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Tue Jul 14 02:20:38 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* version.c: Bump to avoid problems with old spec files during
Mon Jul 13 23:11:44 1998 David S. Miller <>
* config/sparc/sparc.c (output_scc_insn): Enclose || conditions in
parens while walking over notes.
* config/sparc/ (reg movdi split): Clean up matching
(all DI arithop splits on 32-bit): Handle immediate arguments
correctly when they are CONST_INTs.
Mon Jul 13 23:57:21 1998 Kamil Iskra <>
* m68k/m68k.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Clear MASK_68040_ONLY for
-m68020-40, -m68020-60 and -m5200.
Mon Jul 13 23:52:05 1998 Weiwen Liu <>
* gcc.c (do_spec_1): Fix %O handling for secure temporary file
Mon Jul 13 23:42:36 1998 Ralf Corsepius <>
* sh/elf.h (MAX_OFILE_ALIGNMENT): Undefine before including svr4.h.
Mon Jul 13 23:36:08 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* i386/i386.h (CPP_486_SPEC, CPP_586_SPEC, CPP_686_SPEC): New specs.
(EXTRA_SPECS): Support them.
* gcc.c: Delete %[spec] support.
(do_spec_1, case '('): Likewise.
(do_spec_1, case '['): Call error.
* i386/aix386ng.h, cygwin32.h, freebsd-elf.h, gas.h, isc.h,
linux-aout.h, linux-oldld.h, linux.h, osfelf.h, osfrose.h, sco.h,
sco4.h, sco4dbx.h, sco5.h, sol2.h, sysv3.h (CPP_SPEC): Delete
Mon Jul 13 23:31:04 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68k.c (output_scc_di): Use cmpw #0 only for address registers.
Mon Jul 13 23:26:43 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* tree.h (tree_common): Note front-end dependencies on layout of
this structure.
Mon Jul 13 23:18:39 1998 Craig Burley <>
* stmt.c (expand_expr_stmt): If not assigning fresh
value to last_expr_value, zero it, so old garbage
doesn't get dereferenced.
Mon Jul 13 23:06:55 1998 (Henning Petersen)
* gcse.c (hash_scan_insn): Add missing argument declaration.
Mon Jul 13 18:59:13 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* (mips-sgi-irix5cross64, mips-sgi-irix5*): Remove
HAVE_INTTYPES_H from xm_defines. Define xm_file to mips/xm-iris5.h.
* mips/xm-iris5.h (USG): Delete.
Mon Jul 13 17:18:47 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* cccp.c (main): Add support for parsing --help.
(display_help): New function: display command line switches.
* cpplib.c (cpp_handle_option): Add support for parsing --help.
(display_help): New function: display command line switches.
* gcc.c (main): Add support for parsing --help, and passing it on
to the sub-processes invoked by gcc.
(display_help): New function: display command line switches.
* tm.texi (TARGET_SWITCHES and TARGET_OPTIONS): Document
'description' field added to structure.
* toplev.c: Add support for parsing --help.
Add documentation strings to command line option tables.
(display_help): New function: display comman line switches.
Mon Jul 13 16:15:10 1998 John Carr <>
* sparc.c, sparc.h, New trampoline code.
Allow integer operand 1 to V8+ DImode shift instructions.
Fix bugs in V8+ wide multiply patterns.
In 32 bit mode, split DImode register moves and logical instructions.
Write V9 branch prediction flag.
Use V9 conditional move more often for scc.
Mon Jul 13 15:10:09 1998 Philippe De Muyter <>
* invoke.texi(-fno-builtin): Explain that the names of built-in
functions begin with `__builtin_', not `__'.
Mon Jul 13 19:01:52 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (reload_reg_free_before_p): Abort for RELOAD_FOR_OUTPUT.
Mon Jul 13 10:50:17 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (SCOPE_STRING): Remove DMGL_JAVA stuff.
(cplus_demangle_opname): Initialize work.
(demangle_template): Remove is_java_array.
(do_type): Remove DMGL_JAVA stuff.
(long_options): Remove "java".
(main): Remove 'j' option.
Mon Jul 13 10:19:00 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* mn10300.h (REG_CLASS_FROM_LETTER): Map 'y' to SP_REGS.
Handle 'x' as NO_REGS for this cpu.
* mn13000.c (REG_SAVE_BYTES): Define.
(expand_epilogue, initial_offset): Use it.
(secondary_reload_class): Slightly reformat.
(output_tst): Tweak comments.
* Change 'x' to 'y' for SP_REGS. Then add 'x' to many
(addsi3): Turn into a define_expand/define_insn pair. Rework code for
three operand addition case to be more efficient.
(subsi3): Turn into a define_expand/define_insn pair.
* expr.c (expand_expr): Only set MEM_IN_STRUCT_P if the memory address
is not varying for REFERENCE_TYPE or when we think we might have found
an optimized access to the first element in an array.
Mon Jul 13 02:24:08 1998 David S. Miller <>
* regclass.c (reg_scan_mark_refs): New arg min_regno. Only update
regscan information for REGs with numbers greater than or equal to
this. All callers changed.
(reg_scan_update): New function to efficiently update regscan
information on the fly.
* rtl.h: Add prototype.
* jump.c (jump_optimize): Call it when we make a transformation
which generates new pseudo-REGs.
Sun Jul 12 13:08:14 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* collect2.c (main): Use "-x c" instead of "-lang-c" for force the
compiler into C mode.
Sun Jul 12 01:27:05 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* cplus-dem.c (demangle_nested_args): Return a value.
* tree.h (TYPE_P): New macro.
Sat Jul 11 16:19:48 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (string): Move definition before work_stuff.
(work_stuff): Add volatile_type, forgetting_types,
previous_argument, and nrepeats fields.
(SCOPE_STRING): New macro.
(demangle_template): Add `remember' parameter. Add comment.
Register the `B' code type here, if remembering. Tidy. Fix crash
on NULL tmpl_argvec. Be consistent with use of tname/trawname.
(demangle_nested_args): New function.
(internal_cplus_demangle): Handle volatile-qualified member
(mop_up): Delete the previous_argument string if present.
(demangle_signature): Tidy. Handle volatile-qualified member
functions. Handle back-references using the `B' code. Use extra
parameter to demangle_template and SCOPE_STRING where appropriate.
(demangle_template_value_parm): Fix thinko; 'B' is not an integral
(demangle_class): Use SCOPE_STRING.
(gnu_special): Pass additional argument to demangle_template.
(demangle_qualified): Save qualified types for later
back-references. Handle constructors and destructors for template
types correctly.
(do_type): Tidy. Use SCOPE_STRING. Pass extra argument to
demangle_template. Use demangled_nested_args. Don't remember
qualified types here; that's now done in demangle_qualified.
Similarly for templates.
(do_arg): Improve comment. Handle 'n' repeat code.
(remember_type): Check forgetting_types.
(demangle_args): Deal with 'n' repeat codes. Tidy.
Sat Jul 11 02:59:08 1998 Richard Earnshaw <>
* (extendhisi2_mem, movhi, movhi_bytes): Propagate the volatile
and structure attribute flags to MEMs generated.
(splits for sign-extended HI & QI mode from memory): Also propagate
the volatile flag.
* (thumb-*-coff*): Don't cause fixincludes to be run.
Fri Jul 10 19:06:59 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* varray.h: Include system.h if it hasn't already been included
before to get size_t declared.
Fri Jul 10 12:53:58 1998 David S. Miller <>
* jump.c (jump_optimize): If after_regscan and our transformations
generate new REGs, rerun reg_scan.
Fri Jul 10 11:50:43 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* config/i960/i960.c (i960_address_cost): MEMA operands with
positive offsets < 4096 are free.
Fri Jul 10 12:34:37 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* config/m68k/m68k.c (const_uint32_operand): Recognize
(const_sint32_operand): Likewise.
Thu Jul 9 22:58:59 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* (alias.o): Depend on $(EXPR_H).
Thu Jul 9 18:24:56 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): If using an equivalence from
find_equiv_reg and reg_reloaded_valid is not set for this register,
clear the associated spill_reg_store.
Thu Jul 9 18:12:49 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (emit_reload_insns): If an output reload copies only
to a secondary reload register, indicate that the secondary reload
does the actual store.
Thu Jul 9 18:01:05 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): If need_stable_sp is set,
check if stack pointer is changed directly in a PARALLEL.
Thu Jul 9 10:38:14 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* jump.c (duplicate_loop_exit_test): Fix thinko.
Thu Jul 9 01:30:37 1998 Joel Sherrill <>
Ralf Corsepius <>
* config/i386/rtemself.h: Updated to keep in sync with
* Added sh-rtemself.
* configure: Rebuilt.
* config/sh/rtems.h: Removed -D__ELF__ since it is now COFF.
* config/sh/rtemself.h: New file.
* config/rs6000/rtems.h: Defined STARTFILE_DEFAULT_SPEC.
Wed Jul 8 21:43:14 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* Check if the assembler supports ".balign" and
".p2align" and define HAVE_GAS_BALIGN_AND_P2ALIGN appropriately.
* acconfig.h (HAVE_GAS_BALIGN_AND_P2ALIGN): New tag.
* i386/gas.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGN): If the assembler has support for
".balign" then use it.
* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Revert previous patch.
* jump.c (duplicate_loop_exit_test): Do not duplicate the loop exit
test if the exit code has an insn with ASM_OPERANDS.
* i386/cygwin32.h (STDIO_PROTO): Fix typo.
* m32r.h (STDIO_PROTO): Fix typo.
* pa.h (LEGITIMIZE_RELOAD_ADDRESS): Handle addresses created by
* tm.texi (LEGITIMIZE_RELOAD_ADDRESS): Note that this macro must be
able to handle addresses created by previous invocations of the macro.
* flow.c (find_auto_inc): Remove most recent change. Real bug was
* cse.c (count_reg_usage): Count registers used in addresses of
Wed Jul 8 15:08:29 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* (STAGESTUFF): Readd line lost during June 9 FSF merge.
* (mips64orion-*-rtems*): Use elf64.h not elfl64.h.
1998-07-08 Vladimir N. Makarov <>
* config/fp-bit.c (__gexf2, __fixxfsi, __floatsixf): Add function
* toplev.c (lang_options): Add -Wlong-long, -Wno-long-long
* c-decl.c (warn_long_long): Define.
(c_decode_option): Parse -Wlong-long, -Wno-long-long options.
(grokdeclarator): Add flag `warn_long_long' as guard for
warning "ANSI C does not support `long long'".
* invoke.texi: Add description of options -Wlong-long,
* gcc.1: The same as above.
Wed Jul 8 02:43:34 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* rtlanal.c (reg_overlap_mentioned_p): Handle STRICT_LOW_PART. If
either argument is CONSTANT_P, then return zero.
* reload.c (reg_overlap_mentioned_for_reload_p): Similarly.
* Also look at $srcdir/gas/configure to find a
gas version #.
Wed Jul 8 00:28:22 1998 Carlo Wood <>
* dsp16xx.h : Clean up of macro OPTIMIZATION_OPTIONS
Tue Jul 7 21:18:14 1998 Mumit Khan <>
* i386/cygwin32.h (ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME): Merge duplicate
definitions from last two patches.
Tue Jul 7 23:03:34 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): Don't set reload_override_in
if EQUIV is clobbered in INSN and the reload is done after INSN.
Tue Jul 7 21:23:36 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* expr.c (emit_queue): If emitting a SEQUENCE, set QUEUED_INSN
to the first insn of the sequence.
Tue Jul 7 21:05:25 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* cse.c (cse_insn): Don't make change without validation.
Tue Jul 7 11:40:05 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* (various zero/sign extension patterns): Zero and sign
extensions which use "sub" clobber cc0.
Tue Jul 7 09:12:08 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Tue Jul 7 10:07:20 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Use REAL_VALUE_TYPE instead of "double".
Tue Jul 7 08:41:27 1998 Richard Henderson (
* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Only print fp values when REAL_VALUE_TYPE
is a double.
Tue Jul 7 00:31:58 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Tue Jul 7 01:03:03 1998 Mumit Khan <>
Support for dllimport and dllexport attributes for i386-pe.
* tree.h (DECL_NON_ADDR_CONST_P): New accessor macro.
(struct tree_decl): Add non_addr_const_p field.
* tree.c (staticp): Use.
* i386/cygwin32.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Map __declspec(x) to GCC
(SUBTARGET_SWITCHES): Switches to turn on/off dllimport|export
attributes. Also accept -mwindows option.
(drectve_section): Cover function to implement above.
(switch_to_section): Covert function to implement above.
(EXTRA_SECTIONS): Add in_drectve.
(EXTRA_SECTION_FUNCTIONS): Add in_drectve and switch_to_section.
(ENCODE_SECTION_INFO): Delete old macro and redefine as a function.
(STRIP_NAME_ENCODING): Handle new attributes.
* i386/mingw32.h (CPP_PREDEFINES): Map __declspec(x) to GCC
* i386/winnt.c (i386_pe_valid_decl_attribute_p): New function.
(i386_pe_merge_decl_attributes): New function.
(i386_pe_check_vtable_importexport): New function.
(i386_pe_dllexport_p): New function.
(i386_pe_dllimport_p): New function.
(i386_pe_dllexport_name_p): New function.
(i386_pe_dllimport_name_p): New function.
(i386_pe_mark_dllexport): New function.
(i386_pe_mark_dllimport): New function.
(i386_pe_encode_section_info): New function.
(i386_pe_unique_section): Strip encoding from name first.
Tue Jul 7 00:50:17 1998 Manfred Hollstein (
* libgcc2.c (L_exit): Provide a fake for atexit on systems which
define ON_EXIT but not HAVE_ATEXIT.
Tue Jul 7 00:44:35 1998 Franz Sirl <>
* (zero_extend QI to HI): Correctly handle TARGET_5200.
Tue Jul 7 00:36:41 1998 Ulrich Drepper <>
* i386.c: Remove random whitespace at end of lines.
* i386.c (ix86_epilogue): For pentium processors, try to deallocate
4 or 8 byte stacks with pop instructions instead of an add instruction.
Tue Jul 7 00:30:08 1998 Klaus Kaempf <>
* alpha.c: Include tree.h before expr.h.
Mon Jul 6 22:50:48 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* (struct_head, union_head, enum_head): New nonterminals.
(structsp): Use them. Update files generated from
* extend.texi (Type Attributes): Document it.
* c-decl.c: Add warn_multichar.
(c_decode_option): Handle -Wno-multichar.
* c-lex.c (yylex): Check it.
* c-tree.h: Declare it.
* toplev.c (lang_options): Add it.
* invoke.texi: Document it.
Mon Jul 6 22:47:55 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): When looking for stack pointer + const,
make sure we don't use a stack adjust.
* reload.c (find_equiv_reg): If need_stable_sp is set,
check if stack pointer is changed directly.
* reload1.c (delete_dead_insn): Don't delete feeding insn
if that insn has side effects.
* flow.c (find_auto_inc): Clear UNCHANGING bit of register that is
* reload1.c (reload_reg_free_before_p): RELOAD_FOR_OPADDR_ADDR
* gcse.c (hash_scan_insn): New argument IN_LIBCALL_BLOCK. Changed
Mon Jul 6 22:21:56 1998 Kamil Iskra <>
* m68k.c (output_scc_di): Use cmpw #0 instead of tstl when
testing address registers on the 68000.
Mon Jul 6 22:17:19 1998 Alasdair Baird <>
* i386.c (is_fp_test): Fix thinko.
* jump.c (jump_optimize): Check for CONST_INT before using INTVAL.
Mon Jul 6 22:14:31 1998 Richard Henderson (
* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Display the real-value equivalent of
a const_double when easy.
* real.h (REAL_VALUE_TO_TARGET_SINGLE): Use a union to pun types.
Zero memory first for predictability.
* varasm.c (immed_real_const_1): Notice width of H_W_I == double.
* regclass.c (allocate_reg_info): Initialize the entire reg_data
virtual array.
Mon Jul 6 22:09:32 1998 Ian Lance Taylor <>
Jeff Law <>
* i386/cygwin32.h: Add some declaration of external functions.
(ASM_FILE_END): Define.
* i386/winnt.c (i386_pe_declare_function_type): New function.
(struct extern_list, extern_head): Define.
(i386_pe_record_external_function): New function.
(i386_pe_asm_file_end): New function.
* cpplib.c (cpp_options_init): Initialize cplusplus_comments to 1,
matching July 18, 1995 change to cccp.c. If -traditional then
disable cplusplus_comments.
Mon Jul 6 21:28:14 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* combine.c (expand_compound_operation): Fix thinko in code to optimize
(zero_extend:DI (subreg:SI (foo:DI) 0)) to foo:DI.
* Disable the following change from gcc2. Not appropriate for egcs:
Sun Jun 7 09:30:31 1998 Richard Kenner <>
* reload.c (find_reloads): Give preference to pseudo that was the
reloaded output of previous insn.
Mon Jul 6 21:07:14 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* aclocal.m4 (GCC_FUNC_PRINTF_PTR): Don't define HOST_PTR_PRINTF.
Instead, define a new macro HAVE_PRINTF_PTR which only signifies
whether we have the %p format specifier or not.
* acconfig.h: Delete stub for HOST_PTR_PRINTF, add HAVE_PRINTF_PTR.
* machmode.h (HOST_PTR_PRINTF): When determining the definition,
check HAVE_PRINTF_PTR to see whether "%p" is okay.
* mips-tfile.c: Include machmode.h to get HOST_PTR_PRINTF.
* (mips-tfile.o): Depend on machmode.h.
Mon Jul 6 10:42:05 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* jump.c (duplicate_loop_exit_test): Don't refuse to copy a
section of code just because it contains
* stmt.c (expand_end_loop): Likewise. Also, don't refuse to
move CALL_INSNs or CODE_LABELs. When moving code, don't move
Mon Jul 6 09:38:15 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* cse.c (CSE_ADDRESS_COST): New macro, based on ADDRESS_COST, but
dealing with ADDRESSOF.
(find_best_addr): Use it.
Mon Jul 6 09:27:08 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha/vms.h (TRAMPOLINE_TEMPLATE): Revert last change.
Mon Jul 6 09:25:06 1998 Dave Love <>
* libgcc2.c (__eprintf): Make args consistent with prototype in
Mon Jul 6 00:28:43 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* cse.c (cse_insn): When SETting (MEM (ADDRESSOF (X))) to Y,
don't claim that the former is equivalent to the latter.
Sun Jul 5 23:58:19 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* cse.c (cse_insn): Second arg is an RTX now. Update all callers.
(cse_basic_block): Keep track of the current RETVAL insn for a
libcall instead of just noting that we're in a libcall.
* combine.c (simplify_comparison): Do not commute a AND into
* i386/freebsd-elf.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MAX_SKIP_ALIGN): Protect with
* i386/linux.h: Likewise.
Fri Jul 3 02:33:35 1998 David S. Miller <>
* sparc.c (sparc_operand, move_operand, arith_operand,
arith11_operand, arith10_operand, arith_double_operand,
arith11_double_operand, arith10_double_operand, small_int,
uns_small_int): Recognize CONSTANT_P_RTX.
