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This directory contains MPW scripts and related files that are needed to
build Cygnus GNU tools for MPW. The scripts should be somewhere on the
command path; our usual practice has been to have a separate directory
for the scripts, and put the tools (byacc, flex, and sed at least) there
also; then it's easier to drag the support bits around as a group, or to
upgrade MPW versions. The complete package of scripts and tool binaries
is usually available as pub/mac/buildtools.cpt.hqx on
"tr-7to8-src" is actually the source to an MPW script that transforms
sequences like "\Option-d" into the actual 8-bit chars that MPW needs.
It's only the source because it can't itself include any 8-bit chars.
It *can* be processed into a genuine "tr-7to8" by using itself:
tr-7to8 tr-7to8-src | sed -e 's/Src//' >new-tr-7to8
Use this to verify:
compare tr-7to8 new-tr-7to8
If you don't have a working tr-7to8, then you will have to manually
replace all occurrences of "\Option-d" with real Option-d (which looks
like a delta), then do similarly with all the other "\Option-..."
strings, and then change "\SrcOption-d" into the string "\Option-d".