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This is the README file for the GNU Texinfo distribution.
The primary distribution point is
Please email bugs or suggestions to (If you wish,
you can join this list by sending a subscribe message to Patches are welcome; if possible, please
make them with diff -c and include ChangeLog entries.
Programs within this distribution have their own version numbers. When
you refer to a file, please mention its own version, as well as the
version number of the Texinfo distribution.
For generic installation instructions on compiling and installing this
Automake-based distribution, please read the file `INSTALL'.
Installation notes specific to Texinfo:
* The Info tree uses a file `dir' as its root node; the `dir-example'
file in this distribution is included for informative purposes.
Use it, modify it, or ignore it just as you like.
* You can create a file texinfo.cnf to be read by TeX when
processing Texinfo manuals. For example, it might contain the
command @afourpaper. See the `Preparing for TeX' node in
texinfo.texi for more details.
* If your info files are not in $prefix/info, you may wish to add a line
#define DEFAULT_INFOPATH "/mydir1:/mydir2:/etc"
to config.h after running configure.
This distribution includes (but is not limited to) the following files:
README This file.
INTRODUCTION Brief introduction to the system, and
how to create readable files from the
Texinfo source files in this distribution.
Texinfo source files (in ./doc):
texinfo.texi This manual describes the Texinfo language
and many of the associated tools. It
tells how to use Texinfo to write
documentation, how to use Texinfo mode
in GNU Emacs, TeX, makeinfo, and the
Emacs Lisp Texinfo formatting commands.
info.texi This manual tells you how to use
Info. This document comes as part of
GNU Emacs. If you do not have Emacs,
you can format this Texinfo source
file with makeinfo or TeX and then
read the resulting Info file with the
standalone Info reader that is part of
this distribution.
info-stnd.texi This manual tells you how to use
the standalone GNU Info reader that is
included in this distribution as C
source (./info).
Printing related files:
doc/texinfo.tex This TeX definitions file tells
the TeX program how to typeset a
Texinfo file into a DVI file ready for
util/texindex.c This file contains the source for
the `texindex' program that generates
sorted indices used by TeX when
typesetting a file for printing.
util/texi2dvi This is a shell script for
producing an indexed DVI file using
TeX and texindex. Must be used if the
source document uses Texinfo @macros.
Source files for standalone C programs (./lib, ./makeinfo, ./info):
makeinfo.c This file contains the source for
the `makeinfo' program that you can
use to create an Info file from a
Texinfo file.
info.c This file contains the source for
the `info' program that you can use to
view Info files on an ASCII terminal.
getopt.c Various support files
Installation files:
configure This file creates a Makefile
which in turn creates an `info' or
`makeinfo' executable, or a C sources
distribution. This is a template for creating
`configure' using Autoconf. This is a template for `configure'
to use to make a Makefile. Created by
Automake. This is a template for Automake
to use to make a
Other files (util):
NEWS This contains a summary of new
features since the first edition
of Texinfo.
fixfonts This is a shell script to install the
`lcircle10' TeX fonts as an alias for
the `circle10' fonts. In some older
TeX distributions the names are
tex3patch This handles a bug for version
3.0 of TeX that does not occur in
more recent versions.