(output_sized_memop, output_move_with_extension,
output_load_address, output_size_for_block_move,
output_block_move, delay_operand): Remove, has not been
enabled or referenced for years.
* (movstrsi, block_move_insn): Likewise.
* sparc.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Define.
* linux-aout.h (MACHINE_STATE_{SAVE,RESTORE}): Override with
version which uses getcc/setcc traps to save/restore condition
* linux64.h: Likewise.
* sunos4.h: Likewise.
* linux.h: Likewise.
* sol2.h: Likewise.
* sun4o3.h: Likewise.
Fri Jul 3 02:28:05 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.c (alpha_initialize_trampoline): Hack around Pmode/ptr_mode
lossage on VMS. Reported by
* alpha/vms.h (TRAMPOLINE_TEMPLATE): Add missing 0.
Thu Jul 2 17:41:14 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* config/m32r/m32r.h (MUST_PASS_IN_STACK): Override default
Thu Jul 2 14:34:48 1998 David Edelsohn <>
* expr.h (STACK_SIZE_MODE): New macro.
* explow.c (allocate_dynamic_stack_space): Use it for
mode of allocate_stack pattern increment operand.
* md.texi (stack_save_block, ...): Reflect use of macro.
* rs6000.h (PROMOTE_MODE): Always promote to word_mode.
(FUNCTION_VALUE): Promote to word_mode if smaller.
Convert to gen_rtx_FOO.
* (call_indirect): Store doubleword in 64-bit mode.
Convert to gen_rtx_FOO.
* rs6000.c: Convert to gen_rtx_FOO.
Thu Jul 2 14:16:11 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* varray.{c,h}: New files to provide virtual array support.
* (OBJS): Add varray.o.
(varray.o): Add new file.
(REGS_H): New variable for dependencies for files including
regs.h. Add varray.h and files it includes. Change all regs.h
dependencies to $(REGS_H).
* toplev.c (x{m,re}alloc): If size is 0, allocate 1 byte.
(xcalloc): Provide frontend for calloc.
* {tree,rtl}.h (xcalloc): Add declaration.
* basic-block.h (REG_BASIC_BLOCK): Convert reg_n_info to be a
* regs.h (toplevel): Include varray.h.
(reg_n_info): Switch to use a varray.
(REG_*): Likewise.
(allocate_reg_info): Change num_regs argument to be size_t.
* regclass.c (reg_info_data): New structure to remember groups of
reg_info structures allocated that are to be zeroed.
({pref,alt}class_buffer): New statics to hold buffers
allocate_reg_info allocates for {pref,alt}class_buffer.
(regclass): Use {pref,alt}class_buffer to initialize
(allocate_reg_info): Switch to make reg_n_info use varrays.
Allocate buffers for the preferred and alter register class
information. Change num_regs argument to be size_t, not int.
* flow.c (reg_n_info): Switch to use varrays.
Thu Jul 2 10:11:47 1998 Robert Lipe <>
* install.texi (sco3.2v5): Document new --with-gnu-as flag.
* config/i386/sco5.h (JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION): Defined as
in other targets.
(USE_GAS): Conditionalize away native assembler usage.
* config/i386/sco5gas.h: New file.
* config/i386/t-sco5gas: New file.
* (ix86-sco3.2v5*): Use new files if --with-gnu-as
Thu Jul 2 08:20:00 1998 Catherine Moore <>
* haifa-sched.c (alloc_EXPR_LIST): Change to use
Thu Jul 2 14:13:28 1998 Dave Love <>
* (install-info): Don't use $realfile. Ignore
possible errors from the install-info program.
Thu Jul 2 01:53:32 1998 Alasdair Baird <>
* combine.c (simplify_comparison): Apply SUBREG_REG to SUBREGs.
Wed Jul 1 23:06:03 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* i386.h (HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Kill spurious test.
(MODES_TIEABLE_P): Tie SImode and HImode.
1998-07-01 Andreas Jaeger <>
* invoke.texi (Optimize Options): Fix typo.
Wed Jul 1 22:25:43 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* xcoffout.c (xcoffout_begin_function): Call xcoffout_block for
the zero'th block.
Wed Jul 1 23:12:58 1998 Ken Raeburn <>
* h8300.c (print_operand): Delete %L support.
* (branch_true, branch_false): Use %= with a prefix
instead of %L for local branch labels.
Wed Jul 1 21:27:13 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (emit_reload_insns): Use proper register classes for
Wed Jul 1 21:17:36 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload.c (find_reloads): If there are multiple
one operand, change RELOAD_FOR_INPADDR_ADDRESS /
RELOAD_FOR_OUTADDR_ADDRESS for all but the first
Wed Jul 1 17:23:23 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* regmove.c (fixup_match_2): Check that P has RTX_CLASS 'i' before
using its PATTERN.
Wed Jul 1 05:04:41 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* expr.c (emit_group_load, emit_group_store): Rewrite considering
the size and alignment of the structure being manipulated.
* expr.c, calls.c, function.c: Update all callers.
* expr.h: Update prototypes.
* cse.c (invalidate): Cope with parallels.
Wed Jul 1 04:22:23 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* sparc.c (function_arg_record_value): Take a MODE arg with which to
create the PARALLEL. Update all callers.
Wed Jul 1 04:10:35 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* expr.c (expand_assignment, store_constructor, expand_expr): Use
convert_memory_address instead of convert_to_mode when possible.
Wed Jul 1 03:48:00 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.c (alpha_initialize_trampoline): Take arguments describing
the layout. Use ptr_mode. Disable hint generation. Use gen_imb.
* alpha.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Pass extra args to the init func.
* alpha/osf.h: ... here.
* alpha/vms.h (INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE): Use alpha_initialize_trampoline.
* alpha/win-nt.h: Likewise.
* alpha/vxworks.h: Likewise.
* alpha/linux.h: Revert gcc2 merge lossage.
Wed Jul 1 10:56:55 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Don't warn about implicit int in
`typedef foo = bar'.
Wed Jul 1 02:12:33 1998 Robert Lipe <>
* i386.c (asm_output_function_prefix): Make 686 function
prologues not issue .types for non-global labels.
Tue Jun 30 23:46:53 1998 Dmitrij Tejblum <>
* i386/freebsd.h (WCHAR_TYPE): Chagne to an "int".
(WCHAR_TYPE_SIZE): Update appropriately.
Tue Jun 30 23:16:39 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* flow.c (recompute_reg_usage): Does not return a value.
* rtl.h (recompute_reg_usage): Update prototype.
* jump.c (jump_optimize): Show that the jump chain is not
valid when not optimizing.
Tue Jun 30 16:01:01 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* rtl.def (CONSTANT_P_RTX): New.
* rtl.h (CONSTANT_P): Recognize it.
* cse.c (fold_rtx): Eliminate it.
* expr.c (can_handle_constant_p): New variable.
(init_expr_once): Initialize it.
(expand_builtin): Generate CONSTANT_P_RTX if the expression is not
immediately recognizable as a constant.
* alpha.c (reg_or_6bit_operand): Recognize CONSTANT_P_RTX.
(reg_or_8bit_operand, cint8_operand, add_operand): Likewise.
(sext_add_operand, and_operand, or_operand): Likewise.
(reg_or_cint_operand, some_operand, input_operand): Likewise.
* alpha.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add CONSTANT_P_RTX where needed.
1998-06-30 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* dbxout.c (dbxout_type_methods): Remove warn_template_debugging.
Tue Jun 30 14:03:34 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* aclocal.m4 (GCC_NEED_DECLARATION): Accept an optional second
argument, which is typically preprocessor code used to draw in
additional header files when looking for a function declaration.
* (GCC_NEED_DECLARATIONS): Add checks for getrlimit
and setrlimit, search for them in sys/resource.h.
* acconfig.h: Add stubs for NEED_DECLARATION_GETRLIMIT and
* system.h: Prototype getrlimit/setrlimit if necessary.
Tue Jun 30 10:54:48 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* rtl.texi: Don't say that RTX_INTEGRATED_P is not depended
Tue Jun 30 13:11:42 1998 Franz Sirl <>
* rs6000/sysv4.h (asm output): Add tabs for asm directives.
Tue Jun 30 13:11:42 1998 David Edelsohn <>
Tue Jun 30 08:59:15 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* gansidecl.h (ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED): Use __unused__ not `unused'.
Don't define NULL here. Also, remove all vestiges of autoconf
based checks for bcmp/bcopy/bzero/index/rindex.
* system.h: Immediately after including stdio.h, check for and if
necessary provide a default definition of NULL.
Tue Jun 30 08:22:05 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* reload1.c (reload_cse_simplify_operands): Call
fatal_insn_not_found, not abort.
Tue Jun 30 02:34:02 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* choose-temp.c (make_temp_file): Accept new argument for the
file suffix to use. Allocate space for it and add it to the
* mkstemp.c (mkstemps): Renamed from mkstemp. Accept new argument
for the length of the suffix. Update template structure checks
to handle optional suffix.
* collect2.c (make_temp_file): Update prototype.
(main): Put proper suffixes on temporary files.
* gcc.c (make_temp_file): Update prototype.
(do_spec_1): Put proper suffixes on temporary files.
Tue Jun 30 00:56:19 1998 Bruno Haible <>
* invoke.texi: Document new implicit structure initialization
Mon Jun 29 21:40:15 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* toplev.c (flag_dump_unnumbered): Declare.
(f_options): Add dump-unnumbered.
* print-rtl.c (flag_dump_unnumbered): Define.
(print_rtx): Print only '#' for insn numbers if flag_dump_unnumbered
is nonzero.
(print_rtl): Don't output line number notes if flag_dump_unnumbered
is nonzero.
* flow.c (print_rtl_with_bb): Don't output newline after line
numbers note if flag_dump_unnumbered is nonzero.
Mon Jun 29 22:12:06 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* Merge from gcc2 June 9, 1998 snapshot. See ChangeLog.13 for
* pa.c, pa.h, Convert to gen_rtx_FOO.
Mon Jun 29 20:12:41 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (fix-header): Don't needlessly depend on cpperror.o.
* alias.c (CHECK_ALIAS_SETS_FOR_CONSISTENCY): Cast expansion to
void since it is evaluated in a comma list.
* mips.h (ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL): Always sprintf `NUM'
argument as a long and cast `NUM' to long to ensure it is of the
proper width. Wrap macro arguments in parens when they appear in
the expansion.
* sparc.h (ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL): Likewise.
(ASM_DECLARE_RESULT): Fix fprintf format specifier to match
function argument return type.
REGNO_OK_FOR_CCFP_P): Use `(unsigned)' not `U'.
* cpplib.c (cpp_message_from_errno): Remove unneeded argument to
* dbxout.c: Fix the comments after an #endif to reflect the actual
condition tested in the preceding #if.
* except.c (find_all_handler_type_matches): Switch to old-style
function definition.
* expr.c (expand_builtin): Remove unused variable `type' twice.
* gbl-ctors.h (DO_GLOBAL_CTORS_BODY): Cast -1 before comparing it
to an unsigned long.
* haifa-sched.c (print_insn_chain): Remove unused function.
* objc/objc-act.c (build_msg_pool_reference): Hide prototype and
* toplev.c: When testing whether to include dbxout.h, also include
it when XCOFF_DEBUGGING_INFO is defined.
* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Add parentheses around assignment used
as truth value.
Mon Jun 29 12:18:00 1998 Catherine Moore <>
* config/lb1spc.asm (.div, .udiv): Replace routines.
Mon Jun 29 09:44:24 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* rtl.h: Update comment about special gen_rtx variants.
* emit-rtl.c (gen_rtx): Handle MEMs using gen_rtx_MEM.
Sun Jun 28 20:58:51 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* choose-temp.c (choose_temp_base): Restore original variant of
this function for compatibility.
(make_temp_file): This is the new, preferred interface to create
temporary files.
* collect2.c (choose_temp_base): Delete declaration.
(make_temp_file): Declare.
(temp_filename_length, temp_filename): Delete.
(main): Use make_temp_file to get temporary files. Use --lang-c
to force the resulting ctort/dtor file to be compiled with the C
compiler. Make sure to remove temporary files on all exit paths.
* gcc.c (make_temp_file): Provide prototype if MKTEMP_EACH_FILE is
(choose_temp_base): Only provide prototype if MKTEMP_EACH_FILE is
not defined.
(do_spec): Use make_temp_file if MKTEMP_EACH_FILE is defined.
Sun Jun 28 08:57:09 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (GCC_NEED_DECLARATIONS): Add strerror, getcwd and
* acconfig.m4: Add stubs for NEED_DECLARATION_STRERROR,
* cccp.c: Remove strerror()/sys_nerr/sys_errlist decls.
(my_strerror): Add prototype and make it static.
* collect2.c: Likewise.
* cpplib.c: Likewise.
* gcc.c: Likewise, but keep `my_strerror' extern.
* protoize.c: Likewise.
* pexecute.c (my_strerror): Add argument to prototype.
* system.h: Add prototypes for getcwd, getwd and strerror. Add
extern decls for sys_nerr and sys_errlist. Make abort decl
explicitly extern.
* getpwd.c: Remove decls for getwd and getcwd.
Sun Jun 28 02:11:16 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Sat Jun 27 23:32:25 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* jump.c (jump_optimize): Use side_effects_p & may_trap_p instead
of rtx_unsafe_p. Use modified_between_p instead of reg_set_between_p.
Allow FP moves to be optimized.
(rtx_unsafe_p): Delete.
Sat Jun 27 23:02:04 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* objc/archive.c: Remove <string.h> prototypes.
Sat Jun 27 22:37:05 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* tm.texi (NEED_MATH_LIBRARY): Document new target macro.
* (gencheck): Remove $(TREE_H) dependency.
Sat Jun 27 20:20:00 1998 John Carr <>
* dsp16xx.h (FIRST_PSEUDO_REGISTER): Add parentheses to definition.
* dsp16xx.c (next_cc_user_unsigned): New function.
Remove save_next_cc_user_code.
(print_operand): Use HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_* macros.
* Call next_cc_user_unsigned instead of using
Use gen_rtx_* functions instead of gen_rtx.
Sat Jun 27 20:18:34 1998 Franz Sirl <>
* rs6000.h: Add trap_comparison_operator to PREDICATE_CODES.
Sat Jun 27 16:45:42 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* flow.c (count_reg_sets): New function.
(count_reg_sets_1, count_ref_references): Likewise.
(recompute_reg_usage): Likewise.
* rtl.h (recompute_reg_usage): Add prototype.
* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Call recompute_reg_usage just
before local register allocation.
Sat Jun 27 13:15:30 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* (negsf, negdf): Revert Jan 22 change.
Sat Jun 27 07:35:21 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* mkstemp.c: Include gansidecl.h. Rename uint64_t to gcc_uint64_t.
(mkstemp): Remove size specifier for variable `letters'. Call
gettimeofday, not __gettimeofday.
* (EXPR_H): New dependency variable.
(c-typeck.o): Depend on $(EXPR_H) instead of expr.h.
(c-iterate.o): Likewise.
(gencheck): Depend on $(TREE_H) instead of tree.h, etc.
(stor-layout.o): Depend on $(EXPR_H) instead of expr.h.
(toplev.o): Likewise. Also depend on $(RECOG_H) instead of recog.h.
(varasm.o): Depend on $(EXPR_H) instead of expr.h.
(function.o): Likewise.
(stmt.o): Likewise.
(except.o): Likewise.
(expr.o): Likewise.
(calls.o): Likewise.
(expmed.o): Likewise.
(explow.o): Likewise.
(optabs.o): Likewise.
(sdbout.o): Likewise.
(dwarf2out.o): Likewise.
(emit-rtl.o): Likewise.
(integrate.o): Likewise.
(jump.o): Likewise.
(cse.o): Likewise.
(gcse.o): Likewise. Also depend on $(BASIC_BLOCK_H) instead of
(loop.o): Depend on $(EXPR_H) instead of expr.h.
(unroll.o): Likewise.
(combine.o): Likewise.
(reload.o): Likewise.
(reload1.o): Likewise.
(caller-save.o): Likewise.
(reorg.o): Likewise.
(alias.o): Don't depend on insn-codes.h.
(regmove.o): Depend on $(RECOG_H)/$(EXPR_H) instead of recog.h/expr.h.
(insn-emit.o): Depend on $(EXPR_H) instead of expr.h.
(insn-opinit.o): Likewise.
Sat Jun 27 01:35:14 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* choose-temp.c (choose_temp_base): Remove MPW bits. Use mkstemp
instead of mktemp.
* gcc.c (MKTEMP_EACH_FILE): Define.
(main): No need to call choose_temp_base if we are going to
use choose_temp_base to create each file later.
* mkstemp.c: New file. Adapted from glibc.
* (xgcc, colect2, protoize, unprotoize): Link in mkstemp.o.
(mkstemp.o): Add dependencies.
* (gettimeofday): Check for its existence.
* configure: Rebuilt.
1998-06-26 Michael Meissner <>
* (ne 0, non power case): Add missing & constraint.
Name pattern ne0.
(negative abs insns): Add pattern names.
Fri Jun 26 17:36:42 1998 Dave Love <>
* (install-info): Run install-info program in separate
Fri Jun 26 16:03:15 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* haifa-sched.c (schedule_block): Add hooks for the machine
description to reorder the ready list, and update how many more
instructions can be issued this cycle.
Fri Jun 26 11:54:11 1998 David S. Miller <>
* config/sparc/sparc.h (REGNO_OK_FOR_{INDEX,BASE,FP,CCFP}_P):
Explicitly mark the constant being compared against as unsigned.
* config/sparc/sparc.c (sparc_select, cpu_default, cpu_table):
Fully initialize final members.
(mem_aligned_8): Explicit init of offset to zero.
(output_function_prologue): Explicit init of n_regs to zero.
(output_function_epilogue): Likewise, and mark arg size as
(init_cumulative_args): Mark libname and indirect as unused.
(function_arg_pass_by_reference): Likewise for cum and named.
(sparc_builtin_saveregs): Likewise for arglist.
(sparc_flat_eligible_for_epilogue_delay): Likewise for slot.
Fri Jun 26 06:58:54 1998 Richard Earnshaw (
* arm.h (SECONDARY_INPUT_RELOAD_CLASS): Only need a secondary reload
if reloading a MEM.
* arm.h (arm_adjust_cost): Renamed bogus prototype from
(bad_signed_byte_operand): Add prototype.
* arm.c (arm_override_options): Make I unsigned.
(const_ok_for_arm): Add casts to the constants.
(load_multiple_operation): Don't redeclare elt in sub-block.
(arm_gen_movstrqi): Delete external declaration of optimize.
(gen_compare_reg): Declare parameter fp.
* arm.c (final_prescan_insn): Only initialize scanbody if the insn
has a pattern.
Fri Jun 26 09:31:24 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* alpha.c: Include system.h and toplev.h.
(cint8_operand): Mark parameter `mode' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(const48_operand): Likewise.
(mode_width_operand): Likewise.
(mode_mask_operand): Likewise.
(mul8_operand): Likewise.
(current_file_function_operand): Likewise.
(signed_comparison_operator): Likewise.
