIND_ATTRIBUTE): Define for ia32.
2022-03-09 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/104786
* (expand_asm_stmt): Do not generate a copy
for VLAs without an upper size bound.
2022-03-09 Xi Ruoyao <>
PR tree-optimization/104851
* (supports_vec_convert_optab_p): Fix off-by-one
2022-03-09 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c/104711
* doc/invoke.texi (-Wextra): Document that -Wshift-negative-value
is enabled by it only for C++11 to C++17 rather than for C++03 or
(-Wshift-negative-value): Similarly (except here we stated
that it is enabled for C++11 or later).
2022-03-09 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/104839
* (simplify_unary_operation_1) <case SIGN_EXTEND>:
Use SRP_SIGNED instead of incorrect 1 in SUBREG_PROMOTED_SET.
(simplify_unary_operation_1) <case ZERO_EXTEND>: Use SRP_UNSIGNED
instead of incorrect 0 in SUBREG_PROMOTED_SET.
2022-03-09 Xi Ruoyao <>
PR target/104842
* config/mips/mips.h (LUI_OPERAND): Cast the input to an unsigned
value before adding an offset.
2022-03-08 Christophe Lyon <>
* config/arm/
(arm_binop_none_none_unone_qualifiers): Delete.
2022-03-08 Iain Sandoe <>
PR translation/104552
* config/ (darwin_gt_pch_get_address): Amend
the PCH out of memory error message punctuation and wording.
2022-03-08 Marek Polacek <>
PR rtl-optimization/104777
* (classify_insn): For ASM_OPERANDS, return JUMP_INSN only if
ASM_OPERANDS_LABEL_VEC has at least one element.
2022-03-08 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/104781
* config/i386/ (ix86_expand_epilogue): Sorry if there is
stack realignment or regparm nested function with EH return.
2022-03-08 Andre Vieira <>
PR target/104790
* config/arm/arm.h (MVE_STN_LDW_MODE): New MACRO.
* config/arm/ (mve_vector_mem_operand): Relax constraint on base
register for non widening loads or narrowing stores.
2022-03-08 Eric Gallager <>
PR translation/104552
* params.opt: Fix typo.
2022-03-08 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/84201
* params.opt (-param=vect-induction-float): Add.
* doc/invoke.texi (vect-induction-float): Document.
* (vectorizable_induction): Honor
2022-03-08 Martin Jambor <>
PR translation/104552
* params.opt (ipa-cp-recursive-freq-factor): Remove repeated word
"that" in the description.
2022-03-08 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104825
* (visit_reference_op_call): Properly
guard modref get_ao_ref on a pointer typed argument.
2022-03-08 liuhongt <>
* config/i386/ (*vec_dupv4si): Disable memory operand
for !TARGET_INTER_UNIT_MOVES_TO_VEC when prefer_for_speed.
2022-03-07 Jonathan Wakely <>
* doc/invoke.texi (C++ Modules): Remove anachronism.
2022-03-07 Martin Liska <>
PR middle-end/104381
* (finish_options): If debug info is disabled
(debug_info_level) and -fvar-tracking is unset, disable it.
2022-03-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
* Fix up duplicated word issue in a comment.
* config/riscv/ Likewise.
* config/darwin.h: Likewise.
* config/i386/ Likewise.
* config/aarch64/ Likewise.
* config/aarch64/fractional-cost.h: Likewise.
* config/vax/ Likewise.
* config/rs6000/ Likewise.
* config/rs6000/ Likewise.
* ctfc.h: Likewise.
* Likewise.
* value-relation.h: Likewise.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
* Likewise.
2022-03-07 Martin Liska <>
PR target/104794
* config/arm/ (arm_option_override_internal): Add missing
2022-03-07 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104782
* (vectorize_slp_instance_root_stmt):
Re-instantiate r10-5979 fix, add comment.
2022-03-07 Martin Liska <>
PR target/104797
* config/msp430/ (msp430_expand_delay_cycles): Remove
parenthesis from built-in name.
2022-03-07 Martin Liska <>
PR target/104794
* config/arm/ (arm_option_override_internal): Fix quoting
of options in error messages.
(arm_option_reconfigure_globals): Likewise.
2022-03-07 Martin Liska <>
PR target/104794
* config/arm/ (arm_expand_builtin): Reuse error
have only range [0,32].
2022-03-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104775
* config/s390/ (*cmp_and_trap_unsigned_int<mode>): Use
S constraint instead of T in the last alternative.
2022-03-07 Martin Liska <>
* (default_plugin_dir_name): Remove <dir> from error
2022-03-07 Martin Liska <>
PR translation/90148
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_linux64_override_options): Put
quote to a proper place.
* (default_plugin_dir_name): Likewise.
2022-03-07 Martin Liska <>
PR target/99297
* config/rx/ (rx_expand_builtin_mvtc): Fix translation
2022-03-07 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104779
* config/i386/ (avx512dq_mul<mode>3<mask_name>): New
define_expand pattern. Rename define_insn to ...
(*avx512dq_mul<mode>3<mask_name>): ... this.
(<code><mode>3_mask): New any_logic define_expand pattern.
(<mask_codefor><code><mode>3<mask_name>): Rename to ...
(*<code><mode>3<mask_name>): ... this.
2022-03-05 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (pass_waccess::use_after_inval_p): Remove
visited bitmap and its use. Also punt on EDGE_ABNORMAL edges.
2022-03-05 Roger Sayle <>
Uroš Bizjak <>
PR testsuite/104732
* config/i386/ (SWIM1248x): Renamed from SWIM1248s.
Include DI mode unconditionally.
(*anddi3_doubleword): Remove && TARGET_STV && TARGET_SSE2 condition,
i.e. always split on !TARGET_64BIT.
(*<any_or>di3_doubleword): Likewise.
(*one_cmpldi2_doubleword): Likewise.
(and<mode>3 expander): Update to use SWIM1248x from SWIM1248s.
(<any_or><mode>3 expander): Likewise.
(one_cmpl<mode>2 expander): Likewise.
2022-03-05 Michael Meissner <>
PR target/104698
* config/rs6000/ (UNSPEC_MTVSRD_DITI_W1): Delete.
(mtvsrdd_diti_w1): Delete.
(extendditi2): Convert from define_expand to
define_insn_and_split. Replace with code to deal with both GPR
registers and with altivec registers.
2022-03-04 Segher Boessenkool <>
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_machine_from_flags): Restructure a
bit. Handle most older CPUs.
2022-03-04 Iain Sandoe <>
* config/ (darwin_fold_builtin): Make fcode an int to
avoid a mismatch with DECL_MD_FUNCTION_CODE().
2022-03-04 Iain Sandoe <>
PR target/104117
* config/rs6000/ (@machopic_high_<mode>): New.
(@machopic_low_<mode>): New.
* config/rs6000/ (macho_pic_address): New.
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_legitimize_address): Do not
apply the TLS processing to Darwin.
* (process_address_1): Revert the changes
in r12-7209.
2022-03-04 Peter Bergner <>
PR target/87496
PR target/104208
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_option_override_internal): Make the
ISA 2.06 requirement for -mabi=ieeelongdouble conditional on
Move the -mabi=ieeelongdouble and -mabi=ibmlongdouble error checking
from here...
* common/config/rs6000/ (rs6000_handle_option):
... to here.
2022-03-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/104529
* (gimplify_init_constructor): Clear TREE_READONLY
on automatic objects which will be runtime initialized.
2022-03-04 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR middle-end/100280
PR middle-end/104132
PR middle-end/104133
* (task_shared_vars): Rename to
'make_addressable_vars'. Adjust all users.
(scan_sharing_clauses) <OMP_CLAUSE_MAP> Use it for
2022-03-04 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR middle-end/100280
* tree-core.h: Document it.
* (scan_sharing_clauses) <OMP_CLAUSE_MAP>: Handle
* (maybe_build_inner_data_region):
2022-03-04 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR middle-end/100280
* (maybe_build_inner_data_region):
Add diagnostic: "note: OpenACC 'kernels' decomposition: variable
'[...]' declared in block made addressable".
