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Mon Jun 29 09:47:33 1998 Craig Burley <>
Fix 980628-*.f:
* bld.h: New `pad' field and accessor macros for
* bld.c (ffebld_new_accter, ffebld_new_arrter,
ffebld_new_conter_with_orig): Initialize `pad' field
to zero.
* com.c (ffecom_transform_common_): Include initial
padding (aka modulo aka offset) in size calculation.
Copy initial padding value into FFE initialization expression
so the GBE transformation of that expression includes it.
Make array low bound 0 instead of 1, for consistency.
(ffecom_transform_equiv_): Include initial
padding (aka modulo aka offset) in size calculation.
Copy initial padding value into FFE initialization expression
so the GBE transformation of that expression includes it.
Make array low bound 0 instead of 1, for consistency.
(ffecom_expr_, case FFEBLD_opACCTER): Delete unused `size'
Track destination offset separately, allowing for
initial padding.
Don't bother setting initial PURPOSE offset if zero.
Include initial padding in size calculation.
(ffecom_expr_, case FFEBLD_opARRTER): Allow for
initial padding.
Include initial padding in size calculation.
Make array low bound 0 instead of 1, for consistency.
(ffecom_finish_global_): Make array low bound 0 instead
of 1, for consistency.
(ffecom_notify_init_storage): Copy `pad' field from old
(ffecom_notify_init_symbol): Ditto.
* data.c (ffedata_gather_): Initialize `pad' field in new
ARRTER to 0.
(ffedata_value_): Ditto.
* equiv.c (ffeequiv_layout_local_): When lowering start
of equiv area, extend lowering to maintain needed alignment.
* target.c (ffetarget_align): Handle negative offset correctly.
* global.c (ffeglobal_pad_common): Warn about nonzero
padding only the first time its seen.
If new padding larger than old, update old.
(ffeglobal_save_common): Use correct type for size throughout.
* global.h: Use correct type for size throughout.
(ffeglobal_common_pad): New macro.
(ffeglobal_pad): Delete this unused and broken macro.
Sat Jun 27 12:18:33 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* (g77): Depend on mkstemp.o. Link in mkstemp.o.
Fri Jun 26 11:54:19 1998 Craig Burley <>
* g77spec.c (lang_specific_driver): Put `-lg2c' in
front of any `-lm' that is seen.
Wed Jun 24 01:01:23 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* g77spec.c (lang_specific_driver): Revert last change.
Mon Jun 22 23:12:05 1998 H.J. Lu (
* (G77STAGESTUFF): Add g77.c.
Fri Jun 19 07:54:40 1998 H.J. Lu (
* g77spec.c (lang_specific_driver): Check n_infiles before
appending args.
Mon Jun 15 23:39:24 1998 Craig Burley <>
* (f/ Use -f when removing
pre-existing Info files, if any. (This rm command
can go away once makeinfo has been changed to delete
.info-N files beyond the last one it creates.)
* ($(srcdir)/f/intdoc.texi): Compile
using $(INCLUDES) macro to get the new hconfig.h
and system.h headers.
Mon Jun 15 22:21:57 1998 Craig Burley <>
Cutover to system.h:
* ansify.c:
* bad.c:
* bld.c:
* com.c:
* com.h:
* expr.c:
* fini.c:
* g77spec.c:
* implic.c:
* intdoc.c:
* intrin.c:
* lex.c:
* lex.h:
* parse.c:
* proj.c:
* proj.h:
* src.c:
* src.h:
* stb.c:
* ste.c:
* target.c:
* top.c:
* system.j: New file.
Use toplev.h where appropriate:
* bad.c:
* bld.c:
* com.c:
* lex.c:
* ste.c:
* top.c:
* toplev.j: New file.
Conditionalize all dumping/reporting routines so they don't
get built for gcc/egcs:
* bld.c:
* bld.h:
* com.c:
* equiv.c:
* equiv.h:
* sta.c:
* stt.c:
* stt.h:
* symbol.c:
* symbol.h:
Use hconfig.h instead of config.h where appropriate:
* (proj-h.o): Compile with -DUSE_HCONFIG.
* fini.c: Define USE_HCONFIG before including proj.h.
* (deps-kinda): Redirect stderr to stdout,
to eliminate diagnostics vis-a-vis g77spec.c.
* Regenerate dependencies via deps-kinda.
* lex.c (ffelex_file_fixed, ffelex_file_free): Eliminate
apparently spurious warnings about uninitialized variables
`c', `column', and so on.
Sat Jun 13 03:13:18 1998 Craig Burley <>
* g77spec.c (lang_specific_driver): Print out egcs
version info first, to be compatible with what some
test facilities expect.
Wed Jun 10 13:17:32 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* top.h (ffe_decode_option): New argc/argv interface.
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): New argc/argv interface.
* parse.c (yyparse): New argc/argv interface for ffe_decode_option.
* com.c (lang_decode_option): New argc/argv interface.
Sun Jun 7 14:04:34 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* com.c (lang_init_options): New function.
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): Remove all trace of -fset-g77-defaults.
Set ffe_is_do_internal_checks_ with -version.
* lang-options.h: Likewise.
* lang-specs.h: Likewise.
Fri Jun 5 15:53:17 1998 Per Bothner <>
* g77spec.c (lang_specific_pre_link, lang_specific_extra_ofiles):
Define - update needed by gcc.c change.
Mon Jun 1 19:37:42 1998 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Fix setup of INTEGER(KIND=7)
pointer type.
* info.c (ffeinfo_type): Don't crash on null type.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_fulfill_call_): Don't special-case
%LOC(expr) or LOC(expr).
Delete FFEGLOBAL_argsummaryPTR.
* global.c, global.h: Delete FFEGLOBAL_argsummaryPTR.
Thu May 28 21:32:18 1998 Craig Burley <>
Restore circa-0.5.22 capabilities of `g77' driver:
* (g77spec.o): Depend on f/version.h.
(g77version.o): New rule to compile g77 version info.
(g77$(exeext)): Depend on and link in g77version.o.
* g77spec.c: Rewrite to be more like 0.5.22 version
of g77.c, making filtering of command line smarter
so mixed Fortran and C (etc.) can be compiled, verbose
version info can be obtained, etc.
* lang-specs.h (f77-version): New "language" to support
"g77 -v" command under new gcc 2.8 regime.
* lex.c (ffelex_file_fixed): If -fnull-version, just
substitute a "source file" that prints out version info.
* top.c, top.h: Support -fnull-version.
* lang-specs.h: Use "%O" instead of OO macro to specify
object extension. Remove old stringizing cruft.
* (g77.c, g77spec.o, g77.o, g77$(exeext),
g77-cross$(exeext), f771,
$(srcdir)/f/, $(srcdir)/f/g77.dvi,
f77.install-common, f77.install-info, f77.install-man,
f77.uninstall, $(G77STAGESTUFF), f77.stage1, f77.stage2,
f77.stage3, f77.stage4, f77.distdir): Don't do anything
unless user specified "f77" or "F77" in $LANGUAGES either
during configuration or explicitly. For convenience of
various tests and to work around lack of the assignment
"LANGUAGES=$(BOOT_LANGUAGES)" in the "make stage1" command
of "make bootstrap" in gcc, use a touch file named "lang-f77"
to communicate whether this is the case.
* (F77_FLAGS_TO_PASS): Delete this macro,
replace with minimal expansion of its former self in
each of the two instances where it was used.
* (HOST_CC): Delete this definition.
* com.c (index, rindex): Delete these declarations.
* proj.h: (isascii): Delete this.
* (f77.install-common): Warn if `f77-install-ok'
flag-file exists, since it no longer triggers any activity.
Rename libf2c.a and f2c.h to libg2c.a and g2c.h,
normalize and simplify g77/libg2c build process:
* Remove all support for overwriting
/usr/bin/f77 etc., or whatever the actual names are
via $(prefix) and $(local_prefix). (g++ overwrites
/usr/bin/c++, but then it's often the only C++ compiler
on the system; f77 often exists on systems that are
installing g77.)
(f77.realclean): Remove obsolete target.
(g77.c, g77$(exeext)): Minor changes to look more like g++'s
(f771): Now built with srcdir=gcc/f, not srcdir=gcc, to be
more like g++ and such.
(f/Makefile): Removed, as g++ doesn't need this rule.
(f77.install-common): No longer install f77, etc.
(f77.install-man): No longer install f77.1.
(f77.uninstall): No longer uninstall f77, f77.1, etc.
(f77.stage1, f77.stage2, f77.stage3, f77.stage4): Do work
only if "f77" appears in $(LANGUAGES).
(Note: gcc's's bootstrap target should set
LANGUAGES=$(BOOT_LANGUAGES) when making the stage1 target.)
* Update vis-a-vis gcc/cp/
(none): Remove.
(g77-only): Relocate.
(all.indirect, f771, *.o): Now assumes current directory
is this dir (gcc/f), not the parent directory.
(TAGS): Remove "echo 'parse.y,0' >> TAGS ;" line.
* Delete commented-out code.
Fix stagestuff definition. Add more stuff to
diff_excludes definition. Don't create any directories.
Set outputs to f/Makefile, to get variable substition
to happen (what does that really do, anyway?!).
* g77spec.c: Rename libf2c to libg2c.
* com.h: Remove all of the gcc back-end decls,
since egcs should have all of them correct.
* com.c: Include "proj.h" before anything else,
as that's how things are supposed to work.
* ste.c: Ditto.
* bad.c: Include "flags.j" here, since some diagnostics
check flag_pedantic_errors.
* (f/*.o): Rebuild dependencies via
* output.j: New source file.
* (F77_SRCS): Update accordingly.
* (OUTPUT_H): Ditto.
(deps-kinda): Ditto.
* com.c: Include "output.j" here.
* lex.c: Ditto.
Mon May 25 03:34:42 1998 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Fix D**I and Z**I cases to
to INTEGER. (This is dead code here anyway.)
Sat May 23 06:32:52 1998 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_finish_symbol_transform_): Don't transform
statement (nested) functions, to avoid gcc compiling them
and thus producing linker errors if they refer to undefined
external functions. But warn if they're unused and -Wunused.
* bad.def (FFEBAD_SFUNC_UNUSED): New diagnostic.
Wed May 20 12:12:55 1998 Craig Burley <>
* Version 0.5.23 released.
Tue May 19 14:52:41 1998 Craig Burley <>
FFEBAD_TYPELESS_OVERFLOW): Change these from warnings
to errors.
Tue May 19 14:51:59 1998 Craig Burley <>
* (f77.install-info, f77.uninstall):
Use install-info as appropriate.
Tue May 19 12:56:54 1998 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Rename xargc to f__xargc,
in accord with same-dated change to f/runtime.
Fri May 15 10:52:49 1998 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_convert_narrow_, ffecom_convert_widen_):
Be even more persnickety in checking for internal bugs.
Also, if precision isn't changing, just return the expr.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_token_number_): Call
ffeexpr_make_float_const_ to make an integer.
(ffeexpr_make_float_const_): Handle making an integer.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_init_0): Distinguish between
crashes on bad arg base and kind types.
Fri May 15 01:44:22 1998 Mumit Khan <>
* (f77.mostlyclean): Add missing exeext.
Thu May 14 13:30:59 1998 Craig Burley <>
* (f/expr.c): Now depends on f/stamp-str.
* expr.c: Use ffestrOther in place of ffeexprDotdot_.
* str-ot.fin: Add more keywords for expr.c.
* intdoc.c (dumpimp): Trivial fix.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Add ltkt variable for clarity.
Wed May 13 13:05:34 1998 Craig Burley <>
* (G77STAGESTUFF): Add g77.o, g77spec.o,
and g77version.o.
(f77.clean): Add removal of g77.c, g77.o, g77spec.o,
and g77version.o.
(f77.distclean): Delete removal of g77.c.
Thu Apr 30 18:59:43 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* (, g77.dvi, BUGS, INSTALL, NEWS): Put -o
option before input file.
Tue Apr 28 09:23:10 1998 Craig Burley <>
Fix 980427-0.f:
* global.c (ffeglobal_ref_progunit_): When transitioning
from EXT to FUNC, discard hook, since the decl, if any, is
probably wrong.
Sun Apr 26 09:05:50 1998 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_char_enhance_arg_): Wrap the upper bound
(the PARM_DECL specifying the length of the CHARACTER*(*)
dummy arg) in a variable_size invocation, to prevent
dwarf2out.c crashing when compiling code with -g.
Sat Apr 18 15:26:57 1998 Jim Wilson <>
* g77spec.c (lang_specific_driver): New argument in_added_libraries.
New local added_libraries. Increment count when add library to
Sat Apr 18 05:03:21 1998 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_check_size_overflow_): Ignore overflow
as well if dummy argument.
Fri Apr 17 17:18:04 1998 Craig Burley <>
* version.h: Get rid of the overly large headers
here too, as done in version.c.
Tue Apr 14 15:51:37 1998 Dave Brolley <>
* com.c (init_parse): Now returns char* containing filename;
Tue Apr 14 14:40:40 1998 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_start_progunit_): Mark function decl
as used, to avoid spurious warning (-Wunused) for ENTRY.
Tue Apr 14 14:19:34 1998 Craig Burley <>
* sta.c (ffesta_second_): Check for CASE DEFAULT
as well as CASE, or it won't be recognized.
Thu Apr 9 00:18:44 1998 Dave Brolley (
* com.c (finput): New variable.
(init_parse): Handle !USE_CPPLIB.
(finish_parse): New function.
(lang_init): No longer declare finput.
Sat Apr 4 17:45:01 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Revert Oct 22 change. Instead take a WIDENP
argument so that we can respect the signedness of the original type.
(ffecom_init_0): Do sizetype initialization first.
1998-03-28 Dave Love <>
* (f771$(exeext)): Fix typo.
1998-03-24 Martin von Loewis <>
* com.c (lang_print_xnode): New function.
Mon Mar 23 21:20:35 1998 Craig Burley <>
* version.c: Reduce to a one-line file, like
gcc's version.c, since there's really no content
Mon Mar 23 11:58:43 1998 Craig Burley <>
* bugs.texi: Various updates.
* com.c (ffecom_tree_canonize_ptr_): Fix up spacing a bit.
Sun Mar 22 00:50:42 1998 Nick Clifton <>
Geoff Noer <>
* Various fixes for building cygwin32 native toolchains.
* Likewise.
Mon Mar 16 21:20:35 1998 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (ffeexpr_sym_impdoitem_): Don't blindly
reset symbol info after calling ffesymbol_error,
to avoid crash.
Mon Mar 16 15:38:50 1998 Craig Burley <>
* Version 0.5.22 released.
Mon Mar 16 14:36:02 1998 Craig Burley <>
Make -g work better for ENTRY:
* com.c (ffecom_start_progunit_): Master function
for ENTRY-laden procedure is not really invented,
so it can be debugged.
(ffecom_do_entry_): Push/set/pop lineno for each
entry point.
Sun Mar 15 05:48:49 1998 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.def: Fix spelling of mixed-case form
of `CPU_Time' (was `Cpu_Time').
Thu Mar 12 13:50:21 1998 Craig Burley <>
* lang-options.h: Sort all -f*-intrinsics-* options,
for consistency with other g77 versions.
Thu Mar 12 09:39:40 1998 Manfred Hollstein <>
* lang-specs.h: Properly put brackets around array elements in initializer.
1998-03-09 Dave Love <>
* Set CONFIG_SITE to a non-existent file since
/dev/null loses with bash 2.0/autoconf 2.12. Put
F77_FLAGS_TO_PASS before CC.
Sun Mar 8 16:35:34 1998 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.def: Use tabs instead of blanks more
consistently (excepting DEFGEN section for now).
Wed Mar 4 17:38:21 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* Remove more references to libf77.
Tue Mar 3 10:52:35 1998 Manfred Hollstein <>
* g77.texi: Use @url for citing URLs.
Sat Feb 28 15:24:38 1998 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.def: Make CPU_TIME's arg generic real to be just
like SECOND_subr.
Fri Feb 20 12:45:53 1998 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (ffeexpr_token_arguments_): Make sure
outer exprstack isn't null.
1998-02-16 Dave Love <>
* (f/fini): Don't use -W -Wall with HOST_CC.
Fri Feb 13 00:14:56 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* com.c (type_for_mode): Add explicit braces to avoid ambiguous `else'.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_type_combine): Likewise.
(ffeexpr_reduce_): Likewise.
(ffeexpr_declare_parenthesized_): Likewise.
* src.c (ffesrc_strcmp_1ns2i): Likewise.
(ffesrc_strcmp_2c): Likewise.
(ffesrc_strncmp_2c): Likewise.
* stb.c (ffestb_halt1_): Likewise.
(ffestb_R90910_): Likewise.
(ffestb_R9109_): Likewise.
* stc.c (ffestc_R544_equiv_): Likewise.
* std.c (ffestd_subr_copy_easy_): Likewise.
(ffestd_R1001dump_): Likewise.
(ffestd_R1001dump_1005_1_): Likewise.
(ffestd_R1001dump_1005_2_): Likewise.
(ffestd_R1001dump_1005_3_): Likewise.
(ffestd_R1001dump_1005_4_): Likewise.
(ffestd_R1001dump_1005_5_): Likewise.
(ffestd_R1001dump_1010_2_): Likewise.
* ste.c (ffeste_R840): Likewise.
* sts.c (ffests_puttext): Likewise.
* symbol.c (ffesymbol_check_token_): Likewise.
* target.c (ffetarget_real1): Likewise.
(ffetarget_real2): Likewise.
Wed Feb 11 01:44:48 1998 Richard Henderson (
* com.c (ffecom_ptr_to_expr) [FFEBLD_opARRAYREF]: Do upper - lower
in the native type, so as to properly handle negative indices.
Tue Feb 3 20:13:05 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* Remove references to runtime/.