(divmod_operator): Likewise.
(any_memory_operand): Likewise.
(alpha_return_addr): Likewise for parameter `frame'.
(alpha_builtin_saveregs): Likewise for parameter `arglist'.
(vms_valid_decl_attribute_p): Likewise for parameters `decl' and
(alpha_start_function): Likewise for parameter `decl'. Use
HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_DEC in call to fprintf. Fix various format
specifiers. Remove unused variables `lab' and `name'.
(alpha_end_function): Mark parameter `decl' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(check_float_value): Likewise for parameter `overflow'.
(alpha_need_linkage): Likewise for parameters `name' and `is_local'.
taking an argument.
(ASM_OUTPUT_SHORT): Cast argument to `int' in call to fprintf.
(ASM_OUTPUT_CHAR): Likewise.
(ASM_OUTPUT_BYTE): Likewise.
(PUT_SDB_EPILOGUE_END): Mention argument `NAME' in definition.
Add prototypes for functions in alpha.c.
* (ashldi3): Add default case in switch.
1998-06-26 Manfred Hollstein <>
* (gcc_version, gcc_version_trigger): New macros.
(version): Initialize from $(gcc_version).
* (version): Rename to gcc_version.
(gcc_version_trigger): New variable; call AC_SUBST for it and
emit it into the generated config.status.
* configure: Regenerate.
Thu Jun 25 12:47:41 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* fold-const.c (make_range): Don't go looking at TREE_OPERANDs of
nodes that are not expressions.
Thu Jun 25 15:08:16 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* invoke.texi (-fstrict-aliasing): Document.
* rtl.texi (MEM_ALIAS_SET): Document.
* flags.h (flag_strict_aliasing): Declare.
* toplev.c (flag_strict_aliasing): Define.
(f_options): Add -strict-aliasing.
(main): Set flag_strict_aliasing if -O2 or higher.
* tree.h (tree_type): Add alias_set field.
(TYPE_ALIAS_SET): New macro.
(get_alias_set): Declare.
* tree.c (lang_get_alias_set): Define.
(make_node): Initialize TYPE_ALIAS_SET.
(get_alias_set): New function.
* print-tree.c (print_node): Dump the alias set for a type.
* c-tree.h (c_get_alias_set): Declare.
* c-common.c (c_get_alias_set): New function.
* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Set lang_get_alias_set.
* expr.c (protect_from_queue): Propagate alias sets.
(expand_assignment): Calculate alias set for new MEMs.
(expand_expr): Likewise.
* function.c (put_var_into_stack): Likewise.
(put_reg_into_stack): Likewise.
(gen_mem_addressof): Likewise.
(assign_parms): Likewise.
* stmt.c (expand_decl): Likewise.
* varasm.c (make_decl_rtl): Eliminate redundant clearing of
DECL_RTL. Calculate alias set for new MEMs.
* rtl.def (REG): Add dummy operand.
(MEM): Add extra operand to store the MEM_ALIAS_SET.
* rtl.h (MEM_ALIAS_SET): New macro.
(gen_rtx_MEM): Declare.
* emit-rtl.c (gen_rtx_MEM): New function.
* gengenrtl.c (sepcial_rtx): Make MEMs special.
(canon_rtx): Propagate the alias set to the new MEM.
(true_dependence): Check the alias sets.
(anti_dependence): Likewise.
(output_dependence): Likewise.
* explow.c (stabilize): Progoate alias sets.
* integrate.c (copy_rtx_and_substitute): Likewise.
* final.c (alter_subreg): Make sure not to leave MEM_IN_STRUCT_P
in an unpredictable state. Propagate alias sets.
* reload1.c (reload): Clear MEM_ALIAS_SET for new MEMs about which
we have no alias information.
Thu Jun 25 16:59:18 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* except.h (CATCH_ALL_TYPE): Definition moved to eh-common.h.
(find_all_handler_type_matches): Add function prototype.
* eh-common.h (CATCH_ALL_TYPE): Definition added.
* except.c (find_all_handler_type_matches): Add function to find all
runtime type info in the exception table.
(output_exception_table_entry): Special case for CATCH_ALL_TYPE.
Thu Jun 25 15:47:55 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (xcoffout.o): Depend on toplev.h, output.h and dbxout.h.
* config/fp-bit.c (_fpmul_parts): Move variables `x', `ylow',
`yhigh' and `bit' into the scope in which they are used.
(_fpdiv_parts): Remove unused variables `low', `high', `r0', `r1',
`y0', `y1', `q', `remainder', `carry', `d0' and `d1'.
* rs6000.c: Move include of output.h below tree.h. Include toplev.h.
(any_operand): Mark unused parameters `op' and `mode' with
(count_register_operand): Likewise for parameter `mode'.
(fpmem_operand): Likewise.
(short_cint_operand): Likewise.
(u_short_cint_operand): Likewise.
(non_short_cint_operand): Likewise.
(got_operand): Likewise.
(got_no_const_operand): Likewise.
(non_add_cint_operand): Likewise.
(non_logical_cint_operand): Likewise.
(mask_operand): Likewise.
(current_file_function_operand): Likewise.
(small_data_operand): Likewise for parameters `op' and `mode' but
only when !TARGET_ELF.
(init_cumulative_args): Mark parameters `libname' with
(function_arg_pass_by_reference): Likewise for parameters `cum',
`mode' and `named'.
(expand_builtin_saveregs): Likewise for parameter `args'.
(load_multiple_operation): Likewise for parameter `mode'.
(store_multiple_operation): Likewise.
(branch_comparison_operator): Likewise.
(secondary_reload_class): Likewise.
(print_operand): Add parentheses around & operation.
(output_prolog): Mark parameter `size' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(output_epilog): Likewise. Cast argument to fprintf to int.
(rs6000_adjust_cost): Mark parameter `dep_insn' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(rs6000_valid_decl_attribute_p): Likewise for parameters `decl',
`attributes', `identifier' and `args'.
(rs6000_valid_type_attribute_p): Likewise for parameter `attributes'.
(rs6000_comp_type_attributes): Likewise for parameters `type1' and
(rs6000_set_default_type_attributes): Likewise for parameter `type'.
* rs6000.h (RTX_COSTS): Add parentheses around & operation.
(toc_section, private_data_section, trap_comparison_operator): Add
* dbxout.h (dbxout_parms, dbxout_reg_parms, dbxout_syms): Add
* xcoffout.c: Include toplev.h, outout.h and dbxout.h.
* xcoffout.h (stab_to_sclass, xcoffout_begin_function,
xcoffout_begin_block, xcoffout_end_epilogue,
xcoffout_end_function, xcoffout_end_block,
xcoff_output_standard_types, xcoffout_declare_function,
xcoffout_source_line): Add prototypes.
Thu Jun 25 09:54:55 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* config/arm/arm.h (REG_ALLOC_ORDER): Add ARG_POINTER_REGNUM,
noticed by
Thu Jun 25 11:12:29 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* gcc.c (default_compilers): Use new | syntax to eliminate
string concatenation.
Thu Jun 25 01:00:48 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.c (alpha_function_name): Delete.
(alpha_ra_ever_killed): Notice current_function_is_thunk.
(alpha_sa_mask, alpha_sa_size, alpha_does_function_need_gp): Likewise.
(alpha_start_function): Reorg from output_prologue.
(alpha_end_function): Reorg from output_epilogue.
* alpha.h (ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME): Call alpha_start_function.
(ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Remove bits now output by start/end_function.
* alpha/win-nt.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK): Likewise.
Thu Jun 25 01:18:47 1998 John Wehle (
* i386/freebsd-elf.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MAX_SKIP_ALIGN): Define.
1998-06-25 Herman A.J. ten Brugge <>
* expr.c (expand_assignment): Rework address calculation for structure
field members to expose more invariant computations to the loop
(expand_expr): Likewise.
Wed Jun 24 22:44:22 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* local-alloc.c (block_alloc): Do not try to avoid false dependencies
Wed Jun 24 17:55:15 1998 Klaus Kaempf <>
* (call_vms, call_value_vms): Strip leading * from symbol.
Wed Jun 24 16:27:23 1998 John Carr <>
* expr.c (get_memory_rtx): New function.
(expand_builtin): Call get_memory_rtx for MEM arguments to builtin
string functions.
* expmed.c (init_expmed): Initialize all elements of *_cost arrays.
* optabs.c: Use gen_rtx_FOO (...) instead of gen_rtx (FOO, ...).
* expr.c: Likewise.
* explow.c: Likewise.
* combine.c: Likewise.
* reload1.c: Likewise.
* gcse.c: Likewise.
Wed Jun 24 15:13:01 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* README.gnat: Add patch for new lang_decode_options interface.
Wed Jun 24 09:14:04 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* except.c (start_catch_handler): Do nothing if EH is not on.
1998-06-24 Manfred Hollstein <>
* (gxx_include_dir): Initialize default value depending on
new flag --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs; remove superfluous
default initialization afterwards.
* configure: Regenerate.
Wed Jun 24 01:32:12 1998 David S. Miller <>
* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Revert May 15 change.
Tue Jun 23 21:27:27 1998 Ken Raeburn <>
* reload.c (find_reloads): Fix check for failure to match any
alternative, to account for Mar 26 change in initial "best" cost.
Tue Jun 23 16:44:21 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* cpplib.c (do_line): Typo broke #line directive.
(cpp_message_from_errno): New function.
(cpp_error_from_errno): Call cpp_message_from_errno.
* cpplib.h (cpp_message_from_errno): New function.
Tue Jun 23 13:38:18 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* libgcc2.c (__get_eh_table_version, __get_eh_table_language): New
functions to return exception descriptor information.
(find_exception_handler): Pass match_info field to runtime matcher,
not a descriptor table entry.
Tue Jun 23 09:30:58 1998 Dave Love <>
* cpp.texi, gcc.texi: Add @dircategory, @direntry meant to
accompany previous (install-info) change.
Tue Jun 23 10:06:07 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* eh-common.h (struct __eh_info): Remove coerced value field.
* libgcc2.c (find_exception_handler): Don't set coerced_value field.
* except.c (get_dynamic_handler_chain, get_dynamic_cleanup_chain): Use
POINTER_SIZE instead of Pmode.
(expand_start_all_catch): Call start_catch_handler() if we are not
using new style exceptions.
Tue Jun 23 06:45:00 1998 Catherine Moore <>
* varasm.c (assemble_variable): Remove reference to warn_bss_align.
Mon Jun 22 23:57:31 1998 David S. Miller <>
* config/sparc/ (zero_extendhidi2, extendhisi2,
extendqihi2, extendqisi2, extendqidi2, extendhidi2, adddi3,
subdi3, negdi2, call, call_value, untyped_return, nonlocal_goto,
splits and peepholes): Change remaining generic gen_rtx calls to
specific genrtl ones.
* config/sparc/sparc.c: Likewise.
Mon Jun 22 22:21:46 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* gcc.c (handle_braces): Recognize | between options as an or.
Mon Jun 22 23:13:47 1998 John Wehle (
* i386/freebsd-elf.h (JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION): Define as flag_pic.
* i386/sysv4.h (JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION): Define as flag_pic.
* (exception_receiver): Define.
Mon Jun 22 12:01:48 1998 Jim Wilson <>
(install-common): Use them.
* gcse.c (add_label_notes): New function.
(pre_insert_insn): Call it.
* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Look for insns with a REG_LABEL note, and
pass the label to set_label_in_map.
Mon Jun 22 19:01:14 1998 Dave Love <>
* (install-info): Fix typpo in previous change.
Mon Jun 22 11:10:00 1998 Catherine Moore <>
* varasm.c (assemble_variable): Emit alignment warning.
Mon Jun 22 08:18:46 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (varasm.o): Depend on sdbout.h.
(sdbout.o): Depend on toplev.h.
* collect2.c (scan_prog_file): Cast fprintf argument to `long' and
use %ld specifier.
* final.c (shorten_branches): Cast first arg of `bzero' to char *.
* genextract.c (main): When creating insn-extract.c, mark variable
* genpeep.c (main): When creating insn-peep.c, mark variables
`insn', `x' and `pat' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
* objc/init.c (__objc_tree_print): Wrap function definition in
macro `DEBUG'.
* objc/objc-act.c (encode_array): Cast sprintf argument to `long'
and use %ld specifier.
(adorn_decl): Likewise, twice.
* reload1.c (reload_cse_regs): Cast first arg of `bzero' to char *.
* sdbout.c: Include output.h and toplev.h.
(PUT_SDB_INT_VAL): Use HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_DEV to print argument
`a'. Cast `a' to HOST_WIDE_INT to force it to always be so.
(PUT_SDB_SIZE): Likewise.
* sdbout.h (sdbout_mark_begin_function): Add prototype.
* stmt.c (check_for_full_enumeration_handling): Cast argument of
`warning' to long and use %ld specifier.
* toplev.c (main): Likewise for `fprintf'.
* toplev.h (output_file_directive): Add prototype.
* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Use HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_DEC specifier in
call to `fprintf'.
(precondition_loop_p): Likewise.
* varasm.c Include sdbout.h.
(assemble_static_space): Move sometimes-unused variable `rounded'
into the scope in which it is used.
* mips.c (gpr_mode): Don't say `static' twice.
* cpplib.c (cpp_handle_option): Don't pass unneeded NULL to cpp_fatal.
* objc/objc-act.c (init_selector): Hide prototype and definition.
* optabs.c (gen_cond_trap): Remove unused variable `icode'.
* regmove.c (copy_src_to_dest): Likewise for `i'.
* mips-tfile.c (add_local_symbol): Cast width format specifier to int.
(add_ext_symbol): Likewise.
(add_file): Likewise.
(parse_def): Likewise.
(write_varray): Use HOST_PTR_PRINTF to print a pointer. Fix
remaining format specifiers and arguments.
(write_object): Likewise, several times.
(read_seek): Likewise.
(out_of_bounds): Likewise.
(allocate_cluster): Likewise.
(xmalloc): Likewise.
(xcalloc): Likewise.
(xrealloc): Likewise.
(xfree): Likewise.
* mips-tdump.c (print_symbol): Likewise.
Sun Jun 21 17:05:34 1998 Dave Love <>
* (install-info): Use install-info program if
available, per GNU standard.
Sun Jun 21 18:56:44 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* invoke.texi: Document -mrelax for the mn10300 and mn10200.
* basic-block.h (init_regset_vector): Delete declaration.
* flow.c (init_regset_vector): Make it static and add a prototype.
* bitmap.h (debug_bitmap): Declare.
* haifa-sched.c (debug_ready_list): Make static.
* toplev.h (fancy_abort): Declare.
Sun Jun 21 18:30:13 1998 H.J. Lu (
* basic-block.h (init_regset_vector): New declaration.
* (sdbout.o): Add insn-codes.h to dependency.
* global.c: Include machmode.h amd move hard-reg-set.h before
* haifa-sched.c (insn_issue_delay, birthing_insn_p,
adjust_priority, print_insn_chaino): New declaration.
(schedule_insns): Remove declaration.
(init_target_units, get_visual_tbl_length,
init_block_visualization): Add prototype.
* integrate.c (pushdecl, poplevel): Remove declaration.
* rtl.h (expand_expr): Remove declaration.
* loop.c (oballoc): Remove declaration.
(replace_call_address): Add prototype.
Sun Jun 21 01:08:17 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Sun Jun 21 01:16:38 1998 John Wehle (
* i386.c (output_fp_conditional_move): Don't bother handling
(cc_prev_status.flags && CC_NO_OVERFLOW) since the INSN patterns
prevent this from happening.
* (nonlocal_goto_receiver): Delete.
Sun Jun 21 00:42:20 1998 H.J. Lu (
* (crtbeginS.o, crtendS.o): Add -fno-exceptions and
(INSTALL): cd $(srcdir) before make.
* flow.c (allocate_for_life_analysis, init_regset_vector):
Remove declaration.
* function.h (get_first_block_beg): New declaration.
* gbl-ctors.h (__do_global_dtors): Add prototype.
* gcov-io.h (__fetch_long): New declaration.
(__store_long): Likewise.
(__read_long): Likewise.
(__write_long): Likewise.
* gcov.c (print_usage): New declaration.
* (c-iterate.o): Depend on insn-codes.h too.
Sat Jun 20 00:36:16 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* calls.c (expand_call): Initialize "src" and "dest".
* stmt.c (expand_return): Likewise.
* expmed.c (extract_split_bit_field): Similarly for "result"
* gcse.c (compute_hash_table): Mark first arg as unused.
* jump.c (jump_optimize): Initialize reversep.
* tree.c (make_node): Initialize length.
* c-common.c (check_format_info): Initialize length_char and
fci to keep -Wall quiet.
* except.c (jumpif_rtx): Put declaration and definition
inside a suitable #ifdef.
(jumpifnot_rtx): Delete dead function.
* i386.h (output_int_conditional_move): Declare.
(output_fp_conditional_move): Likewise.
(ix86_can_use_return_insn_p): Likewise.
* optabs.c (init_traps): Put prototype inside a suitable #ifdef.
Sat Jun 20 00:27:40 1998 Graham <>
* alias.c: Include toplev.h.
* caller-save.c: Include toplev.h.
* combine.c: Include toplev.h.
* flow.c Include toplev.h.
* global.c: Include toplev.h.
* jump.c: Include toplev.h.
* local-alloc.c: Include toplev.h.
* loop.c: Include toplev.h.
* regmove.c: Include toplev.h.
* stupid.c: Include toplev.h.
* unroll.c: Include toplev.h.
* Add toplev.h dependencies.
Fri Jun 19 22:40:25 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* regmove.c (copy_src_to_dest): Add decl for loop_depth.
* svr4.h (ASM_GENERATE_INTERNAL_LABEL): Cast arg to unsigned.
* dwarf2out.c (ASM_OUTPUT_DWARF_DATA1): Likewise.
Add parens to various macros.
Fri Jun 19 23:22:42 1998 Bruno Haible <>
* c-typeck.c (pop_init_level): Warn about implicit zero initialization
of struct members.
Fri Jun 19 23:06:33 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* varasm.c (assemble_start_function): Add weak_global_object_name.
* tree.c (get_file_function_name): Use it.
Fri Jun 19 22:55:14 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* except.c (jumpif_rtx): Make static and add prototype.
(jumpifnot_rtx): Likewise.
* README.gnat: Add a build patch from Fred Fish.
* c-lang.c (GNU_xref_begin, GNU_xref_end): Deleted.
* (c-iterate.o): Depend on expr.h.
Fri Jun 19 20:38:34 1998 H.J. Lu (
* except.h (emit_unwinder, end_eh_unwinder): Removed.
* dwarfout.c (getpwd): Add prototype.
(is_pseudo_reg, type_main_variant, is_tagged_type,
is_redundant_typedef): New declaration.
(output_decl): Add prototype for FUNC.
(type_main_variant): Make it static.
(is_tagged_type): Likewise.
(is_redundant_typedef): Likewise.
* expr.c (do_jump_by_parts_greater_rtx): Removed.
(truthvalue_conversion): Likewise.
* c-iterate.c: Include "expr.h".
(expand_expr): Use proper values when calling the function.
