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/* Declarations for rtx-reader support for gen* routines.
Copyright (C) 2000-2022 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This file is part of GCC.
GCC is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option) any later
GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see
<>. */
#include "read-md.h"
struct obstack;
extern struct obstack *rtl_obstack;
/* Information about an .md define_* rtx. */
class md_rtx_info {
/* The rtx itself. */
rtx def;
/* The location of the first line of the rtx. */
file_location loc;
/* The unique number attached to the rtx. Currently all define_insns,
define_expands, define_splits, define_peepholes and define_peephole2s
share the same insn_code index space. */
int index;
#define OPTAB_CL(name, pat, c, b, l) name,
#define OPTAB_CX(name, pat)
#define OPTAB_CD(name, pat) name,
#define OPTAB_NL(name, pat, c, b, s, l) name,
#define OPTAB_NC(name, pat, c) name,
#define OPTAB_NX(name, pat)
#define OPTAB_VL(name, pat, c, b, s, l) name,
#define OPTAB_VC(name, pat, c) name,
#define OPTAB_VX(name, pat)
#define OPTAB_DC(name, pat, c) name,
#define OPTAB_D(name, pat) name,
/* Enumerates all optabs. */
typedef enum optab_tag {
#include "optabs.def"
} optab;
#undef OPTAB_CL
#undef OPTAB_CX
#undef OPTAB_CD
#undef OPTAB_NL
#undef OPTAB_NC
#undef OPTAB_NX
#undef OPTAB_VL
#undef OPTAB_VC
#undef OPTAB_VX
#undef OPTAB_DC
#undef OPTAB_D
/* Describes one entry in optabs.def. */
struct optab_def
/* The name of the optab (e.g. "add_optab"). */
const char *name;
/* The pattern that matching define_expands and define_insns have.
See the comment at the head of optabs.def for details. */
const char *pattern;
/* The initializers (in the form of C code) for the libcall_basename,
libcall_suffix and libcall_gen fields of (convert_)optab_libcall_d. */
const char *base;
const char *suffix;
const char *libcall;
/* The optab's enum value. */
unsigned int op;
/* The value returned by optab_to_code (OP). */
enum rtx_code fcode;
/* CODE if code_to_optab (CODE) should return OP, otherwise UNKNOWN. */
enum rtx_code rcode;
/* 1: conversion optabs with libcall data,
2: conversion optabs without libcall data,
3: non-conversion optabs with libcall data ("normal" and "overflow"
optabs in the optabs.def comment)
4: non-conversion optabs without libcall data ("direct" optabs). */
unsigned int kind;
extern optab_def optabs[];
extern unsigned int num_optabs;
/* Information about an instruction name that matches an optab pattern. */
struct optab_pattern
/* The name of the instruction. */
const char *name;
/* The matching optab. */
unsigned int op;
/* The optab modes. M2 is only significant for conversion optabs;
it is zero otherwise. */
unsigned int m1, m2;
/* An index that provides a lexicographical sort of (OP, M2, M1).
Used by */
unsigned int sort_num;
extern rtx add_implicit_parallel (rtvec);
extern rtx_reader *init_rtx_reader_args_cb (int, const char **,
bool (*)(const char *));
extern rtx_reader *init_rtx_reader_args (int, const char **);
extern bool read_md_rtx (md_rtx_info *);
extern unsigned int get_num_insn_codes ();
/* Set this to 0 to disable automatic elision of insn patterns which
can never be used in this configuration. See
Must be set before calling init_md_reader. */
extern int insn_elision;
/* Return the C test that says whether a definition rtx can be used,
or "" if it can be used unconditionally. */
extern const char *get_c_test (rtx);
/* If the C test passed as the argument can be evaluated at compile
time, return its truth value; else return -1. The test must have
appeared somewhere in the machine description when genconditions
was run. */
extern int maybe_eval_c_test (const char *);
/* Add an entry to the table of conditions. Used by genconditions and
by */
extern void add_c_test (const char *, int);
/* This structure is used internally by and */
struct c_test
const char *expr;
int value;
#ifdef __HASHTAB_H__
extern hashval_t hash_c_test (const void *);
extern int cmp_c_test (const void *, const void *);
extern void traverse_c_tests (htab_trav, void *);
/* Predicate handling: helper functions and data structures. */
struct pred_data
struct pred_data *next; /* for iterating over the set of all preds */
const char *name; /* predicate name */
bool special; /* special handling of modes? */
/* data used primarily by */
const char *c_block; /* C test block */
rtx exp; /* RTL test expression */
/* data used primarily by */
enum rtx_code singleton; /* if pred takes only one code, that code */
int num_codes; /* number of codes accepted */
bool allows_non_lvalue; /* if pred allows non-lvalue expressions */
bool allows_non_const; /* if pred allows non-const expressions */
bool codes[NUM_RTX_CODE]; /* set of codes accepted */
extern struct pred_data *first_predicate;
extern struct pred_data *lookup_predicate (const char *);
extern void add_predicate_code (struct pred_data *, enum rtx_code);
extern void add_predicate (struct pred_data *);
#define FOR_ALL_PREDICATES(p) for (p = first_predicate; p; p = p->next)
struct pattern_stats
/* The largest match_operand, match_operator or match_parallel
number found. */
int max_opno;
/* The largest match_dup, match_op_dup or match_par_dup number found. */
int max_dup_opno;
/* The smallest and largest match_scratch number found. */
int min_scratch_opno;
int max_scratch_opno;
/* The number of times match_dup, match_op_dup or match_par_dup appears
in the pattern. */
int num_dups;
/* The number of rtx arguments to the generator function. */
int num_generator_args;
/* The number of rtx operands in an insn. */
int num_insn_operands;
/* The number of operand variables that are needed. */
int num_operand_vars;
extern void get_pattern_stats (struct pattern_stats *ranges, rtvec vec);
extern void compute_test_codes (rtx, file_location, char *);
extern file_location get_file_location (rtx);
extern const char *get_emit_function (rtx);
extern bool needs_barrier_p (rtx);
extern bool find_optab (optab_pattern *, const char *);
#endif /* GCC_GENSUPPORT_H */