Sun Feb 1 12:43:49 1998 J"orn Rennecke <>
* com.c (ffecom_tree_canonize_ptr_): Place bitsizetype typed expr
as first agument in MULT_EXPR.
Use bitsize_int (0L, 0L) as zero for bitsizes.
Use bitsize_int (0L, 0L) as zero for bitsizes.
(ffecom_init_0): Use set_sizetype.
Sun Feb 1 02:26:58 1998 Richard Henderson <>
* runtime directory -- moved into "libf2c" in the toplevel
* Remove all runtime related stuff.
Sun Jan 25 12:32:15 1998 Kaveh R. Ghazi <>
* (f77.stage1): Depend on stage1-start so parallel
make works better.
* (f77.stage2): Likewise for stage2-start.
* (f77.stage3): Likewise for stage3-start.
* (f77.stage4): Likewise for stage4-start.
Sat Jan 17 21:28:08 1998 Pieter Nagel <>
* (FLAGS_TO_PASS): Pass down gcc_include_dir and
local_prefix to sub-make invocations.
Tue Jan 13 22:07:54 1998 Jeffrey A Law (
* lang-options.h: Add missing options.
Sun Jan 11 02:14:47 1998 Craig Burley <>
Support FORMAT(I<1+2>) (constant variable-FORMAT
* bad.def (FFEBAD_FORMAT_VARIABLE): New diagnostic.
* std.c (ffestd_R1001rtexpr_): New function.
(ffestd_R1001dump_, ffestd_R1001dump_1005_1_,
ffestd_R1001dump_1005_2_, ffestd_R1001dump_1005_3_,
ffestd_R1001dump_1005_4_, ffestd_R1001dump_1005_5_,
ffestd_R1001dump_1010_2_, ffestd_R1001dump_1010_3_,
ffestd_R1001dump_1010_4_, ffestd_R1001dump_1010_5_):
Use new function instead of ffestd_R1001error_.
* stb.c (ffestb_R10014_, ffestb_R10016_, ffestb_R10018_,
ffestb_R100110_): Restructure `for' loop for style.
Fix 970626-2.f by not doing most back-end processing
when current_function_decl is an ERROR_MARK, and by
making that the case when its type would be an ERROR_MARK:
* com.c (ffecom_start_progunit_, finish_function,
lang_printable_name, start_function,
ffecom_finish_symbol_transform_): Test for ERROR_MARK.
* std.c (ffestd_stmt_pass_): Don't do any downstream
processing if ERROR_MARK.
* (f77.install-common): Don't install, and
don't uninstall existing, Info files if f/
doesn't exit. (This is a somewhat modified version
of an egcs patch on 1998-01-07 12:05:51 by Bruno Haible
Fri Jan 9 19:09:07 1998 Craig Burley <>
Fix -fpedantic combined with `F()' invocation,
also -fugly-comma combined with `IARGC()' invocation:
* bad.def (FFEBAD_NULL_ARGUMENT_W): New diagnostic.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_finished_): Don't reject null expressions
in the argument-expression context -- let outer context
handle that.
(ffeexpr_token_arguments_): Warn about null expressions
here if -fpedantic (as appropriate).
Obey -fugly-comma for only external-procedure invocations.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): No longer ignore explicit
omitted trailing args.
Tue Dec 23 14:58:04 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_fulfill_generic): Don't generate
* com.c (ffecom_gfrt_basictype):
(FFECOM_rttypeVOIDSTAR_): New return type `void *', for
the SIGNAL intrinsic.
* com-rt.def (FFECOM_rttypeSIGNAL): Now returns `void *'.
* intdoc.c: Replace `p' kind specifier with `7'.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_, ffeintrin_init_0): Replace
`p' kind specifier with `7'.
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_impLOC, FFEINTRIN_impSIGNAL_func,
FFEINTRIN_impSIGNAL_subr): Replace `p' specifier with `7'.
Also, SIGNAL now returns a `void *' status, not `int'.
Improve run-time diagnostic for "PRINT '(I1', 42":
* com.c (ffecom_char_args_x_): Renamed from ffecom_char_args_,
which is now a macro (to avoid lots of changes to other code)
with new arg, ffecom_char_args_with_null_ being another new
macro to call same function with different value for new arg.
This function now appends a null byte to opCONTER expression
if the new arg is TRUE.
(ffecom_arg_ptr_to_expr): Support NULL length pointer.
* ste.c (ffeste_io_cilist_):
(ffeste_io_icilist_): Pass NULL length ptr for
FORMAT expression, so null byte gets appended where
* target.c (ffetarget_character1):
(ffetarget_hollerith): Append extra phantom null byte as
part of FFETARGET-NULL-BYTE kludge.
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_impCPU_TIME): Point to
FFECOM_gfrtSECOND as primary run-time routine.
Mon Dec 22 12:41:07 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_init_0): Remove duplicate
check for `!'.
Fri Dec 19 00:12:01 1997 Richard Henderson <>
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Assumed arrays have no upper bound.
Mon Dec 15 17:35:35 1997 Richard Henderson <>
* com.c (ffecom_type_vardesc_): Vardesc.dims is a `ftnlen*'.
Sun Dec 14 02:49:58 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_init_0): Fix up indentation a bit.
Fix bug that prevented checking of arguments other
than the first.
* intdoc.c: Fix up indentation a bit.
Tue Dec 9 16:20:57 1997 Richard Henderson <>
* com.c (ffecom_type_vardesc_): Vardesc.dims is a `ftnlen*'.
Tue Dec 2 09:57:16 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* (f77.clean): Remove g77.c.
Mon Dec 1 19:12:36 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): Fix up indentation a bit more.
Mon Dec 1 16:21:08 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_arglist_expr_): Crash if non-supplied
optional arg isn't passed as an address.
Pass null pointer explicitly, instead of via ffecom routine.
If incoming argstring is NULL, substitute pointer to "0".
Recognize '0' as ending the usual arg stuff, just like '\0'.
Sun Nov 30 22:22:22 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intdoc.c: Minor fix-ups.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): Fix up indentation a bit.
* intrin.def: Fix up spacing a bit.
Tue Nov 25 15:33:28 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* ( Add $(exeext) to binary files.
(f77.all.cross, f77.start.encap): Simliarly.
Fri Nov 21 09:35:20 1997 Fred Fish <>
* (stmp-f2c.h): Move inclusion of F77_FLAGS_TO_PASS
to before override of CC so that the override works.
Thu Nov 20 00:58:14 1997 H.J. Lu (
* (f77.install-info): Depend on
1997-11-17 Dave Love <>
* com.c (ffecom_arglist_expr_): Pass null pointers for optional
args which aren't supplied.
Sun Nov 16 21:45:43 1997 H.J. Lu (
* (f77.install-info): Depend on
1997-11-14 Dave Love <>
* intrin.def: Supply gfrt for CPU_TIME. Generalize arg types of
INT2, INT8, per doc.
1997-11-06 Dave Love <>
* intrin.def: Allow non-integer args for INT2 and INT8 (per
Sun Nov 2 19:49:51 1997 Richard Henderson <>
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Only use TREE_TYPE argument for simple
arithmetic; convert types as necessary; recurse with target tree type.
Tue Oct 28 02:21:25 1997 Craig Burley <>
* lang-options.h: Add -fgnu-intrinsics-* and
-fbadu77-intrinsics-* options.
Sun Oct 26 02:36:21 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (lang_print_error_function): Fix to more
reliably notice when the diagnosed region changes.
Sat Oct 25 23:43:36 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix 950327-0.f:
* sta.c, sta.h (ffesta_outpooldisp): New function.
* std.c (ffestd_stmt_pass_): Don't kill NULL pool.
(ffestd_R842): If pool already preserved, save NULL
for pool, because it should be killed only once.
* malloc.c [MALLOC_DEBUG]: Put initializer for `name'
component in braces, to avoid compiler warning.
Wed Oct 22 11:37:41 1997 Richard Henderson <>
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Take an new arg TREE_TYPE that if non-null
specifies the type in which to do the calculation. Change all callers.
[FFEBLD_opARRAYREF]: Force the index expr to use sizetype.
Thu Oct 16 02:04:08 1997 Paul Koning <>
* (stmp-f2c.h): Don't configure the runtime
directory if LANGUAGES does not include f77.
Mon Oct 13 12:12:41 1997 Richard Henderson <>
* (g77*): Copied from cp/ g++*.
* g77spec.c: New file, mostly copied from g++spec.c
* g77.c: Removed.
Fri Oct 10 13:00:48 1997 Craig Burley <>
* ste.c (ffeste_begin_iterdo_): Fix loop setup so iteration
variable is modified only after the #iterations is calculated;
otherwise if the iteration variable is aliased to any of the
operands in the start, end, or increment expressions, the
wrong #iterations might be calculated.
* com.c (ffecom_save_tree): Fix indentation.
Mon Oct 6 14:15:03 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* (f77.mostlyclean): Clean up stuff in the
object tree too.
(f77.clean, f77.distclean, f77.maintainer-clean): Likewise.
1997-10-05 Dave Love <>
* intrin.def: Make SECOND_subr's arg generic real for people
porting from Cray and making everything double precision.
Wed Oct 1 01:45:36 1997 Philippe De Muyter <>
* g77.c (pexecute, main): Use unlink, not remove.
Mon Sep 29 16:18:21 1997 Craig Burley <>
* stu.c (ffestu_list_exec_transition_,
ffestu_dummies_transition_): Specify `bool' type for
`in_progress' variables.
* com.h (assemble_string): Declare this routine (instead
of #include'ing "output.h" from gcc) to eliminate warnings
from lex.c.
Mon Sep 29 10:37:07 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* intdoc.c (main): Remove unused attribute for main's arguments.
Sun Sep 28 01:47:17 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
and AR instead of the _FOR_TARGET versions.
Tue Sep 23 00:39:57 1997 Alexandre Oliva <>
* install.texi was renamed to g77install.texi
* install0.texi: Likewise.
Fri Sep 19 01:12:27 1997 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (ffeexpr_reduced_eqop2_):
(ffeexpr_reduced_relop2_): Minor fixes to diagnostic code.
* fini.c (main): Change return type to `int'.
Thu Sep 18 17:31:38 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* proj.h (FFEPROJ_BSEARCH): Delete all references.
* proj.c (bsearch): Compile this if no bsearch is provided by the
host system.
(strtoul): Similarly.
* g77install.texi: Renamed from install.texi
* g77.texi: Corresponding changes.
* fini.c (main): Return type is int.
* com.c (lang_printable_name): Use verbosity argument.
Thu Sep 18 16:08:40 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* Fix merge problems.
Wed Sep 17 10:47:08 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com-rt.def (FFECOM_gfrtDSIGN, FFECOM_gfrtISIGN,
FFECOM_gfrtSIGN): Add second argument.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_cb_comma_c_): Trivial fixes.
Sun Sep 14 21:01:23 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* Various changes to build info files
in the object tree rather than the source tree.
* proj.h: Include ctype.h.
Sun Sep 14 12:35:20 1997 Fred Fish (
* proj.h (isascii): Provide a default definition if none is available.
Thu Sep 11 19:26:10 1997 Dave Love <>
* Remove the messages about possible build problems.
Wed Sep 10 16:39:47 1997 Jim Wilson <>
* (LN, LN_S): New macros, use where appropriate.
Tue Sep 9 13:20:40 1997 Jim Wilson <>
* g77.c (pexecute, doit): Add checks for __CYGWIN32__.
Tue Sep 9 01:59:35 1997 Craig Burley <>
* Version 0.5.21 released.
Tue Sep 9 00:31:01 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intdoc.c (dumpem): Put appropriate commentary in
output file, so readers know it isn't source.
Wed Aug 27 20:32:03 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): Turn on flag_move_all_moveables
and flag_reduce_all_givs.
Wed Aug 27 08:08:25 1997 Craig Burley <>
* proj.h: Always #include "config.j" first, to pick up
gcc's configuration.
* com.c: Change bcopy() and bzero() calls to memcpy()
and memset() calls, to make more of g77 ANSI C.
1997-08-26 Dave Love <>
* ($(srcdir)/f/runtime/configure,
$(srcdir)/f/runtime/libU77/configure): Fix for when srcdir isn't
Tue Aug 26 05:59:21 1997 Craig Burley <>
* ansify.c (main): Make sure readers of stdout know
it's derived from stdin; omit comment text; get source
line numbers in future stderr output to be correct.
Tue Aug 26 01:36:01 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix 970825-0.f:
* stb.c (ffestb_R5284_): Allow OPEN_PAREN after closing
SLASH as well as NAME.
Mon Aug 25 23:48:17 1997 Craig Burley <>
Changes to allow g77 docs to be built entirely from scratch
using any ANSI C compiler, not requiring GNU C:
* ($(srcdir)/f/intdoc.texi): "Pipe" new
location of intrinsic documentation data base, f/,
through new `ansify' program to append `\n\' to quoted
newlines, into f/intdoc.h0. Do appropriate cleanups. Explain.
(f77.mostlyclean): Add f/ansify and f/intdoc.h0 to cleanups.
* f/ansify.c: New program.
* f/intdoc.c: Fix so it conforms to ANSI C.
#include f/intdoc.h0 instead of f/intdoc.h.
Avoid some warnings.
* f/intdoc.h, f/ Rename the former to the latter; no
changes made to the content in this patch!
* f/intrin.h (ffeintrinFamily): Fix to conform to ANSI C.
Mon Aug 25 23:24:32 1997 H.J. Lu (
* ($(srcdir)/f/runtime/configure,
$(srcdir)/f/runtime/libU77/configure, f77.mostlyclean,
f77.clean, f77.distclean, f77.maintainer-clean, f77.realclean):
Handle absolute pathname of $(srcdir).
(stmp-f2c.h): New.
(include/f2c.h, f/runtime/Makefile, f/runtime/libF77/Makefile,
f/runtime/libI77/Makefile, f/runtime/libU77/Makefile): Only
depend on stmp-f2c.h.
(f77.maintainer-clean): Don't make itself.
Sun Aug 24 17:00:27 1997 Jim Wilson <>
* (f77.install-info): Don't cd into srcdir. Add srcdir
to filenames. Use sed to extract base filename for install.
Sun Aug 24 06:52:48 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix up g77 compiler data base for libf2c routines:
* com-rt.def (FFECOM_gfrtSIGNAL): Change return type to
FTNINT to match actual code.
* com.c (ffecomRttype_): Replace FFECOM_rttypeINT_ with
Add and fix up comments.
(ffecom_make_gfrt_, ffecom_gfrt_basictype,
ffecom_gfrt_kindtype): Replace FFECOM_rttypeINT_ with
Thu Aug 21 13:15:29 1997 Jim Wilson <>
* (f77): Delete f77-runtime.
(, f77.all.cross, Add f77-runtime.
Wed Aug 20 17:18:40 1997 Craig Burley <>
* global.c (ffeglobal_ref_progunit_): It's okay to have
a different CHARACTER*n length for a reference if the
existing length is for another reference, not a definition.
Wed Aug 20 16:36:59 1997 Jim Wilson <>
* intdoc.texi: Readd generated file.
Mon Aug 18 14:27:18 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix 970814-0.f:
* global.c (ffeglobal_new_progunit_): Distinguish
between previously defined, versus inferred, filewide
when it comes to diagnostics.
Fix 970816-1.f:
* global.c (ffeglobal_ref_progunit_): Change BDATA into EXT
right at the beginning, so EXTERNAL FOO followed later
by SUBROUTINE FOO is not diagnosed.
Fix 970813-0.f:
* com-rt.def (FFECOM_gfrtALARM): Returns `integer', not
Mon Aug 18 09:01:54 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* (F77_OBJS): Re-alphabetize.
* (F77_SRCS): Likewise.
Sun Aug 17 08:35:11 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* INSTALL: Rebuilt.
* install.texi: Remove "Object File Differences" section. Remove
all references to zzz.o failing comparison tests.
* version.c, version.h: Renamed from zzz.c and zzz.h. Remove
date and time stamps so a 3 stage build reports no differences.
* Corresponding changes.
* Likewise.
* g77.c, parse.c: Likewise.
* intdoc.texi: Remove generated file from distribution.
Sun Aug 17 03:32:44 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix up problems when virtual memory exhausted:
* malloc.c (malloc_new_): Use gcc's xmalloc(), so we
print a nicer message when malloc returns no memory.
(malloc_resize_): Ditto for xrealloc().
*, Comment out lines containing
just formfeeds.
Sat Aug 16 19:41:33 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_make_gfrt_): For rttypeREAL_F2C_, return
double_type_node; for rttypeREAL_GNU_, return
1997-08-13 Dave Love <>
* (diff_excludes): Add some hints about known
problematic platforms.
1997-08-13 Dave Love <>
* intdoc.h: Document `alarm'.
Tue Aug 12 10:23:02 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* Don't demand the backend patch.
* com.c (lang_printable_name): Second argument is now an int. Don't
store into the value of the second argument.
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): Temporarily disable setting
of "Toon" loop options until we figure out how to address
Mon Aug 11 23:18:35 1997 Jeffrey A Law (
* g77-0.5.21-19970811 Imported.
This file describes changes to the front end necessary to make
it work with egcs.
Mon Aug 11 21:19:22 1997 Craig Burley <>
Mon Aug 11 01:52:03 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_build_complex_constant_): Go with the
new build_complex() approach used in gcc-2.8.
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Don't set
DECL_IN_SYSTEM_HEADER for a tree node that isn't
a VAR_DECL, which happens when var is in common!
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_) (case FFEINTRIN_impALARM):
No need to test codegen_imp -- there's only one valid here.
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_impALARM): Specify `Status' argument
as write-only.
Fri Aug 8 05:40:23 1997 Craig Burley <>
Substantial changes to accommodate distinctions among
run-time routines that support intrinsics, and between
routines that compute and return the same type vs. those
that compute one type and return another (or `void'):
* com-rt.def: Specify new return type REAL_F2C_ instead
of many DOUBLE_, COMPLEX_F2C_ instead of COMPLEX_, and
so on.