* explow.c (emit_stack_save): Add prototype for FCN.
(emit_stack_restore): Likewise.
* dwarf2out.c (getpwd): Add prototype.
* dwarf2out.h (debug_dwarf, debug_dwarf_die): New declarations.
* c-typeck.c (c_expand_asm_operands): Use proper values when calling
* c-lex.c (yyprint): Add prototype.
(check_newline, build_objc_string): Remove declaration.
* c-tree.h (comptypes_record_hook): Removed.
(finish_incomplete_decl): New prototype.
* alias.c (find_base_value): Add prototype.
(true_dependence): Add prototype for function argument.
* c-aux-info.c (xmalloc): Remove declaration.
Fri Jun 19 20:23:05 1998 Robert Lipe <>
* i386.c: Include system.h. Remove redundant includes.
(optimization_options): Mark param 'size' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(i386_cc_probably_useless_p): Likewise for 'decl', 'attributes',
'identifier', 'args'.
(i386_valid_type_attribute_p): Likewise for 'attributes'.
(i386_comp_type_attribute_p): Likewise for 'type1', 'type2'.
(function_arg_partial_nregs): Likewise for 'cum', 'mode', 'type',
and 'named'.
(symbolic_operand): Likewise for 'mode'.
(call_insn_operand): Likewise.
(expander_call_insn_operand): Likewise.
(ix86_logical_operator): Likewise.
(ix86_binary_operator_ok): Likewise.
(emit_pic_move): Likewise.
(VOIDmode_compare_op): Likewise.
(is_mul): Likewise.
(str_immediate_operand): Likewise.
(ix86_uary_operator_ok): Likewise for 'code', 'mode', and 'operands'.yy
(asm_output_function_prefix): Likewise for 'name'.
(function_prologue): Likewise for 'file', and 'size'.
(function_epilogue): Likewise.
1998-06-19 Jim Wilson <>
* loop.h (struct induction): Clarify comment for unrolled field.
* unroll.c (find_splittable_givs): Move set of unrolled field
after address validity check.
Fri Jun 19 18:38:04 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* config/fp-bit.c (INLINE): Only define if not already defined.
1998-06-19 Manfred Hollstein <>
* (installdirs): Loop over directories in $(libsubdir)
creating probably missing ones, instead of single if statements.
Fri Jun 19 10:43:52 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* c-common.c (truthvalue_conversion): Protect side effects in the
expression when splitting a complex value.
* fold-const.c (fold): Likewise.
Fri Jun 19 02:31:16 1998 Klaus Kaempf (
* cccp.c (hack_vms_include_specification): Rewrite to handle
'#include <dir/file.h>' correctly.
Fri Jun 19 02:24:11 1998 H.J. Lu (
* config/i386/linux.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MAX_SKIP_ALIGN): Defined.
Fri Jun 19 02:10:10 1998 John Wehle (
* i386.c (notice_update_cc): Integer conditional moves don't
affect cc0.
* (movsfcc, movdfcc, movxfcc): Use emit_store_flag
to support LT, LE, GE, and GT signed integer comparisons.
(movsfcc+1, movsfcc+2, movdfcc+1, movdfcc+2,
movxfcc+1, movxfcc+2): Pattern doesn't match if the comparison
is LT, LE, GE, or GT.
(movdicc): Remove code resulting from an earlier patch which
didn't apply correctly.
Fri Jun 19 02:00:19 1998 Richard Kenner <>
* reload1.c (reload_cse_regno_equal_p): If -ffloat-store, don't
consider a MEM in FP mode as equal.
Fri Jun 19 01:02:17 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* c-decl.c (duplicate_decls): Avoid setting TREE_ASM_WRITTEN for
duplicate declarations of a function.
Fri Jun 19 00:33:33 1998 H.J. Lu (
* config/float-i386.h: New.
* (i[34567]86-*-linux-*): Set float_format to i386.
Thu Jun 18 20:11:00 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* sched.c (schedule_insns): Use xmalloc not alloca for max_uid
indexed arrays. Call free at the end of the function for them.
* haifa-sched.c (schedule_insns): Likewise.
Thu Jun 18 18:16:01 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* dwarf2out.c (size_of_string): Do count backslashes.
Thu Jun 18 11:43:54 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* config/arm/thumb.h (GO_IF_LEGITIMATE_ADDRESS): Disallow REG+REG
addressing when one register is the frame pointer or stack
pointer. Disallow REG+CONST addressing in HI mode.
Thu Jun 18 17:30:39 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload.c (find_reloads): Don't narrow scope of RELOAD_OTHER to
Thu Jun 18 09:36:50 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (c-lang.o): Depend on output.h.
* c-lang.c: Include output.h.
* sparc.c (sparc_builtin_saveregs): Remove unused variable `fntype'.
* except.c (expand_builtin_eh_stub): Likewise for variable `jump_to'.
* genrecog.c (write_subroutine): When writing insn-recog.c, mark
variables `insn', `pnum_clobbers', `x[0 .. max_depth]' and `tem'
* regmove.c (copy_src_to_dest): Make function static to match its
* reload1.c Include hard-reg-set.h before rtl.h to get macro
HARD_CONST. Include machmode.h before hard-reg-set.h.
* rtl.h: Prototype `retry_global_alloc' and wrap with macro
HARD_CONST to protect usage of typedef HARD_REG_SET.
* tree.c: Prototype `_obstack_allocated_p'.
* varasm.c: Wrap prototype of `asm_output_aligned_bss' in macro
Thu Jun 18 09:20:47 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* pa.c: Include system.h and toplev.h. Remove redundant code.
(call_operand_address): Mark parameter `mode' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(symbolic_operand): Likewise.
(symbolic_memory_operand): Likewise.
(pic_label_operand): Likewise.
(fp_reg_operand): Likewise.
(pre_cint_operand): Likewise.
(post_cint_operand): Likewise.
(ireg_or_int5_operand): Likewise.
(int5_operand): Likewise.
(uint5_operand): Likewise.
(int11_operand): Likewise.
(uint32_operand): Likewise.
(ior_operand): Likewise.
(lhs_lshift_cint_operand): Likewise.
(pc_or_label_operand): Likewise.
(legitimize_pic_address): Likewise.
(hppa_legitimize_address): Likewise for parameter `old'.
(output_block_move): Likewise for parameter `size_is_constant'.
(output_function_prologue): Likewise for parameter `size'.
(output_function_epilogue): Likewise.
(return_addr_rtx): Likewise for parameter `count'.
(output_mul_insn): Likewise for parameter `unsignedp'.
(hppa_builtin_saveregs): Likewise for parameter `arglist'.
(output_bb): Likewise for parameter `operands'.
(output_bvb): Likewise.
(function_label_operand): Likewise for parameter `mode'.
(plus_xor_ior_operator): Likewise.
(shadd_operand): Likewise.
(non_hard_reg_operand): Likewise.
(eq_neq_comparison_operator): Likewise.
(movb_comparison_operator): Likewise.
(pa_combine_instructions): Likewise for parameter `insns'.
* pa.h: Add prototypes for functions `output_deferred_plabels',
`override_options', `output_ascii', `output_function_prologue',
`output_function_epilogue', `print_operand',
`symbolic_expression_p', `reloc_needed', `compute_frame_size',
`hppa_address_cost', `and_mask_p', `symbolic_memory_operand',
`pa_adjust_cost', `pa_adjust_insn_length' and
Wed Jun 17 22:28:48 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* Don't turn on collect2 unconditionally.
Wed Jun 17 20:20:48 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* cse.c (cse_basic_block): Don't include NOTE insns in the count
that is used to decide whether or not it is time to erase the
equivalence table.
Wed Jun 17 18:30:43 1998 Franz Sirl <>
* rs6000/linux.h (JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION): Define to zero.
Wed Jun 17 19:05:03 1998 John Carr <>
* haifa-sched.c (haifa_classify_insn): TRAP_IF is risky.
(sched_analyze_2): Allow scheduling TRAP_IF.
* reorg.c (mark_referenced_resources): Examine operands of TRAP_IF.
* rtl.h (TRAP_CODE): New macro.
* rtl.def (TRAP_IF): Change second operand type to rtx.
* optabs.c (gen_cond_trap): New function.
(init_traps): New function.
(init_optabs): Call init_traps.
* expr.h: Declare gen_cond_trap.
* jump.c (jump_optimize): Optimize jumps to and around traps.
* Define trap instructions.
* Define trap instructions.
* rs6000.c (print_operand): New code 'V' for trap condition.
(trap_comparison_operator): New function.
* Update use of TRAP_IF.
* tree.h (enum built_in_function): New function code BUILT_IN_TRAP.
* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): New builtin __builtin_trap.
* expr.c (expand_builtin): Handle BUILT_IN_TRAP.
* expr.c (expand_builtin): Error if __builtin_longjmp second argument
is not 1.
Wed Jun 17 15:20:00 1998 Catherine Moore <>
* reload1.c (spill_hard_reg): Check mode of register when
spilling from scratch_list.
Wed Jun 17 16:25:38 1998 Andrew MacLeod (
* except.c (add_new_handler): Fix bug in finding last region handler.
* libgcc2.c (find_exception_handler): Pass exception table pointer
to runtime type matcher, not the match info field.
Wed Jun 17 15:57:48 1998 Andrew MacLeod (
* eh-common.h (struct eh_context): Add comment for hidden use of
field dynamic_handler_chain.
* except.c (get_dynamic_handler_chain): Comment on, and use the
correct offset of the dynamic_handler_chain field.
1998-06-17 Jim Wilson <>
* mips/iris6.h (LINK_SPEC): Add -woff 131.
1998-06-17 Jason Merrill <>
* dwarf2out.c: Disable EH_FRAME_SECTION if we don't have .init.
* Don't disable collect2 when we have GNU ld.
Wed Jun 17 08:38:13 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* fold-const.c (make_range): Do not widen the type of the expression.
* expr.c (check_max_integer_computation_mode): New function.
(expand_expr): Avoid integer computations in modes wider than
* fold-const.c (fold): Likewise.
* tree.h (check_max_integer_computation_mode): Declare.
* tm.texi (MAX_INTEGER_COMPUTATION_MODE): Document it.
* (nm): Make a link to "nm" in the build tree too.
* (andsi3): Fix typo.
Tue Jun 16 22:58:40 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* reload1.c (reload_cse_regs): Call bzero instead of looping.
Tue Jun 16 18:30:35 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* dwarf2out.c (stripattributes): Prepend '*' to the section name.
Tue Jun 16 16:49:26 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.c (alpha_expand_prologue, alpha_expand_epilogue): New fns.
(output_prologue, output_epilogue): Merge VMS and OSF versions;
Remove anything related to the actual code generation.
(output_end_prologue): New function.
(alpha_sa_mask, alpha_sa_size): Merge VMS and OSF versions.
(alpha_does_function_need_gp): Return false for VMS.
(alpha_function_needs_gp): Make static.
(add_long_const): Delete.
(summarize_insn): Don't assume a SUBREG is of a REG.
Prototype all static functions. Rename VMS-specific global
variables vms_*.
* alpha.h (TARGET_CAN_FAULT_IN_PROLOGUE): Default to 0.
(FUNCTION_BOUNDARY): Align to cache line.
* (attribute length): New. Mark all insns.
(return_internal, prologue_stack_probe_loop): New patterns.
(prologue, init_fp, epilogue): New patterns.
Disable peepholes.
Tue Jun 16 17:36:35 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* toplev.c (lang_options): Add -trigraphs option for cpplib.
Tue Jun 16 23:33:24 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (reload_reg_free_before_p): RELOAD_FOR_OUTADDR_ADDRESS
Tue Jun 16 13:15:16 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* libgcc1-test.c (memcpy): Define.
Tue Jun 16 13:44:02 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* genattrtab.c (struct attr_desc): Change int flags to bit
fields. Add bit fields for this being function_units_used
or *_blockage_range attributes.
(write_unit_name): New function to print a function unit name
given unit #.
(expand_units): Indicate whether this is function_units_used or
*_blockage_range attributes.
(write_toplevel_expr): Print function_units_used and
*_blockage_range attributes in a more friendly fashion.
(make_internal_attr): Indicate whether this attribute is either
function_units_used or *_blockage_range.
Mon Jun 15 17:06:43 1998 Michael Meissner <>
Jim Wilson <>
* regmove.c (copy_src_to_dest): Do not copy src to dest if either
the source or destination is special.
Mon Jun 15 13:20:33 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* c-decl.c (shadow_tag_warned): Use specs not declspecs in for loop.
Mon Jun 15 07:16:29 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Sat Jun 13 13:10:40 1998 Krister Walfridsson <>
* config/sparc/netbsd.h (DEFAULT_PCC_STRUCT_RETURN): Undefine before
redefining it.
Fri Jun 12 18:06:45 1998 Doug Evans <>
* m32r/m32r.h (STARTFILE_SPEC): Delete crtsysc.o.
(ENDFILE_SPEC): Add -lgloss.
Fri Jun 12 14:57:59 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* mips.c (small_int): Mark parameter `mode' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(large_int): Likewise.
(pc_or_label_operand): Likewise.
(call_insn_operand): Likewise.
(consttable_operand): Likewise.
(m16_uimm3_b): Likewise.
(m16_simm4_1): Likewise.
(m16_nsimm4_1): Likewise.
(m16_simm5_1): Likewise.
(m16_nsimm5_1): Likewise.
(m16_uimm5_4): Likewise.
(m16_nuimm5_4): Likewise.
(m16_simm8_1): Likewise.
(m16_nsimm8_1): Likewise.
(m16_uimm8_1): Likewise.
(m16_nuimm8_1): Likewise.
(m16_uimm8_m1_1): Likewise.
(m16_uimm8_4): Likewise.
(m16_nuimm8_4): Likewise.
(m16_simm8_8): Likewise.
(m16_nsimm8_8): Likewise.
(m16_usym8_4): Likewise.
(m16_usym5_4): Likewise.
(mips_move_1word): Change type of variable `i' from int to size_t.
(mips_move_2words): Likewise.
(output_block_move): Mark parameter `libname' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(function_arg_advance): Use HOST_PTR_PRINTF to print an address.
(function_arg): Likewise.
(function_arg_partial_nregs): Mark parameter `named' with
(override_options): Use ISDIGIT instead of isdigit.
(mips_output_external): Mark parameter `file' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(final_prescan_insn): Likewise for parameters `opvec' and `noperands'.
(save_restore_insns): Cast HOST_WIDE_INT arguments passed to
function `fatal' to long before printing. Use
HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_DEC in fprintf. Both changes done several
times in this function.
(function_prologue): Mark parameter `size' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(function_epilogue): Likewise for parameters `file' and `size'.
Print an int with "%d" not "%ld".
(mips_select_rtx_section): Mark parameter `x' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(mips_function_value): Likewise for parameter `func'.
(function_arg_pass_by_reference): Likewise for parameters `cum'
and `named'.
(extend_operator): Likewise for parameter `mode'
(highpart_shift_operator): Likewise.
* (mul_acc_si): Remove unused variable `macc'.
Fri Jun 12 09:33:44 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* fold-const.c (fold): Revert last change. It breaks constant
expressions somehow.
Fri Jun 12 10:23:36 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* expr.c (do_jump, case EQ_EXPR, NE_EXPR): When comparing complex
prevent operands from being evaluated twice.
Fri Jun 12 00:50:27 1998 Sergey Okhapkin <>
* toplev.c (lang_options): Add -remap as a preprocessor option.
Fri Jun 12 00:30:32 1998 John Wehle (
* (cmpsi_1, cmphi_1, cmpqi_1): Remove code
which set CC_REVERSED since reload should ensure that
the operands are already the correct type.
Thu Jun 11 17:14:15 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* except.c (expand_builtin_eh_stub): Call emit_move_insn rather than
calling gen_rtx_SET.
Thu Jun 11 18:45:49 1998 David Edelsohn <>
* config/rs6000/x-aix43 (AR): Delete.
(AR_FOR_TARGET_FLAGS): Add -X32_64 here.
Thu Jun 11 16:19:17 1998 David W. Schuler <>
* config/i386/aix386ng.h (CPP_SPEC): Remove extraneous quote.
Thu Jun 11 12:40:27 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* mips.c (override_options): Replace word_mode with explicit
TARGET_64BIT check.
Thu Jun 11 14:50:02 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* regmove.c (regmove_optimize): If we can't replace the
destination in an insn that sets the source, generate an explicit
move of the source to the destination.
(copy_src_to_dest): New function.
(toplevel): Include basic-block.h.
* (regmove.o): Add basic-block.h dependencies.
Thu Jun 11 10:30:09 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* toplev.c (lang_options): Add missing options (nostdinc, idirafter).
Wed Jun 10 23:39:32 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* rtl.h (rtx_def): Improve documentation.
(MEM_IN_STRUCT_P): Likewise.
Wed Jun 10 23:23:17 1998 Graham <>
* c-decl.c (start_decl): Correct test for -Wmain.
* c-decl.c (grokdeclarator): Remove unused variable "last".
Wed Jun 10 14:52:27 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* expr.c (expand_builtin_setjmp): Store const1_rtx in target.
(expand_builtin_longjmp): Abort if value isn't const1_rtx.
Delete code storing value in static_chain_rtx.
(expand_builtin, case BUILT_IN_LONGJMP): Pass NULL_RTX for target
to second expand_expr call.
Wed Jun 10 13:08:41 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* mips/mips.c: Remove -mabi=o32 and -mabi=n64.
Wed Jun 10 13:41:23 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* cppmain.c (fatal): New function.
* (cpp_main): New configuration variable.
* configure: Regenerated.
* (CCCP): Use a configuration variable to select basex
for cccp.
(cppmain$(exeext)): Add @extra_cpp_objs@.
Wed Jun 10 13:07:02 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* objc/objc-act.c: Add cpplib declarations.
(lang_decode_option): Initialize cpplib if necessary.
(lang_decode_option): New argc/argv interface.
* tree.h (lang_decode_option): New argc/argv interface.
* toplev.c (lang_options): Add cpp options.
(main): New interface for lang_decode_option.
* gcc.c (default_compilers): Don't call cpp for a cpplib-enabled C compiler
unless -E, -M or -MM is specified.
* cpplib.h (cpp_handle_option): New function.
* cpplib.c (cpp_handle_option): New function.
(cpp_handle_options): Now calls cpp_handle_option.
* c-tree.h (c_decode_option): New argc/argv interface.
* c-lex.c (init_parse): cpplib now initialized in c_decode_option.
* c-lang.c (lang_decode_option): New argc/argv interface.
* c-decl.c: Add cpplib declarations.
(c_decode_option): New argc/argv interface.
(c_decode_option): Call cpp_handle_option.
(c_decode_option): Now returns number of strings processed.
Wed Jun 10 09:47:13 1998 Richard Earnshaw (
* unroll.c (verify_addresses): Use validate_replace_rtx to undo the
changes. Abort if the undo fails.
1998-06-10 Vladimir N. Makarov <>
* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (output_prolog): Change locations and
directions of saving and restoring arguments of main on the stack.