2022-03-04 Thomas Schwinge <>
PR middle-end/100400
PR middle-end/103836
PR middle-end/104061
* (decompose_kernels_region_body):
2022-03-04 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c/104627
* (warn_deprecated_use): For types prefer to use node
and only use TYPE_MAIN_VARIANT (node) if TYPE_STUB_DECL (node) is
2022-03-04 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/104704
* config/i386/ (ix86_gen_scratch_sse_rtx): Always return
a pseudo register.
2022-03-03 Martin Sebor <>
PR middle-end/104761
* (pass_waccess::execute): Call
2022-03-03 Martin Liska <>
* Use linker plug-in by default.
* configure: Regenerate.
2022-03-03 Martin Liska <>
* Now ld.mold support LTO plugin API, use it.
* configure: Regenerate.
2022-03-03 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/t-nvptx (MULTILIB_EXTRA_OPTS): Add mptx=3.1.
2022-03-03 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104758
* config/nvptx/t-nvptx (MULTILIB_EXTRA_OPTS): Add misa=sm_30.
2022-03-03 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx.h (ASM_SPEC): Add %{misa=sm_30:--no-verify}.
2022-03-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/104757
* (gimplify_omp_loop): Call gimplify_expr rather than
(gimplify_expr) <case OMP_SIMD>: Temporarily disable
gimplify_ctxp->into_ssa around call to gimplify_omp_for.
2022-03-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/104558
* (store_one_arg): When not calling emit_push_insn
because size_rtx is const0_rtx, call at least anti_adjust_stack
on arg->locate.alignment_pad if !argblock and the alignment might
be non-zero.
2022-03-02 Alexandre Oliva <>
* (undo_optional_reloads): Recognize and
drop insns of multi-word move sequences, tolerate removal
iteration on an already-removed clobber, and refuse to
substitute original pseudos into clobbers.
2022-03-02 Qing Zhao <>
PR middle-end/102276
* common.opt (-Wtrivial-auto-var-init): New option.
* doc/invoke.texi (-Wtrivial-auto-var-init): Document new option.
(-ftrivial-auto-var-init): Update option;
* (emit_warn_switch_unreachable): New function.
(warn_switch_unreachable_r): Rename to ...
(warn_switch_unreachable_and_auto_init_r): This.
(maybe_warn_switch_unreachable): Rename to ...
(maybe_warn_switch_unreachable_and_auto_init): This.
(gimplify_switch_expr): Update calls to renamed function.
2022-03-02 Richard Biener <>
PR rtl-optimization/104686
* (object_conflicts_with_allocno_p): New function
using a bitvector test instead of iterating when possible.
(allocnos_conflict_p): Choose the best allocno to iterate over
object conflicts.
(update_conflict_hard_regno_costs): Do allocnos_conflict_p test
2022-03-02 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (dump_edge_info): Dump goto_locus if present.
2022-03-02 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/104589
* (fixup_reorder_chain): Use loc_equal instead of direct
INSN_LOCATION comparison with goto_locus.
2022-03-02 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (strlen_pass::handle_assign,
strlen_pass::before_dom_children): Comment spelling fixes.
2022-03-02 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (modref_access_node::contains,
modref_access_node::closer_pair_p, modref_access_node::insert,
modref_access_node::insert_kill): Comment spelling fixes.
* Likewise.
(modref_summary::finalize, ignore_nondeterminism_p,
class modref_access_analysis,
modref_access_analysis::propagate, modref_access_analysis::analyze,
struct escape_point, class modref_lattice, modref_lattice::merge,
modref_lattice::merge_deref, class modref_eaf_analysis,
modref_eaf_analysis::analyze_ssa_name, modref_eaf_analysis::propagate,
modref_eaf_analysis::record_escape_points, remap_kills,
update_escape_summary, remove_useless_summaries,
ipa_merge_modref_summary_after_inlining, pass_ipa_modref::execute):
* ipa-modref.h (struct modref_summary, interposable_eaf_flags):
* ipa-modref-tree.h (enum modref_special_parms,
struct modref_access_node): Likewise.
2022-03-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/104715
* (pass_waccess::check_pointer_uses): Don't
unnecessarily test if ptr is a SSA_NAME, it has to be. Only push lhs
of a call if gimple_call_return_arg is equal to ptr, not just when it
is non-NULL.
2022-03-01 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (warn_string_no_nul,
maybe_warn_nonstring_arg, fndecl_alloc_p, new_delete_mismatch_p,
matching_alloc_calls_p, maybe_warn_alloc_args_overflow,
pass_waccess::check_alloca, pass_waccess::check_strcat,
memmodel_to_uhwi, fntype_argno_type,
pass_waccess::maybe_check_dealloc_call, pass_waccess::check_stmt):
Comment spelling fixes.
2022-03-01 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104716
* (find_seed_stmts_for_distribution):
Check if we can copy the loop.
2022-03-01 H.J. Lu <>
PR middle-end/104721
* (expand_gimple_basic_block): Clear
currently_expanding_gimple_stmt when returning inside the loop.
2022-03-01 Martin Liska <>
PR ipa/104533
* (get_attr_len): Move to tree.c.
(expand_target_clones): Remove single value checking.
* (get_target_clone_attr_len): New fn.
* tree.h (get_target_clone_attr_len): Likewise.
2022-03-01 Martin Liska <>
PR gcov-profile/104677
* doc/invoke.texi: Document more .gcda file name generation.
2022-03-01 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/102429
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_gen_shuffle): Handle DCmode and CDImode.
* config/nvptx/
(define_predicate "nvptx_register_or_complex_di_df_register_operand"):
New predicate.
(define_expand "omp_simt_xchg_bfly", define_expand "omp_simt_xchg_idx"):
Use nvptx_register_or_complex_di_df_register_operand.
2022-03-01 Tom de Vries <>
* config.gcc (nvptx*-*-*): Add nvptx/nvptx-gen.opt to extra_options.
* config/nvptx/ New file.
* config/nvptx/ New file.
* config/nvptx/ New file.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.h (TARGET_SM35, TARGET_SM53, TARGET_SM70)
(TARGET_SM75, TARGET_SM80): Move ...
* config/nvptx/nvptx-gen.h: ... here. New file, generate.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (Enum ptx_isa): Move ...
* config/nvptx/nvptx-gen.opt: ... here. New file, generate.
* config/nvptx/t-nvptx ($(srcdir)/config/nvptx/nvptx-gen.h)
($(srcdir)/config/nvptx/nvptx-gen.opt): New make target.
2022-03-01 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ New file.
* config/nvptx/t-omp-device: Use
2022-03-01 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx-sm.def: New file.
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_cpu_cpp_builtins): Use nvptx-sm.def.
* config/nvptx/nvptx-opts.h (enum ptx_isa): Same.
* config/nvptx/ (sm_version_to_string)
(nvptx_omp_device_kind_arch_isa): Same.
2022-03-01 Robin Dapp <>
PR rtl-optimization/104154
* config/arc/ (gen_compare_reg): Return the CC-mode
comparison ifcvt passed us.
2022-03-01 Hongyu Wang <>
PR target/104664
* config/i386/ (ix86_expand_vector_init_duplicate):
Use vec_setv8hf_0 for HF to V8HFmode move instead of subreg.
2022-02-28 Roger Sayle <>
PR tree-optimization/91384
* config/i386/ (peephole2): Eliminate final testl insn
from the sequence *movsi_internal, *negsi_1, *cmpsi_ccno_1 by
transforming using *negsi_2 for the negation.
2022-02-28 Roger Sayle <>
Eric Botcazou <>
PR middle-end/80270
* (extract_integral_bit_field): If OP0 is a hard
register, copy it to a pseudo before calling simplify_gen_subreg.
2022-02-28 Vladimir N. Makarov <>
PR rtl-optimization/104637
* (lra_split_hard_reg_for): Split hard regs as many
as possible on one subpass.
2022-02-28 Qing Zhao <>
PR middle-end/104550
* (clear_padding_flush): Suppress warnings for new
created uses.
2022-02-28 Martin Liska <>
PR ipa/104648
* (main): Use flag_checking instead of CHECKING_P
and run toplev::finalize only if there is not error seen.
2022-02-28 Richard Biener <>
* (compute_avail): Revert part of last change.