Clear up the *BES* routines "once and for all".
* com.c: New return types.
(ffecom_convert_narrow_, ffecom_convert_widen_):
New functions that are "safe" variants of convert(),
to catch errors that ffecom_expr_intrinsic_() now
no longer catches.
(ffecom_arglist_expr_): Ensure arguments are not
converted to narrower types.
(ffecom_call_): Ensure return value is not converted
to a wider type.
(ffecom_char_args_): Use new ffeintrin_gfrt_direct()
(ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Simplify how run-time
routine is selected (via `gfrt' only now; lose the
redundant `ix' variable).
Eliminate the `library' label; any code that doesn't
return directly just `break's out now with `gfrt'
set appropriately.
Set `gfrt' to default choice initially, either a
fast direct form or, if not available, a slower
indirect-callable form.
(ffecom_make_gfrt_): No longer need to do special
check for complex; it's built into the new return-type
(ffecom_ptr_to_expr): Use new ffeintrin_gfrt_indirect()
* intrin.c, intrin.h: `gfrt' field replaced with three fields,
so it is easier to provide faster direct-callable and
GNU-convention indirect-callable routines in the future.
DEFIMP macro adjusted accordingly, along with all its uses.
(ffeintrin_gfrt_direct): New function.
(ffeintrin_gfrt_indirect): Ditto.
(ffeintrin_is_actualarg): If `-fno-f2c' is in effect,
require a GNU-callable version of intrinsic instead of
an f2c-callable version, so indirect calling is still checked.
* intrin.def: Replace one GFRT field with the three new fields,
as appropriate for each DEFIMP intrinsic.
* com.c (ffecom_stabilize_aggregate_,
ffecom_convert_to_complex_): Make these `static'.
Thu Aug 7 11:24:34 1997 Craig Burley <>
Provide means for front end to determine actual
"standard" return type for an intrinsic if it is
passed as an actual argument:
* com.h, com.c (ffecom_gfrt_basictype,
ffecom_gfrt_kindtype): New functions.
(ffecom_gfrt_kind_type_): Replaced with new function.
All callers updated.
(ffecom_make_gfrt_): No longer need do anything
with kind type.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_basictype, ffeintrin_kindtype):
Now returns correct type info for specific intrinsic
(based on type of run-time-library implementation).
Wed Aug 6 23:08:46 1997 Craig Burley <>
* global.c (ffeglobal_ref_progunit_): Don't reset
number of arguments just due to new type info,
so useful warnings can be issued.
1997-08-06 Dave Love <>
* intrin.def: Fix IDATE_vxt argument order.
* intdoc.h: Likewise.
Thu Jul 31 22:22:03 1997 Craig Burley <>
* global.c (ffeglobal_proc_ref_arg): If REF/DESCR
disagreement, DESCR is CHARACTER, and types disagree,
pretend the argsummary agrees so the message ends up
being about type disagreement.
(ffeglobal_proc_def_arg): Ditto.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_token_first_rhs_3_): Set info for LABTOK
to NONE of everything, to avoid misdiagnosing filewide
usage of alternate returns.
Sun Jul 20 23:07:47 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): If type gets set
to error_mark_node, just return that for transformed symbol.
(ffecom_member_phase2_): If type gets set to error_mark_node,
just return.
(ffecom_check_size_overflow_): Add `dummy' argument to
flag that type is for a dummy, update all callers.
Sun Jul 13 17:40:53 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix 970712-1.f:
* where.c (ffewhere_set_from_track): If start point
is too large, just use initial start point. 0.6 should
fix all this properly.
Fix 970712-2.f:
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Preserve error_mark_node for type.
(ffecom_type_localvar_): Ditto.
(ffecom_sym_transform_): If type is error_mark_node,
don't error-check decl size, because back end responds by
setting that to an integer 0 instead of error_mark_node.
(ffecom_transform_common_): Same as earlier fix to _transform_
in that size is checked by dividing BITS_PER_UNIT instead of
(ffecom_transform_equiv_): Ditto.
Fix 970712-3.f:
* stb.c (ffestb_R10014_): Fix flaky fall-through in error
test for FFELEX_typeCONCAT by just replicating the code,
and do FFELEX_typeCOLONCOLON while at it.
1997-07-07 Dave Love <>
* intdoc.h: Add various missing pieces; correct GMTIME, LTIME
result ordering.
* intrin.def, com-rt.def: Add alarm.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Add case for alarm.
Thu Jun 26 04:19:40 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix 970302-3.f:
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): For sanity-check compare
of gbe size of local variable to g77 expectation,
use varasm.c/assemble_variable technique of dividing
BITS_PER_UNIT out of gbe info instead of multiplying
g77 info up, to avoid crash when size in bytes is very
large, and overflows an `int' or similar when multiplied.
Fix 970626-2.f:
* com.c (ffecom_finish_symbol_transform_): Don't bother
transforming a dummy argument, to avoid a crash.
* ste.c (ffeste_R1227): Don't return a value if the
result decl, or its type, is error_mark_node.
Fix 970626-4.f:
* lex.c (ffelex_splice_tokens): `-fdollar-ok' is
irrelevant to whether a DOLLAR token should be made
from an initial character of `$'.
Fix 970626-6.f:
* stb.c (ffestb_do3_): DO iteration variable is an
lhs, not rhs, expression.
Fix 970626-7.f and 970626-8.f:
* expr.c (ffeexpr_cb_comma_i_1_): Set IMPDO expression
to have clean info, because undefined rank, for example,
caused crash on mangled source on UltraSPARC but not
on Alpha for a series of weird reasons.
(ffeexpr_cb_close_paren_): If not CLOSE_PAREN, push
opANY expression onto stack instead of attempting
to mimic what program might have wanted.
(ffeexpr_cb_close_paren_): Don't wrap opPAREN around
opIMPDO, just warn that it's gratuitous.
* bad.def (FFEBAD_IMPDO_PAREN): New warning.
Fix 970626-9.f:
* expr.c (ffeexpr_declare_parenthesized_): Must shut down
parsing in kindANY case, otherwise the parsing engine might
decide there's an ambiguity.
(ffeexpr_token_name_rhs_): Eliminate parentypeSUBROUTINE_
case, so we crash right away if it comes through.
* st.c, st.h, sta.c, sta.h (ffest_shutdown, ffesta_shutdown):
New functions.
Tue Jun 24 19:47:29 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_check_size_overflow_): New function
catches some cases of the size of a type getting
too large. varasm.c must catch the rest.
(ffecom_sym_transform_): Use new function.
(ffecom_type_localvar_): Ditto.
Mon Jun 23 01:09:28 1997 Craig Burley <>
* global.c (ffeglobal_proc_def_arg): Fix comparison
of argno to #args.
(ffeglobal_proc_ref_arg): Ditto.
* lang-options.h, top.c: Rename `-fdebug' to `-fxyzzy',
since it's an unsupported internals option and some
poor user might guess that it does something.
* bad.def: Make a warning for each filewide diagnostic.
Put all filewides together.
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Don't substitute
known global tree for global entities when `-fno-globals'.
* global.c (ffeglobal_new_progunit_): Don't produce
fatal diagnostics about globals when `-fno-globals'.
Instead, produce equivalent warning when `-Wglobals'.
(ffeglobal_proc_ref_arg): Ditto.
(ffeglobal_proc_ref_nargs): Ditto.
(ffeglobal_ref_progunit_): Ditto.
* lang-options.h, top.c, top.h: New `-fno-globals' option.
Sat Jun 21 12:32:54 1997 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (ffeexpr_fulfill_call_): Set array variable
to avoid warning about uninitialized variable.
* Get rid of any setting of HOST_* macros,
since these will break gcc's build!
* makefile: New file to make building derived files
Thu Jun 19 18:19:28 1997 Craig Burley <>
* g77.c (main): Install Emilio Lopes' patch to support
Ratfor, and to fix the printing of the version string
to go to stderr, not stdout.
* lang-specs.h: Install Emilio Lopes' patch to support
Ratfor, and patch the result to support picking up
`*f771' from the `specs' file.
Thu Jun 12 14:36:25 1997 Craig Burley <>
* storag.c (ffestorag_update_init, ffestorag_update_save):
Also update parent, in case equivalence processing
has already eliminated pointers to it via the
local equivalence info.
Tue Jun 10 14:08:26 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intdoc.c: Add cross-reference to end of description
of any generic intrinsic pointing to other intrinsics
with the same name.
Warn about explicit type declaration for intrinsic
that disagrees with invocation:
* expr.c (ffeexpr_paren_rhs_let_): Preserve type info
for intrinsic functions.
(ffeexpr_token_funsubstr_): Ditto.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_fulfill_generic): Warn if type
info of fulfilled intrinsic invocation disagrees with
explicit type info given symbol.
(ffeintrin_fulfill_specific): Ditto.
* stc.c (ffestc_R1208_item): Preserve type info
for intrinsics.
(ffestc_R501_item): Ditto.
Mon Jun 9 17:45:44 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Fix several of the
libU77/libF77-unix handlers to properly convert their
* com-rt.def (FFECOM_gfrtFSTAT): Append missing "i" to
arg string.
Fri Jun 6 14:37:30 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Have a case statement
for every intrinsic implementation, so missing ones
are caught via gcc warnings.
Don't call ffeintrin_codegen_imp anymore.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_fulfill_generic): Remove cg_imp
stuff from here.
(ffeintrin_codegen_imp): Delete this function.
* intrin.def, intrin.h: Remove DEFIMQ stuff from here
as well.
Thu Jun 5 13:03:07 1997 Craig Burley <>
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): New -fbadu77-intrinsics-*
* top.h: Ditto.
* intrin.h: New BADU77 family.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_state_family): Ditto.
Implement new scheme to track intrinsic names vs. forms:
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_fulfill_generic),
(ffeintrin_fulfill_specific), (ffeintrin_is_intrinsic),
intrin.def: The documented name is now either in the
generic info or, if no generic, in the specific info.
For a generic, the specific info contains merely the
distinguishing form (usually "function" or "subroutine"),
used for diagnostics about ambiguous references and
in the documentation.
* intrin.def: Clean up formatting of DEFNAME block.
Convert many libU77 intrinsics into generics that
support both subroutine and function forms.
Put the function forms of side-effect routines into
the new BADU77 family.
Make MCLOCK and TIME return INTEGER*4 again, and add
INTEGER*8 equivalents called MCLOCK8 and TIME8.
Fix up more status return values to be written and
insist on them being I1 as well.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Lots of changes to
support new libU77 intrinsic interfaces.
Mon Jun 2 00:37:53 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Pointer type is now INTEGER(KIND=7),
not INTEGER(KIND=0), since we want to reserve KIND=0 for
future use.
Thu May 29 14:30:33 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix bugs preventing CTIME(I*4) from working correctly:
* com.c (ffecom_char_args_): For FUNCREF case, process
args to intrinsic just as they would be in
* com-rt.def (FFECOM_gfrtCTIME, FFECOM_gfrtTTYNAM): Fix
argument decls to specify `&'.
Wed May 28 22:19:49 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix gratuitous warnings exposed by dophot aka 970528-1:
* global.c (ffeglobal_proc_def_arg, ffeglobal_proc_ref_arg):
Support distinct function/subroutine arguments instead of
just procedures.
* global.h: Ditto.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_fulfill_call_): A SYMTER with kindNONE
also is a procedure (either function or subroutine).
Mon May 26 20:25:31 1997 Craig Burley <>
* bad.def: Have several lexer diagnostics refer to
documentation for people who need more info on what Fortran
source code is supposed to look like.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_reduced_bool1_), bad.def: New diagnostics
specific to .NOT. now mention only one operand instead
of two.
* g77.c: Recognize -fsyntax-only, similar to -c etc.
(lookup_option): Fix bug that prevented non-`--' options
from being recognized.
Sun May 25 04:29:04 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_impCTIME): Accept `I*' expression
for STime instead of requiring `I2'.
Tue May 20 16:14:40 1997 Craig Burley <>
* symbol.c (ffesymbol_reference): All references to
standard intrinsics are considered explicit, so as
to avoid generating basically useless warnings.
* intrin.c, intrin.h (ffeintrin_is_standard): Returns TRUE
if intrinsic is standard.
Sun May 18 21:14:59 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com-rt.def: Changed all external names of the
form `"\([a-z0-9]*\)_' to `"G77_\1_0"' so as to
allow any name valid as an intrinsic to be used
as such and as a user-defined external procedure
name or common block as well.
Thu May 8 13:07:10 1997 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (ffeexpr_cb_end_notloc_): For %VAL, %REF, and
%DESCR, copy arg info into new node.
Mon May 5 14:42:17 1997 Craig Burley <>
From Uwe F. Mayer <mayer@math.Vanderbilt.Edu>:
* (g77-cross): Fix typo in g77.c path.
From Brian McIlwrath <>:
* lang-specs.h: Have g77 pick up options from a section
labeled `*f771' of the `specs' file.
Sat May 3 02:46:08 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_defSIGNAL): Add optional `Status'
argument that com.c already expects (per Dave Love).
More changes to support better tracking of (filewide)
globals, in particular, the arguments to procedures:
* expr.c (ffebad_fulfill_call_): Provide info on each
argument to ffeglobal.
* global.c, global.h (ffeglobal_proc_def_arg,
ffeglobal_proc_def_nargs, ffeglobal_proc_ref_arg,
ffeglobal_proc_ref_args): New functions.
(ffeglobalArgSummary, ffeglobalArgInfo_): New types.
Tue Apr 29 18:35:41 1997 Craig Burley <>
More changes to support better tracking of (filewide)
* expr.c (ffeexpr_fulfill_call_): New function.
(ffeexpr_token_name_lhs_): Call after building procedure
reference expression. Also leave info field for ANY-ized
expression alone.
(ffeexpr_token_arguments_): Ditto.
Mon Apr 28 20:04:18 1997 Craig Burley <>
Changes to support better tracking of (filewide)
globals, mainly to avoid crashes due to inlining:
* bad.def: Go back to quoting intrinsic names,
for clarity.
* com.c (ffecom_do_entry_, ffecom_start_progunit_,
ffecom_sym_transform_): Accommodate new FFEGLOBAL_typeEXT
* expr.c (ffeexpr_sym_lhs_call_, ffeexpr_sym_lhs_extfunc_,
ffeexpr_sym_rhs_actualarg_, ffeexpr_declare_parenthesized_,
ffeexpr_paren_rhs_let_, ffeexpr_token_funsubstr_):
Fill in real kind info instead of leaving NONE where
Register references to intrinsics and globals with ffesymbol
using new ffesymbol_reference function instead of
* global.c (ffeglobal_type_string_): New array for
new diagnostics.
* global.h, global.c:
Replace ->init mechanism with ->tick mechanism.
Move other common-related members into a substructure of
a union, so the proc substructure can be introduced
to include members related to externals other than commons.
Don't complain about ANY-ized globals; ANY-ize globals
once they're complained about, in any case where code
generation could become a problem.
Handle global entries that have NONE type (seen as
intrinsics), EXT type (seen as EXTERNAL), and so on.
Keep track of kind and type of externals, both via
definition and via reference.
Diagnose disagreements about kind or type of externals
(such as functions).
(ffeglobal_ref_intrinsic, ffeglobal_ref_progunit_): New
* stc.c (ffestc_R1207_item, ffestc_R1208_item,
ffestc_R1219, ffestc_R1226):
Call ffesymbol_reference, not ffesymbol_globalize.
* stu.c (ffestu_sym_end_transition,
Call ffesymbol_reference, not ffesymbol_globalize.
* symbol.c (ffesymbol_globalize): Removed...
(ffesymbol_reference): this new function,
which more generally registers references to symbols,
globalizes globals, and calls on the ffeglobal module
to check globals filewide.
* global.h, global.c: Rename some macros and functions
to more clearly distinguish common from other globals.
All callers changed.
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Trees describing
filewide globals must be allocated on permanent obstack.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_token_name_lhs_): Don't generate
gratuitous diagnostics for FFEINFO_whereANY case.
Thu Apr 17 03:27:18 1997 Craig Burley <>
* global.c: Add support for flagging intrinsic/global
confusion via warnings.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_token_funsubstr_): Ditto.
(ffeexpr_sym_lhs_call_): Ditto.
(ffeexpr_paren_rhs_let_): Ditto.
* stc.c (ffestc_R1208_item): Ditto.
Wed Apr 16 22:40:56 1997 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (ffeexpr_declare_parenthesized_): INCLUDE
context can't be an intrinsic invocation either.
Fri Mar 28 10:43:28 1997 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (ffeexpr_token_arguments_): Make sure top of
exprstack is operand before dereferencing operand field.
* lex.c (ffelex_prepare_eos_): Fill up truncated
hollerith token, so crash on null ->text field doesn't
happen later.
* stb.c (ffestb_R10014_): If NAMES isn't recognized (or
the recognized part is followed in the token by a
non-digit), don't try and collect digits, as there
might be more than FFEWHERE_indexMAX letters to skip
past to do so -- and the code is diagnosed anyway.
Thu Mar 27 00:02:48 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Force local
adjustable array onto stack.
* stc.c (ffestc_R547_item_object): Don't actually put
the symbol in COMMON if the symbol has already been
EQUIVALENCE'd to a different COMMON area.
* equiv.c (ffeequiv_add): Don't actually do anything
if there's a disagreement over which COMMON area is
Tue Mar 25 03:35:19 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_transform_common_): If no explicit init
of COMMON area, don't actually init it even though
storage area suggests it.
Mon Mar 24 12:10:08 1997 Craig Burley <>
* lex.c (ffelex_image_char_): Avoid overflowing the
column counter itself, as well as the card image.
* where.c (ffewhere_line_new): Cast ffelex_line_length()
to (size_t) so 255 doesn't overflow to 0!