Wed Jun 10 08:56:27 1998 John Carr <>
* reload1.c (reload_cse_simplify_operands): Do not call gen_rtx_REG
for each alternative. Do not replace a CONST_INT with a REG unless
the reg is cheaper.
Wed Jun 10 02:11:55 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* decl.c (init_decl_processing): Fix typo.
* mips.c (gpr_mode): New variable.
(override_options): Initialize gpr_mode.
(compute_frame_size): Use "gpr_mode" instead of "word_mode" to
determine size and offset of general purpose registers save slots.
(save_restore_insns, mips_expand_prologue): Similarly.
* reload.c (find_reloads_toplev): Use gen_lowpart common to convert
between constant representations when we have (SUBREG (REG)) with
REG equivalent to a constant.
Wed Jun 10 01:39:00 1998 Juha Sarlin <>
* h8300.c (get_shift_alg): Add special cases for shifts of 8 and 24.
Tue Jun 9 22:05:34 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* fold-const.c (fold): Even with otherwise constant trees, look for
opportunities to combine integer constants.
Wed Jun 3 23:41:24 1998 John Wehle (
* i386.c (notice_update_cc): Clear cc_status.value2 in the
case of UNSPEC 5 (bsf).
* (movsfcc, movdfcc, movxfcc): The floating point
conditional move instructions don't support signed integer
Tue Jun 9 14:31:19 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* config/v850/t-v850 (TCFLAGS): Add assembler options to warn of
* config/v850/lib1funcs.asm (__return_interrupt): Use 'addi
16,sp,sp' ratehr than 'add 16,sp'. Patch courtesy of Biomedin
Tue Jun 9 16:23:13 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* except.c (expand_start_catch): Rename to start_catch_handler.
(expand_end_catch): Delete function.
(expand_end_all_catch): Remove catch status that expand_end_catch
use to do.
* except.h (expand_start_catch): Rename prototype.
(expand_end_catch): Delete prototype.
Tue Jun 9 12:57:32 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* invoke.texi: Add documentation for -mips4 and -mabi=*.
Tue Jun 9 12:12:34 1998 Klaus Kaempf (
* alpha/vms.h (EXTRA_SECTIONS): Add in_ctors and in_dtors.
(EXTRA_SECTION_FUNCTIONS): Add ctors_section and dtors_section.
Tue Jun 9 12:10:27 1998 John Carr <>
* haifa-sched.c (update_flow_info): Use UNITS_PER_WORD, not MOVE_MAX,
as the threshold to permit splitting memory operations.
Tue Jun 9 12:36:16 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* mips.c (gpr_mode): New variable.
(override_options): Initialize gpr_mode.
(compute_frame_size): Use "gpr_mode" instead of "word_mode" to
determine size and offset of general purpose registers save slots.
(save_restore_insns, mips_expand_prologue): Similarly.
* (LIB2FUNCS_EH): Define. Just "_eh" for now.
(LIBGCC2_CFLAGS): Remove -fexceptions.
(LIB2FUNCS): Remove "_eh".
(libgcc2.a): Iterate over LIB2FUNCS_EH and build everything in
it with -fexceptions.
* (local-alloc.o): Depend on insn-attr.h.
* local-alloc.c (block_alloc): Avoid creating false
dependencies for targets which use instruction scheduling.
Tue Jun 9 02:40:49 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* mips/elf.h (ASM_DECLARE_OBJECT_NAME): Define.
* mips/elf64.h: Likewise.
Tue Jun 9 01:08:47 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* toplev.c (flag_new_exceptions): Remove extraneous `extern'.
Mon Jun 8 23:24:48 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Mon Jun 8 23:24:58 1998 David Edelsohn <>
* (mulsidi3): Add !TARGET_POWERPC64 constraint.
(mulsidi3_ppc64): Delete.
Mon Jun 8 20:57:40 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (varasm.o): Depend on dbxout.h.
(cse.o): Depend on toplev.h and output.h.
(gcse.o): Depend on output.h.
* mips.c: Include system.h and toplev.h and remove redundant code.
Include output.h after tree.h so all its prototypes get activated.
* (table_jump): Remove unused variable `dest'.
* sparc.h: Add prototype for `v8plus_regcmp_op'.
* crtstuff.c (fini_dummy, init_dummy): Mark function definitions
with __attribute__ ((__unused__)).
(__frame_dummy): Provide prototype before use, wrap it with
* cse.c: Move inclusion of <setjmp.h> above local headers.
Include toplev.h and output.h.
* dbxout.h: Add prototype for `dbxout_begin_function'.
* final.c (final_scan_insn): Wrap variable `max_skip' in macro
* gcse.c: Include system.h and output.h.
(dump_cuid_table, dump_rd_table, dump_cprop_data, dump_pre_data):
Make extern instead of static.
(compute_can_copy): Only declare variables `reg' and `insn' when
AVOID_CCMODE_COPIES is not defined.
(record_set_info): Mark parameter `setter' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(hash_scan_clobber): Likewise for `x' and `insn'.
(hash_scan_call): Likewise.
(record_last_set_info): Likewise for `setter'.
(mark_call): Likewise for `pat'.
(pre_insert_insn): Wrap variable `note' in macro HAVE_cc0.
* libgcc2.c (__bb_init_prg): Replace bzero with memset and fix the
length parameter so that it multiplies the number of elements by
the sizeof(element).
* output.h: Add prototype for `weak_finish'.
* recog.h: Likewise for `validate_replace_src'.
* rtl.h: Likewise for `optimize_save_area_alloca',
`fix_sched_param', `purge_addressof', `gcse_main',
`regmove_optimize', `dbr_schedule', `branch_prob' and
* toplev.h: Likewise for `set_float_handler' and
* varasm.c: Include dbxout.h.
Mon Jun 8 18:12:06 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* mips.c (mips_secondary_reload_class): Use gp_reg_p instead of
GP_REG_P. Use gr_regs instead of GR_REGS.
Mon Jun 8 16:54:12 1998 Ken Raeburn <>
Jeff Law <>
* Revamped multiply support for MIPS chips.
* mips.c (extend_operator): New function.
(highpart_shift_operator): Likewise.
* mips.h: Declare new functions.
(PREDICATE_CODES): Add support for new predicates.
* (mulsi3 expander): Simplify.
(mulsi_mult3): Add another constraint alternative. Support
3 operand multiply instructions as found on various mips
(mulsi3_r4650): Delete pattern, now handled by mulsi_mult3.
(mul_acc_si): New pattern and associated splitters.
(mulsidi3 expander): Rework to use mulsidi3_64bit and
(umulsidi3): New expander.
(mulsidi3_internal): Accept either sign or zero extended
operands and generate code as appropriate appropriately.
(mulsidi3_64bit): Similarly.
(smulsi3_highpart): Turn into an expander and generate code
to match new patterns.
(umulsi3_highpart): Likewise.
(xmulsi3_highpart_internal): New pattern.
(maddi patterns): Delete. Replace with:
(mul_acc_di, mul-acc_64bit_di): New patterns.
Mon Jun 8 14:16:15 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* eh-common.h: Remove NEW_EH_MODEL compile time flag, and replace with
flag_new_exceptions runtime flag.
(struct old_exception_table): New struct which represents what
the exception table looks like without the new model.
(NEW_EH_RUNTIME): New value used as a tag in the exception table to
flag that this is a new style table.
* except.h: Remove compile time flag NEW_EH_MODEL.
(expand_builtin_eh_stub_old): New prototype.
* tree.h (enum built_in_function): Add BUILT_IN_EH_STUB_OLD.
* expr.c (expand_builtin): New builtin func BUILT_IN_EH_STUB_OLD.
* c-decl.c (init_decl_processing): Add new builtin function
* final.c (final_scan_insn): Replace compile time flag NEW_EH_MODEL.
* flags.h (flag_new_exceptions): New runtime flag.
* toplev.c (flag_new_exceptions): Initialize default to 0,
-fnew-exceptions sets to 1.
* except.c (output_exception_table_entry): Output New style exception
identifier into table, and replace compile time flag NEW_EH_MODEL
with runtime flag flag_new_exceptions.
(output_exception_table): Replace compile time flag NEW_EH_MODEL.
(expand_builtin_eh_stub_old): Duplicates original functionality of
(expand_builtin_eh_stub): Replace compile time flag NEW_EH_MODEL.
* libgcc2.c (find_exception_handler): Remove NEW_EH_MODEL #ifdefs.
(old_find_exception_handler): New func, same as find_exception_handler
except it works on the old style exception table.
(__throw): Replace NEW_EH_MODEL. Detect new model based on presence
of identifier in the exception table, and call appropriate routines.
Mon Jun 8 01:21:13 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* function.c: Define current_function_cannot_inline.
(push_function_context_to): Save it.
(pop_function_context_from): Restore it.
* function.h (struct function): Provide it a home.
* output.h: Declare it.
* integrate.c (function_cannot_inline_p): Check it.
Mon Jun 8 10:43:15 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* expr.c (force_operand): Detect PIC address loads before
splitting arithmetic.
Mon Jun 8 09:22:38 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Mon Jun 8 02:55:56 1998 Graham <>
* tree.c (tree_class_check): Add braces to eliminate ambiguous
else warning.
(tree_check): Likewise.
Mon Jun 8 02:49:23 1998 H.J. Lu (
* reg-stack.c (subst_stack_regs_pat): Make sure the top of
stack is the destination for conditional move insn.
Mon Jun 8 01:21:13 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.h (TREE_VEC_END): Cast unused value to void.
* i386.c (print_operand): Use %lx for long operand.
Mon Jun 8 00:04:07 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.c (summarize_insn): Ignore rtl slot format 'i'.
Sun Jun 7 14:15:45 1998 John Carr <>
* sol2.h (INIT_SUBTARGET_OPTABS): Use Solaris libc float/long long
conversion functions.
Sun Jun 7 14:02:58 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* toplev.c (flag_exceptions): Default to 0.
(compile_file): Remove flag_exceptions == 2 hack.
(main): Call lang_init_options.
* tree.h: Declare it.
* c-lang.c: Implement it.
* objc/objc-act.c: Likewise.
Sun Jun 7 12:27:30 1998 David Edelsohn <>
* (restore_stack_block): Generate MEM and specify mode.
* rs6000.c (rs6000_output_load_toc_table): Use fputs.
(output_function_profiler): Use asm_fprintf and fputs.
Sat Jun 6 12:17:12 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* gencheck.c: Remove redundant stdio.h include. Add a definition
of xmalloc for when we are forced to link with alloca.o.
* reload1.c (reload_reg_free_for_value_p): Use `(unsigned)1'
instead of `1U'.
* fold-const.c (constant_boolean_node): Make definition static to
match the prototype.
Fri Jun 5 15:53:17 1998 Per Bothner <>
* gcc.c (lang_specific_pre_link): New LANG_SPECIFIC_DRIVER function.
(lang_specific_extra_outfiles): New LANG_SPECIFIC_DRIVER variable.
(do_spec, input_filename, input_filename_length): Make public.
(main): Adjust outfiles allocation by lang_specific_extra_outfiles.
Call lang_specific_pre_link befor elinking.
Fri Jun 5 12:29:28 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* haifa-sched.c (rank_for_schedule): For "equally good insns", prefer
the insn which has the most insns dependent on it.
Fri Jun 5 09:03:22 1998 John Carr <>
* alias.c (find_base_value): Avoid reading past end of reg_base_value.
Fri Jun 5 03:05:34 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* (insxh-1): New insxl pattern for combine.
Fri Jun 5 01:12:15 1998 H.J. Lu (
* i386/i386.c (output_fp_conditional_move): New function
to output floating point conditional move.
(output_int_conditional_move): New function to output integer
conditional move.
* i386/ (movsicci+5, movhicc+5, movdicc+5): Call
output_int_conditional_move () to output int conditional move.
(movsfcc+5, movdfcc+5, movxfcc+5): Call
output_fp_conditional_move () to output floating point
conditional move.
* i386/i386.c (put_condition_code): In INT mode, check
cc_prev_status.flags & CC_NO_OVERFLOW for GE and LT.
Thu Jun 4 16:09:51 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* dbxout.c (dbxout_type): Output arrays of bits as if
they were bitstrings for Chill
Thu Jun 4 14:35:27 1998 David Edelsohn <>
* tree.c (get_inner_array_type): New function.
* tree.h (get_inner_array_type): Prototype.
* expr.h (STACK_SAVEAREA_MODE): New macro.
* expr.c (expand_builtin_setjmp): Initialize sa_mode using
(expand_builtin_longjmp): Likewise.
* explow.c (emit_stack_save): Likewise.
(allocate_dynamic_stack_space): Use Pmode not insn_operand_mode.
* rs6000/aix41.h (ASM_CPU_SPEC): Define relative to ASM_DEFAULT_SPEC.
(CPP_CPU_SPEC): Define relative to CPU_DEFAULT_SPEC.
* rs6000/aix43.h: New file.
* rs6000/t-aix43: New file.
* rs6000/x-aix41: New file.
* rs6000/x-aix43: New file.
* (rs6000-ibm-aix*): Use them.
* rs6000/powerpc.h: Delete.
* rs6000/sysv4.h: Move necessary powerpc.h definitions to here,
* rs6000/netware.h: and here,
* rs6000/win-nt.h: and here.
* rs6000/rs6000.c (processor_target_table, 620): Do not affect
(rs6000_override_options): Ignore flag_pic for AIX.
(rs6000_immed_double_const): Delete.
(u_short_cint_operand): Don't assume 32-bit CONST_INT.
(reg_or_u_short_operand): Don't assume 32-bit CONST_INT.
(num_insns_constant): mask64_operand() is 2 insns.
(logical_operand): Don't assume 32-bit CONST_INT.
(non_logical_cint_operand): Don't assume 32-bit CONST_INT.
(easy_fp_constant): Any CONST_DOUBLE_HIGH is okay for 64-bit.
(mask_constant): HOST_WIDE_INT parameter.
(non_and_cint_operand): Delete.
(mask64_operand): New function.
(and64_operand): New function.
(function_arg_advance): DImode arguments do not need special
alignment when 64-bit.
(function_arg): Likewise.
(setup_incoming_varargs): Reverse reg_size assignment.
(print_operand): HOST_WIDE_INT second parameter.
(print_operand, 'B'): New case.
(print_operand, 'M'): Fix typo in lossage string.
(print_operandm 'S'): New case.
(rs6000_stack_info): Reverse reg_size assignment. Use total_raw_size
to compute AIX push_p. Use reg_size to compute {cr,lr}_save_offset.
(rs6000_output_load_toc_table): Reverse init_ptr assignment. Use
TARGET_64BIT not TARGET_POWERPC64. Convert fprintf to fputs.
Load GOT highpart, don't add it. Add lowpart with {cal|la}.
(rs6000_allocate_stack_space): Use {cal|la}.
(output_epilog): Use {cal|la}
(output_function_profiler): Add call glue to mcount call.
Load GOT highpart, don't add it. Add lowpart with {cal|la}.
* rs6000/rs6000.h (TARGET_SWITCHES): Add powerpc64.
(ADJUST_FIELD_ALIGN): Calculate array alignment using innermost type.
(CONST_OK_FOR_LETTER_P): Don't assume 32-bit CONST_INT.
(EXTRA_CONSTRAINTS): Remove NT 'S' and 'T'. Replace 'S' with
64-bit mask operand.
(RS6000_SAVE_TOC): Depend on TARGET_32BIT.
(LEGITIMATE_CONSTANT_P): DImode okay for 64bit.
(RTX_COSTS, AND/IOR/XOR): Reflect current machine description.
(ASM_FILE_START): Emit 64-bit ABI directive.
(ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME): Align CSECT on doubleword in 64-bit mode.
(ASM_OUTPUT_SPECIAL_POOL_ENTRY): DImode okay for 64-bit.
(PREDICATE_CODES): Add "and64_operand" and "mask64_operand".
Delete "non_and_cint_operand". "input_operand" includes CONST_DOUBLE.
* rs6000/ (iorsi3, xorsi3): Use HOST_WIDE_INT for mask.
Restore define_splits.
(floatsidf2, floatunssidf2): Remove !TARGET_POWERPC64 final constraint.
(floatsidf2_internal, floatunssidf2_internal2): Likewise.
Do not specify base register operand mode.
(floatsidf2_loadaddr): Do not specify base register operand mode.
(floatsidf2_store1, floatsidf2_store2): Operand 1 must be base
register; do not specify mode. Remove !TARGET_POWERPC64 final
(floatsidf2_load): Do not specify base register operand mode. Remove
!TARGET_POWERPC64 final constraint.
(fix_truncdfsi2_internal, fix_truncdfsi2_{store,load}): Do not specify
base register operand mode.
(adddi3): Split large constants early.
(absdi3): Shift by 63, not 31.
(*mulsidi3_ppc64): New pattern.
(rotldi3): Add masking combiner patterns.
(anddi3): Add rldic{r,l} masking. Remove split of large constants
because PPC insns zero-extend.
(iordi3, xordi3): Split large constants early.
(movsi matcher): Remove S and T constraints.
(movsf const_double): Create SImode constant from TARGET_DOUBLE.
(movdf_hardfloat32): Add default abort() case.
(movdf easy_fp_const): Create DImode constant from TARGET_DOUBLE.
(movdi): Remove 64-bit constant generator. Try to convert
CONST_DOUBLE to CONST_INT. Handle TOC memory constants.
(movdi_32): Add default abort() case.
(movdi_64): Add numerous ways to split 64-bit constants.
Make catch-all define_split more optimal and never FAIL.
(movti_ppc64): Add default abort() case.
(allocate_stack): Remove operand modes. Use Pmode.
(restore_stack_block): Remove operand modes. Generate Pmode
(save_stack_nonlocal, restore_stack_nonlocal): Generate Pmode
temporary. Save area is double Pmode.
(call_indirect_aix64, call_value_indirect_aix64): New patterns.
(call, call_value): Do not specify address operand mode. Choose
appropriate AIX ABI.
(*call_local64, *ret_call_local64): New patterns.
(*call_nonlocal_aix64, *ret_call_nonlocal_aix64): New patterns.
(*ret_call_nonlocal_aix32): Use call_value_indirect for REG.
(compare): Materialize DImode truthvalues.
Thu Jun 4 01:26:57 1998 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (safe_from_p): Avoid combinatorial explosion
over duplicate SAVE_EXPRs by ensuring we never recurse
on one that has already been visited.
Thu Jun 4 00:54:21 1998 Graham <>
* loop.c (check_dbra_loop): Initialize final_value before
normalizing the loop.
Wed Jun 3 20:00:04 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (reload_reg_free_for_value_p): New arguments out and
reloadnum. Changed all callers.
1998-06-03 Ulrich Drepper <>
* system.h: Add _() and N_() macros in preparation for gettext.
Wed Jun 3 11:02:24 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* c-common.c (check_format_info): Put back check for C9x `hh'
length modifier. Warn about %n format writing into const. Remove
obsolete comment.
(format_char_info): Fix comments.
* Set float_format to m68k for all m68k targets that
do not override LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE.
* config/float-m68k.h: New file.
Tue Jun 2 23:14:01 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* jump.c (jump_optimize): Remove debug messages accidentally left in
with the previous change.