2022-02-28 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104700
* (get_or_alloc_expr_for): Remove and inline
into ...
(find_or_generate_expression): ... here, simplifying code.
2022-02-28 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx-opts.h (enum ptx_version): Add
* config/nvptx/ (handle_ptx_version_option): Handle
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt: Add EnumValue "_" / PTX_VERSION_default.
2022-02-28 Richard Biener <>
PR rtl-optimization/104686
* ira-int.h (minmax_set_iter_cond): Use ctz_hwi to elide loop
skipping bits that are zero.
(ira_object_conflict_iter_cond): Likewise.
2022-02-28 Hongyu Wang <>
* config/i386/avx512fintrin.h (_MM_TERNLOG_ENUM): New enum.
(_mm512_ternarylogic_epi64): Truncate imm to unsigned
char to avoid error when using ~enum as parameter.
(_mm512_mask_ternarylogic_epi64): Likewise.
(_mm512_maskz_ternarylogic_epi64): Likewise.
(_mm512_ternarylogic_epi32): Likewise.
(_mm512_mask_ternarylogic_epi32): Likewise.
(_mm512_maskz_ternarylogic_epi32): Likewise.
* config/i386/avx512vlintrin.h (_mm256_ternarylogic_epi64):
Adjust imm param type to unsigned char.
(_mm256_mask_ternarylogic_epi64): Likewise.
(_mm256_maskz_ternarylogic_epi64): Likewise.
(_mm256_ternarylogic_epi32): Likewise.
(_mm256_mask_ternarylogic_epi32): Likewise.
(_mm256_maskz_ternarylogic_epi32): Likewise.
(_mm_ternarylogic_epi64): Likewise.
(_mm_mask_ternarylogic_epi64): Likewise.
(_mm_maskz_ternarylogic_epi64): Likewise.
(_mm_ternarylogic_epi32): Likewise.
(_mm_mask_ternarylogic_epi32): Likewise.
(_mm_maskz_ternarylogic_epi32): Likewise.
2022-02-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
Marc Glisse <>
PR tree-optimization/104675
* match.pd (t * 2U / 2 -> t & (~0 / 2), t / 2U * 2 -> t & ~1):
Restrict simplifications to INTEGRAL_TYPE_P.
2022-02-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104681
* config/rs6000/ (movmisalign<mode>): Use rs6000_emit_move.
2022-02-25 Claudiu Zissulescu <>
* config/arc/ (gen_compare_reg): Return NULL_RTX if the
comparison is not valid.
* config/arc/ (movsicc): Fail if comparison is not valid.
(movdicc): Likewise.
(movsfcc): Likewise.
(movdfcc): Likewise.
2022-02-25 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/103037
* tree-ssa-sccvn.h (alloc_vn_nary_op_noinit): Declare.
(vn_nary_length_from_stmt): Likewise.
(init_vn_nary_op_from_stmt): Likewise.
(vn_nary_op_compute_hash): Likewise.
* (alloc_vn_nary_op_noinit): Export.
(vn_nary_length_from_stmt): Likewise.
(init_vn_nary_op_from_stmt): Likewise.
(vn_nary_op_compute_hash): Likewise.
* (pre_expr_obstack): New obstack.
(get_or_alloc_expr_for_nary): Pass in the value-id to use,
(re-)compute the hash value and if the expression is not
found allocate it from pre_expr_obstack.
(phi_translate_1): Do not insert the NARY found in the
VN tables but build a PRE expression from the valueized
NARY with the value-id we eventually found.
(find_or_generate_expression): Assert we have an entry
for constant values.
(compute_avail): Insert not valueized expressions into
EXP_GEN using the value-id from the VN tables.
(init_pre): Allocate pre_expr_obstack.
(fini_pre): Free pre_expr_obstack.
2022-02-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104674
* config/i386/i386.h (enum ix86_stack_slot): Add SLOT_FLOATxFDI_387.
* config/i386/ (splitter to floatdi<mode>2_i387_with_xmm): Use
SLOT_FLOATxFDI_387 rather than SLOT_TEMP.
2022-02-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (get_nowarn_spec): Comment spelling fix.
2022-02-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/104679
* (expand_SPACESHIP): Call do_pending_stack_adjust.
2022-02-25 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/104675
* match.pd (-A - 1 -> ~A, -1 - A -> ~A): Don't simplify for
2022-02-25 Alexandre Oliva <>
PR target/104121
PR target/103302
* (emit_move_multi_word): Restore clobbers during LRA.
2022-02-25 Alexandre Oliva <>
PR middle-end/104540
* (cfi_oprnd_equal_p): Cope with NULL
2022-02-25 Alexandre Oliva <>
PR tree-optimization/103856
* (non_eh_succ_edge): Enable the
eh edge to be requested through an extra parameter.
(pass_harden_compares::execute): Copy PHI args in the EH dest
block for the new EH edge added for the inverted compare.
2022-02-24 Palmer Dabbelt <>
* doc/invoke.texi (RISC-V -mcmodel=medany): Document the degree
of position independence that -mcmodel=medany affords.
2022-02-24 Jose E. Marchesi <>
PR target/104656
* --disable-gcov if targetting bpf-*.
* configure: Regenerate.
2022-02-24 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104676
* (loop_distribution::execute):
Do a full scev_reset.
2022-02-24 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/104601
* (visit_reference_op_call): For calls with
non-SSA_NAME lhs value number vdef to itself instead of e.g. the
vuse value number.
2022-02-24 Tom de Vries <>
Tobias Burnus <>
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_omp_device_kind_arch_isa): Handle
sm_70, sm_75 and sm_80.
* config/nvptx/t-omp-device: Add sm_53, sm_70, sm_75 and sm_80.
2022-02-24 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (define_insn "rotlsi3", define_insn
"rotrsi3"): New define_insn.
2022-02-24 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (gen_comment): Use
DECL_SOURCE_LOCATION (cfun->decl) instead of cfun->function_start_locus.
2022-02-24 liuhongt <>
* config/i386/ (<code>v1ti3): Add suffix and replace
isa attr of alternative 2 from avx to avx512vl.
2022-02-23 Richard Biener <>
Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/104644
* doc/match-and-simplify.texi: Amend ! documentation.
* (expr::gen_transform): Code-generate ! support
(parser::parse_expr): Allow ! for GENERIC.
* match.pd (cmp (bswap @0) INTEGER_CST@1): Use ! modifier on
2022-02-23 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/101636
* (vect_print_slp_tree): Dump the
vector type of the node.
(vect_slp_analyze_operations): Make sure the CTOR
is vectorized with an expected type.
(vectorize_slp_instance_root_stmt): Revert r10-5979 fix.
2022-02-23 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR c/104633
* (pass_warn_recursion::find_function_exit):
Don't warn about calls to corresponding builtin from extern inline
gnu_inline wrappers.
2022-02-23 Roger Sayle <>
PR target/104489
* config/nvptx/ (*movhf_insn): Add subregs_ok attribute.
2022-02-23 Christophe Lyon <>
PR target/100757
PR target/101325
* config/arm/ (thumb2_movhi_vfp, thumb2_movhi_fp16): Fix
2022-02-23 Cui,Lili <>
* doc/invoke.texi: Update documents for Intel architectures.
2022-02-22 Roger Sayle <>
* config/i386/ (ix86_expand_cmpxchg_loop): Restore
2022-02-22 Thomas Schwinge <>
* (omp_build_component_ref): Move function...
* (omp_build_component_ref): ... here. Remove
* omp-general.h (omp_build_component_ref): Declare function.
* (oacc_build_component_ref): Remove
(build_receiver_ref, build_sender_ref): Call
'omp_build_component_ref' instead.
2022-02-22 Thomas Schwinge <>
* (record_field_map_t): Further
simplify. Adjust all users.
2022-02-22 Segher Boessenkool <>
PR target/88134
* config/rs6000/ (atomic_hold_decl, atomic_clear_decl,
atomic_update_decl): Add GTY markup.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
* config/arm/arm.h (REG_CLASS_CONTENTS): Add VPR_REG to ALL_REGS.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
PR target/100757
PR target/101325
* config/arm/ (CX_UNARY_UNONE_QUALIFIERS): Use
* config/arm/arm_mve_builtins.def: Use predicated qualifiers.