* stc.c (ffestc_labeldef_notloop_begin_): Don't gratuitously
terminate loop before processing statement, so block
doesn't disappear out from under EXIT/CYCLE processing.
(ffestc_labeldef_notloop_): Has old code from above
function, instead of just calling it.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_cb_comma_i_4_): Don't skip over
arbitrary token (such as EOS).
* com.c (ffecom_init_zero_): Handle RECORD_TYPE and
UNION_TYPE so -fno-zeros works with -femulated-complex.
1997-03-12 Dave Love <>
* intrin.def: New intrinsics INT2, INT8, CPU_TIME. Fix AND, OR,
XOR. [Integrated by burley, AND/OR/XOR already fixed, INT8
implementation changed/fixed.]
Wed Mar 12 10:40:08 1997 Craig Burley <>
* ($(srcdir)/f/intdoc.texi): Simplify rules
so building f/intdoc is not always necessary; remove
f/intdoc after running it if it is built.
Tue Mar 11 23:42:00 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_impAND, FFEINTRIN_impOR,
FFEINTRIN_impXOR): Use the IAND, IOR, and IEOR implementations
of these, instead of crashing in ffecom_expr_intrinsic_
or adding case labels there.
Mon Mar 10 22:51:23 1997 Craig Burley <>
* intdoc.c: Fix so any C compiler can compile this.
Fri Feb 28 13:16:50 1997 Craig Burley <>
* Version 0.5.20 released.
Fri Feb 28 01:45:25 1997 Craig Burley <>
Move some files incorrectly in the former to the latter,
and add another file or two to the latter.
New meanings for (KIND=n), and new denotations in the
little language describing intrinsics:
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Assign new meanings.
* intdoc.c: Document new meanings.
Support the new denotations.
* intrin.c: Employ new meanings, mapping them to internal
values (which are the same as they ever were for now).
Support the new denotations.
* intrin.def: Switch DEFIMP table to the new denotations.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): Fix bug that was leaving
LOC() and %LOC() returning INTEGER*4 on systems where
it should return INTEGER*8.
* type.c: Canonicalize function definitions, for etags
and such.
Wed Feb 26 20:43:03 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Choose INTEGER(KIND=n) types,
where n is 2, 3, and 4, according to the new docs
instead of according to the old C correspondences
(which seem less useful at this point).
* equiv.c (ffeequiv_destroy_): New function.
(ffeequiv_layout_local_): Use this new function
whenever the laying out of a local equivalence chain
is aborted for any reason.
Otherwise ensure that symbols no longer reference
the stale ffeequiv entries that result when they
are killed off in this procedure.
Also, the rooted symbol is one that has storage,
it really is irrelevant whether it has an equiv entry
at this point (though the code to remove the equiv
entry was put in at the end, just in case).
(ffeequiv_kill): When doing internal checks, make
sure the victim isn't named by any symbols it points
to. Not as complete a check as looking through the
entire symbol table (which does matter, since some
code in equiv.c used to remove symbols from the lists
for an ffeequiv victim but not remove that victim as the
symbol's equiv info), but this check did find some
real bugs in the code (that were fixed).
Mon Feb 24 16:42:13 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Fix a couple of
warnings about uninitialized variables.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): Ditto, but there were
a couple of _real_ uninitialized-variable _bugs_ here!
(ffeintrin_fulfill_specific): Ditto, no real bug here.
Sun Feb 23 15:01:20 1997 Craig Burley <>
Clean up diagnostics (especially about intrinsics):
* bad.def (FFEBAD_UNIMPL_STMT): Remove.
up so they're friendlier.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_fulfill_generic,
ffeintrin_fulfill_specific, ffeintrin_is_intrinsic):
Always choose
generic or specific name text (which is for doc purposes
anyway) over implementation name text (which is for
internal use).
* intrin.def: Use more descriptive name texts for generics
and specifics in cases where the names themselves are not
enough (e.g. IDATE, which has two forms).
Fix some intrinsic mappings:
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_specIDINT, FFEINTRIN_specAND,
FFEINTRIN_specXOR): Now have their own implementations,
instead of borrowing from others.
Turn these implementations off, since it's not clear
just what types they expect in the context of portable Fortran.
(DFLOAT): Now in FVZ family, since f2c supports them
Support intrinsic inquiry functions (BIT_SIZE, LEN):
* intrin.c: Allow `i' in <arg_extra>.
Mark args with `i'.
Sat Feb 22 13:34:09 1997 Craig Burley <>
Only warn, don't error, for reference to unimplemented
* bad.def (FFEBAD_INTRINSIC_UNIMPLW): Warning version
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_is_intrinsic): Use new warning
Complain about REAL(Z) and AIMAG(Z) (Z is DOUBLE COMPLEX):
* bad.def (FFEBAD_INTRINSIC_CMPAMBIG): New diagnostic.
* expr.c: Needed #include "intrin.h" anyway.
(ffeexpr_token_intrincheck_): New function handles delayed
diagnostic for "REAL(REAL(expr)" if next token isn't ")".
(ffeexpr_token_arguments_): Do most of the actual checking here.
* intrin.h, intrin.c (ffeintrin_fulfill_specific): New
argument, check_intrin, to tell caller that intrin is REAL(Z)
or AIMAG(Z). All callers updated, mostly to pass NULL in
for this.
(ffeintrin_check_): Also has new arg check_intrin for same
purpose. All callers updated the same way.
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_impAIMAG): Change return type
from "R0" to "RC", to accommodate f2c (and perhaps other
non-F90 F77 compilers).
* top.h, top.c: New option -fugly-complex.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Implement impCOMPLEX
and impREALPART here. (specIMAGPART => specAIMAG.)
* intrin.def: Add the intrinsics here.
Rename implementations of VXTIDATE and VXTTIME to IDATEVXT
and TIMEVXT, so they sort more consistently:
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_):
* intrin.def:
Delete intrinsic group `dcp', add `gnu', etc.:
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_state_family): FFEINTRIN_familyGNU
replaces FFEINTRIN_familyDCP, and gets state from `gnu'
Get rid of FFEINTRIN_familyF2Z, nobody needs it.
Move FFEINTRIN_specDCMPLX from DCP family to FVZ family,
as f2c has it.
Move FFEINTRIN_specDFLOAT from F2C family to FVZ family.
Move these from F2Z family to F2C family.
* intrin.h (FFEINTRIN_familyF2Z, FFEINTRIN_familyDCP): Remove.
(FFEINTRIN_familyGNU): Add.
* top.h, top.c: Replace `dcp' with `gnu'.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Clean up by collecting
simple conversions into one nice, conceptual place.
Fix up some intrinsic subroutines (MVBITS, KILL, UMASK) to
properly push and pop call temps, to avoid wasting temp
* g77.c (doit): Toon says variables should be defined
before being referenced. Spoilsport.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): Now Dave's worried about
warnings about uninitialized variables. Okay, so for
basic return values 'g' and 's', they _were_
uninitialized -- is determinism really _that_ useful?
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_impFGETC): Fix STATUS argument
so that it is INTENT(OUT) instead of INTENT(IN).
1997-02-21 Dave Love <>
* intrin.def, com.c: Support Sun-type `short' and `long'
intrinsics. Perhaps should also do Microcruft-style `int2'.
Thu Feb 20 15:16:53 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Clean up indentation.
Support SECONDSUBR intrinsic implementation.
Rename SECOND to SECONDFUNC for direct support via library.
* g77.c: Fix to return proper status value to shell,
by obtaining it from processes it spawns.
* intdoc.c: Fix minor typo.
* intrin.def: Turn SECOND into generic that maps into
function and subroutine forms.
* intrin.def: Make FLOAT and SNGL into specific intrinsics.
* intrin.def, intrin.h: Change the way DEFGEN and DEFSPEC
macros work, to save on verbage.
Mon Feb 17 02:08:04 1997 Craig Burley <>
New subsystem to automatically generate documentation
on intrinsics:
* ($(srcdir)/f/,
$(srcdir)/f/g77.dvi): Move g77 doc rules around.
Add to g77 doc rules the new subsystem.
(f77.mostlyclean, f77.maintainer-clean): Also clean up
after new doc subsystem.
* intdoc.c, intdoc.h: New doc subsystem code.
* intrin.h [FFEINTRIN_DOC]: When 1, don't pull in
stuff not needed by doc subsystem.
Improve on intrinsics mechanism to both be more
self-documenting and to catch more user errors:
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): Recognize new arg-len
and arg-rank information, and check it.
Move goto and signal indicators to the basic type.
Permit reference to arbitrary argument number, not
just first argument (for BESJN and BESYN).
(ffeintrin_init_0): Check and accept new notations.
* intrin.c, intrin.def: Value in COL now identifies
arguments starting with number 0 being the first.
Some minor intrinsics cleanups (resulting from doc work):
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Implement FLUSH
directly once again, handle its optional argument,
so it need not be a generic (awkward to handle in docs).
* intrin.def (BESJ0, BESJ1, BESJN, BESY0, BESY1, BESYN,
UMASK): Change capitalization of initcaps (official) name
to be consistent with Burley's somewhat arbitrary rules.
(BESJN, BESYN): These have return arguments of same type
as their _second_ argument.
(FLUSH): Now a specific, not generic, intrinsic, with one
optional argument.
(FLUSH1): Eliminated.
Add arg-len and arg-rank info to several intrinsics.
(ITIME): Change argument type from REAL to INTEGER.
Tue Feb 11 14:04:42 1997 Craig Burley <>
* (f771): Invocation of Makefile now done
with $(srcdir)=gcc to go along with $(VPATH)=gcc.
$(srcdir)/f/runtime/libU77/configure): Break these out
so spurious triggers of this rule don't happen (as when is more recent than libU77/configure).
(f77.rebuilt): Distinguish source versus build files,
so this target can be invoked from build directory and
still work.
* This now expects $(srcdir) to be the gcc
source directory, not gcc/f, to agree with $(VPATH).
Accordingly, $(INCLUDES) has been fixed, various cruft
removed, the removal of f771 has been fixed to remove
the _real_ f771 (not the one in gcc's parent directory),
and so on.
* lex.c: Part of ffelex_finish_statement_() now done
by new function ffelex_prepare_eos_(), so that, in one
popular case, the EOS can be prepared while the pointer
is at the end of the non-continued line instead of the
end of the line that marks no continuation. This improves
the appearance of diagnostics substantially.
Mon Feb 10 12:44:06 1997 Craig Burley <>
* runtime Makefile's, and include/f2c.h,
also depend on f/runtime/configure and f/runtime/libU77/configure.
Fix various libU77 routines:
* com-rt.def (FFECOM_gfrtCTIME, FFECOM_gfrtMCLOCK,
FFECOM_gfrtTIME): These now use INTEGER*8 for time values,
for compatibility with systems like Alpha.
(FFECOM_gfrtSYSTEM_CLOCK, FFECOM_gfrtTTYNAM): Delete incorrect
trailing underscore in routine names.
* intrin.c, intrin.def: Support INTEGER*8 return values and
arguments ('4'). Change FFEINTRIN_impCTIME, FFEINTRIN_impMCLOCK,
and FFEINTRIN_impTIME accordingly.
(ffeintrin_is_intrinsic): Don't give caller a clue about
form of intrinsic -- shouldn't be needed at this point.
Cope with generic intrinsics that are subroutines and functions:
* com.c (ffecom_finish_symbol_transform_, ffecom_expr_transform_):
Don't transform an intrinsic that is not known to be a subroutine
or a function. (Maybe someday have to avoid transforming
any intrinsic with an undecided or unknown implementation.)
* expr.c (ffeexpr_declare_unadorned_,
ffeexpr_declare_parenthesized_): Ok to invoke generic
intrinsic that has at least one subroutine form as a
Ok to pass intrinsic as actual arg if it has a known specific
intrinsic form that is valid as actual arg.
(ffeexpr_declare_parenthesized_): An unknown kind of
intrinsic has a paren_type chosen based on context.
(ffeexpr_token_arguments_): Build funcref/subrref based
on context, not on kind of procedure being called.
* intrin.h, intrin.c (ffeintrin_is_intrinsic): Undo changes of
Tue Feb 4 23:12:04 1997 by me, change all callers to leave
intrinsics as FFEINFO_kindNONE at this point. (Some callers
also had unused variables deleted as a result.)
Enable all intrinsic groups (especially f90 and vxt):
* target.h (FFETARGET_defaultSTATE_DCP, FFETARGET_defaultSTATE_F2C,
Delete these macros, let top.c set them directly.
* top.c (ffeintrinsic_state_dcp_, ffe_intrinsic_state_f2c_,
ffe_intrinsic_state_f90_, ffe_intrinsic_state_mil_,
ffe_intrinsic_state_unix_, ffe_intrinsic_state_vxt_):
Enable all these directly.
Sat Feb 8 03:21:50 1997 Craig Burley <>
* g77.c: Incorporate recent changes to ../gcc.c.
For version magic (e.g. `g77 -v'), instead of compiling
/dev/null, write, compile, run, and then delete a small
program that prints the version numbers of the three
components of libf2c (libF77, libI77, and libU77),
so we get this info with bug reports.
Also, this change reduces the chances of accidentally
linking to an old (complex-alias-problem) libf2c.
Fix `-L' so the argument is expected in `-Larg'.
* com.h (FFECOM_f2cLONGINT): For INTEGER*8 support in f2c.h,
dynamically determine proper type here, instead of
assuming `long long int' is correct.
Tue Feb 4 23:12:04 1997 Craig Burley <>
Add libU77 library from Dave Love <>:
* (f77-runtime): Depend on new Makefile.
(f/runtime/libU77/Makefile): New rule.
Also configure libU77.
($(srcdir)/f/runtime/configure: Use,
so configuration doesn't have to have happened.
(f77.mostlyclean, f77.clean, f77.distclean,
f77.maintainer-clean): Some fixups here, but more work
(RUNTIMESTAGESTUFF): Add libU77's config.status.
(LIBU77STAGESTUFF, f77.stage1, f77.stage2, f77.stage3,
f77.stage4): New macro, appropriate uses added.
* com-rt.def: Add libU77 procedures.
* com.c (ffecom_f2c_ptr_to_integer_type_node,
ffecom_f2c_ptr_to_real_type_node): New type nodes.
(FFECOM_rttypeCHARACTER_): New type of run-time function.
(ffecom_char_args_): Handle CHARACTER*n intrinsics
where n != 1 here, instead of in ffecom_expr_intrinsic_.
(ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): New code to handle new
In particular, change how FFEINTRIN_impFLUSH is handled.
(ffecom_make_gfrt_): Handle new type of run-time function.
(ffecom_init_0): Initialize new type nodes.
* New libU77 directory.
* intrin.h, intrin.c (ffeintrin_is_intrinsic): Handle
potential generic for subroutine _and_ function
specifics via two new arguments. All callers changed.
Properly ignore deleted/disabled intrinsics in resolving
(ffeintrin_check_, ffeintrin_init_0): Handle CHARACTER intrinsics of (*)
* intrin.def: Permission granted by FSF to place this in
public domain, which will allow it to serve as source
for both g77 program and its documentation.
Add libU77 intrinsics.
(FLUSH): Now a generic, not specific, intrinsic.
(DEFIMP): Now support return modifier for CHARACTER intrinsics.
* com-rt.def (FFECOM_gfrtDIM, FFECOM_gfrtERF,
FFECOM_gfrtTANH, FFECOM_gfrtPOW_RI): Change "&r" to "&f".
Sat Feb 1 12:15:09 1997 Craig Burley <>
* Version released.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_, ffecom_expr_intrinsic_,
ffecom_tree_divide_): FFECOM_gfrtPOW_ZI,
FFECOM_gfrtDIV_CC, FFECOM_gfrtDIV_ZZ: These all require
result to _not_ overlap one or more inputs.
Sat Feb 1 00:25:55 1997 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Do internal checks only if
-fset-g77-defaults not specified.
Fix %LOC(), LOC() to return sufficiently wide type:
* com.h, com.c (ffecom_pointer_kind_, ffecom_label_kind_,
ffecom_pointer_kind(), ffecom_label_kind()): New globals
and accessor macros hold kind for integer pointers on target
(ffecom_init_0): Determine narrowest INTEGER type that
can hold a pointer (usually INTEGER*4 or INTEGER*8),
store it in ffecom_pointer_kind_, etc.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_cb_end_loc_): Use right type for %LOC().
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_, ffeintrin_init_0): Support
new 'p' kind for type of intrinsic.
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_impLOC): Returns "Ip" instead of "I1",
so LOC() type is correct for target machine.
Support -fugly-assign:
* lang-options.h, top.h, top.c (ffe_decode_option):
Accept -fugly-assign and -fno-ugly-assign.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Handle -fugly-assign.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_finished_): Check right type for ASSIGN
Fri Jan 31 14:30:00 1997 Craig Burley <>
Remove last vestiges of -fvxt-not-f90:
* stb.c (ffestb_R10012_, ffestb_R10014_, ffestb_V0201_):
top.c, top.h:
Fri Jan 31 02:13:54 1997 Craig Burley <>
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): Warn if -fugly is specified,
it'll go away soon.
* symbol.h: No need to #include "bad.h".
Reorganize features from -fvxt-not-f90 to -fvxt:
* lang-options.h, top.h, top.c:
Accept -fvxt and -fno-vxt, but not -fvxt-not-f90 or -ff90-not-vxt.
Warn if the latter two are used.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_nil_rhs_): Double-quote means octal constant.
(ffeexpr_token_rhs_): Double-quote means octal constant.
* target.h (FFETARGET_defaultIS_VXT_NOT_90): Delete macro
definition, no longer needed.
Make some -ff90 features the default:
* data.c (ffedata_value): DATA implies SAVE.
* src.h (ffesrc_is_name_noninit): Underscores always okay.