Tue Jun 2 22:46:08 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* expr.c (store_expr): Revert stray patch associated with
1998-05-23 commit.
Tue Jun 2 21:59:01 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* jump.c (rtx_unsafe_p): New function.
(jump_optimize): Use it on if/then/else transformations and
conditional move transformations.
Tue Jun 2 22:50:10 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* fold-const.c (fold, case EQ_EXPR): When folding VAR++ == CONST
or VAR-- == CONST construct a proper mask if VAR is a bitfield.
Cope with CONST being out of range for the bitfield.
Tue Jun 2 22:28:31 1998 Bernd Schmidt <crux@ohara.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE>
* expr.c (emit_move_insn_1): When moving complex values in several
steps, emit a CLOBBER to show the destination dies.
Tue Jun 2 22:17:26 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* (site.exp): Use the object testsuite directory as
the temporary directory.
* expr.c (expand_expr, case ADDR_EXPR): Handle taking the
address of an ADDRESSOF rtx.
1998-06-02 Mike Stump <>
* expr.c (expand_builtin_setjmp): Handle BUILTIN_SETJMP_FRAME_VALUE.
* (ret, flush_register_windows): Define.
(nonlocal_goto): Likewise. Nested function nonlocal gotos don't
work yet.
* tm.texi (BUILTIN_SETJMP_FRAME_VALUE): Document new macro.
Tue Jun 2 14:02:38 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* (divsi3, udivsi3, modsi3, umodsi3): Enable, and work
around an OSF/1 library bug wrt sign-extension of inputs.
Tue Jun 2 13:02:44 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* vax/netbsd.h (DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO): Must be undef, not defined 0.
Mon Jun 1 03:44:03 1998 Catherine Moore <>
* config/sh/sh.h (MAX_OFILE_ALIGNMENT): Define.
* varasm.c (assemble_variable): Augment alignment warning.
Mon Jun 1 12:14:28 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* config/fp-bit.c (_fp{add,div}_parts): Return correct IEEE result
in the presence of IEEE negative 0's.
Sun May 31 16:11:41 1998 John Wehle (
* reload.c (find_reloads): Record the existing mode if
operand_mode == VOIDmode before replacing a register with
a constant.
* (tstsi, tsthi, tstqi, tstsf, tstdf, tstxf): Set
i386_compare_op1 to const0_rtx for the benefit of the
conditional move patterns.
(movsicc, movhicc, movsfcc, movdfcc, movxfcc, movdicc): Rewrite
based on suggestions from Jim Wilson.
Sun May 31 00:44:02 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Sun May 31 00:34:17 1998 Bruce Korb <>
* ( Update rules again.
Sun May 31 00:27:47 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* extend.texi: Bring back reference to trampoline paper.
Sun May 31 00:22:34 1998 Ulrich Drepper <>
* (USER_H): Add stdbool.h.
* ginclude/stdbool.h: New file.
Fri May 29 01:48:25 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* jump.c (thread_jumps): Do not look at the NOTE_LINE_NUMBER
of a non-note insn.
* gcse.c (pre_delete): Fix code to determine the mode of
the reaching pseudo register.
Fri May 29 01:07:28 1998 Bernd Schmidt <crux@Pool.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE>
* (GEN): Add gencheck.
(STAGESTUFF): Add tree-check.h and gencheck.
Fri May 29 00:57:37 1998 Bruce Korb <>
* ( Remove before trying to recreate.
( Set some additional environment variables before
Thu May 28 12:57:05 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* reload.c (find_reloads): Do not force a reloads of match_operators.
Thu May 28 10:22:22 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* except.h (remove_handler): Add new prototype.
* except.c (remove_handler): New function to remove handlers
from an exception region.
* flow.c (find_basic_blocks_1): Remove handlers from regions when
handler label is deleted; remove exception regions with no handlers.
Thu May 28 09:36:39 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* except.h (rtx): Define rtx type correctly if needed.
* function.h (rtx): Likewise.
(tree): Define tree type correctly if needed.
* c-pragma.c (toplevel): Include rtl.h.
* stor-layout.c (toplevel): Move include of rtl.h before
* (c-pragma.o): Add except.h, rtl.h dependencies.
(tree.o): Add except.h dependency.
Wed May 27 22:02:40 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* reload1.c: Revert accidental checkin.
* configure.lang: Fix thinko when adding a definition for
target_alias to the Makefile.
Wed May 27 02:50:00 1998 Catherine Moore (
* config/sparc/lb1spc.asm (.rem and .urem): Replace
Wed May 27 02:48:31 1998 Richard Earnshaw (
* arm.c (arm_gen_constant): Rework to eliminate uninitialized
variable warnings. Don't generate scratch registers if only
counting insns.
(find_barrier): Eliminate unused variable SRC.
1998-05-27 Manfred Hollstein <>
* toplev.h (rtx_def): Provide global declaration to avoid
`limited scope' warnings.
Tue May 26 23:47:52 1998 Mumit Khan <>
* (gencheck.o): Use HOST_CC.
* i386/t-mingw32: New file.
* (i386-*-mingw32*): Use.
Tue May 26 07:31:04 1998 Richard Earnshaw (
* arm.c (bad_signed_byte_operand): New predicate function.
* arm.h (PREDICATE_CODES): Add it to the list.
* (*extendqi[sh]i_insn): Split any addresses that ldrsb
can't handle.
(define_split): Two new splits for above insns.
* arm.c: Include toplev.h.
(arm_override_options): Add parentheses around use of tune_flags.
(arm_split_constant): Remove unused variable.
(arm_gen_constant, arm_gen_movstrqi, add_constant): Likewise.
(output_func_prologue, arm_expand_prologue): Likewise.
(arm_canonicalize_comparison): Make I unsigned; rework constants
accordingly. Add missing parentheses around << operation.
(arm_rtx_costs): Correctly parenthesize MULT costs. Add a DEFAULT
({load,store}_multiple_sequence): Initialize BASE_REG.
(select_dominance_cc_mode): Add DEFAULT clauses.
(broken_move): Return zero if the destination is not a register.
(arm_reorg): Move unused REGNO declaration into the dead code.
* arm.h (CANONICALIZE_COMPARISON): Ensure OP1 is updated.
Mon May 25 22:49:56 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Mon May 25 11:56:24 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Mon May 25 14:00:13 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* cpperror.c (v_cpp_message): Remove static prototype.
* cpplib.c (v_cpp_message): Move prototype to cpplib.h.
* cpplib.h (v_cpp_message): Add protoptype.
(stdarg.h,varargs.h): Needed for v_cpp_message prototype.
Sun May 24 20:36:15 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Sun May 24 02:08:57 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
1998-05-24 Andreas Schwab <>
* m68k.h: Declare more functions used in macros.
(REG_CLASS_CONTENTS): Completely embrace initializer.
* (adddi3, subdi3): Add abort call to avoid warning
about returning no value.
* cse.c (find_best_addr): Declare p and found_better only if
* dbxout.c (dbxout_continue): Define only if DBX_CONTIN_LENGTH > 0.
* dwarfout.c (string_length_attribute): #if 0 away.
* function.c (expand_function_end): Define varible blktramp only
if needed.
* jump.c (find_insert_position): Define only if !HAVE_cc0.
* loop.c (combine_givs_p): Define variable tem only if needed.
* real.c: Comment out unused functions eabs, eround,
e{24,53,64,113}toasc and eiinfin.
Sat May 23 23:44:53 1998 Alexandre Oliva <>
* (boostrap2-lean, bootstrap3-lean,
bootstrap4-lean): New targets.
Sat May 23 23:35:14 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* warn_summary, test_summary: Moved into the contrib directory.
1998-05-23 Manfred Hollstein <>
* (ENQUIRE_CFLAGS, ENQUIRE_LDFLAGS): Move down to the end
of the Makefile.
(FLOAT_H_TEST): Likewise.
(ENQUIRE): Likewise.
(float.h-nat): Likewise.
(float.h-cross): Likewise.
(enquire): Likewise.
(enquire.o): Likewise.
(stmp-int-hdrs): Fix comment about enquire; depend upon gfloat.h.
(stmp-headers): Move actions to stmp-int-hdrs, retaining only a
(FLOAT_H): Remove old float.h-nat version; move current definition
to CROSS_FLOAT_H location.
(all.cross): Remove comments about enquire stuff.
* (all.cross): Swap $(LIBGCC) and $(STMP_FIXPROTO).
(rest.encap): Likewise.
(libgcc2.ready): Depend upon $(STMP_FIXPROTO)
* toplev.h (tree_node): Provide global declaration to avoid
`limited scope' warnings.
Sat May 23 23:23:35 1998 Robert Lipe <>
* test_summary: Display section breaks for each entry
in a multilibbed target's output.
1998-05-23 Richard Henderson <>
* expr.c (expand_expr): For {BITFIELD,COMPONENT,ARRAY}_REF, if the
offset's mode is not ptr_mode, convert it.
1998-05-22 Jason Merrill <>
* fold-const.c (ssize_binop): New fn.
* tree.h: Declare it.
Fri May 22 03:42:05 1998 Richard Earnshaw (
* genextract.c (print_path): Handle zero-length path as a special
Fri May 22 01:38:07 1998 Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
* cplus-dem.c (MBUF_SIZE): Bumped from 512 to 32767.
Fri May 22 00:57:00 1998 Bernd Schmidt (>
* final.c (JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION): Provide a default value.
(shorten_branches, final_scan_insn): Test value of
JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION instead of just testing whether it
is defined.
* tm.texi (JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION): Corresponding changes.
* arm/coff.h: Define JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION to 1.
* arm/tcoff.h: Likewise.
* i386/386bsd.h: Likewise.
* i386/freebsd-elf.h: Likewise.
* i386/freebsd.h: Likewise.
* i386/netbsd.h: Likewise.
* i386/ptx4-i.h: Likewise.
* i386/sysv4.h: Likewise.
* pa/pa.h: Likewise.
* rs6000/linux.h: Likewise.
* rs6000/rs6000.h: Likewise.
* sh/sh.h: Likewise.
* sparc/sp64-elf.h: Likewise.
* v850/v850.h: Likewise.
* rs6000/sysv4.h: Define JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION to 0.
* i386/linux.h: Define JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION to (flag_pic).
Thu May 21 19:50:13 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* regmove.c (gen_add3_insn): New function.
(fixup_match_2): Use it instead of calling gen_addsi3.
Thu May 21 23:09:50 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* (gencheck): Depend on HOST_LIBDEPS.
* alias.c (rtx_equal_for_memref_p): Handle SCRATCH as a memory
Thu May 21 20:18:13 1998 Martin von Loewis <>
* (TREE_H): Add tree-check.h.
(tree-check.h, gencheck): New targets.
* gencheck.c: New file.
* tree.c (tree_check, tree_class_check): New functions.
* tree.h (TREE_CHECK, TREE_CLASS_CHECK): Define.
Modify all access macros to use generated checking macros.
Wed May 20 23:44:28 1998 John Wehle (
* acconfig.h (HAVE_GAS_MAX_SKIP_P2ALIGN): New tag.
* Check for it.
* i386/gas.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MAX_SKIP_ALIGN): Use it.
* final.c (uid_align, uid_shuid, label_align): Make static.
(label_align): Change type to struct label_alignment pointer.
(LABEL_TO_ALIGNMENT, shorten_branches): Update due to type change.
(shorten_branches): Record the maximum bytes to skip when
aligning a label.
(final_scan_insn): Use the maximum bytes to skip when aligning a label
if ASM_OUTPUT_MAX_SKIP_ALIGN is available.
* i386.c (override_options): i386_align_jumps and i386_align_loops
default to 4 if ASM_OUTPUT_MAX_SKIP_ALIGN is available.
* invoke.texi: Document new i386 align-loops and align-jumps behavior.
1998-05-21 Mark Mitchell <>
* cplus-dem.c (do_type): Handle volatile qualification.
Thu May 21 12:23:17 1998 Per Bothner <>
* function.c (init_function_start): Don't call emit_line_note if
lineno is 0. (Can happen when compiling Java .class files.)
Thu May 21 19:50:13 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (reload_reg_free_for_value_p): Fix RELOAD_FOR_INPUT
end of lifetime and RELOAD_FOR_OUTPUT start of lifetime.
Thu May 21 19:32:27 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* combine.c (nonzero_bits): For paradoxical subregs, take
LOAD_EXTENDED_OP into account.
Thu May 21 11:51:15 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* (extra_c_objs): Add prefix.o.
(extra_cxx_objs): Extra objects for C++ with cpplib.
* configure: Regenerate.
* c-tree.h (get_directive_line): Different prototype for cpplib.
(GET_DIRECTIVE_LINE): Macro wrapper for get_directive_line.
* c-lex.h (get_directive_line): Not needed here for cpplib.
* c-lex.c (yy_cur,yy_lim,yy_get_token): Move to c-common.c.
(GET_DIRECTIVE_LINE): Move to c-common.c and rename to get_directive_line.
* c-common.c (parse_in,parse_options,cpp_token): Declare for cpplib.
(yy_cur,yy_lim,yy_get_token,get_directive,line): Moved here from c-lex.c
Thu May 21 09:04:42 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* gengenrtl.c (type_from_format, accessor_from_format): Change
type of parameter `c' from `char' to `int'.
Wed May 20 22:28:34 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* warn_summary, test_summary: New scripts from
Kaveh Ghazi and Alexandre Oliva respectively.
* gcse.c (current_function_calls_longjmp): Declare.
1998-05-20 Jason Merrill <>
* dwarf2out.c (base_type_die): Use int_size_in_bytes.
Wed May 20 01:11:02 1998 Doug Evans (
Jeff Law (
* Global CSE and constant/copy propagation.
* (OBJS): Add gcse.o.
(STAGESTUFF): Add *.gcse.
(gcse.o): Add dependencies.
(mostlyclean): Remove *.gcse and */*.gcse.
* gcse.c: New file.
* loop.c (loop_optimize): Move call to init_alias_analysis.
* recog.c (validate_replace_src): New function.
* toplev.c (gcse_dump): New global variable.
(flag_gcse, gcse_time): Likewise.
(compile_file): Initialize gcse_time and clean out the gcse dump
file if necessary.
(rest_of_compilation): Call gcse_main as requested. Dump RTL
after gcse if requested.
(main): Enable gcse for -O2 and above. Handle -dG. Enable gcse
dumps for -da.
* gcc.texi: Add gcse related internal documentation.
* invoke.texi: Note new command line options for gcse.
* tm.texi: Document AVOID_CCMODE_COPIES.
* mips.h (AVOID_CCMODE_COPIES): Define.
Tue May 19 22:31:20 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* (deduced.h): Only run scan-types if $(SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR)
(stmp-fixproto): Simlarly for running fixproto.
* cross-make (SYSTEM_HEADER_DIR): Now $(tooldir)/sys-include.
Tue May 19 19:08:52 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* config/mips/mips.c (double_memory_operand): Accept any MEM during
reload when TARGET_64BIT.
Tue May 19 18:21:25 1998 Jim Wilson <>
Finish incomplete change started by Kenner.
* (*-*-linux-gnu*): Delete NO_STAB_H from xm_defines.
(powerpcle-*-cygwin32): Delete xm_defines.
* final.c, mips-tfile.c, xcoffout.c, config/mips/mips.c: Use
HAVE_STAB_H instead of NO_STAB_H.
* config/xm-linux.h (NO_STAB_H): Delete.
(HAVE_STAB_H): Undefine.
* config/i386/xm-go32.h (NO_STAB_H): Delete.
1998-05-19 Jim Wilson <>
* dwarfout.c (dwarfout_file_scope_decl, case TYPE_DECL): Ignore
Tue May 19 15:07:54 1998 Todd Vierling <>
* arm/netbsd.h: Ensure DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO is undefined.
Tue May 19 17:19:16 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (reload_reg_free_for_value_p): New function.
(allocate_reload_reg, choose_reload_regs): Use it.
Tue May 19 11:51:00 1998 Andrew MacLeod (
* except.c (expand_start_catch): Correct logic for when to
generate a new handler label, and when to use the old one.
Tue May 19 11:08:52 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (print-rtl.o): Depend on bitmap.h.
(dbxout.o): Depend on toplev.h.
($(SCHED_PREFIX)sched.o): Likewise.
($(out_object_file)): Likewise for system.h and toplev.h.
(cppmain.o): Depend on gansidecl.h.
(cpplib.o): Likewise.
(cpperror.o): Likewise.
(cppexp.o): Likewise.
(cpphash.o): Likewise.
(cppalloc.o): Likewise.
(fix-header.o): Depend on cpplib.h and cpphash.h.
(scan-decls.o): Depend on gansidecl.h.
* basic-block.h (free_regset_vector): Add prototype.
* cccp.c (check_precompiled): Mark parameter `fname' with
(do_assert): Likewise for `op' and `keyword'.
(do_unassert): Likewise.
(do_line): Likewise for `keyword'.
(do_error): Likewise for `op' and `keyword'.
(do_warning): Likewise.
(do_ident): Likewise for `keyword'.
(do_pragma): Likewise for `limit', `op' and `keyword'.
(do_sccs): Likewise.
(do_if): Likewise for `keyword'.
(do_elif): Likewise.
(do_else): Likewise.
(do_endif): Likewise.
* collect2.c (getenv): Remove redundant prototype.
(collect_exit, collect_execute, dump_file): Likewise.
(dump_list): Wrap prototype and definition in COLLECT_EXPORT_LIST.
(dump_prefix_list): Hide prototype and definition.
* sparc.c: Include toplev.h.
(intreg_operand): Mark parameter `mode' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(symbolic_memory_operand): Likewise.
(sp64_medium_pic_operand): Likewise.
(data_segment_operand): Likewise.
(text_segment_operand): Likewise.
(splittable_symbolic_memory_operand): Likewise.
(splittable_immediate_memory_operand): Likewise.
(eq_or_neq): Likewise.
(normal_comp_operator): Likewise.
(noov_compare_op): Likewise.
(v9_regcmp_op): Likewise.
(v8plus_regcmp_op): Likewise.
(extend_op): Likewise.
(cc_arithop): Likewise.
(cc_arithopn): Likewise.
(small_int): Likewise.
(uns_small_int): Likewise.
(clobbered_register): Likewise.
(legitimize_pic_address): Likewise.
(delay_operand): Likewise.
(sparc_builtin_saveregs): Remove unused variable `stdarg'.
* sparc.h (order_regs_for_local_alloc, eligible_for_return_delay,
sparc_issue_rate, v8plus_regcmp_p): Add prototypes.
* (cmpdi_v8plus): Add abort for default case in switch.
* cppalloc.c: Include gansidecl.h.
* cpperror.c: Include stdarg.h/varargs.h and gansidecl.h.
(cpp_file_line_for_message): Mark parameter `pfile' with
(v_cpp_message): New function.
(cpp_message): Use it. Also convert to variable arguments.
(cpp_fatal): Likewise.
(cpp_pfatal_with_name): Constify parameter `name'.
* cppexp.c: Move gansidecl.h before cpplib.h.
* cpphash.c: Likewise.
* cpphash.h (hashf, delete_macro): Add prototypes.