* config/arm/ Use VxBI instead of HI.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
PR target/100757
PR target/101325
* config/arm/ (STRSBS_P_QUALIFIERS): Use predicate
* config/arm/ Use VxBI instead of HI.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
PR target/100757
PR target/101325
(STRS_P_QUALIFIERS): Use predicate qualifier.
* config/arm/arm_mve_builtins.def: Use new predicated qualifiers.
* config/arm/ Use MVE_VPRED instead of HI.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
PR target/100757
PR target/101325
* config/arm/arm_mve_builtins.def (vcmp*q_n_, vcmp*q_m_f): Use new
predicated qualifiers.
* config/arm/ (mve_vcmp<mve_cmp_op>q_n_<mode>)
(mve_vcmp*q_m_f<mode>): Use MVE_VPRED instead of HI.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
PR target/100757
* config/arm/arm-protos.h (arm_get_mask_mode): New prototype.
(arm_expand_vector_compare): Update prototype.
(arm_vector_mode_supported_p): Add support for VxBI modes.
(arm_expand_vector_compare): Remove useless generation of vpsel.
(arm_expand_vcond): Fix select operands.
(arm_get_mask_mode): New.
* config/arm/ (vec_cmp<mode><MVE_vpred>): New.
(vec_cmpu<mode><MVE_vpred>): New.
(vcond_mask_<mode><MVE_vpred>): New.
* config/arm/ (vec_cmp<mode><v_cmp_result>)
(vec_cmpu<mode><mode, vcond_mask_<mode><v_cmp_result>): Move to ...
* config/arm/ (vec_cmp<mode><v_cmp_result>)
(vec_cmpu<mode><mode, vcond_mask_<mode><v_cmp_result>): ... here
and disable for MVE.
* doc/sourcebuild.texi (arm_mve): Document new effective-target.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
PR target/100757
PR target/101325
* config/arm/arm-protos.h (mve_bool_vec_to_const): New.
* config/arm/ (arm_hard_regno_mode_ok): Handle new VxBI
(arm_mode_to_pred_mode): New.
(arm_expand_vector_compare): Use the right VxBI mode instead of
(arm_expand_vcond): Likewise.
(simd_valid_immediate): Handle MODE_VECTOR_BOOL.
(mve_bool_vec_to_const): New.
(neon_make_constant): Call mve_bool_vec_to_const when needed.
* config/arm/arm_mve_builtins.def (vcmpneq_, vcmphiq_, vcmpcsq_)
(vcmpltq_, vcmpleq_, vcmpgtq_, vcmpgeq_, vcmpeqq_, vcmpneq_f)
(vcmpltq_f, vcmpleq_f, vcmpgtq_f, vcmpgeq_f, vcmpeqq_f, vpselq_u)
(vpselq_s, vpselq_f): Use new predicated qualifiers.
* config/arm/ (DB): New.
* config/arm/ (MVE_7, MVE_7_HI): New mode iterators.
(MVE_VPRED, MVE_vpred): New attribute iterators.
* config/arm/ (@mve_vcmp<mve_cmp_op>q_<mode>)
(@mve_vcmp<mve_cmp_op>q_f<mode>, @mve_vpselq_<supf><mode>)
(@mve_vpselq_f<mode>): Use MVE_VPRED instead of HI.
(@mve_vpselq_<supf>v2di): Define separately.
(mov<mode>): New expander for VxBI modes.
* config/arm/ (thumb2_movhi_vfp, thumb2_movhi_fp16): Use
MVE_7_HI iterator and add support for DB constraint.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
Richard Sandiford <>
PR target/100757
PR target/101325
* config/aarch64/aarch64-modes.def (VNx16BI, VNx8BI, VNx4BI,
VNx2BI): Update definition.
* config/arm/ (arm_init_simd_builtin_types): Add new
simd types.
(arm_init_builtin): Map predicate vectors arguments to HImode.
(arm_expand_builtin_args): Move HImode predicate arguments to VxBI
rtx. Move return value to HImode rtx.
* config/arm/arm-builtins.h (arm_type_qualifiers): Add qualifier_predicate.
* config/arm/arm-modes.def (B2I, B4I, V16BI, V8BI, V4BI): New modes.
* config/arm/arm-simd-builtin-types.def (Pred1x16_t,
Pred2x8_t,Pred4x4_t): New.
* (init_emit_once): Handle all boolean modes.
* (mode_data): Add boolean field.
(blank_mode): Initialize it.
(make_complex_modes): Fix handling of boolean modes.
(make_vector_modes): Likewise.
(VECTOR_BOOL_MODE): Use new COMPONENT parameter.
(make_vector_bool_mode): Likewise.
(make_bool_mode): New.
(emit_insn_modes_h): Fix generation of boolean modes.
(emit_class_narrowest_mode): Likewise.
* machmode.def: (VECTOR_BOOL_MODE): Document new COMPONENT
parameter. Use new BOOL_MODE instead of FRACTIONAL_INT_MODE to
define BImode.
* (rtx_vector_builder::find_cached_value):
Fix handling of constm1_rtx for VECTOR_BOOL.
* (native_encode_rtx): Fix support for VECTOR_BOOL.
(native_decode_vector_rtx): Likewise.
(test_vector_ops_duplicate): Skip vec_merge test
with vectors of booleans.
* (output_constant_pool_2): Likewise.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
* config/arm/ (mve_vmvnq_n_<supf><mode>): Use V_elem mode
for operand 1.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
* config/arm/ (arm_class_likely_spilled_p): Handle VPR_REG.
2022-02-22 Christophe Lyon <>
* config/arm/arm.h (reg_class): Add GENERAL_AND_VPR_REGS.
(REG_CLASS_NAMES): Likewise.
* config/arm/ (arm_hard_regno_nregs): Handle VPR.
2022-02-22 Tobias Burnus <>
Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_cpu_cpp_builtins): Handle SM70.
* config/nvptx/ (first_ptx_version_supporting_sm):
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (misa): Add sm_70 alias PTX_ISA_SM70.
2022-02-22 Tobias Burnus <>
Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (mptx): Add 6.0 alias PTX_VERSION_6_0.
* doc/invoke.texi (-mptx): Update for new values and defaults.
2022-02-22 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (gen_comment): New function.
(workaround_uninit_method_1, workaround_uninit_method_2)
(workaround_uninit_method_3): : Use gen_comment.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (mptx-comment): New option.
2022-02-22 Richard Biener <>
* (vect_build_slp_tree_2): Dump the def used
for a splat.
2022-02-22 Roger Sayle <>
Richard Biener <>
* (ctor_single_nonzero_element): New function to
return the single non-zero element of a (vector) constructor.
* fold-const.h (ctor_single_nonzero_element): Prototype here.
* match.pd (reduc (constructor@0)): Simplify reductions of a
constructor containing a single non-zero element.
(reduc (@0 op VECTOR_CST) -> (reduc @0) op CONST): Simplify
reductions of vector operations of the same operator with
constant vector operands.
2022-02-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/104604
* (adjust_imagpart_expr, adjust_realpart_expr):
Only check if gimple_assign_rhs1 is COMPLEX_CST if
gimple_assign_rhs_code is COMPLEX_CST.
2022-02-22 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104612
* config/i386/ (ix86_expand_copysign): Call force_reg
on input operands before calling lowpart_subreg on it. For output
operand, use a vmode pseudo as destination and then move its lowpart
subreg into operands[0] if lowpart_subreg fails on dest.
(ix86_expand_xorsign): Likewise.
2022-02-22 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104582
PR target/99881
* config/i386/ (ix86_vector_costs::add_stmt_cost):
Cost GPR to vector register moves for integer vector construction.
2022-02-22 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104582
* tree-vectorizer.h (stmt_info_for_cost::node): New field.
(vector_costs::add_stmt_cost): Add SLP node parameter.
(dump_stmt_cost): Likewise.
(add_stmt_cost): Likewise, new overload and adjust.
(add_stmt_costs): Adjust.
(record_stmt_cost): New overload.
* (dump_stmt_cost): Dump the SLP node.
(vector_costs::add_stmt_cost): Adjust.