Fix up some more #error directives by quoting their text:
* bld.c (ffebld_constant_is_zero):
* target.h:
Sat Jan 18 18:22:09 1997 Craig Burley <>
* g77.c (lookup_option, main): Recognize `-Xlinker',
`-Wl,', `-l', `-L', `--library-directory', `-o',
(lookup_option): Don't depend on SWITCH_TAKES_ARG
being correct, it might or might not have `-x' in
it depending on host.
Return NULL argument if it would be an empty string.
(main): If no input files (by gcc.c's definition)
but `-o' or `--output' specified, produce diagnostic
to avoid overwriting output via gcc.
Recognize C++ `+e' options.
Treat -L as another non-magical option (like -B).
Don't append_arg `-x' twice.
Fri Jan 10 23:36:00 1997 Craig Burley <>
* top.c [BUILT_FOR_270] (ffe_decode_option): Make
-fargument-noalias-global the default.
Fri Jan 10 07:42:27 1997 Craig Burley <>
Enable inlining of previously-compiled program units:
* com.c (ffecom_do_entry_, ffecom_start_progunit_):
Register new public function in ffeglobal database.
(ffecom_sym_transform_): Any GLOBAL or potentially GLOBAL
symbol should be looked up in ffeglobal database and
that tree node used, if found. That way, gcc knows
the references are to those earlier definitions, so it
can emit shorter branches/calls, inline, etc.
(ffecom_transform_common_): Minor change for clarity.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_sym-lhs_call_, ffeexpr_sym_lhs_extfunc_,
ffeexpr_sym_rhs_actualarg_, ffeexpr_paren_rhs_let_,
ffeexpr_token_funsubstr_): Globalize symbol as needed.
* global.c (ffeglobal_promoted): New function to look up
existing local symbol in ffeglobal database.
* global.h: Declare new function.
* name.h (ffename_token): New macro, plus alphabetize.
* stc.c (ffestc_R1207_item): Globalize EXTERNAL symbol.
* stu.c (ffestu_sym_end_transition, ffestu_sym_exec_transition):
Globalize symbol as needed.
* symbol.h, symbol.c (ffesymbol_globalize): New function.
Thu Jan 9 14:20:00 1997 Craig Burley <>
* ste.c (ffeste_R809): Produce a diagnostic for SELECT CASE
on CHARACTER type, instead of crashing.
Thu Jan 9 00:52:45 1997 Craig Burley <>
* stc.c (ffestc_order_entry_, ffestc_order_format_,
ffestc_R1226): Allow ENTRY and FORMAT before IMPLICIT
NONE, by having them transition only to state 1 instead
of state 2 (which is disallowed by IMPLICIT NONE).
Mon Jan 6 22:44:53 1997 Craig Burley <>
Fix AXP bug found by Rick Niles (961201-1.f):
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Undo my 1996-05-14 change, as
it is incorrect and prevented easily finding this bug.
* target.h [__alpha__] (ffetargetReal1, ffetargetReal2):
Use int instead of long.
(ffetarget_cvt_r1_to_rv_, ffetarget_cvt_rv_to_r1_,
ffetarget_cvt_r2_to_rv_, ffetarget_cvt_rv_to_r2_):
New functions that intercede for callers of
All callers changed, and damaging casts to (long *) removed.
Sun Jan 5 03:26:11 1997 Craig Burley <>
* (g77, g77-cross): Depend on both g77.c and
zzz.c, in $(srcdir)/f/.
Better design for -fugly-assumed:
* stc.c (ffestc_R501_item, ffestc_R524_item,
ffestc_R547_item_object): Pass new is_ugly_assumed flag.
* stt.c, stt.h (ffestt_dimlist_as_expr,
ffestt_dimlist_type): New is_ugly_assumed flag now
controls whether "1" is treated as "*".
Don't treat "2-1" or other collapsed constants as "*".
Sat Jan 4 15:26:22 1997 Craig Burley <>
* stb.c (ffestb_R10012_): Don't confirm on FORMAT(A,)
or even FORMAT(A,,B), as R1229 only warns about the
former currently, and this seems reasonable.
Improvements to diagnostics:
* sta.c (ffesta_second_): Don't add any ffestb parsers
unless they're specifically called for.
Set up ffesta_tokens[0] before calling ffestc_exec_transition,
else stale info might get used.
(ffesta_save_): Do a better job picking which parser to run
after running all parsers with no confirmed possibles.
(FFESTA_maxPOSSIBLES_): Decrease from 100 now that so few
possibles are ever on the list at a given time.
(struct _ffesta_possible): Add named attribute.
(ffesta_add_possible_exec_, ffesta_add_possible_nonexec_):
Make these into macros that call a single function that now
sets the named attribute.
ffeseta_add_possible_unnamed_nonexec_): New macros.
(ffesta_second_): Designate unnamed possibles as
* stb.c (ffestb_R1229, ffestb_R12291_): Use more general
diagnostic, so things like "POINTER (FOO, BAR)" are
diagnosed as unrecognized statements, not invalid statement
* stb.h, stb.c (ffestb_unimplemented): Remove function.
1996-12-30 Dave Love <>
* com.c: #include libU77/config.h
ffecom_f2c_ptr_to_integer_type_node): New variables.
(ffecom_init_0): Use them.
(ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Many news cases for libU77 intrinsics.
* com-rt.def: New definitions for libU77.
* intrin.def: Likewise. Also correct ftell arg spec.
* (f/runtime/libU77/config.h): New target for com.c
* (f771): Depend on f/runtime/Makefile for the above.
Sat Dec 28 12:28:29 1996 Craig Burley <>
* stt.c (ffestt_dimlist_type): Treat ([...,]1) in dimlist
as ([...,]*) if -fugly-assumed, so assumed-size array
detected early enough.
Thu Dec 19 14:01:57 1996 Craig Burley <>
* target.h (FFETARGET_REAL_VALUE_FROM_INT_): Conditionalize
definition on BUILT_FOR_280, not BUILT_WITH_280, since
the name of the macro was (properly) changed since 0.5.19.
Fix warnings/errors resulting from ffetargetOffset becoming
`long long int' instead of `unsigned long' as of 0.5.19,
while ffebitCount remains `unsigned long':
* bld.c (ffebld_constantarray_dump): Avoid warnings by
using loop var of appropriate type, and using casts.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Use right type for loop var.
(ffecom_sym_transform_, ffecom_transform_equiv_):
Cast to right type in assertions.
* data.c (ffedata_gather_, ffedata_value_): Cast to right
type in assertions and comparisons.
Wed Dec 18 12:07:11 1996 Craig Burley <>
Patch from Alexandre Oliva <>:
* (all.indirect): Don't pass -bbigtoc option
to GNU ld.
Cope with new versions of gcc:
* com.h (BUILT_FOR_280): New macro.
* com.c (ffecom_ptr_to_expr): Conditionalize test of
(ffecom_build_complex_constant_): Conditionalize calling
sequence for build_complex.
Sat Dec 7 07:15:17 1996 Craig Burley <>
* Version 0.5.19 released.
Fri Dec 6 12:23:55 1996 Craig Burley <>
* g77.c: Default to assuming "f77" is in $LANGUAGES, since
the LANGUAGE_F77 macro isn't defined by anyone anymore (but
might as well leave the no-f77 code in just in case).
* (g77, g77-cross): Don't define LANGUAGE_F77
1996-12-06 Dave Love <>
* (g77, g77-cross): Revert to building `g77' or not
conditional on `f77' in LANGUAGES.
Wed Dec 4 13:08:44 1996 Craig Burley <>
* (g77, g77-cross): No libs or lib dependencies
in case where "f77" is not in $LANGUAGES.
* lex.c (ffelex_image_char_, ffelex_file_fixed,
ffelex_file_free): Fixes to properly handle lines with
null character, and too-long lines as well.
* lex.c: Call ffebad_start_msg_lex instead of
ffebad_start_msg throughout.
Sun Dec 1 21:19:55 1996 Craig Burley <>
Fix-up for 1996-11-25 changes:
* com.c (ffecom_member_phase2_): Subtract out 0 offset for
elegance and consistency with EQUIVALENCE aggregates.
(ffecom_sym_transform_): Ditto for LOCAL/COMMON, and
ensure we get the same parent storage area.
* data.c (ffedata_gather_, ffedata_value_): Subtract out
aggregate offset.
Wed Nov 27 13:55:57 1996 Craig Burley <>
* proj.h: Quote the text of the #error message, to avoid
strange-looking diagnostics from non-gcc ANSI compilers.
* top.c: Make -fno-debug-kludge the default.
Mon Nov 25 20:13:45 1996 Craig Burley <>
Provide more info on EQUIVALENCE mismatches:
* bad.def (FFEBAD_EQUIV_MISMATCH): More detailed message.
* equiv.c (ffeequiv_layout_local_, ffeequiv_layout_cblock):
Fix problem with EQUIVALENCE handling:
* equiv.c (ffeequiv_layout_local_): Redesign algorithm --
old one was broken, resulting in rejection of good code.
(ffeequiv_offset_): Add argument, change callers.
Clean up the code, fix up the (probably unused) negative-value
case for SYMTER.
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): For local EQUIVALENCE
member, subtract out aggregate offset (which is <= 0).
Thu Nov 21 12:44:56 1996 Craig Burley <>
Change type of ffetargetOffset from `unsigned long' to `long long':
* bld.c (ffebld_constantarray_dump): Change printf formats.
* storag.c (ffestorag_dump): Ditto.
* symbol.c (ffesymbol_report): Ditto.
* target.h (ffetargetOffset_f): Ditto and change type itself.
Handle situation where list of languages does not include f77:
* Define LANGUAGE_F77 to 1 only if `f77' is in
the $LANGUAGES macro for the build.
* g77.c: Compile to a (nearly) no-op program if LANGUAGE_F77
is not defined to 1.
Fixes to delay confirmation of READ, WRITE, and GOTO statements
so the corresponding assignments to same-named CHAR*(*) arrays
* stb.c (ffestb_R90915_, ffestb_91014_): New functions.
(ffestb_goto3_, ffestb_goto5_): Move confirmation from 3 to 5
for the OPEN_PAREN case.
(ffestb_R9091_, ffestb_R9094_, ffestb_R90913_, ffestb_R90914_,
ffestb_R91012_, ffestb_R91013_): Use new functions, and confirm
except for the OPEN_PAREN case.
Fixes to not confirm declarations with an open paren where
an equal sign or other assignment-like token might be, so the
corresponding assignments to same-named CHAR*(*) arrays work:
(ffestb_decl_entsp_5_): Move assertion so we crash on that first,
if it turns out to be wrong, before the less-debuggable crash
on mistaken confirmation.
(ffestb_decl_entsp_6_, ffestb_decl_entsp_7_, ffestb_decl_entsp_8_):
Include OPEN_PAREN in list of assignment-only tokens.
Fix more diagnosed-crash bugs:
* stu.c (ffestu_sym_end_transition): ANY-ize an adjustable array
with bad dimension expressions even if still stateUNCERTAIN.
(ffestu_symter_end_transition_, ffestu_symter_exec_transition_):
Return TRUE for opANY as well.
For code elegance, move opSYMTER case into first switch.
1996-11-17 Dave Love <>
* lex.c: Fix last change.
1996-11-14 Dave Love <>
*, Remove the (broken) libU77 stuff,
pending 0.5.20.
Thu Nov 14 15:40:59 1996 Craig Burley <>
* bad.def (FFEBAD_UNIMPL_STMT): Explain that invalid
intrinsic references can trigger this message, too.
1996-11-12 Dave Love <>
* lex.c: Declare dwarfout routines.
* Sink grep o/p.
Mon Nov 11 14:21:13 1996 Craig Burley <>
* g77.c (main): Might as well print version number
for --verbose as well.
Thu Nov 7 18:41:41 1996 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c, lang-options.h, target.h, top.c, top.h: Split out
remaining -fugly stuff into -fugly-logint and -fugly-comma,
leaving -fugly as simply a `macro' that expands into other
options, and eliminate defaults for some of the ugly stuff
in target.h.
* (gcc-cross): Compile zzz.c, not version.o (!),
in to get version info for this target.
* Test for GBE patch application based
on whether 2.6.x or 2.7.x GBE is detected.
Wed Nov 6 14:19:45 1996 Craig Burley <>
* (g77): Compile zzz.c in to get version info.
* g77.c: Add support for --help and --version.
* g77.c (lookup_option): Short-circuit long-winded tests
when second char is not hyphen, just to save a spot of time.
Sat Nov 2 13:50:31 1996 Craig Burley <>
* intrin.def: Add FTELL and FSEEK intrinsics, plus new
`g' codes for alternate-return (GOTO) arguments.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): Support `g' codes.
* com-rt.def: Add ftell_() and fseek_() to database.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Ditto. Also, let each
subroutine intrinsic decide for itself what to do with
tree_type, the default being NULL_TREE once again (so
ffecom_call_ doesn't think it's supposed to cast the
function call to the type in the fall-through case).
* ste.c (ffeste_R909_finish): Don't special-case list-directed
I/O, now that libf2c can return nonzero status codes.
(ffeste_R910_finish): Ditto.
(ffeste_io_call_): Simplify logic.
(ffeste_R923A): Ditto all the above.
Thu Oct 31 20:56:28 1996 Craig Burley <>
*, Rename flag file
build-u77 to build-libu77, for consistency with
install-libf2c and such.
* Don't complain about failure to patch
if pre-2.7.0 gcc is involved (since our patch for that
doesn't add support for tooning).
Sat Oct 26 05:56:51 1996 Craig Burley <>
* bad.def (FFEBAD_TYPELESS_TOO_LARGE): Remove this
unused and redundant diagnostic.
Sat Oct 26 00:45:42 1996 Craig Burley <>
* target.c (ffetarget_integerhex): Fix dumb bug.
1996-10-20 Dave Love <>
* gbe/ New file.
* (F771_LDFLAGS): Add -bbigtoc for AIX4.1 up, suggested by [among others!].
Sat Oct 19 03:11:14 1996 Craig Burley <>
* bad.def, bld.c, bld.h, expr.c, lang-options.h, target.c,
target.h, top.c, top.h (ffebld_constant_new_integerbinary,
ffebld_constant_new_integerhex, ffebld_constant_new_integeroctal,
ffeexpr_token_name_apos_name_, ffetarget_integerbinary,
ffetarget_integerhex, ffetarget_integeroctal): Support
new -fno-typeless-boz option with new functions, mods to
existing octal-handling functions, new macros, new error
messages, and so on.
* com.c, lang-options.h, top.c, top.h (ffecom_notify_primary_entry):
Print program unit name on stderr if -fno-silent (new option).
* lang-options.h, top.c, top.h, stt.c (ffestt_dimlist_as_expr):
Treat ([...,]1) in dimlist as ([...,]*) if -fugly-assumed
(new option).
* lang-options.h: Comment out options duplicated in gcc/toplev.c,
because, somehow, having them commented in and building on my
DEC Alpha results in a cc1 that always segfaults, and gdb that
also segfaults whenever it debugs it up to init_lex() calling
xmalloc() or so.
Thu Oct 17 00:39:27 1996 Craig Burley <>
* stb.c (ffestb_R10013_): Don't change meaning of .sign until
after previous meaning/value used to set sign of value
Sun Oct 13 22:15:23 1996 Craig Burley <>
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): Don't set back-end flags
that are nonexistent prior to gcc 2.7.0.
Sun Oct 13 12:48:45 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (convert): Don't convert emulated complex expr to
real (via REALPART_EXPR) if the target type is (emulated)
Wed Oct 2 21:57:12 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_debug_kludge_): Set DECL_IN_SYSTEM_HEADER so
-Wunused doesn't complain about these manufactured decls.
(ffecom_expr_): Ditto, for original (non-ASSIGN'ed) variable.
(ffecom_transform_equiv_): Clear DECL_IGNORED_P for aggregate
area so it shows up as a debug-accessible symbol.
(pushdecl): Default for "invented" identifiers (a g77-specific
concept for now) is that they are artificial, in system header,
ignored for debugging purposes, used, and (for types) suppressed.
This ought to be overkill.
Fri Sep 27 23:13:07 1996 Craig Burley <>
* ste.c (ffeste_begin_iterdo_, ffeste_end_iterdo_): Support
one-trip DO loops (F66-style).
* lang-options.h, top.c, top.h (-fonetrip): New option.
Thu Sep 26 00:18:40 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_debug_kludge_): New function.
(ffecom_sym_transform_): Use new function for COMMON and EQUIVALENCE
* lang-options.h, top.c, top.h (-fno-debug-kludge):
New option.
1996-09-24 Dave Love <>
* (include/f2c.h):
Remove dependencies on xmake_file and tmake_file.
They expand inconsistently in 2.8 c.f. 2.7; $(GCC_PARTS) depends on
them anyhow.
1996-09-22 Dave Love <>
* Add --enable-libu77 option handling.
Conditionally add --enable-libu77 when running runtime configure.
Define LIBU77STAGESTUFF and use it in relevant rules.
1996-08-21 Dave Love <>
* (f77-runtime):
`stmp-hdrs' should have been `stmp-headers'.
1996-08-20 Dave Love <>
* (f77-runtime):
Depend on stmp-hdrs, not stmp-int-hdrs, since libF77
needs float.h.
Sat Jun 22 18:17:11 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_tree_divide_): Fix RECORD_TYPE case to
look at type of first field, properly, to determine
whether to call c_div or z_div.
Tue Jun 4 04:27:18 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_build_complex_constant_): Explicitly specify
(ffecom_expr_): Fix thinko.
(ffecom_2): For COMPLEX_EXPR, explicitly specify TREE_PURPOSE.
Mon May 27 16:23:43 1996 Craig Burley <>
Changes to optionally avoid gcc's back-end complex support:
* com.c (ffecom_stabilize_aggregate_): New function.
(ffecom_convert_to_complex_): New function.
(ffecom_make_complex_type_): New function.
(ffecom_build_complex_constant_): New function.