* cpplib.c: Include stdarg.h/varargs.h and move gansidecl.h before
cpplib.h. Don't include errno.h.
(update_path): Add arguments to prototype.
(cpp_fatal, cpp_file_line_for_message, cpp_message, delete_macro,
cpp_print_containing_files): Remove redundant prototypes.
(cpp_hash_cleanup, add_import, append_include_chain,
make_assertion, path_include, initialize_builtins,
initialize_char_syntax, finclude, validate_else, comp_def_part,
lookup_import, redundant_include_p, is_system_include,
read_name_map, read_filename_string, open_include_file,
check_macro_name, compare_defs, compare_token_lists,
eval_if_expression, change_newlines): Add prototype arguments.
(hashf): Remove redundant prototype.
(read_token_list, free_token_list, safe_read, xcalloc, savestring,
conditional_skip, skip_if_group): Add prototype arguments.
(fdopen): Remove redundant prototype.
(do_define, do_line, do_include, do_undef, do_error, do_pragma,
do_ident, do_if, do_xifdef, do_else, do_elif, do_endif, do_sccs,
do_once, do_assert, do_unassert, do_warning): Add prototype arguments.
(struct directive): Add prototype arguments to function pointer
member `func'.
(handle_directive): Add missing arguments to call to `do_line'.
(do_include): Mark parameters `unused1' and `unused2' with
(do_line): Likewise for `keyword' and new parameters `unused1' and
(do_error): Likewise for `keyword'.
(do_warning): Likewise. Also add missing argument `pfile' in call
to cpp_pedwarn.
(do_once): Mark parameter `keyword', `unused1' and `unused2' with
(do_ident): Likewise for `keyword', `buf' and `limit'.
(do_pragma): Likewise. Also add missing arguments in call to do_once.
(do_sccs): Mark parameter `keyword', `buf' and `limit' with
(do_if): Likewise for `keyword'.
(do_elif): Likewise.
(eval_if_expression): Likewise for `buf' and `length'.
(do_xifdef): Likewise for `unused1' and `unused2'.
(do_else): Likewise for `keyword', `buf' and `limit'.
(do_endif): Likewise.
(parse_name): Add missing argument `pfile' in call to cpp_pedwarn.
(cpp_handle_options): Remove superfluous NULL argument in call to
(cpp_handle_options): Likewise.
(do_assert): Mark parameter `keyword', `buf' and `limit' with
(do_unassert): Likewise.
(cpp_print_file_and_line): Add missing argument `pfile' in call to
(v_cpp_error): New function.
(cpp_error): Use it. Also accept variable arguments.
(v_cpp_warning): New function.
(cpp_warning): Use it. Also accept variable arguments.
(cpp_pedwarn): Accept variable arguments.
(v_cpp_error_with_line): New function.
(cpp_error_with_line): Use it. Accept variable arguments.
(v_cpp_warning_with_line): New function.
(cpp_warning_with_line): Use it. Accept variable arguments. Hide
(cpp_pedwarn_with_line): Accept variable arguments.
(cpp_pedwarn_with_file_and_line): Likewise.
(cpp_error_from_errno): Constify parameter `name'. Add missing
argument `pfile' in call to cpp_file_line_for_message.
(cpp_perror_with_name): Constify parameter `name'.
* cpplib.h: Define PARAMS() in terms of PROTO().
(fatal): Remove redundant prototype.
(cpp_error, cpp_warning, cpp_pedwarn, cpp_error_with_line,
cpp_pedwarn_with_line, cpp_pedwarn_with_file_and_line,
cpp_error_from_errno, cpp_perror_with_name, cpp_pfatal_with_name,
cpp_fatal, cpp_message, cpp_pfatal_with_name,
cpp_file_line_for_message, cpp_print_containing_files): Add
arguments to prototypes.
(scan_decls, cpp_finish): Add prototypes.
* cppmain.c: Include gansidecl.h.
(main): Remove unused variable `i'.
* dbxout.c: Include toplev.h.
* demangle.h (do_tlink, collect_execute, collect_exit,
collect_wait, dump_file, file_exists): Add prototype.
* dwarf2out.c (dwarf_type_encoding_name, decl_start_label): Hide
prototype and definition.
(gen_unspecified_parameters_die): Don't assign results of call to
function new_die() to unused variable `parm_die'.
(dwarf2out_line): Mark parameter `filename' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(dwarf2out_define): Likewise for `lineno' and `buffer'.
* dwarfout.c (output_unsigned_leb128, output_signed_leb128): Hide
prototype and definition.
(output_die): Add prototype arguments to function pointer arg.
(output_unspecified_parameters_die): Mark parameter `arg' with
* except.c (output_exception_table_entry): Remove unused variable
* except.h (expand_fixup_region_start, expand_fixup_region_end):
Add prototypes.
* expr.c (do_jump_by_parts_equality_rtx): Remove prototype.
* expr.h (do_jump_by_parts_equality_rtx): Add prototype.
* fix-header.c: Include stdarg.h/varargs.h, move gansidecl.h
before cpplib.h, include cpphash.h, remove redundant prototype of
cpp_fatal, don't define `const', add a prototype for `fatal'.
(cpp_file_line_for_message): Add missing arguments `pfile'.
(v_cpp_message): New function.
(cpp_message): Use it.
(v_fatal): New function.
(fatal, cpp_fatal): Use it.
(cpp_pfatal_with_name): Constify parameter `name'.
* flow.c (free_regset_vector): Remove redundant prototype.
* function.c (round_down): Wrap prototype and definition with
(record_insns): Wrap prototype and definition with
defined (HAVE_prologue) || defined (HAVE_epilogue).
* gansidecl.h (ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_4, ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_5): New macros.
* gen-protos.c: Include gansidecl.h.
(hashf): Don't make it static, constify parameter `name'.
* genattrtab.c (check_attr_test): Change XEXP() to XSTR() to match
specifier %s in calls to function `fatal'.
* haifa-sched.c: Include toplev.h.
(find_rgns): Remove unused variable `j'.
* integrate.c (note_modified_parmregs): Mark parameter `x' with
(mark_stores): Likewise.
* jump.c (mark_modified_reg): Likewise.
* output.h (insn_current_reference_address): Add prototype.
(eh_frame_section): Likewise.
* print-rtl.c: Include bitmap.h.
* reload1.c (reload): Wrap variables `note' and `next' in macro
(forget_old_reloads_1): Mark parameter `ignored' with
(choose_reload_regs): Remove unused variable `in'.
(reload_cse_invalidate_mem): Mark parameter `ignore' with
(reload_cse_check_clobber): Likewise.
* rtl.h (expand_null_return, reg_classes_intersect_p): Add prototype.
(mark_elimination): Fix typo in prototype.
* scan-decls.c: Include gansidecl.h.
* tree.h (using_eh_for_cleanups, supports_one_only): Add prototype.
Mon May 18 22:37:33 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* function.c (identify_blocks): Fix thinko when setting the
block number for NOTE_INSN_BLOCK_END.
Mon May 18 15:30:42 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* config/v850/lib1funcs.asm: Add .text pseudo op to start of
* config/v850/lib1funcs.asm: Fix .size pseudo ops to use three
underscores for the prefixes to the names of the maths functions.
* dbxout.c (dbxout_parms): Revert to using DECL_ARG_TYPE. Add
comment explaining why.
Mon May 18 13:20:23 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* tree.h (TYPE_SIZE_UNIT): New.
(struct tree_type): Add size_unit member.
* stor-layout.c (layout_type): Initialize it.
* expr.c (get_inner_reference) [ARRAY_REF]: Use it.
* tree.c (size_in_bytes, int_size_in_bytes): Likewise.
Mon May 18 12:07:37 1998 Richard Earnshaw (
* stor-layout.c (layout_record): Fix off-by-one error when checking
length of the TYPE_BINFO vector.
Mon May 18 10:59:23 1998 Nick Clifton <>
* dbxout.c (dbxout_parms): Use TREE_ARG to compute the type of a
function parameter passed in memory.
Mon May 18 09:02:09 1998 Robert Lipe <>
* dwarfout.h, dwarf2out.h, dbxout.h, sdbout.h: New files.
Prototypes for externally used functions in respective C files.
* dwarfout.c, dbxout.c, dwarf2out.c, sdbout.c, toplev,c,
final.c: Include above files.
* (toplev.o): Add dependency for above four headers.
(final.o): Likewise.
(dwarfout.o, dbxout.o, dwarf2out.o, sdbout.o): Depend on four
respective header files.
Mon May 18 01:23:33 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* (TARGET_TOOLPREFIX): No longer define.
(AR_FOR_TARGET, RANLIB_FOR_TARGET): Define to use versions in
the build tree if they exist.
(objdir): Let configure substitute value.
(FLOAT_H): Let configure select a pre-built version from the
config subdir.
* build-make (INSTALL_TARGET, ALL): Disable, no longer needed.
* Substitute for objdir.
* (build_canonical, host_canonical): Let configure
substitute values for these variables.
* Substitute for build_canonical, host_canonical
and target_subdir in generated Makefile.
* output.h (find_basic_blocks): Declare.
(free_basic_block_vars, set_block_num, life_analysis): Likewise.
* (BISON): Use bison from the build tree if it exists.
(FLEX): Similarly.
Mon May 18 00:08:19 1998 Nick Clifton <>
(process_command): If HAVE_EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX is defined then scan
command line arguments to see if an executable is not being
created, and if so - do not append the suffix.
* tm.texi (SWITCH_CURTAILS_COMPILATION): Add description of new
driver macro.
Sun May 17 23:59:45 1998 John Wehle (
* i386.h (ALIGN_DFmode): Delete.
* varasm.c (force_const_mem): Use it.
Sun May 17 19:31:05 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.c (alpha_emit_conditional_branch): Clear cmp_code after
using it with swap_condition, not before.
Sun May 17 13:44:32 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* alias.c (mode_alias_check): Delete.
(true_dependence, anti_dependence, output_dependence): Revert April 21
Sun May 17 08:45:21 1998 Krister Walfridsson <>
* toplev.c (output_lang_identify): Enable prototype and definition.
Sun May 17 01:12:27 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Sat May 16 23:20:32 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha/osf.h (HAVE_STAMP_H): Define.
* alpha.c: Use it.
* alpha/netbsd.h, alpha/netbsd-elf.h: New files.
* (alpha*-*-netbsd*): New.
Based on patches from Paul H. Anderson <>.
* (alpha*-*-linux-*): Kill xm_defines.
(alpha*-*-linux-gnulibc1*) [fixincludes]: Define.
* alpha/xm-linux.h: Remove file.
Sat May 16 18:32:45 1998 Doug Evans <>
* dbxout.c (dbxout_parms): If mode of type of parameter living
in memory doesn't match mode of DECL_RTL, make big endian correction.
Fri May 15 21:40:06 1998 John Wehle (
* (movdi-1, movdi): Rewrite based on SI move patterns.
Fri May 15 18:55:22 1998 Jason Merrill <>
* tree.h (BINFO_SIZE, TYPE_BINFO_SIZE): New macros.
* stor-layout.c (layout_record): Set it.
Fri May 15 18:49:30 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): Don't defer nested functions.
Fri May 15 17:42:52 1998 Bob Manson <>
* config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_stack_info): Align the stack bottom
to an 8-byte boundary if info_ptr->fpmem_p.
Fri May 15 17:36:11 1998 Bill Moyer <>
* loop.c (basic_induction_var): Added test preventing
CCmode parameter passed to convert_modes().
Fri May 15 17:26:18 1998 Alexandre Petit-Bianco <>
* expr.c (expand_expr, case EXPR_WITH_FILE_LOCATION): Save/restore
input_filename and lineno around expand_expr call. Set them to values
in WFL before expand_expr call.
Fri May 15 12:44:57 1998 Benjamin Kosnik <>
* stor-layout.c (set_sizetype): Set TYPE_NAME on bitsizetype.
Fri May 15 07:20:03 1998 Mark Mitchell <>
* fold-const.c (constant_boolean_node): New function.
(fold): Use it.
Fri May 15 11:21:16 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* sh.c (gen_shl_and): Don't sign extend constant for kind two.
Abort if trying to split kind 3 or 4 outside of combine.
Fri May 15 01:47:37 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* mips.c (print_operand, case 'x'): Use HOST_WIDE_INT_PRINT_HEX.
Fri May 15 01:42:45 1998 Mumit Khan <>
* objc/ (OBJC_O): Add missing exeext.
(libobjc.a, runtime-info.h): Likewise.
Fri May 15 01:29:39 1998 John Wehle (
* i386.h (DATA_ALIGNMENT): Define.
Fri May 15 05:35:37 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (delete_output_reload): Ignore single USE that
was emitted for the pseudo use of this INSN.
If the no reference to REG between OUTPUT_RELOAD_INSN and INSN
remains, we can always delete OUTPUT_RELOAD_INSN.
Thu May 14 18:38:50 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* reload.c (find_reloads): Don't penalize SCRATCH output reload.
Thu May 14 15:10:30 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* (expr.o): Remove dependency on deleted modemap.def file.
Thu May 14 16:30:47 1998 Andrew MacLeod <>
* eh-common.h: New file for basic EH data structures.
* except.h: Various prototypes and structures for NEW_EH_MODEL.
* function.h (struct function): Add a struct eh_stack for the catch
clause stack.
* except.c (gen_exception_label): New function to generate an
exception label.
(push_eh_entry): Use gen_exception_label() and init 'label_used' field.
(push_entry): New function to push an existing entry onto a stack.
(receive_exception_label): New function to emit the code required
at the start of all catch blocks.
(struct func_eh_entry): New structure for maintaining handlers
associated with EH regions.
(new_eh_region_entry): New function to register an EH region.
(add_new_handler): New function to register a handler with a region.
(get_new_handler): Creates anew handler entry for registering.
(find_func_region): New function to convert a NOTE eh region number
to an Eh region index.
(get_first_handler): New function to get the first handler in a region.
(clear_function_eh_region): New function to release memory.
(duplicate_handlers): New function to duplicate a list of handlers.
(expand_eh_region_end): Create a new region entry node as well.
(expand_leftover_cleanups): Call receive_exception_label() and
register the cleanup as a handler to the current region.
(expand_start_catch): New function to start a catch clause.
(expand_end_catch): New function to end a catch clause.
(expand_start_all_catch): Restructure to not do the equivalent of
what expand_start_catch() does now. Push the exception region being
handled onto the catch stack.
(output_exception_table_entry): Issue an entry for each handler
associated with a region.
(set_exception_lang_code): New function for setting the language code.
(set_exception_version_code): New function to set the version number.
(output_exception_table): Output version and language codes.
(find_exception_handler_labels): Find handler labels using new scheme.
(is_exception_handler_label): New function, returns 1 if label is
present as a handler in some exception region.
(check_exception_handler_labels): Use the new scheme.
(init_eh_for_function): Initialize the catch stack.
(save_eh_status): Save the catch stack.
(restore_eh_status): Restore the catch stack.
(scan_region): Don't remove unreferenced handler label. Flow does it.
(get_reg_for_handler): New function to get the eh_context pointer
passed by __throw.
(expand_builtin_eh_stub): Changes required for NEW_EH_MODEL only.
* final.c (final_scan_insn): With NEW_EH_MODEL, add EH table
entry when processing END region rather that START region.
* flow.c (find_basic_blocks_1): Find all potential handler regions
now that we don't automatically know what the labels might be.
Let scan_region() remove unreferenced EH BEGIN/END labels.
* integrate.c (get_label_from_map): Put inlined labels onto the
permanent obstack since we don't know which ones might be exception
(save_for_inline_copying): Make new copies of all the handlers.
(expand_inline_function): Make new copies of all the handlers.
* libgcc2.c: Remove local struct decls, and include eh-common.h.
(find_exception_handler): With NEW_EH_MODEL the first matching
region we find is the right one. Add eh_info as a new parameter.
(__throw): Pass eh_info to find_exception_handler. Set handler
and pass use different regs under NEW_EH_MODEL.
Thu May 14 12:58:21 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* i960.h (hard_regno_mode_ok): Changed to function from array of
(HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK): Call function instead of testing bit.
* i960.c (hard_regno_mode_ok): Changed to function from array of
Thu May 14 08:41:46 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload.c (remove_replacements): New function.
* reload.h (remove_replacements): Declare.
* reload1.c (choose_reload_regs): Disable some reloads that
belong to inherited reloads.
Thu May 14 02:17:17 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* loop.c (scan_loop): Don't call move_movables for optimize_size.
* reload1.c (merge_assigned_reloads): When merging, reset
reload_spill_index for the eliminated reload.
Wed May 13 17:51:13 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* haifa-sched.c (schedule_insns): Fix merge goof.
1998-05-13 Jim Wilson <>
* varasm.c (make_decl_rtl): Revert April 1 change.
* alpha/alpha.h, alpha/win-nt.h, arm/arm.h, i386/unix.h, i960/i960.h,
m68k/linux.h, pa/pa.h, sparc/sparc.h, vax/vax.h (ASM_OUTPUT_MI_THUNK):
Get function name from the SYMBOL_REF in the DECL_RTL, not from
* i386/winnt.c (gen_stdcall_suffix): Comment for questionable use of
Wed May 13 13:09:19 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* i386.c (notice_update_cc, output_float_compare): Disable
Wed May 13 15:28:59 1998 Michael Meissner <>
Jeff Law <>
* rtlanal.c (find_reg_note): Ignore notes that are not on on
insns of class 'i'.
(find_regno_note): Likewise.
* (stor-layout.o): Depend on except.h.
(varasm.o, function.o): Likewise.
(expr.o): Depend on except.h, modemap.def and hard-reg-set.h.
* (HOST_RTL): Add $(HOST_PREFIX)bitmap.o.
(rtl.o, emit-rtl.o): Add dependency on bitmap.h.
($(HOST_PREFIX_1)rtl.o): Likewise.
($(HOST_PREFIX_1)bitmap.o): New host object.
* emit-rtl.c (toplevel): Include bitmap.h.
(gen_rtx): Handle 't' and 'b' nodes.
* print-rtl.c (print_rtx): Handle printing NOTE_INSN_LIVE notes.
Print block number for block begin/end notes. Print 't' type
nodes as a pointer. Know that the 3rd argument of live range
start/stop notes is really a range_info rtx. If type is 'b', print
out argument as a bitmap.
* rtl.c: Include bitmap.c.
(copy_rtx): Copy tree nodes as is. Copy bitmaps if type is 'b'.
* rtl.def (RANGE_LIVE): New node to hold live information while we
recalculate the basic blocks.
(RANGE_REG, RANGE_INFO): New rtl types for live range splitting.
(RANGE_VAR): New node, to hold information saved in symbol node for New
communicating live range information to the debug output functions.
* rtl.h (rtunion_def): Add rttree and rtbit fields.
(XBITMAP, XTREE): New accessor macros.
(RANGE_LIVE_{BITMAP,ORIG_BLOCK}): New accessor macros.
(RANGE_REG_{SYMBOL,BLOCK}_NODE, RANGE_VAR_*): New accessor macros.
(RANGE_INFO_*): Likewise.