* (vect_estimate_min_profitable_iters):
* (vect_prologue_cost_for_slp): Record
the SLP node for costing.
(vectorizable_slp_permutation): Likewise.
* (record_stmt_cost): Adjust and add
new overloads.
* config/i386/ (ix86_vector_costs::add_stmt_cost):
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_vector_costs::add_stmt_cost):
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_vector_costs::add_stmt_cost):
(rs6000_cost_data::adjust_vect_cost_per_loop): Likewise.
2022-02-22 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104582
* tree-vectorizer.h (add_stmt_cost): New overload.
(record_stmt_cost): Likewise.
* (vect_compute_single_scalar_iteration_cost):
Use add_stmt_costs.
(vect_get_known_peeling_cost): Use new overloads.
(vect_estimate_min_profitable_iters): Likewise. Consistently
use scalar_stmt for costing versioning checks.
* (record_stmt_cost): New overload.
2022-02-22 Hongyu Wang <>
PR target/103069
* config/i386/ (ix86_expand_atomic_fetch_op_loop):
Split atomic fetch and loop part.
(ix86_expand_cmpxchg_loop): New expander for cmpxchg loop.
* config/i386/i386-protos.h (ix86_expand_cmpxchg_loop): New
* config/i386/ (atomic_compare_and_swap<mode>): Call new
(atomic_compare_and_swap<mode>): Likewise for doubleword modes.
2022-02-21 Dan Li <>
* config/aarch64/ (SLOT_REQUIRED):
Change wb_candidate[12] to wb_push_candidate[12].
(aarch64_layout_frame): Likewise, and
change callee_adjust when scs is enabled.
Change wb_candidate[12] to wb_push_candidate[12].
Change wb_candidate[12] to wb_pop_candidate[12].
Change wb_candidate[12] to wb_push_candidate[12].
(aarch64_expand_prologue): Push x30 onto SCS before it's
pushed onto stack.
(aarch64_expand_epilogue): Pop x30 frome SCS, while
preventing it from being popped from the regular stack again.
(aarch64_override_options_internal): Add SCS compile option check.
* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (struct GTY): Add is_scs_enabled,
wb_pop_candidate[12], and rename wb_candidate[12] to
* config/aarch64/ (scs_push): New template.
(scs_pop): Likewise.
* doc/invoke.texi: Document -fsanitize=shadow-call-stack.
* doc/tm.texi: Regenerate.
* doc/ Add hook have_shadow_call_stack.
* flag-types.h (enum sanitize_code):
* (parse_sanitizer_options): Add shadow-call-stack
* target.def: New hook.
* (process_options): Add SCS compile option check.
* (ubsan_expand_null_ifn): Enum type conversion.
2022-02-21 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104440
* config/nvptx/ (workaround_uninit_method_1)
(workaround_uninit_method_2, workaround_uninit_method_3)
(workaround_uninit): New function.
(nvptx_reorg): Use workaround_uninit.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (minit-regs): New option.
2022-02-21 Andre Vieira <>
PR rtl-optimization/104498
* (compare_base_symbol_refs): Correct distance computation
when swapping x and y.
2022-02-21 Andrew Pinski <>
PR c/104506
* (tree_ssa_useless_type_conversion):
Check the inner type before calling useless_type_conversion_p.
2022-02-19 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_reorg_uniform_simt): Handle SET insn.
* config/nvptx/
(define_insn "nvptx_atomic_store<mode>"): Rename to ...
(define_insn "nvptx_atomic_store_sm70<mode>"): This.
(define_insn "nvptx_atomic_store<mode>"): New define_insn.
(define_expand "atomic_store<mode>"): Handle rename. Use
nvptx_atomic_store instead of atomic_exchange.
2022-02-19 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_reorg_uniform_simt): Handle all
insns with atomic attribute. Assert that all handled insns are
* config/nvptx/ (define_insn "nvptx_atomic_store<mode>"):
Set atomic attribute to false.
2022-02-19 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_unisimt_handle_set): Change return
type to bool.
(nvptx_reorg_uniform_simt): Insert nvptx_uniform_warp_check or
nvptx_warpsync, if necessary.
2022-02-19 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR sanitizer/102656
* (instrument_derefs): If inner is a RESULT_DECL and access is
known to be within bounds, treat it like automatic variables.
If instrumenting access and inner is {VAR,PARM,RESULT}_DECL from
current function and !TREE_STATIC which is not TREE_ADDRESSABLE, mark
it addressable.
2022-02-18 Pat Haugen <>
* config/rs6000/rs6000.opt (mpower10-fusion): Mark Undocumented.
(mpower10-fusion-ld-cmpi, mpower10-fusion-2logical,
mpower10-fusion-logical-add, mpower10-fusion-add-logical,
mpower10-fusion-2add, mpower10-fusion-2store): Remove.
* config/rs6000/rs6000-cpus.def (ISA_3_1_MASKS_SERVER,
OTHER_P9_VECTOR_MASKS): Remove Power10 fusion sub-options.
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_option_override_internal,
power10_sched_reorder): Likewise.
* config/rs6000/ (gen_ld_cmpi_p10, gen_logical_addsubf,
gen_addadd): Likewise
* config/rs6000/ Regenerate.
2022-02-18 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104257
PR target/104598
* config/rs6000/mm_malloc.h (_mm_malloc): Call posix_memalign
rather than __posix_memalign.
2022-02-18 Richard Biener <>
PR target/104581
* config/i386/ (ix86_avx_u128_mode_source): Remove.
(ix86_avx_u128_mode_needed): Return AVX_U128_DIRTY instead
of calling ix86_avx_u128_mode_source which would eventually
have returned AVX_U128_ANY in some very special case.
2022-02-18 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/96881
* (mark_stmt_if_obviously_necessary): Comment
CLOBBER handling.
(control_parents_preserved_p): New function.
(eliminate_unnecessary_stmts): Check that we preserved control
parents before retaining a CLOBBER.
(perform_tree_ssa_dce): Pass down aggressive flag
to eliminate_unnecessary_stmts.
2022-02-17 Jason Merrill <>
* (warn_deprecated_use): Look for TYPE_STUB_DECL
2022-02-17 Paul A. Clarke <>
PR target/104257
* config/rs6000/bmi2intrin.h: Uglify local variables.
* config/rs6000/emmintrin.h: Likewise.
* config/rs6000/mm_malloc.h: Likewise.
* config/rs6000/mmintrin.h: Likewise.
* config/rs6000/pmmintrin.h: Likewise.
* config/rs6000/smmintrin.h: Likewise.
* config/rs6000/tmmintrin.h: Likewise.
* config/rs6000/xmmintrin.h: Likewise.
2022-02-17 Robin Dapp <>
PR target/104335
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_emit_int_cmove): Return false
if the expected comparison's first operand is of mode MODE_CC.
2022-02-17 Vladimir N. Makarov <>
PR rtl-optimization/104447
* (spill_hard_reg_in_range): Initiate ignore
hard reg set by lra_no_alloc_regs.
2022-02-17 liuhongt <>
PR tree-optimization/104551
PR tree-optimization/103771
* match.pd (cond_expr_convert_p): Add types_match check when
convert is extension.
(gimple_cond_expr_convert_p): Adjust comments.
(vect_recog_cond_expr_convert_pattern): Ditto.
2022-02-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR debug/104557
* (debug_lowpart_subreg): Don't call gen_rtx_raw_SUBREG
if expr has VOIDmode.
2022-02-17 liuhongt <>
* config/i386/cpuid.h (bit_MPX): Removed.
(bit_BNDREGS): Ditto.
(bit_BNDCSR): Ditto.
2022-02-17 Michael Meissner <>
PR target/99708
* config/rs6000/ (rs6000_cpu_cpp_builtins): Define
__SIZEOF_IBM128__ if the IBM 128-bit long double type is created.
Define __SIZEOF_FLOAT128__ if the IEEE 128-bit floating point type
is created.
2022-02-16 Andrew MacLeod <>
* (gori_compute::condexpr_adjust): Use
range_compatible_p instead of direct type comparison.
2022-02-16 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/104544
* (try_combine): When looking for insn whose links
should be updated from i3 to i2, don't stop on debug insns, instead
skip over them.