(ffecom_expr_): For opCONVERT of non-COMPLEX to COMPLEX,
don't bother explicitly converting to the subtype first,
because gcc does that anyway, and more code would have
to be added to find the subtype for the emulated-complex
(ffecom_f2c_make_type_): Use ffecom_make_complex_type_
instead of make_node etc. to make a complex type.
(ffecom_1, ffecom_2): Translate operations on COMPLEX operands
to appropriate operations when emulating complex.
(ffecom_constantunion): Use ffecom_build_complex_constant_
instead of build_complex to build a complex constant.
(ffecom_init_0): Change point at which types are laid out
for improved consistency.
Use ffecom_make_complex_type_ instead of make_node etc.
to make a complex type.
Always calculate storage sizes from TYPE_SIZE, never TYPE_PRECISION.
(convert): Use e, not expr, since we've copied into that anyway.
For RECORD_TYPE cases, do emulated-complex conversions.
(ffecom_f2c_set_lio_code_): Always calculate storage sizes
(ffecom_tree_divide_): Allow RECORD_TYPE to also be handled
by run-time library.
(ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Handle possible RECORD_TYPE as argument
to AIMAG intrinsic.
* top.h, top.c, lang-options.h: Support new -f(no-)emulate-complex option.
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Clarify and fix typos in comments.
Mon May 20 02:06:27 1996 Craig Burley <>
* target.h: Use new REAL_VALUE_UNTO_TARGET_* macros instead
Explicitly use long instead of HOST_WIDE_INT for emulation
of ffetargetReal1 and ffetargetReal2.
1996-05-20 Dave Love <>
Test for patch being applied with flag_move_all_movables in toplev.c.
* install.texi (Patching GNU Fortran):
Mention overriding X_CFLAGS rather than
editing proj.h on SunOS4.
Add X_CFLAGS (convenient for SunOS4 kluge, in
(f77.{,mostly,dist}clean): Reorder things, in particular not to delete
Makefiles too early.
* g77.c (DEFAULT_SWITCH_TAKES_ARG): Define a la gcc.c in the
current GCC snapshot.
Tue May 14 00:24:07 1996 Craig Burley <>
Changes for DEC Alpha AXP support:
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): REAL_ARITHMETIC means internal
REAL/DOUBLE PRECISION might well have a different size
than the compiled type, so don't crash if this is the
* target.h: Use `int' for ffetargetInteger1,
ffetargetLogical1, and magical tests. Set _f format
strings accordingly.
Tue Apr 16 14:08:28 1996 Craig Burley <>
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): -Wall no longer implies
Sat Apr 13 14:50:06 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_char_args_): If item is error_mark_node,
set *length that way, too.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_power_integer_): If either operand
is error_mark_node, return that.
* com.c (ffecom_intrinsic_len_): If item is error_mark_node,
return that for length.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_declare_unadorned_,
ffeexpr_declare_parenthesized_): Instead of crashing
on unexpected contexts, produce a diagnostic.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_), intrin.def (impSIGNAL):
Allow procedure as second arg to SIGNAL intrinsic.
* stu.c (ffestu_symter_end_transition_): New function.
(ffestu_symter_exec_transition_): Return bool arg.
Always transition symbol (don't inhibit when !whereNONE).
(ffestu_sym_end_transition): If DUMMY/LOCAL arg has any
opANY exprs in its dimlist, diagnose it so it doesn't
make it through to later stages that try to deal with
dimlist stuff.
(ffestu_sym_exec_transition): If sym has any opANY exprs
in its dimlist, diagnose it so it becomes opANY itself.
* symbol.c (ffesymbol_error): If token arg is NULL,
just ANY-ize the symbol -- don't produce diagnostic.
Mon Apr 1 10:14:02 1996 Craig Burley <>
* Version 0.5.18 released.
Mon Mar 25 20:52:24 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_expr_power_integer_): Don't generate code
that compares COMPLEX (or, as it happens, REAL) via "LT_EXPR",
since the back end crashes on that. (This code would never
be executed anyway, but the test that avoids it has now been
translated to control whether the code gets generated at all.)
Fixes 960323-3.f.
* com.c (ffecom_type_localvar_): Handle variable-sized
dimension bounds expressions here, so they get calculated
and saved on procedure entry. Fixes 960323-4.f.
* com.c (ffecom_notify_init_symbol): Symbol has no init
info at all if only zeros have been used to initialize it.
Fixes 960324-0.f.
* expr.c, expr.h (ffeexpr_type_combine): Renamed from
ffeexpr_type_combine_ and now a public procedure; last arg now
a token, instead of an internal structure used to extract a token.
Now allows the outputs to be aliased with the inputs.
Now allows a NULL token to mean "don't report error".
(ffeexpr_reduced_bool2_, ffeexpr_reduced_eqop2_,
ffeexpr_reduced_math2_, ffeexpr_reduced_power_,
ffeexpr_reduced_relop2_): Handle new calling sequence for
* (ffeexpr_convert): Don't put an opCONVERT node
in just because the size is unknown; all downstream code
should be able to deal without it being there anyway, and
getting rid of it allows new intrinsic code to more easily
combine types and such without generating bad code.
* info.c, info.h (ffeinfo_kindtype_max): Rewrite to do
proper comparison of size of types, not just comparison
of their internal kind numbers (so I2.eq.I1 doesn't promote
I1 to I2, rather the other way around).
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): Combine types of arguments
in COL a la expression handling, for greater flexibility
and permissiveness (though, someday, -fpedantic should
report use of this kind of thing).
Make sure Hollerith/typeless where CHARACTER expected is
rejected. This all fixes 960323-2.f.
* ste.c (ffeste_begin_iterdo_): Fix some more type conversions
so INTEGER*2-laden DO loops don't crash at compile time on
certain machines. Believed to fix 960323-1.f.
* stu.c (ffestu_sym_end_transition): Certainly reject
whereDUMMY not in any dummy list, whether stateUNCERTAIN
or stateUNDERSTOOD. Fixes 960323-0.f.
Tue Mar 19 13:12:40 1996 Craig Burley <>
* data.c (ffedata_value): Fix crash on opANY, and simplify
the code at the same time.
* (f77-runtime): Also depends on lib[FI]77/Makefile...
(include/f2c.h...): ...which in turn depend on */
(f77.rebuilt): Rebuild runtime stuff too.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_): Accommodate TYPELESS/HOLLERITH
types, convert args as necessary, etc.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_convert): Fix test for TYPELESS/HOLLERITH
to obey the docs; crash if no source token when error.
(ffeexpr_collapse_convert): Crash if no token when error.
Mon Mar 18 15:51:30 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_init_zero_): Renamed from
ffecom_init_local_zero_; now handles top-level
(COMMON) initializations too.
* bld.c (ffebld_constant_is_zero):
* com.c (ffecom_symbol_transform_, ffecom_sym_transform_assign_,
ffecom_transform_common_, ffecom_transform_equiv_):
* data.c:
* equiv.c:
* equiv.h:
* lang-options.h:
* stc.c:
* storag.c:
* storag.h:
* symbol.c:
* symbol.h:
* target.c:
* target.h:
* top.c:
* top.h: All of this is mostly housekeeping-type changes
to support -f(no-)zeros, i.e. not always stuff zero
values into the initializer fields of symbol/storage objects,
but still track that they have been given initial values.
* bad.def: Fix wording for DATA-related diagnostics.
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_assign_): Don't check
any EQUIVALENCE stuff for local ASSIGN, the check was
bad (crashing), and it's not necessary, anyway.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): For MAX and MIN,
ignore null arguments as far arg[123], and fix handling
of ANY arguments. (New intrinsic support now allows
spurious trailing null arguments.)
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Add HOLLERITH (unsigned)
equivalents for INTEGER*2, *4, and *8, so shift intrinsics
and other things that need unsigned versions of signed
types work.
Sat Mar 16 12:11:40 1996 Craig Burley <>
* storag.c (ffestorag_exec_layout): Treat adjustable
local array like dummy -- don't create storage object.
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Allow for NULL storage
object in LOCAL case (adjustable array).
Fri Mar 15 13:09:41 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Allow local symbols
with nonconstant sizes (adjustable local arrays).
(ffecom_type_localvar_): Allow dimensions with nonconstant
component (adjustable local arrays).
* expr.c: Various minor changes to handle adjustable
local arrays (a new case of stateUNCERTAIN).
* stu.c (ffestu_sym_end_transition,
ffestu_sym_exec_transition): Ditto.
* symbol.def: Update docs to reflect these changes.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Reduce space/time needed for
opACCTER case by handling it here instead of converting
it to opARRTER earlier on.
(ffecom_notify_init_storage): Don't convert ACCTER to ARRTER.
(ffecom_notify_init_symbol): Ditto.
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Crash and burn if any of the types'
sizes, according to the GBE, disagrees with the sizes of
the FFE's internal implementation. This might catch
Alpha/SGI bugs earlier.
Fri Mar 15 01:09:41 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com-rt.def, com.c, com.h: Changes for rewrite of intrinsic
* com.c (ffecom_arglist_expr_): New function.
(ffecom_widest_expr_type_): New function.
(ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Reorganize, some rewriting.
(ffecom_f2c_make_type_): Layout complex types.
(ffecom_gfrt_args_): New function.
(ffecom_list_expr): Trivial change for consistency.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_token_name_rhs_): Go back to getting
type from specific, not implementation, info.
(ffeexpr_token_funsubstr_): Set intrinsic implementation too!
* intrin.c: Major rewrite of most portions.
* intrin.def: Major rearchitecting of tables.
* intrin.h (ffeintrin_basictype, ffeintrin_kindtype):
Now (once again) take ffeintrinSpec as arg, not ffeintrinImp;
for now, these return NONE, since they're not really needed
and adding the necessary info to the tables is not trivial.
(ffeintrin_codegen_imp): New function.
* stc.c (ffestc_R1208_item): Change way ffeintrin funcs called,
back to original per above; but comment out the code anyway.
* intrin.c (ffe_init_0): Do internal checks only if
-fset-g77-defaults not specified.
* lang-options.h: Add -fset-g77-defaults option.
* lang-specs.h: Always pass -fset-g77-defaults.
* top.c, top.h: New option.
Sat Mar 9 17:49:50 1996 Craig Burley <>
* (stmp-int-hdrs): Use --no-validate when
generating the f77.rebuilt files (BUGS, INSTALL, NEWS)
so cross-references can work properly in
without a lot of hassle. Users can probably deal with
the way they end up looking in the f77.rebuilt files.
* bld.c (ffebld_constant_new_integer4_val): INTEGER*8
support -- new function.
(ffebld_constant_new_logical4_val): New function.
* com.c (ffecom_f2c_longint_type_node): New type.
(FFECOM_rttypeLONGINT_): New return type code.
(ffecom_expr_): Add code to invoke pow_qq instead
of pow_ii for INTEGER4 (INTEGER*8) case.
If ffecom_expr_power_integer_ returns NULL_TREE, just do
the usual work.
(ffecom_make_gfrt_): Handle new type.
(ffecom_expr_power_integer_): Let caller do the work if in
dummy-transforming case, since
caller now knows about INTEGER*8 and such, by returning
* expr.c (ffeexpr_reduced_power_): Complain about non-INTEGER
raised to INTEGER4 (INTEGER*8) power.
* target.c (ffetarget_power_integerdefault_integerdefault):
Fix any**negative.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_power_integer_): Fix (-1)**(-8) and similar
to ABS() the integral result if the exponent is negative
and even.
* ste.c (ffeste_begin_iterdo_): Clean up a type ref.
Always convert iteration count to _default_ INTEGER.
* sta.c (ffesta_second_): Add BYTE and WORD type/stmts;
changes by Scott Snyder <>.
* stb.c (ffestb_decl_recursive): Ditto.
(ffestb_decl_recursive): Ditto.
(ffestb_decl_entsp_2_): Ditto.
(ffestb_decl_entsp_3_): Ditto.
(ffestb_decl_funcname_2_): Ditto.
(ffestb_decl_R539): Ditto.
(ffestb_decl_R5395_): Ditto.
* stc.c (ffestc_establish_declstmt_): Ditto.
* std.c (ffestd_R539item): Ditto.
(ffestd_R1219): Ditto.
* stp.h: Ditto.
* str-1t.fin: Ditto.
* str-2t.fin: Ditto.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_finished_): For DO loops, allow
any INTEGER type; convert LOGICAL (assuming -fugly)
to corresponding INTEGER type instead of always default
INTEGER; let later phases do conversion of DO start,
end, incr vars for implied-DO; change checks for non-integral
DO vars to be -Wsurprising warnings.
* ste.c (ffeste_io_impdo_): Convert start, end, and incr
to type of DO variable.
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Add new types for [IL][234],
much of which was done by Scott Snyder <>.
* target.c: Ditto.
* target.h: Ditto.
Wed Mar 6 14:08:45 1996 Craig Burley <>
* top.c (ffe_init_gbe_): Make -frerun-loop-opt the default.
Mon Mar 4 12:27:00 1996 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (ffeexpr_exprstack_push_unary_): Really warn only
about two successive _arithmetic_ operators.
* stc.c (ffestc_R522item_object): Allow SAVE of (understood)
local entity.
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): New -f(no-)second-underscore options.
* top.h: New options.
* com.c (ffecom_get_external_identifier_, ffecom_get_identifier_):
New options.
* (f77.maintainer-clean): Clean f/BUGS, f/INSTALL,
($(srcdir)/f/BUGS, $(srcdir)/f/INSTALL, $(srcdir)/f/NEWS):
New rules.
($(srcdir)/f/, $(srcdir)/f/g77.dvi): Depend on
f/bugs.texi and f/news.texi.
(f77.install-man): Install f77 man pages (if enabled).
(f77.uninstall): Uninstall info docs, f77 man pages (if enabled).
* top.c (ffe_init_gbe_): New function.
(ffe_decode_option, ffe_file): Call ffe_init_gbe_ to
set defaults for gcc options.
Sat Jan 20 13:57:19 1996 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_get_identifier_): Eliminate needless
comparison of results of strchr.
Tue Dec 26 11:41:56 1995 Craig Burley <>
* Add rules for new files g77.texi,,
and g77.dvi.
Reorganize the *clean rules to more closely parallel gcc's.
* Exclude from diffs.
Sun Dec 10 02:29:13 1995 Craig Burley <>
* expr.c (ffeexpr_declare_unadorned_,
ffeexpr_declare_parenthesized_): Break out handling of
contextDATAIMPDO[INDEX,CTRL] so it's independent of symbol state.
Don't exec-transition these here (let ffeexpr_sym_impdoitem_
handle that when appropriate). Don't "declare" them twice.
Tue Dec 5 06:48:26 1995 Craig Burley <>
* stc.c (ffestc_promote_sfdummy_): Allow whereNONE parent
symbol, since it is not necessarily known whether it will
become LOCAL or DUMMY.
Mon Dec 4 03:46:55 1995 Craig Burley <>
* lex.c (ffelex_display_token, ffelex_type_string_): Resurrect
these from their old versions and update them for possible invocation
from debugger.
* lex.h (ffelex_display_token): Declare this in case anyone
else wants to call it.
* lex.c (ffelex_total_tokens_): Have this reflect actual allocated
tokens, no longer include outstanding "uses" of tokens.
* malloc.c, malloc.h (MALLOC_DEBUG): New macro to control
checking of whether callers follow rules, now defaults to 0
for "no checking" to improve compile times.
* malloc.c (malloc_pool_kill): Fix bug that could prevent
subpool from actually being killed (wasn't setting its use
count to 1).
* proj.h, *.c (dmpout): Replace all occurrences of `stdout'
and some of `stderr' with `dmpout', so where to dump debugging
output can be easily controlled during build; add default
for `dmpout' of `stderr' to proj.h.
Sun Dec 3 00:56:29 1995 Craig Burley <>
* com.c (ffecom_return_expr): Eliminate attempt at warning
about unset return values, since the back end does this better,
with better wording, and is not triggered by clearly working
(but spaghetti) code as easily as this test.
Sat Dec 2 08:28:56 1995 Craig Burley <>
* target.c (ffetarget_power_*_integerdefault): Raising 0 to
integer constant power should not be an error condition;
if so, other code should catch 0 to any power, etc.
* bad.def (FFEBAD_BAD_POWER): 0**integer now a warning instead
of an error.
Fri Dec 1 00:12:03 1995 Craig Burley (
* bad.def: Clarify diagnostic regarding complex constant elements.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_cb_comma_c_): Capitalize real/imaginary
for clarified diagnostic.
* com.c (ffecom_close_include_): Close the file!
* lex.c (ffelex_file_fixed): Update line info if the line
has any content, not just if it finishes a previous line
or has a label.
(ffelex_file_free): Clarify switch statement code.
Sat Nov 18 19:37:22 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.17 released.
Fri Nov 17 14:27:24 1995 Craig Burley (
* Fix typo in comment.
* (f/fini.o, f/proj-h.o): Don't use `$<' since
not all makes support it (e.g. NeXT make), use explicit
source name instead (with $(srcdir) and munging).
(ASSERT_H): assert.h lives in source dir, not build dir.
Thu Nov 16 12:47:50 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Fix dumb bug in code to produce
warning message about non-32-bit-systems.
* stc.c (ffestc_R501_item): Parenthesize test to make
warning go away (and perhaps fix bug).
Thu Nov 16 03:43:33 1995 Craig Burley (
* g77.c: Upgrade to 2.7.0's gcc.c.
Fix -v to pass a temp name instead of "/dev/null" for "-o".
Fri Nov 10 19:16:05 1995 Craig Burley (
* ste.c (ffeste_begin_iterdo_): Add Toon's change to
make loops faster on some machines (implement termination
condition as "--i >= 0" instead of "i-- > 0").
Thu Nov 2 03:58:17 1995 Craig Burley (
* Remove unnecessary $(exeext) a la cp/
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Restore old strategy for assignp variant
of opSYMTER case...always return the ASSIGN version of var.
