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This directory contains documentation on the Texinfo system and the TeX
sources needed to process Texinfo sources. (Use texi2dvi to run a
Texinfo manual through TeX to produce a DVI file.)
The .tex files are not installed automatically because TeX installations
vary so widely. Installing them in the wrong place would give a false
sense of security. So, you should simply cp *.tex to the appropriate
place. If your installation follows the TeX Directory Structure
standard (, this will be the directory
<texmf>/tex/texinfo/ for texinfo.tex and <texmf>/tex/plain/dvips/ for
epsf.tex. If you use the default installation paths, <texmf> will be
/usr/local/share/texmf. If you have teTeX, you can find <texmf> by
texconfig confall | grep \^TEXMF=
(The configure script tries to do this for you.)
You can get the latest texinfo.tex from
or on the FSF machines in /home/gd/gnu/doc/texinfo.tex.
If you have problems with the version in this distribution, please check
for a newer version.
epsf.tex comes with dvips distributions, and you may already have it
installed. The version here is functionally identical but slightly
nicer than the one in dvips574. The changes have been sent to the
epsf.tex maintainer.