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# Host configuration file for an NCR 3000 (i486/SVR4) system.
# The NCR 3000 ships with a MetaWare compiler installed as /bin/cc.
# This compiler not only emits obnoxious copyright messages every time
# you run it, but it chokes and dies on a whole bunch of GNU source
# files. Default to using the AT&T compiler installed in /usr/ccs/ATT/cc.
# Unfortunately though, the AT&T compiler sometimes generates code that
# the assembler barfs on if -g is used, so disable it by default as well.
CC = /usr/ccs/ATT/cc
# Define SYSV as -DSYSV if you are using a System V operating system.
RANLIB = true
# The l flag generates a warning from the SVR4 archiver, remove it.