* sched.c (sched_analyze): Keep live range start/stop notes.
(unlink_other_notes): Likewise.
* haifa-sched.c (sched_analyze): Keep live range start/stop notes.
(unlink_other_notes): Likewise.
* tree.h (BLOCK_LIVE_RANGE_{START,END,VAR_FLAG}): New accessor macros.
(struct tree_block): Add live_range_flag, live_range_var_flag,
live_range_start and live_range_end.
(struct tree_decl): Add live_range_rtl field.
* gengenrtl.c (type_from_format): Handle 'b' and 't'.
(accessor_from_format): Likewise.
* haifa-sched.c (schedule_block): Make verbose output line up.
Also add a blank line in printing the individual ready lists.
Wed May 13 15:43:44 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (c-lang.o): Depend on c-tree.h, c-lex.h and toplev.h.
(c-lex.o): Depend on output.h.
(c-common.o): Likewise.
(stmt.o): Likewise.
(calls.o): Likewise.
(integrate.o): Depend on toplev.h.
(regclass.o): Depend on output.h.
(final.o): Depend on reload.h.
* c-common.c: Include output.h.
(check_format_info): Remove unused variable `integral_format'.
* c-decl.c (print_lang_decl): Mark parameters `file', `node' and
`indent' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(print_lang_type): Likewise.
(maybe_build_cleanup): Likewise for parameter `decl'.
(copy_lang_decl): Likewise for parameter `node'.
* c-lang.c: Include c-tree.h, c-lex.h and toplev.h.
(lang_print_xnode): Mark parameters `file', `node' and `indent'
(lookup_interface): Likewise for parameter `arg'.
(is_class_name): Likewise.
(maybe_objc_check_decl): Likewise for parameter `decl'.
(maybe_objc_comptypes): Likewise for parameters `lhs', `rhs' and
(maybe_objc_method_name): Likewise for parameter `decl'.
(build_objc_string): Likewise for parameters `len' and `str'.
* c-lex.c: Include output.h.
* c-lex.h (position_after_white_space): Correct typo in prototype.
* c-tree.h (finish_file, c_expand_start_cond, c_expand_start_else,
c_expand_end_cond, init_iterators): Add prototypes.
* caller-save.c (set_reg_live): Mark parameters `reg' and `setter'
* calls.c: Include output.h.
* cccp.c (pipe_closed): Mark parameter `signo' with
* combine.c: Move inclusion of expr.h to after insn-config.h.
as empty, rather define as ((void)0).
* sparc.c (sparc_check_64): Add braces around ambiguous `else'.
Add parentheses around assignment used as truth value.
* cplus-dem.c (squangle_mop_up): Change return type to void.
(internal_cplus_demangle): Remove unused parameter `options'.
All callers changed.
(cplus_demangle_opname): Remove function wide variable `int i' and
replace with `size_t i' at each location where it is used.
(cplus_demangle_opname): Change type of `i' from int to size_t.
* cppexp.c (right_shift): Mark parameter `pfile' with
* cpphash.c (cpp_lookup): Likewise.
(cpp_hash_cleanup): Likewise.
* cpplib.c (parse_name): Add a prototype and make it static.
(null_underflow): Mark parameter `pfile' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(null_cleanup): Likewise for parameters `pbuf' and `pfile'.
(macro_cleanup): Likewise for parameter `pfile'.
(file_cleanup): Likewise.
* cpplib.h (cpp_reader_init, cpp_options_init, cpp_start_read,
cpp_read_check_assertion, skip_rest_of_line): Add prototypes.
* crtstuff.c (force_to_data, __CTOR_LIST__, force_to_data,
* cse.c (cse_check_loop_start): Mark parameter `set' with
* dbxout.c (flag_minimal_debug, have_used_extensions,
source_label_number): Move inside macro wrapper check against
* dwarf2out.c (gen_entry_point_die): Hide prototype and definition.
* except.h (doing_eh): Provide prototype.
* expr.c: Move inclusion of expr.h to after insn-config.h.
* final.c: Include reload.h.
(shorten_branches): Cast the first argument of bzero to char *.
* fix-header.c (cpp_print_containing_files): Mark parameter
`pfile' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(cpp_fatal): Likewise.
* flow.c (find_basic_blocks_1): Cast the first argument of bzero
to char *.
* genattrtab.c (make_length_attrs): Change the type of variable
`i' from int to size_t.
(zero_fn): Mark parameter `exp' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(one_fn): Likewise.
* genextract.c (main): When generating insn-extract.c, mark
variable `junk' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
* gengenrtl.c (gencode): When generating genrtl.c, cast the first
argument of bzero to char*.
* integrate.c: Include toplev.h.
* libgcc2.c: Wrap `struct exception_table' and
`find_exception_handler' in macro DWARF2_UNWIND_INFO.
* objc/ (objc-act.o): Depend on toplev.h.
* objc/objc-act.c: Include toplev.h.
(lang_print_xnode): Mark parameters `file', `node' and `indent'
(finish_protocol): Likewise for parameter `protocol'.
* output.h (declare_weak): Add prototype.
(decode_reg_name): Don't wrap with TREE_CODE macro.
(assemble_alias): Add prototype.
* regclass.c: Include output.h.
* reload.h (reloads_conflict): Add prototype.
* rtl.h (print_rtl_single, mark_elimination, reg_class_subset_p,
output_func_start_profiler): Add prototypes.
* rtlanal.c (reg_set_p_1): Mark parameters `x' and `pat' with
* scan-decls.c: Include scan.h.
* scan.h (recognized_function, recognized_extern): Add prototypes.
* stmt.c: Include output.h.
* toplev.c (error_for_asm, warning_for_asm): Remove prototypes.
(output_lang_identify): Hide prototype and definition.
(float_signal): Mark parameter `signo' with ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED.
(pipe_closed): Likewise.
* toplev.h (count_error, strip_off_ending, error_for_asm,
warning_for_asm): Add prototypes.
Wed May 13 12:54:19 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* toplev.c (rest_of_compilation): "Charge" final for any time
doing various cleanup operations after finishing compilation
of a function.
* flow.c (dump_flow_info): Also print number of sets and
whether or not the pseudo is a user variable.
* flow.c (reg_n_max): New global variable.
* regclass.c (allocate_reg_info): Keep reg_n_max up to date.
Delete regno_max variable.
* regs.h (REG_N_CHECK): Define.
Wed May 13 12:54:19 1998 Martin von Loewis <>
* acconfig.h (ENABLE_CHECKING): Undefine.
* (--enable-checking): New option.
Wed May 13 08:52:08 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (merge_assigned_reloads): Can merge
if RELOAD_FOR_INPUT with the same reload_reg_rtx is present.
Tue May 12 20:05:57 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* collect2.c (main): Ignore do_collecting when COLLECT_EXPORT_LIST.
Wed May 13 03:23:45 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (gen_reload): Create REG_EQUIV notes.
Tue May 12 22:21:07 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* reload1.c (reload): Fix check for USEs to use code of pattern.
(choose_reload_regs): Remove dead variable use_insn.
Tue May 12 14:04:49 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* pa.h (DBX_CONTIN_LENGTH): Reduce to 3000 bytes.
Tue May 12 15:16:02 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* haifa-sched.c (HAIFA_INLINE): Define to be __inline unless
already defined.
(find_insn_{,mem_}list): Use HAIFA_INLINE, not __inline.
(insn_{unit,issue_delay}): Likewise.
(blockage_range): Likewise.
(actual_hazard{,_this_instance}): Likewise.
(schedule_unit): Likewise.
(potential_hazard): Likewise.
(insn_cost): Likewise.
(swap_sort): Likewise.
(queue_insn): Likewise.
(birthing_insn_p): Likewise.
(adjust_priority): Likewise.
(get_block_head_tail): Likewise.
(init_rgn_data_dependences): Likewise.
Tue May 12 10:27:54 1998 Klaus Kaempf <>
Tue May 12 11:44:14 1998 Gavin Koch <>
* config/mips/mips.h (ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGN): Remove trailing semi-colon.
Tue May 12 11:38:31 1998 Gavin Koch <>
* config/mips/ (dslot): Move after definition of "cpu"
attribute. Handle r3900 case.
Tue May 12 10:21:36 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* system.h: Define the STRINGIFY macro here.
* protoize.c: Not here.
* gengenrtl.c (DEF_RTL_EXPR): Use the STRINGIFY macro.
Tue May 12 00:47:33 1998 John Wehle (
* varasm.c (assemble_variable): Compute the alignment of the data
earlier so that both initialized and uninitialized variables are
effected by DATA_ALIGNMENT.
* tm.texi (DATA_ALIGNMENT): Updated appropriately.
Mon May 11 19:57:58 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* mips.c: Prototype static functions.
Mon May 11 17:43:03 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* regmove.c (fixup_match_2, find_matches, regmove_profitable):
Add explanatory comments.
Mon May 11 17:24:27 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* (ffsdi2): Disable. Simplify the expression as well.
Mon May 11 13:30:44 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* varasm.c (make_decl_rtl): Disable April 1 change.
Mon May 11 09:14:41 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* (alpha-*-linux-gnu): Undo lossage from gcc2 merge.
Mon May 11 08:24:18 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* alpha.h (PRINT_OPERAND_PUNCT_VALID_P): Add '`'.
* alpha.c (print_operand): Handle it.
* (fix_truncdfsi2, fix_truncsfsi2): New patterns and
related define_splits. Also add peepholes for SImode reload
plus sign_extend lossage.
Mon May 11 09:33:10 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* genattr.c: Include stdarg.h/varargs.h. Change function
`fatal' to use variable arguments instead of faking it with
integer parameters. Provide a prototype which also
checks the format specifiers using ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF_1.
* genattrtab.c: Likewise.
* gencodes.c: Likewise.
* genconfig.c: Likewise.
* genemit.c: Likewise.
* genextract.c: Likewise.
* genflags.c: Likewise.
* genopinit.c: Likewise.
* genpeep.c: Likewise.
* genrecog.c: Likewise.
* genoutput.c: Likewise. Similarly for function `error'.
Sun May 10 02:27:03 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* acconfig.h (HAVE_VOLATILE): Insert stub for autoconf.
* alocal.m4 (GCC_C_VOLATILE): New autoconf test.
* system.h (volatile): Define as empty if no volatile support is
Sun May 10 01:21:43 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* genemit.c (output_add_clobbers): Removed unused variable 'i' from
generated function.
Sat May 9 02:02:15 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* loop.c (get_condition): Don't combine when either compare is MODE_CC.
* alpha.c (alpha_emit_conditional_branch): New function. Taken from
the body of beq; additionally set the mode of the branch to CCmode for
FP compares and not fast_math.
(alpha_emit_conditional_move): Always use a compare insn for FP
when not fast_math, as well as setting CCmode on the cmov.
* (beq, bne, blt, et al): Call alpha_emit_conditional_branch.
* machmode.h (COMPLEX_MODE_P): New macro.
Sat May 9 01:53:23 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* haifa-sched.c (print_exp): Fix typo.
Fri May 8 21:48:50 1998 Jeff Law (
* version.c: Bump for snapshot.
Fri May 8 18:23:08 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* final.c (final_scan_insn): Call fatal_insn instead of abort if
we could not split an insn when required to.
* ({add,sub}di3): Add define_splits and appropriate low
level insns.
(peepholes): Disable peepholes that call dead_or_set_p.
(movsi): Rewrite to handle addresses better after last change.
Add define_split to split load of addresses in large/medium modes.
(prologue): Call m32r_expand_prologue.
(movsi_{push,pop}): Generators for push/pop.
(movsi): Support PRE_{INC,DEC}, POST_INC.
(mov{di,df}): Rewrite. Always split the insns.
(movsf): Add define_split to get register load in correct mode.
(cmp_ne_small_const_insn): Use 'N' instead of 'S' constraint.
(attributes): Rewrite attributes so that type indicates both the
type and the length of the insn directly.
(all insns): Change to use new type attributes.
(debug): New attribute to convey whether -mdebug was used.
(opt_space): New attribute to convey whether -Os was used.
(function units): Loads are 3 cycles, not 2. Better classify all
insns into short/long.
(load/store/extend insns): Add separate case for load/store
indirect operations without an offset.
(divsi3): Division is a long operation, not short.
* m32r.h (LEGITIMATE_LO_SUM_ADDRESS_P): Do not allow LO_SUM for
modes > 1 word.
(GO_IF_MODE_DEPENDENT_ADDRESS): LO_SUM is now mode dependent.
(CONST_OK_FOR_LETTER_P): Make 'N' handle reverse 8 bit compares.
(EXTRA_CONSTRAINT): Remove 'S' special support. Add 'U' for
operands with PRE_{INC,DEC}, POST_INC.
(FUNCTION_PROFILER): Call abort instead of doing nothing.
SImode variables.
(gen_split_move_double): Declare.
(EXTRA_CONSTRAINT): Add 'T' for memory reference with no offset.
* m32r.c (gen_split_move_double): Fix typo. Also, don't call
emit_move_insn, build up SET's directly.
(toplevel): Include system.h, not stdio.h.
(move_double_src_operand): Allow any DF or DI mode constant.
(gen_split_move_double): Split moves of DI or DF values into the
appropriate moves, loads, or stores. Don't handle use of auto
inc/dec if using dead index. Do handle overlapping moves, etc.
(m32r_frame_info): Remove prologue_size field.
(m32r_compute_frame_size): Don't calculate prologue size.
(m32r_output_function_prologue): Change to pretty much a NOP.
(m32r_expand_prologue): Expand prologue as a series of INSNs.
(m32r_print_operand): Add support for PRE_{INC,DEC}, POST_INC.
(m32r_print_operand_address): Likewise.
Fri May 8 14:13:21 1998 H.J. Lu (
* reload1.c (emit_reload_insns): When performing expensive
optimizations, do not output the last reload insn if OLD is
not the dest of NSN and is in the src and is clobbered by INSN.
Fri May 8 09:47:29 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (genrtl.o): Depend on system.h.
* gengenrtl.c (gencode): When creating genrtl.c, have it
include system.h.
Fri May 8 10:57:33 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* config/m68k/t-linux: Remove extra stuff already included in
Fri May 8 09:53:24 1998 Paul Eggert <>
* fixinc.wrap: Renamed from fixinc.math. Put wrapper around
curses.h if it contains `typedef char bool;', as suggested by
Manfred Hollstein <>.
* Rename fixinc.math to fixinc.wrap.
Thu May 7 19:26:34 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* gcc.c (read_specs): Handle missing blank line at end of specs file.
* (movsicc, movhicc, movsicc_1, movhicc_1, movsfcc_1,
movdfcc_1): Disable.
Thu May 7 15:39:14 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* (enable_threads): Rename to enable_threads_flag before
main loop. Set enable_threads to enable_threads_flag inside main
Thu May 7 17:38:03 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* r6000/eabi.asm (__eabi): Restore LR in case __eabi is called
multiple times.
Thu May 7 14:26:05 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* aclocal.m4 (GCC_FUNC_VFPRINTF_DOPRNT): New macro.
(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Remove unused check for varargs.h,sys/varargs.h.
(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Remove unused check for vprintf.
* Add support for linking in vfprintf.c and doprint.c.
(cccp.o): Depend on gansidecl.h.
(cexp.o): Likewise.
* cccp.c: Convert from using PRINTF_ALIST/PRINTF_DCL to VPROTO as
per the rest of gcc source.
* cexp.y: Likewise. Include gansidecl.h and remove all code made
* cccp.c: Remove checks for HAVE_VPRINTF and the associated code
used when vfprintf is missing.
* cexp.y: Likewise.
* gcc.c: Likewise.
* genattrtab.c: Likewise.
* mips-tfile.c: Likewise.
* toplev.c: Likewise.
* vfprintf.c: New file.
* doprint.c: New file.
Thu May 7 10:18:41 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* config/linux.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Remove from here,
* config/linux-aout.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): and here,
* config/i386/linux.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): to here,
* config/i386/linux-aout.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): and here.
* config/i386/linux-oldld.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Define
here as '#' too.
Thu May 7 10:55:59 1998 Andreas Schwab <>
* config/m68k/ (adddi3, subdi3): Properly negate the DImode
Wed May 6 22:32:37 1998 Robert Lipe <>
* (dwarfout.o): Add toplev.h dependency.
* dwarfout.c, i386.c: Include toplev.h.
* toplev.h (pfatal_with_name): Add prototype.
Wed May 6 19:02:29 1998 Jason Merrill <>
Wed May 6 19:31:32 1998 Alan Modra <>
* config/linux.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Define as "#".
* config/linux-aout.h (ASM_COMMENT_START): Likewise.
Wed May 6 15:51:39 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* objc/Make-lang.h (objc-parse.o): Add toplev.h dependency.
* objc/objc-parse.y, objc/objc-parse.c: Regenerate.
* toplev.c: Include toplev.h.
* (c-common.o, c-convert.o, c-decl.o, c-iterate.o,
c-lex.o, c-parse.o, c-pragma.o, c-typeck.o, calls.o, convert.o,
dwarf2out.o, except.o, expr.o, final.o, fold-const.o, function.o,
hash.o, profile.o, real.o, reg-stack.o, regclass.o, reload.o,
reload1.o, stmt.o, stor-layout.o, tlink.o, tree.o, varasm.o): Add
toplev.h dependency.
* mips/mips.c (save_restore_insns): Change FRAME_POINTER_REGNUM to
* expr.c (target_temp_slot_level): Delete duplicate definition.
Wed May 6 16:46:01 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* stmt.c (mark_seen_cases): Make it have external linkage again.
* expr.h (mark_seen_cases): Add declaration, but only when tree.h
has been included.
* haifa-sched.c (print_value, case SUBREG): Fix typo.
* i386.c (output_387_binary_op): Add some braces to avoid warnings.
* i386.h (REG_CLASS_CONTENTS): Similarly.
* toplev.c (-fsched-max): Delete flag.
(-fsched-interblock-max-blocks,-fsched-interblock-max-insns): Likewise.
* haifa-sched.c: Remove -fsched-max-N, -fsched-interblock-max-blocks-N
and -fsched-interblock-max-insns-N support. Remove INTERBLOCK_DEBUG
* haifa-sched.c (find_rgns): Correctly handle reducible loops with
inner loops which are not reducible.
* loop.c (regs_match_p): Fix typo in prototype.
* regmove.c (try_auto_increment): Wrap declaration inside an
#ifdef AUTO_INC_DEC.
Wed May 6 17:07:47 1998 Michael Meissner <>
* final.c (output_operand_lossage): Call fatal with the operand
lossage message instead of calling abort.
Wed May 6 15:37:27 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* c-common.c: Convert to using ctype macros defined in system.h.
* c-lex.c: Likewise.
* cccp.c: Likewise.
* collect2.c: Likewise.
* rs6000.c: Likewise.
* cpplib.c: Likewise.
* fix-header.c: Likewise.
* gcc.c: Likewise.
* gen-protos.c: Likewise.
* pexecute.c: Likewise.
* protoize.c: Likewise.
* rtl.c: Likewise.
* scan.c: Likewise.
* stmt.c: Likewise.
* tlink.c: Likewise.
* toplev.c: Likewise.