2022-02-16 Richard Sandiford <>
PR target/100056
* config/aarch64/ (LOGICAL_OR_PLUS): New iterator.
* config/aarch64/ Extend the PR100056 patterns
to handle plus in the same way as ior, if the operands have
no set bits in common.
2022-02-15 Andrew MacLeod <>
PR tree-optimization/104526
* (fold_using_range::range_of_cond_expr): Call
new routine.
* (range_def_chain::get_def_chain): Force a build
of dependency chain if there isn't one.
(gori_compute::condexpr_adjust): New.
* gimple-range-gori.h (class gori_compute): New prototype.
2022-02-15 Richard Sandiford <>
PR target/100874
* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h (aarch64_maxmin_plus_const):
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_maxmin_plus_const): New function.
* config/aarch64/ (*aarch64_minmax_plus): New pattern.
2022-02-15 Richard Sandiford <>
* tree-vectorizer.h (vect_scalar_ops_slice): New struct.
(vect_scalar_ops_slice_hash): Likewise.
(vect_scalar_ops_slice::op): New function.
* (vect_scalar_ops_slice::all_same_p): New function.
(vect_scalar_ops_slice_hash::hash): Likewise.
(vect_scalar_ops_slice_hash::equal): Likewise.
(vect_prologue_cost_for_slp): Check for duplicate vectors.
* config/aarch64/
(aarch64_vector_costs::m_stp_sequence_cost): New member variable.
(aarch64_aligned_constant_offset_p): New function.
(aarch64_stp_sequence_cost): Likewise.
(aarch64_vector_costs::add_stmt_cost): Handle new STP heuristic.
(aarch64_vector_costs::finish_cost): Likewise.
2022-02-15 Richard Sandiford <>
* (vect_bb_vectorization_profitable_p): Fix
use after free.
2022-02-15 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104543
* (unroll_jam_possible_p): Check outer loop exits
come after the inner loop.
2022-02-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104536
* config/i386/ (cygwin_gt_pch_get_address): Use
cannot instead of can%'t in diagnostics. Formatting fixes.
2022-02-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/104522
* fold-const.h (native_interpret_real): Declare.
* (native_interpret_real): No longer static. Don't
perform MODE_COMPOSITE_P verification here.
(native_interpret_expr) <case REAL_TYPE>: But perform it here instead
for all modes.
* (clear_padding_type): Call native_interpret_real
instead of native_interpret_expr.
* (simplify_immed_subreg): Perform the native_encode_rtx
and comparison verification for all FLOAT_MODE_P modes, not just
2022-02-15 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104519
* (multiple_of_p): Remove never true condition.
* (number_of_iterations_ne): Use
the appropriate types for determining whether the difference
of final and base is a multiple of the step.
2022-02-15 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR debug/104517
* (task_cpyfns): New variable.
(delete_omp_context): Don't call finalize_task_copyfn from here.
(create_task_copyfn): Push task_stmt into task_cpyfns.
(execute_lower_omp): Call finalize_task_copyfn here on entries from
task_cpyfns vector and release the vector.
2022-02-14 Martin Sebor <>
PR middle-end/104355
* doc/invoke.texi (-Warray-bounds): Update documentation.
2022-02-14 Michael Meissner <>
PR target/104253
* config/rs6000/ (init_float128_ibm): Update the
conversion functions used to convert IFmode types.
2022-02-14 Andrew Stubbs <>
* config/gcn/ (gcn_expand_reduc_scalar): Use force_reg.
2022-02-14 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104528
* tree-ssa.h (find_released_ssa_name): Declare.
* (find_released_ssa_name): Export.
* (verify_loop_structure): Look for released
SSA names in loops nb_iterations.
* (pass_dse::execute): Release number of iteration
2022-02-14 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104511
* (simplify_vector_constructor): Avoid
touching DFP <-> FP conversions.
2022-02-14 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/104497
* (gimplify_compound_lval): Make sure the
base is a non-register if needed and possible.
2022-02-13 liuhongt <>
PR target/103771
* match.pd (cond_expr_convert_p): New match.
* (gimple_cond_expr_convert_p): Declare.
(vect_recog_cond_expr_convert_pattern): New.
2022-02-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR sanitizer/104449
* Include tree-eh.h.
(handle_builtin_alloca): Handle the case when __builtin_alloca or
__builtin_alloca_with_align can throw.
2022-02-12 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/104502
* config/i386/ (cvtsd2ss splitter): If operands[1] is xmm16+
and AVX512VL isn't available, move operands[1] to operands[0] first.
2022-02-12 Uroš Bizjak <>
PR target/79754
* config/i386/ (type_natural_mode):
Skip decimal float vector modes.
2022-02-11 Iain Sandoe <>
Vladimir Makarov <>
PR target/104117
* config/rs6000/ (darwin_rs6000_legitimate_lo_sum_const_p):
Check for UNSPEC_MACHOPIC_OFFSET wrappers on symbolic addresses when
emitting PIC code.
(legitimate_lo_sum_address_p): Likewise.
* (process_address_1): Do not attempt to emit a reg
load from an invalid lo_sum address.
2022-02-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR tree-optimization/104499
* match.pd ((X & Y) CMP 0 -> X CMP2 ~Y): Use view_convert instead
of convert.
2022-02-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (build_common_builtin_nodes): Fix up formatting in
__builtin_clear_padding decl creation.
* (gimple_add_padding_init_for_auto_var): Encode
for_auto_init in the value of 2nd BUILT_IN_CLEAR_PADDING
argument rather than in 3rd argument.
(gimplify_call_expr): Likewise. Fix up comment formatting.
* (gimple_fold_builtin_clear_padding): Expect
2 arguments instead of 3, take for_auto_init from the value
of 2nd argument.
2022-02-11 Vladimir N. Makarov <>
PR rtl-optimization/104400
* (process_alt_operands): Don't make union of
this_alternative_exclude_start_hard_regs when reg class in insn
alternative covers other reg classes in the same alternative.
2022-02-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR middle-end/104446
* (subst): Don't substitute CONST_INTs into RTX_AUTOINC
2022-02-11 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/104496
* (vectorized_internal_fn_supported_p):
Bail out for integer mode vector types.
2022-02-11 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR rtl-optimization/104459
* (df_insn_change_bb): Don't call df_set_bb_dirty when
moving DEBUG_INSNs between bbs.
2022-02-11 liuhongt <>
PR tree-optimization/104479
* match.pd (uncond_op + vec_cond -> cond_op): Add single_use
for the dest of uncond_op.
2022-02-11 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104456
* config/nvptx/ (prevent_branch_around_nothing): Handle asm
2022-02-10 Qing Zhao <>
PR middle-end/100775
* (gen_call_used_regs_seq): Call
df_update_exit_block_uses when updating df.
2022-02-10 Uroš Bizjak <>
PR target/104469
* config/i386/ (vec_unpacks_float_lo_v4si):
Change operand 1 constraint to register_operand.
2022-02-10 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104373
* tree-ssa-sccvn.h (do_rpo_vn): New export exposing the
walk kind.
* (do_rpo_vn): Export, get the default
walk kind as argument.
(run_rpo_vn): Adjust.
(pass_fre::execute): Likewise.
* (warn_uninitialized_vars): Skip
blocks not reachable.
(execute_late_warn_uninitialized): Mark all edges as
(execute_early_warn_uninitialized): Use VN to compute
executable edges.
(pass_data_early_warn_uninitialized): Enable a dump file,
change dump name to warn_uninit.
2022-02-10 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/104467
* match.pd (vector extract simplification): Multiply the
number of CTOR elements with the number of element elements.
2022-02-10 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104466
* (refs_may_alias_p_2): Use rbase1/rbase2
for the MR_DEPENDENCE checks as intended.
2022-02-10 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (define_insn "nvptx_atomic_store<mode>"): New
(define_expand "atomic_store<mode>"): Use nvptx_atomic_store<mode> for
(define_c_enum "unspecv"): Add UNSPECV_ST.
2022-02-10 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx-protos.h (nvptx_mem_maybe_shared_p): Declare.
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_mem_data_area): New static function.
(nvptx_mem_maybe_shared_p): New function.
