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This script sums up the counters for seeing how many virtual calls are
actually being verified. The flag for generating the count data is
"-fvtv-counts". This flag will generate two files in /tmp,
"vtv_count_data.log" and "vtv_class_set_sizes.log". The first file is
the one that contains the info I mentioned; the second one is one I
generated because I was curious about how big the average set size was
for the vtable verification work.
After compiling the attached program, run it on the vtv_count_data.log
$ sum-counters /tmp/vtv_count_data.log
One can optionally pass a "--verbose" flag. This file generates an
output file whose name is the same as the input file, with ".summary"
appended to it, e.g. /tmp/vtv_count_data.log.summary . Without the
verbose flag, it will just contain something like this:
Total # virtual calls: 349123
Total # verified calls: 348236
Percent verified: 99 %
Total calls to __VLTRegisterSet: 42236
Total calls to __VLTRegisterPair: 84371
Total # unused vtable map vars: 1536333
With the --verbose flag it will also output one line for each
compilation unit for which it verified less than 90% of the virtual
calls (and there were more than 20 virtual calls in the file),
something like this:
Verified 1 out of 25 (4.00%) :
Verified 27 out of 43 (62.00%) :
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
usage (const char *error_text)
fprintf (stderr, "%s", error_text);
fprintf (stderr, "Usage: \n");
fprintf (stderr, "sum-counters <input-file> [--verbose]\n");
main (int argc, char **argv)
FILE *fp_in = NULL;
FILE *fp_out = NULL;
int sum_vcalls = 0;
int sum_verified = 0;
int sum_regset = 0;
int sum_regpair = 0;
int sum_unused = 0;
char fname_in[1024];
char fname_out[1024];
int total;
int verified;
int regset;
int regpair;
int unused;
float pct;
char buffer[1024];
int verbose = 0;
if (argc < 2)
usage ("Error: Need an input file.\n");
return 1;
fp_in = fopen (argv[1], "r");
if (!fp_in)
snprintf (buffer, 1024, "Error: Unable to open input file '%s'.\n",
usage (buffer);
return 1;
if (argc == 3)
if (strcmp (argv[2], "--verbose") == 0)
verbose = 1;
snprintf (buffer, 1024, "Error: Unrecognized option '%s'.\n",
usage (buffer);
return 1;
snprintf (fname_out, 1024, "%s.summary", argv[1]);
fp_out = fopen (fname_out, "w");
if (!fp_out)
fprintf (stderr, "Error: Unable to open output file '%s'\n",
return 1;
while (fscanf (fp_in, "%s %d %d %d %d %d\n", fname_in, &total,
&verified, &regset, &regpair, &unused) != EOF)
sum_vcalls += total;
sum_verified += verified;
sum_regset += regset;
sum_regpair += regpair;
sum_unused += unused;
float tmp_pct = 0.0;
if (total > 0)
tmp_pct = (verified * 100) / total;
if (verbose && tmp_pct < 90 && total >= 20)
fprintf (fp_out, "Verified %d out of %d (%.2f%%) : %s\n",
verified, total, tmp_pct, fname_in);
fclose (fp_in);
fprintf (fp_out, "\n\n");
fprintf (fp_out, "Total # virtual calls: %d\n", sum_vcalls);
fprintf (fp_out, "Total # verified calls: %d\n", sum_verified);
if (sum_vcalls > 0)
fprintf (fp_out, "Percent verified: %d %%\n",
sum_verified * 100 / sum_vcalls);
fprintf (fp_out, "Percent verified: NA %%\n");
fprintf (fp_out, "\nTotal calls to __VLTRegisterSet: %d\n",
fprintf (fp_out, "Total calls to __VLTRegisterPair: %d\n",
fprintf (fp_out, "Total # unused vtable map vars: %d\n", sum_unused);
fclose (fp_out);
return 0;