That way, `-O -Wuninitialized' will catch "I=3;GOTO I;END"
(though the diagnostic will refer to `__g77_ASSIGN_i').
* com.c (ffecom_expr_power_integer_): For constant rhs case,
wrap every new eval of lhs in save_expr() so it is clear to
back end that MULT_EXPR(lhs,lhs) has identical operands,
otherwise for an rhs like 32767 it generates around 65K pseudo
registers, with which stupid_life_analysis cannot cope
(due to reg_renumber in regs.h being `short *' instead of
`int *').
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Speed up implementation of LOGICAL
versions of opNOT, opAND, opOR, opXOR/opNEQV, and opEQV by
assuming the values actually are kosher LOGICAL bit patterns.
Also simplify code that implements some of the INTEGER versions
of these.
* com.c (skip_redundant_dir_prefix, read_name_map,
ffecom_open_include_, signed_type, unsigned_type): Fold in
changes to cccp.c made from 2.7.0 through ss-950826.
* equiv.c (ffeequiv_layout_local_): Kill the equiv list
if no syms in list.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_reduced_eqop2_): Issue specific diagnostic
regarding usage of .EQV./.NEQV. in preference to .EQ./.NE..
* intrin.c: Add ERF and ERFC as generic intrinsics.
intrin.def: Same.
* sta.c (ffesta_save_, ffesta_second_): Whoever calls
ffestd_exec_begin must also set ffesta_seen_first_exec = TRUE,
and anytime stc sees an exec transition, it must do both.
stc.c (ffestc_eof): Same.
* stc.c (ffestc_promote_sfdummy_): If failed implicit typing
or CHARACTER*(*) arg, after calling ffesymbol_error, don't
reset info to ENTITY/DUMMY, because ffecom_sym_transform_
doesn't expect such a thing with ANY/ANY type.
* target.h (*logical*): Change some of these so they parallel
changes in com.c, e.g. for _eqv_, use (l)==(r) instead of
!!(l)==!!(r), to get a more faithful result.
Fri Oct 27 07:06:59 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Simplify code for local
* expr.c (ffeexpr_exprstack_push_unary_): Warn about two
successive operators.
(ffeexpr_exprstack_push_binary_): Warn about "surprising"
operator precedence, as in "-2**2".
* lang-options.h: Add -W(no-)surprising options.
* parse.c (yyparse): Don't reset -fpedantic if not -pedantic.
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): Support new -Wsurprising option.
* top.h: Ditto.
Mon Oct 23 09:14:15 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_finish_symbol_transform_): Don't transform
NONE/NONE (CHARACTER*(*)) vars, as these don't mean anything
in debugging terms, and can't be turned into anything
in the back end (so ffecom_sym_transform_ crashes on them).
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Change strategy for assignp variant
of opSYMTER case...always return the original var unless
it is not wide enough.
* ste.c (ffeste_io_cilist_): Clarify diagnostic for ASSIGN
involving too-narrow variable. This shouldn't happen, though.
(ffeste_io_icilist_): Ditto.
(ffeste_R838): Ditto.
(ffeste_R839): Ditto.
Thu Oct 19 03:21:20 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_assign_): Set TREE_STATIC
using the same decision-making process as used for their twin
variables, so ASSIGN can last across RETURN/CALL as appropriate.
Fri Sep 22 20:21:18 1995 Craig Burley (
* fini is a host program, so it needs a host-compiled
version of proj.o, named proj-h.o. f/fini, f/fini.o, and
f/proj-h.o targets updated accordingly.
* com.c (__eprintf): New function.
Wed Sep 20 02:26:36 1995 Craig Burley (
* lang-options.h: Add omitted -funix-intrinsics-* options.
* malloc.c (malloc_find_inpool_): Check for infinite
loop, crash if detected (user reports encountering
them in some large programs, this might help track
down the bugs).
Thu Sep 7 13:00:32 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (lang_print_error_function): Don't dereference null
pointer when outside any program unit.
(ffecom_let_char_, ffecom_arg_ptr_to_expr): If catlist
item or length ever error_mark_node, don't continue processing,
since back-end functions like build_pointer_type crash on
error_mark_node's (due to pushing bad obstacks, etc.).
Wed Aug 30 15:58:35 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.16 released.
Mon Aug 28 12:24:20 1995 Craig Burley (
* bad.c (ffebad_finish): Fix botched message when no places
are printed (due to unknown line info, etc.).
* std.c (ffestd_subr_labels_): Do a better job finding
line info in the case of typeANY and diagnostics.
Fri Aug 25 15:19:29 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (DECL_ARTIFICIAL): Surround all references to this
macro with #if !BUILT_FOR_270 and #endif.
(init_lex): Surround print_error_function decl with
#if !BUILT_FOR_270 and #endif.
(lang_init): Call new ffelex_hash_kludge function to solve
problem with preprocessed files that have INCLUDE statements.
* lex.c (ffelex_getc_): New function.
(ffelex_cfelex_): Use ffelex_getc_ instead of getc in any
paths of code that can be affected by ffelex_hash_kludge.
Don't make an EOF token for unrecognized token; set token
to NULL instead, to avoid problems when not initialized.
(ffelex_hash_): Use ffelex_getc_ instead of getc in any
paths of code that can be affected by ffelex_hash_kludge.
Test token returned by ffelex_cfelex_ for NULL, meaning
unrecognized token.
Get rid of useless used_up variable.
Don't do ffewhere stuff or kill any tokens if in
(ffelex_file_fixed, ffelex_file_free): Use ffelex_getc_
instead of getc in any paths of code that can be affected
by ffelex_hash_kludge.
(ffelex_hash_kludge): New function.
* lex.h (ffelex_hash_kludge): New function.
Wed Aug 23 15:17:40 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c: Implement -f(no-)underscoring options by always
compiling in code to do it, and having that code inhibit
itself when -fno-underscoring is in effect. This option
overrides -f(no-)f2c for this purpose; -f(no-)f2c returns
to it's <=0.5.15 behavior of affecting only how code
is generated, not how/whether names are mangled.
* target.h: Redo specification of appending underscores so
the macros are named "_default" instead of "_is" and the
two-underscore macro defaults to 1.
* top.c, top.h (underscoring): Add appropriate stuff
for the -f(no-)underscoring options.
Tue Aug 22 10:25:01 1995 Craig Burley (
* bad.c (ffebad_finish): Call report_error_function (in toplev.c)
to better identify location of problem.
Say "(continued):" instead of "(continued:)" for consistency.
* com.c (ffecom_gen_sfuncdef_): Set and reset new
ffecom_nested_entry_ variable to hold ffesymbol being compiled.
(lang_print_error_function): New function from toplev.c.
Use ffecom_nested_entry_ to help determine which name
and kind-string to print.
(ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Handle EXIT and FLUSH invocations
with different calling sequences than library functions.
Have SIGNAL and SYSTEM push and pop calltemps, and convert
their return values to the destination type (just in case).
(FFECOM_rttypeINT_): New return type for `int', in case
gcc/f/runtime/libF77/system_.c(system_) is really supposed
to return `int' instead of `ftnint'.
* com.h (report_error_function): Declare this.
* equiv.c (ffeequiv_layout_local_): Don't forget to consider
root variable itself as possible "first rooted variable",
else might never set symbol and then crash later.
* intrin.c (ffeintrin_check_exit_): Change to allow no args
and rename to ffeintrin_check_int_1_o_ for `optional'.
#define ffeintrin_check_exit_ and _flush_ to this new
function, so intrin.def can refer to the appropriate names.
* intrin.def (FFEINTRIN_impFLUSH): Validate using
ffeintrin_check_flush_ so passing an INTEGER arg is allowed.
* lex.c (ffelex_file_push_, ffelex_file_pop_): New functions
to manage input_file_stack in gbe.
(ffelex_hash_): Call new functions (instead of doing code).
(ffelex_include_): Call new functions to update stack for
INCLUDE (_hash_ handles cpp output of #include).
Mon Aug 21 08:09:04 1995 Craig Burley (
* Put `-W' in front of every `-Wall', since
2.7.0 requires that to engage `-Wunused' for parameters.
* com.c: Mark all parameters as artificial, so
`-W -Wunused' doesn't complain about unused ones (since
there's no way right not to individually specify attributes
like `unused').
* proj.h: Don't #define UNUSED if already defined, regardless
of host compiler.
Sun Aug 20 16:03:56 1995 Craig Burley (
* gbe/2.7.0.diff: Regenerate.
* lang-options.h, lang-specs.h: If not __STDC__ (ANSI C),
avoid doing anything, especially the stringizing in -specs.h.
Thu Aug 17 03:36:12 1995 Craig Burley (
* lang-specs.h: Remove useless optional settings of -traditional,
since -traditional is always set anyway.
Wed Aug 16 16:56:46 1995 Craig Burley (
control over whether to install f2c-related stuff.
(install-f2c-*): New targets to install f2c-related
stuff in system, not just gcc, directories.
* com.c: Change calls to ffecom_get_invented_identifier
to use generally more predictable names.
Change calls to build_range_type to ensure consistency
of types of operands.
(ffecom_get_external_identifier_): Change to accept
symbol info, not just text, so it can use f2c flag for
symbol to decide whether to append underscore(s).
(ffecom_get_identifier_): Don't change names if f2c flag
off for compilation.
(ffecom_type_permanent_copy_): Use same type for new max as
used for min.
(ffecom_notify_init_storage): Offline fixups for stand-alone.
* data.c (ffedata_gather): Explicitly test for common block,
since it's no longer always the case that a local EQUIVALENCE
group has no symbol ptr (it now can, if a user-predictable
"rooted" symbol has been identified).
* equiv.c: Add some debugging stuff.
(ffeequiv_layout_local_): Set symbol ptr with user-predictable
"rooted" symbol, for giving the invented aggregate a
predictable name.
* g77.c (append_arg): Allow for 20 extra args instead of 10.
(main): For version-only case, add `-fnull-version' and, unless
explicitly omitted, `-lf2c -lm'.
* lang-options.h: New "-fnull-version" option.
* lang-specs.h: Support ".fpp" suffix for preprocessed source
(useful for OS/2, MS-DOS, other case-insensitive systems).
* stc.c (ffestc_R544_equiv_): Swap way lists are merged so this
is consistent with the order in which lists are built, making
user predictability of invented aggregate name much higher.
* storag.c, storag.h (FFESTORAG_typeDUMMY): Delete this enum.
* top.c: Accept, but otherwise ignore, `-fnull-version'.
Tue Aug 15 07:01:07 1995 Craig Burley (
* DOC, INSTALL, PROJECTS: Extensive improvements to documentation.
Sun Aug 13 01:55:18 1995 Craig Burley (
* INSTALL (f77-install-ok): Document the use of this file.
* (F77_INSTALL_FLAG): New flag to control
whether to install an `f77' command (based on whether
a file named `f77-install-ok' exists in the source or
build directory) to replace the broken attempt to use
comment lines to avoid installing `f77' (broken in the
sense that it prevented installation of `g77').
Mon Aug 7 06:14:26 1995 Craig Burley (
* DOC: Add new sections for g77 & gcc compiler options,
source code form, and types, sizes and precisions.
Remove lots of old "delta-version" info, or at least
summarize it.
* INSTALL: Add info here that used to be in DOC.
Other changes.
* g77.c (lookup_option, main): Check for --print-* options,
so we avoid adding version-determining stuff.
Wed Jul 26 15:51:03 1995 Craig Burley (
*, (input.j, INPUT_H): New file.
Update dependencies accordingly.
* bad.c (ffebad_here): Okay to use unknown line/col.
* compilers.h (@f77-cpp-input): Remove -P option now that
# directives are handled by f771. Update other options
to be more consistent with @c in gcc/gcc.c. Don't run f771
if -E specified, etc., a la @c.
(@f77): Don't run f771 if -E specified, etc., a la @c.
* Avoid use of word "guaranteed".
* input.j: New file to wrap around gcc/input.h.
* lex.j: Add support for parsing # directives output by cpp.
(ffelex_cfebackslash_): New function.
(ffelex_cfelex_): New function.
(ffelex_get_directive_line_): New function.
(ffelex_hash_): New function.
(ffelex_include_): Change to not use ffewhere_file_(begin|end).
Also fix bug in pointing to next line (for diagnostics, &c)
following successful INCLUDE.
(ffelex_next_line_): New function that does chunk of code
seen in several places elsewhere in the lexers.
(ffelex_file_fixed): Delay finishing statement until source
line is registered with ffewhere, so INCLUDE processing
picks up the info correctly.
Okay to kill or use unknown line/col objects now.
Handle HASH (#) lines.
Reorder tests for insubstantial lines to put most frequent
occurrences at top, for possible minor speedup.
Some general consolidation of code.
(ffelex_file_free): Handle HASH (#) lines.
Okay to kill or use unknown line/col objects now.
Some general consolidation of code.
(ffelex_init_1): Detect HASH (#) lines.
(ffelex_set_expecting_hollerith): Okay to kill or use unknown
line/col objects now.
* lex.h (FFELEX_typeHASH): New enum.
* options-lang.h (-fident, -fno-ident): New options.
* stw.c (ffestw_update): Okay to kill unknown line/col objects
FFETARGET_okCOMPLEXQUAD): #define these appropriately.
* top.c: Include flag.j wrapper, not flags.h directly.
(ffe_is_ident_): New flag.
(ffe_decode_option): Handle -fident and -fno-ident.
(ffe_file): Replace obsolete ffewhere_file_(begin|end) with
* top.h (ffe_is_ident_, ffe_is_ident, ffe_set_is_ident):
New flag and access functions.
* where.c, where.h: Remove all tracking of parent file.
(ffewhere_file_begin, ffewhere_file_end): Delete these.
(ffewhere_line_use): Make it work with unknown line object.
Mon Jul 17 03:04:09 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Set DECL_IN_SYSTEM_HEADER
flag for any local vars used as stmtfunc dummies or DATA
implied-DO iter vars, so no -Wunused warnings are produced
for them (a la f2c).
(ffecom_init_0): Do "extern int xargc;" for IARGC() intrinsic.
Warn if target machine not 32 bits, since g77 isn't yet
working on them at all well.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_sym_lhs_call_, ffeexpr_sym_lhs_data_,
ffeexpr_sym_lhs_extfunc_, ffeexpr_sym_rhs_actualarg_,
ffeexpr_sym_rhs_let_, ffeexpr_paren_rhs_let_): Don't
gratuitously set attr bits that don't apply just
to avoid null set meaning error; instead, use explicit
error flag, and allow null attr set, to
fix certain bugs discovered by looking at this code.
* g77.c: Major changes to improve support for gcc long options,
to make `g77 -v' report more useful info, and so on.
Mon Jul 3 14:49:16 1995 Craig Burley (
* DOC, com.c, intrin.h, intrin.c, intrin.def, target.h, top.c,
top.h: Add new `unix' group of intrinsics, which includes the
newly added ERF, ERFC, EXIT, plus even newer ABORT, DERF, DERFC,
Tue Jun 27 23:01:05 1995 Craig Burley (
* bld.c, bld.h (ffebld_constant_pool,
ffebld_constant_character_pool): Use a single macro (the
former) to access the pool for allocating constants, instead
of latter in public and FFEBLD_CONSTANT_POOL_ internally
in bld.c (which was the only one that was correct before
these changes). Add verification of integrity of certain
heap-allocated areas.
* com.c (ffecom_overlap_, ffecom_args_overlap_,
ffecom_tree_canonize_ptr_, ffecom_tree_canonize_ref_): New
functions to optimize calling COMPLEX and, someday, CHARACTER
functions requiring additional argument to be passed.
(ffecom_call_, ffecom_call_binop_, ffecom_expr_,
ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Change calling
sequences to include more info on possible destination.
(ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Add ERF(), ERFC(), and EXIT()
intrinsic code.
(ffecom_sym_transform_): For assumed-size arrays, set high
bound to highest possible value instead of low bound, to
improve validity of overlap checking.
(duplicate_decls): If olddecl and newdecl are the same,
don't do any munging, just return affirmative.
* expr.c: Change ffecom_constant_character_pool() to
* info.c (ffeinfo_new): Compile this version if not being
compiled by GNU C.
* info.h (ffeinfo_new): Don't define macro if not being
compiled by GNU C.
* intrin.c, intrin.def: Add ERF(), ERFC(), and EXIT() intrinsics.
(ffeintrin_check_exit_): New for EXIT() subroutine intrinsic.
* malloc.c, malloc.h (malloc_verify_*): New functions to verify
integrity of heap-storage areas.
* stc.c (ffestc_R834, ffestc_R835): Handle possibility that
an enclosing DO won't have a construct name even when the
CYCLE/EXIT does (i.e. without dereferencing NULL).
* target.c, target.h (ffetarget_verify_character1): New function
to verify integrity of heap storage used to hold character constant.
Thu Jun 22 15:36:39 1995 Howard Gordon (
* stp.h (ffestpVxtcodeIx): Fix typo in typedef for this.
Mon May 29 15:22:31 1995 Craig Burley (
* *: Make all sorts of changes to accommodate upcoming gcc-2.7.0.
I didn't keep track of them, nor just when I made them, nor
when I (much later, probably in early August 1995) modified
them so they could properly handle both 2.7.0 and 2.6.x.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_power_integer_): Don't expand_start_stmt_expr
if transforming dummy args, because the back end cannot handle
that (it's rejected by the gcc front end), just generate
call to run-time library.
Back out changes in 0.5.15 because more temporaries might be
needed anyway (for COMPLEX**INTEGER).
(ffecom_push_tempvar): Remove inhibitor.
Around start_decl and finish_decl (in particular, arround
expand_decl, which is called by them), push NULL_TREE into
sequence_rtl_expr, an external published by gcc/function.c.
This makes sure the temporary is truly in the function's
context, not the inner context of a statement-valued expression.