* config/nvptx/ (define_expand "atomic_store<mode>"): New
2022-02-10 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/97005
* config/nvptx/ (define_insn "sub<mode>3"): Workaround
driver JIT bug by using sub.s16 instead of sub.u16.
2022-02-10 Roger Sayle <>
* config/nvptx/ (copysign<mode>3): Allow immediate
floating point constants as operands 1 and/or 2.
2022-02-10 Roger Sayle <>
PR target/104345
* config/nvptx/ (sel_true<mode>): Fix indentation.
(sel_false<mode>): Likewise.
(define_code_iterator eqne): New code iterator for EQ and NE.
(*selp<mode>_neg_<code>): New define_insn_and_split to optimize
the negation of a selp instruction.
(*selp<mode>_not_<code>): New define_insn_and_split to optimize
the bitwise not of a selp instruction.
(*setcc_int<mode>): Use set instruction for neg:SI of a selp.
2022-02-10 Roger Sayle <>
* config/nvptx/ (any_logic): Move code iterator earlier
in machine description.
(logic): Move code attribute earlier in machine description.
(ilogic): New code attribute, like logic but "ior" for IOR.
(and<mode>3, ior<mode>3, xor<mode>3): Delete. Replace with...
(<ilogic><mode>3): New define_insn for HSDIM logic operations.
(<ilogic>bi3): New define_insn for BI mode logic operations.
(define_split): Lower logic operations from integer modes to
BI mode predicate operations.
2022-02-10 Roger Sayle <>
* config/nvptx/ (UNSPEC_ISINF): New UNSPEC.
(one_cmplbi2): New define_insn for not.pred.
(mulditi3): New define_expand for signed widening multiply.
(umulditi3): New define_expand for unsigned widening multiply.
(smul<mode>3_highpart): New define_insn for signed highpart mult.
(umul<mode>3_highpart): New define_insn for unsigned highpart mult.
(*smulhi3_highpart_2): Renamed from smulhi3_highpart.
(*smulsi3_highpart_2): Renamed from smulsi3_highpart.
(*umulhi3_highpart_2): Renamed from umulhi3_highpart.
(*umulsi3_highpart_2): Renamed from umulsi3_highpart.
(*setcc<mode>_from_not_bi): New define_insn.
(*setcc_isinf<mode>): New define_insn for testp.infinite.
(isinf<mode>2): New define_expand.
2022-02-10 Roger Sayle <>
* config/nvptx/ (cmp<mode>): Renamed from *cmp<mode>.
(setcc<mode>_from_bi): Additionally support QImode.
(extendbi<mode>2): Additionally support QImode.
(zero_extendbi<mode>2): Additionally support QImode.
(any_sbinary, any_ubinary, any_sunary, any_uunary): New code
iterators for signed and unsigned, binary and unary operations.
(<sbinary>qi3, <ubinary>qi3, <sunary>qi2, <uunary>qi2): New
expanders to perform QImode operations using SImode instructions.
(cstoreqi4): New define_expand.
(*ext_truncsi2_qi): New define_insn.
(*zext_truncsi2_qi): New define_insn.
2022-02-10 Roger Sayle <>
* config/nvptx/ (*cmpf): New define_insn.
(cstorehf4): New define_expand.
(fmahf4): New define_insn.
(neghf2): New define_insn.
(abshf2): New define_insn.
2022-02-10 Gerald Pfeifer <>
* doc/install.texi (Specific): Change the
reference to use https.
2022-02-10 Marcel Vollweiler <>
* (gimplify_scan_omp_clauses): Added cases for
and handle array sections.
(gimplify_adjust_omp_clauses): Added OMP_CLAUSE_HAS_DEVICE_ADDR case.
* (scan_sharing_clauses): Handle OMP_CLAUSE_HAS_DEVICE_ADDR.
(lower_omp_target): Same.
* tree-core.h (enum omp_clause_code): Same.
* (convert_nonlocal_omp_clauses): Same.
(convert_local_omp_clauses): Same.
* (dump_omp_clause): Same.
* Same.
2022-02-10 Eugene Rozenfeld <>
* (afdo_indirect_call): Don't attempt to promote indirect calls
that will result in direct recursive calls.
2022-02-10 Andrew Pinski <>
PR target/104474
* config/aarch64/
Use CONST0_RTX instead of const0_rtx for the non-constant elements.
2022-02-09 Uroš Bizjak <>
PR target/104462
* common/config/i386/ (OPTION_MASK_ISA2_XSAVE_UNSET):
2022-02-09 Uroš Bizjak <>
PR target/104458
* config/i386/ (ix86_split_idivmod):
Force operands[2] and operands[3] into a register..
2022-02-09 Jeff Law <>
PR target/97040
* config/v850/ (*v850_fnmasf4): Renamed from fnmasf4.
(*v850_fnmssf4): Renamed from fnmssf4
2022-02-09 Ian Lance Taylor <>
* (go_force_record_alignment): Really name the alignment
field "_" (complete 2021-12-29 change).
2022-02-09 Bill Schmidt <>
* config/rs6000/rs6000-builtins.def (VREPLACE_UN_UV2DI): Change
function prototype.
(VREPLACE_UN_UV4SI): Likewise.
(VREPLACE_UN_V2DF): Likewise.
(VREPLACE_UN_V2DI): Likewise.
(VREPLACE_UN_V4SF): Likewise.
(VREPLACE_UN_V4SI): Likewise.
* config/rs6000/rs6000-overload.def (VEC_REPLACE_UN): Change all
function prototypes.
* config/rs6000/ (vreplace_un_<mode>): Remove define_expand.
(vreplace_un_<mode>): New define_insn.
2022-02-09 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/aarch64/ (VDCSIF): New mode iterator.
(VDBL): Handle SF.
(single_wx, single_type, single_dtype, dblq): New mode attributes.
* config/aarch64/ (load_pair_lanes<mode>): Extend
from VDC to VDCSIF.
(store_pair_lanes<mode>): Likewise.
(*aarch64_combine_internal<mode>): Likewise.
(*aarch64_combine_internal_be<mode>): Likewise.
(*aarch64_combinez<mode>): Likewise.
(*aarch64_combinez_be<mode>): Likewise.
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_classify_address): Handle
8-byte modes for ADDR_QUERY_LDP_STP_N.
(aarch64_print_operand): Likewise for %y.
2022-02-09 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_split_simd_mov<mode>):
Use aarch64_combine instead of move_lo/hi_quad. Tabify.
(move_lo_quad_<mode>, aarch64_simd_move_hi_quad_<mode>): Delete.
(aarch64_simd_move_hi_quad_be_<mode>, move_hi_quad_<mode>): Delete.
(vec_pack_trunc_<mode>): Take general_operand elements and use
aarch64_combine rather than move_lo/hi_quad to combine them.
(vec_pack_trunc_df): Likewise.
2022-02-09 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h (aarch64_split_simd_combine):
* config/aarch64/ (@aarch64_combinez<mode>): Rename
(*aarch64_combinez<mode>): ...this.
(@aarch64_combinez_be<mode>): Rename to...
(*aarch64_combinez_be<mode>): ...this.
(@aarch64_vec_concat<mode>): New expander.
(aarch64_combine<mode>): Use it.
(@aarch64_simd_combine<mode>): Delete.
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_split_simd_combine): Delete.
(aarch64_expand_vector_init): Use aarch64_vec_concat.
2022-02-09 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_reg_or_mem_pair_operand):
New predicate.
* config/aarch64/ (*aarch64_combine_internal<mode>)
(*aarch64_combine_internal_be<mode>): New patterns.
2022-02-09 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/aarch64/ (move_lo_quad_internal_<mode>)
(move_lo_quad_internal_be_<mode>): Delete.
(move_lo_quad_<mode>): Use aarch64_combine<Vhalf> instead of the above.
2022-02-09 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/aarch64/aarch64-protos.h (aarch64_mergeable_load_pair_p):
* config/aarch64/ (load_pair_lanes<mode>): Use
aarch64_mergeable_load_pair_p instead of inline check.
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_expand_vector_init): Likewise.
(aarch64_check_consecutive_mems): Allow the reversed parameter
to be null.
(aarch64_mergeable_load_pair_p): New function.
