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/* { dg-do compile } */
/* { dg-require-effective-target powerpc_p8vector_ok } */
/* { dg-options "-mdejagnu-cpu=power8 -O0 -dp" } */
#include <altivec.h>
int main ()
vector long long la = {5L, 14L};
vector long long lb = {3L, 86L};
vector bool long long ld = {0, -1};
vector unsigned long long ua = {5L, 14L};
vector unsigned long long ub = {3L, 86L};
vector bool long long ud = {0, -1};
/* vec_or tests generate an xxlor instruction when compiled with -O0. The xxlor
instructions get optimized away with higher optimization levels.
When compiling on Linux we see the xxlor instruction used as a move in various
places. When compiling on AIX, a move instruction is used instead of the xxlor
instruction. So, these tests have been isolated into a different file to limit
the xxlor instruction use to just the vex_or builtin tests. */
vector long long ls = vec_or (la, lb);
vector long long lt = vec_or (la, ld);
vector long long lu = vec_or (ld, la);
vector unsigned long long us = vec_or (ua, ub);
vector unsigned long long ut = vec_or (ua, ud);
vector unsigned long long uu = vec_or (ud, ua);
return 0;
/* Expected results:
vec_or xxlor */
/* { dg-final { scan-assembler-times "xxlor" 6 } } */