2022-02-09 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/aarch64/ (vec_set<mode>): Allow the
element to be an aarch64_simd_nonimmediate_operand.
2022-02-09 Richard Sandiford <>
* config/aarch64/ (aarch64_simd_vec_set<mode>): Use
aarch64_simd_nonimmediate_operand instead of
(@aarch64_combinez<mode>): Use nonimmediate_operand instead of
(@aarch64_combinez_be<mode>): Likewise.
2022-02-09 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/104464
* (gimple_expand_vec_cond_expr): Postpone
throwing check to after unproblematic replacement.
2022-02-09 Roger Sayle <>
PR tree-optimization/104420
* match.pd (mult @0 real_zerop): Tweak conditions for constant
folding X*0.0 (or X*-0.0) to HONOR_SIGNED_ZEROS when appropriate.
2022-02-09 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR debug/104407
* (mangle_referenced_decls): New function.
(tree_add_const_value_attribute): Don't call rtl_for_decl_init if
early_dwarf. Instead walk the initializer and try to mangle vars or
functions referenced from it.
2022-02-09 Andrew MacLeod <>
PR tree-optimization/104288
* (non_null_ref::set_nonnull): New.
(non_null_ref::adjust_range): Move to header.
(ranger_cache::range_of_def): Don't check non-null.
(ranger_cache::entry_range): Don't check non-null.
(ranger_cache::range_on_edge): Check for nonnull on normal edges.
(ranger_cache::update_to_nonnull): New.
(non_null_loadstore): New.
(ranger_cache::block_apply_nonnull): New.
* gimple-range-cache.h (class non_null_ref): Update prototypes.
(non_null_ref::adjust_range): Move to here and inline.
(class ranger_cache): Update prototypes.
* (path_range_query::range_defined_in_block): Do
not search dominators.
(path_range_query::adjust_for_non_null_uses): Ditto.
* (gimple_ranger::range_of_expr): Check on-entry for
def overrides. Do not check nonnull.
(gimple_ranger::range_on_entry): Check dominators for nonnull.
(gimple_ranger::range_on_edge): Check for nonnull on normal edges..
(gimple_ranger::register_side_effects): New.
* gimple-range.h (gimple_ranger::register_side_effects): New.
* (rvrp_folder::fold_stmt): Call register_side_effects.
2022-02-09 Richard Biener <>
PR tree-optimization/104445
PR tree-optimization/102832
* optabs-query.h (can_vec_extract): New.
* (can_vec_extract): Likewise.
* (vect_find_reusable_accumulator): Check
we can extract a hi/lo part from the larger vector, rework
check iteration from larger to smaller sizes.
2022-02-09 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/35513
PR target/100593
* config/i386/ Include "i386-protos.h".
(file_end_indicate_exec_stack_and_gnu_property): Generate
a GNU_PROPERTY_1_NEEDED note for -mno-direct-extern-access or
nodirect_extern_access attribute.
* config/i386/
(handle_nodirect_extern_access_attribute): New function.
(ix86_attribute_table): Add nodirect_extern_access attribute.
* config/i386/i386-protos.h (ix86_force_load_from_GOT_p): Add a
bool argument.
(ix86_has_no_direct_extern_access): New.
* config/i386/ (ix86_has_no_direct_extern_access): New.
(ix86_force_load_from_GOT_p): Add a bool argument to indicate
call operand. Force non-call load from GOT for
-mno-direct-extern-access or nodirect_extern_access attribute.
(legitimate_pic_address_disp_p): Avoid copy relocation in PIE
for -mno-direct-extern-access or nodirect_extern_access attribute.
(ix86_print_operand): Pass true to ix86_force_load_from_GOT_p
for call operand.
(asm_preferred_eh_data_format): Use PC-relative format for
-mno-direct-extern-access to avoid copy relocation. Check
ptr_mode instead of TARGET_64BIT when selecting DW_EH_PE_sdata4.
(ix86_binds_local_p): Set ix86_has_no_direct_extern_access to
true for -mno-direct-extern-access or nodirect_extern_access
attribute. Don't treat protected data as extern and avoid copy
relocation on common symbol with -mno-direct-extern-access or
nodirect_extern_access attribute.
(ix86_reloc_rw_mask): New to avoid copy relocation for
* config/i386/i386.opt: Add -mdirect-extern-access.
* doc/extend.texi: Document nodirect_extern_access attribute.
* doc/invoke.texi: Document -m[no-]direct-extern-access.
2022-02-09 H.J. Lu <>
PR target/104441
* config/i386/ (ix86_avx_u128_mode_source): New function.
(ix86_avx_u128_mode_needed): Return AVX_U128_ANY for debug INSN.
Call ix86_avx_u128_mode_source to check mode for each component
of source operand.
2022-02-09 liuhongt <>
PR target/104451
* config/i386/ (<insn><mode>3): lowpart_subreg
operands[2] from SImode to QImode.
2022-02-09 Richard Biener <>
PR middle-end/104450
* Pass cfun around.
(+gimple_expand_vec_cond_expr): Do not combine a throwing
comparison with the select.
2022-02-09 Richard Biener <>
PR target/104453
* config/i386/ (ix86_gimple_fold_builtin): Guard shift
folding for NULL LHS.
2022-02-08 Robin Dapp <>
PR rtl-optimization/104198
PR rtl-optimization/104153
* (noce_convert_multiple_sets_1): Copy rtx instead of
using it directly. Rework comparison handling and always
perform a second pass.
2022-02-08 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR target/102140
* config/rs6000/ (vspltis_shifted): Return false also if
split1 pass has finished already.
2022-02-08 Bill Schmidt <>
* config/rs6000/rs6000-builtins.def (VMSUMCUD): New.
* config/rs6000/rs6000-overload.def (VEC_MSUMC): New.
* config/rs6000/ (UNSPEC_VMSUMCUD): New constant.
(vmsumcud): New define_insn.
2022-02-08 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/nvptx-opts.h (enum ptx_isa): Add PTX_ISA_SM70.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.h (TARGET_SM70): Define.
2022-02-08 Robin Dapp <>
* config/s390/ (s390_rtx_costs): Increase costs for load
on condition.
* config/s390/ Use paradoxical subreg.
2022-02-08 Robin Dapp <>
* (reg_subword_p): Check for paradoxical subreg.
2022-02-08 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104283
* config/nvptx/nvptx-opts.h (enum ptx_version): Add PTX_VERSION_3_0
and PTX_VERSION_4_2.
* config/nvptx/ (first_ptx_version_supporting_sm)
(default_ptx_version_option, ptx_version_to_string)
(sm_version_to_string, handle_ptx_version_option): New function.
(nvptx_option_override): Call handle_ptx_version_option.
(nvptx_file_start): Use ptx_version_to_string and sm_version_to_string.
* config/nvptx/ (define_insn "nvptx_shuffle<mode>")
(define_insn "nvptx_vote_ballot"): Use TARGET_PTX_6_0.
* config/nvptx/nvptx.opt (mptx): Remove 'Init'.
2022-02-08 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* doc/install.texi (Configuration): Document `--with-isa-spec='
RISC-V option.
* doc/invoke.texi (Option Summary): List `-misa-spec=' RISC-V
(RISC-V Options): Document it.
2022-02-08 Maciej W. Rozycki <>
* config/riscv/t-riscv (riscv-sr.o): Add $(TM_H) dependency.
2022-02-08 Tom de Vries <>
* config/nvptx/ (write_fn_proto_1): Handle 'main (int)'.
2022-02-08 Tom de Vries <>
PR target/104364
* config/nvptx/nvptx-protos.h (nvptx_mem_local_p): Declare.
* config/nvptx/ (nvptx_reorg_uniform_simt): Assert that
change is validated.
(nvptx_mem_local_p): New function.
* config/nvptx/ Use nvptx_mem_local_p.
(define_c_enum "unspecv"): Add UNSPECV_CAS_LOCAL.
(define_insn "atomic_compare_and_swap<mode>_1_local"): New
non-atomic, non-predicable define_insn, factored out of ...
(define_insn "atomic_compare_and_swap<mode>_1"): ... here.
Make predicable again.
(define_expand "atomic_compare_and_swap<mode>"): Use