(I think the back end is inconsistent here, but am not
interested in convincing the gbe maintainers about this now.)
(pushdecl): Make sure that when pushing PARM_DECLs, nothing
other than them are pushed, as happened for 0.5.15 and which,
if done for other reasons not fixed here, might well indicate
some other problem -- so crash if it happens.
* equiv.c (ffeequiv_layout_local_): If the local equiv group
has a non-nil COMMON field, it should mean that an error has
occurred and been reported, so just trash the local equiv
group and do nothing.
* stc.c (ffestc_promote_sfdummy_): Set sfdummy arg state to
UNDERSTOOD so above checking for duplicate args actually
works, and so we don't crash later in pushdecl.
* ste.c (ffeste_R1001): Set initial value only for VAR_DECLs,
not for, e.g., LABEL_DECLs, which the FORMAT label can be
if it was previously treated as an executable label.
Sat May 20 01:53:53 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): For adjustable arrays,
pass high bound through variable_size in case its primaries
are changed (dumb0.f, and this might also improve
performance so it approaches f2c|gcc).
Fri May 19 11:00:36 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.15 released.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_power_integer_): Push temp vars
before expanding a statement expression, since that seems
to cause temp vars to be "forgotten" after the end of the
expansion in the back end. Disallow more temp-var
pushing during such an expansion, just in case.
(ffecom_push_tempvar): Crash if a new variable needs to be
pushed but cannot be at this point (should never happen).
Wed May 17 12:26:16 1995 Craig Burley (
* expr.c (ffeexpr_collapse_convert): Add code to convert
LOGICAL to CHARACTER. Reject conversion of REAL or COMPLEX
to CHARACTER entirely, as it cannot be supported with all
* target.h, target.c (ffetarget_convert_character1_logical1):
New function.
Sun May 14 00:00:09 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_do_entry_, ffecom_gen_sfuncdef_,
ffecom_start_progunit_, ffecom_sym_transform_,
ffecom_init_0, start_function): Changes to have REAL
external functions return same type as DOUBLE PRECISION
external functions when -ff2c is in force; while at it,
some code cleanups done.
* stc.c (ffestc_R547_item_object): Disallow array declarator
if one already exists for symbol.
* ste.c (ffeste_R1227): Convert result variable to type
of function result as seen by back end (e.g. for when REAL
external function actually returns result as double).
* target.h (FFETARGET_defaultFIXED_LINE_LENGTH): New
macro for default for -ffixed-line-length-N option.
* top.c (ffe_fixed_line_length_): Initialize this to new
target.h macro instead of constant 72.
Tue May 9 01:20:03 1995 Craig Burley (
* lex.c (ffelex_send_token_): If sending CHARACTER token with
null text field, put a single '\0' in it and set length/size
fields to 0 (to fix 950508-0.f).
(ffelex_image_char_): When setting ffelex_bad_line_ to TRUE,
always "close" card image by appending a null char and setting
ffelex_card_length_. As part of this, append useful text
to identify the two kinds of problems that involve this.
(ffelex_file_fixed): Reset ffelex_bad_line_ to FALSE after
seeing a line with invalid first character (fixes 950508-1.f).
If final nontab column is zero, assume tab seen in line.
(ffelex_card_image_): Always make this array 8 characters
longer than reflected by ffelex_card_size_.
(ffelex_init_1): Get final nontab column info from top instead
of assuming 72.
* options-lang.h: Add -ffixed-line-length- prefix.
* top.h: Add ffe_fixed_line_length() and _set_ version, plus
corresponding extern.
* top.c: Handle -ffixed-line-length- option prefix.
Fri Apr 28 05:40:25 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.14 released.
* Add assert.j.
* Add assert.j.
* assert.j: New file.
Thu Apr 27 16:24:22 1995 Craig Burley (
* bad.h (ffebad_severity): New function.
* bad.c (ffebad_severity): New function.
* bad.def (FFEBAD_OPEN_INCLUDE): Change severity from SEVERE
to FATAL, since processing continues, and that seems fine.
* com.c: Add facility to handle -I.
(ffecom_file, ffecom_close_include, ffecom_open_include,
ffecom_decode_include_option): New global functions for -I.
(ffecom_file_, ffecom_initialize_char_syntax_,
ffecom_close_include_, ffecom_decode_include_option_,
ffecom_open_include_, append_include_chain, open_include_file,
print_containing_files, read_filename_string, file_name_map,
savestring): New internal functions for -I.
* compilers.h: Pass -I flag(s) to f771 (via "%{I*}").
* lex.c (ffelex_include_): Call ffecom_close_include
to close include file, for its tracking needs for -I,
instead of using fclose.
* options-lang.h: Add -I prefix.
* parse.c (yyparse): Call ffecom_file for main input file,
so -I handling works (diagnostics).
* std.c (ffestd_S3P4): Have ffecom_open_include handle
opening and diagnosing errors with INCLUDE files.
* ste.c (ffeste_begin_iterdo_): Use correct algorithm for
calculating # of iterations -- mathematically similar but
computationally different algorithm was not handling cases
like "DO I=6,5,2" correctly, because (5-6)/2+1 => 1, not 0.
* top.c (ffe_decode_option): Allow -I, restructure a bit
for clarity and, maybe, speed.
Mon Apr 17 13:31:11 1995 Craig Burley (
* g77.c: Remove -lc, turns out not all systems has it, but
leave other changes in for clarity of code.
Sun Apr 16 21:50:33 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Implement ARRAY_EXPR as INDIRECT_REF
of appropriate PLUS_EXPRs of ptr_to_expr of array, to see
if this generates better code. (Conditional on
Sun Apr 16 00:22:48 1995 Craig Burley (
* (F77_SRCS): Remove g77.c, since it doesn't
contribute to building f771.
* (dircheck): Remove/replace with f/Makefile, because
phony targets that are referenced in other real targets get run
when those targets are specified, which is a waste of time (e.g.
when rebuilding and only g77.c has changed, f771 was being linked
* g77.c: Include -lc between -lf2c and -lm throughout.
* implic.c (ffeimplic_establish_symbol): If -Wimplicit, warn if
implicit type given to symbol.
* lex.c (ffelex_include_): Don't gratuitously increment line
number here.
* top.h, top.c (ffe_is_warn_implicit_): New global variable and
related access macros.
(ffe_decode_option): Handle -W options, including -Wall and
* where.c (ffewhere_line_new): Don't muck with root line (was
crashing on null input since lexer changes over the past week
or so).
Thu Apr 13 16:48:30 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Register built-in functions for cos,
sin, and sqrt.
(ffecom_tree_fun_type_double): New variable.
(ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Update f2c input and output files
to latest version of f2c (no important g77-related changes
noted, just bug fixes to f2c and such).
(builtin_function): New function from c-decl.c.
* com-rt.def: Refer to built-in functions for cos, sin, and sqrt.
Thu Apr 13 10:25:09 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Convert 0. to appropriate
type to keep DCMPLX(I) from crashing the compiler.
(ffecom_expr_): Don't convert result from ffecom_tree_divide_.
(ffecom_tree_divide_): Add tree_type argument, have all callers
pass one, and don't convert right-hand operand to it (this is
to make this new function work as much like the old in-line
code used in ffecom_expr_ as possible).
* lex.c: Maintain lineno and input_filename the way the gcc
lexer does.
* std.c (ffestd_exec_end): Save and restore lineno and
input_filename around the second pass, which sets them
appropriately for each saved statement.
Wed Apr 12 09:44:45 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_expr_power_integer_): New function.
(ffecom_expr_): Call new function for power op with integer second
argument, for generating better code. Also replace divide
code with call to new ffecom_tree_divide_ function.
Canonicalize calls to ffecom_truth_value(_invert).
(ffecom_tree_divide_): New function.
Wed Apr 5 14:15:44 1995 Craig Burley (
* lex.c: Change to allocate text for tokens only when actually
needed, which should speed compilation up somewhat.
Change to allow INCLUDE at any point where a statement
can end, i.e. in ffelex_finish_statement_ or when a SEMICOLON
token is sent.
Remove some old, obsolete code.
Clean up layout of entire file to improve formatting,
readability, etc.
(ffelex_set_expecting_hollerith): Remove include argument.
Fri Mar 31 23:19:08 1995 Craig Burley (
* bad.h, bad.c (ffebad_start_msg, ffebad_start_msg_lex):
New functions to generate arbitrary messages.
(FFEBAD_severityPEDANTIC): New severity, to correspond
to toplev's pedwarn() function.
* lex.c (ffelex_backslash_): New function to implement
backslash processing.
(ffelex_file_fixed, ffelex_file_free): Implement new
backslash processing.
* std.c (ffestd_R1001dump_): Don't assume CHARACTER and
HOLLERITH tokens stop at '\0' characters, now that backslash
processing is supported -- use their advertised lengths instead,
and double up the '\002' character for libf2c.
Mon Mar 27 17:10:33 1995 Craig Burley (
* com.c (ffecom_init_local_zero_): Implement -finit-local-zero.
(ffecom_sym_transform_): Same.
(ffecom_transform_equiv_): Same.
* options-lang.h: Add -f(no-)(init-local-zero,backslash,ugly-init).
* stb.c (ffestb_V020): Reject "TYPEblah(...", which might be
an array assignment.
* target.h, top.h, top.c: Implement -finit-local-zero.
Fri Mar 24 19:56:22 1995 Craig Burley (
*, Remove conf-proj(.in) and
proj.h(.in) rules, plus related config.log, config.cache,
and config.status stuff.
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Change messages when atof(), bsearch(),
or strtoul() do not work as expected in the start-up test.
* conf-proj, Delete.
* lex.c (ffelex_file_fixed): Allow f2c's '&' in column 1
to mean continuation line.
* options-lang.h: New file, #include'd by ../toplev.c.
* Rename back to proj.h.
* proj.h (LAME_ASSERT): Remove.
(LAME_STDIO): Remove.
(NO_STDDEF): Remove.
(NO_STDLIB): Remove.
(NO_BSEARCH): Remove auto detection, rename to !FFEPROJ_BSEARCH.
(NO_STRTOUL): Remove auto detection, rename to !FFEPROJ_STRTOUL.
(USE_HOST_LIMITS): Remove (maybe still needed by stand-alone?).
(STR, STRX): Do only ANSI C definitions.
Mon Mar 13 10:46:13 1995 Craig Burley (
* BUGS: Add item about g77 requiring gcc to compile it.
* NEWS: New file listing user-visible changes in the release.
* PROJECTS: Update to include a new item or two, and modify
or delete items that are addressed in this or previous releases.
* bad.c (ffebad_finish): Don't crash if missing string &c,
just substitute obviously distressed string "[REPORT BUG!!]"
for cases where the message/caller are fudgy.
* bad.def: Clean up error messages in a major way, add new ones
for use by changes in target.c.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Handle opANY in opCONVERT.
(ffecom_let_char_): Disregard destinations with ERROR_MARK.
(ffecom_1, ffecom_1_fn, ffecom_2, ffecom_2s, ffecom_3,
ffecom_3s, &c): Check all inputs for error_mark_node.
(ffecom_start_progunit_): Don't transform all symbols
in BLOCK DATA, since it never executes, and it is silly
to, e.g., generate all the structures for NAMELIST.
(ffecom_char_length_expr_): Rename to ffecom_intrinsic_len_.
(ffecom_intrinsic_ichar_): New function to handle ICHAR of
arbitrary expression with possible 0-length operands.
(ffecom_expr_intrinsic_): Use ffecom_intrinsic_char_.
For MVBITS, set tree_type to void_type_node.
(ffecom_start_progunit_): Name master function for entry points
after primary entry point so users can easily guess it while
(ffecom_arg_ptr_to_expr): Change treatment of Hollerith,
Typeless, and %DESCR.
(ffecom_expr_): Change treatment of Hollerith.
* data.c (ffedata_gather_): Handle opANY in opCONVERT.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_token_apostrophe_): Issue FFEBAD_NULL_CHAR_CONST
warning as necessary.
(ffeexpr_token_name_rhs_): Set context for args to intrinsic
so that assignment-like concatenation is allowed for ICHAR(),
IACHAR(), and LEN() intrinsics.
(ffeexpr_reduced_*_): Say "an array" instead of "an entity" in
diagnostics, since it's more informative.
(ffeexpr_finished_): For many contexts, check for null expression
and array before trying to do a conversion, to avoid redundant
* g77.1: Fix typo for preprocessed suffix (.F, not .f).
* global.c (ffeglobal_init_common): Warn if initializing
blank common.
(ffeglobal_pad_common): Enable code to warn if initial
padding needed.
(ffeglobal_size_common): Complain if enlarging already-
initialized common, since it won't work right anyway.
* intrin.c: Add IMAG() intrinsic.
(ffeintrin_check_loc_): Allow opSUBSTR in LOC().
* intrin.def: Add IMAG() intrinsic.
* lex.c: Don't report FFEBAD_NULL_CHAR_CONST errors.
* sta.c, sta.h, stb.c: Changes to clean up error messages (see
* stb.c (ffestb_R100113_): Issue FFEBAD_NULL_CHAR_CONST
warning as necessary.
* stc.c (ffestc_shriek_do_): Don't try to reference doref_line
stuff in ANY case, since it won't be valid.
(ffestc_R1227): Allow RETURN in main program unit, with
appropriate warnings/errors.
(ffestc_subr_format_): Array of any type is a CHAREXPR (F77 C5).
* ste.c (ffeste_begin_doiter_): Couple of fixes to accurately
determine if loop never executes.
* target.c (ffetarget_convert_*_hollerith_): Append spaces,
not zeros, to follow F77 Appendix C, and to warn when
truncation of non-blanks done.
(ffetarget_convert_*_typeless): Rewrite to do typeless
conversions properly, and warn when truncation done.
(ffetarget_print_binary, ffetarget_print_octal,
ffetarget_print_hex): Rewrite to use new implementation of
(ffetarget_typeless_*): Rewrite to use new implementation
of typeless, and to warn about overflow.
* target.h (ffetargetTypeless): New implementation of
this type.
* type.h, type.c (ffetype_size_typeless): Remove (incorrect)
implementation of this function and its extern.
Sun Mar 5 18:46:42 1995 Craig Burley (
* BUGS: Clarify that constant handling would also fix lack of
adequate IEEE-754/854 support to some degree, and typeless
and non-decimal constants.
* com.c (ffecom_type_permanent_copy_): Comment out to avoid
(duplicate_decls): New function a la gcc/c-decl.c.
(pushdecl): Use duplicate_decls to decide whether to return
existing decl or new one, instead of always returning existing
(ffecom_expr_): opPERCENT_LOC now supports CHARACTER arguments.
(ffecom_init_0): Give f2c I/O code 0 for basictypeANY/kindtypeANY.
(ffecom_sym_transform_): For adjustable arrays, pass low bound
through variable_size in case its primaries are changed (950302-1.f).
* com.h: More decls that belong in tree.h &c.
* data.c (ffedata_eval_integer1_): Fix opPAREN case to not
treat value of expression as an error code.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_finished_): Allow opSUBSTR in contextLOC case.
* proj.c: Add "const" as appropriate.
Mon Feb 27 10:04:03 1995 Craig Burley (
* bad.def (FFEBAD_BAD_SUBSTR): Fix bad grammar in message.
Fri Feb 24 16:21:31 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.13 released.
* INSTALL: Warn that f/zzz.o will compare differently between
stages, since it puts the __TIME__ macro into a string.
* com.c (ffecom_sym_transform_): Transform kindFUNCTION/whereDUMMY
to pointer-to-function, not function.
(ffecom_expr_): Use ffecom_arg_ptr_to_expr instead of
ffecom_char_args_ to handle comparison between CHARACTER
types, so either operand can be a CONCATENATE.
(ffecom_transform_common_): Set size of initialized common area
to global (largest-known) size, even though size of init might
be smaller.
* equiv.c (ffeequiv_offset_): Check symbol info for ANY.
* expr.c (ffeexpr_find_close_paren_, ffeexpr_nil_*): New functions
to handle following the contour of a rejected expression, so
statements like "PRINT(I,I,I)=0" don't cause the PRINT statement
code to get the second passed back to it as if there was a
missing close-paren before it, the comma causing the PRINT code
to confirm the statement, resulting in an ambiguity vis-a-vis
the let statement code.
Use the new ffecom_find_close_paren_ handler when an expected
close-paren is missing.
(ffeexpr_isdigits_): New function, use in all places that
currently use isdigit in repetitive code.
(ffeexpr_collapse_symter): Collapse to ANY if init-expr is ANY,
so as to avoid having symbol get "transformed" if used to
dimension an array.
(ffeexpr_token_real_, ffeexpr_token_number_real_): Don't issue
diagnostic about exponent, since it'll be passed along the
handler path, resulting in a diagnostic anyway.
(ffeexpr_token_apos_char_): Use consistent handler path
regardless of whether diagnostics inhibited.
(ffeexpr_token_name_apos_name_): Skip past closing quote/apos
even if not a match or other diagnostic issued.
(ffeexpr_sym_impdoitem_): Exec-transition local SEEN symbol.
* lex.c (ffelex_image_char_): Set ffelex_saw_tab_ if TAB
seen, not if anything other than TAB seen!
* stc.c (ffestc_R537_item): If source is ANY but dest isn't,
set dest symbol's init expr to ANY.
(ffestc_R501_attrib, ffestc_R522, ffestc_R522start): Complain
about conflict between "SAVE" by itself and other uses of
SAVE only in pedantic mode.
* ste.c (ffeste_R1212): Fix loop over labels to always
increment caseno, to avoid pushcase returning 2 for duplicate
values when one of the labels is invalid.
Thu Feb 23 12:42:04 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.12 released.
* (f77.install-common): Add "else true;" before outer
"fi" per patch.
* (dircheck): Add "else true;" before "fi" per
patch from
* com.c (ffecom_push_tempvar): If type desired is ERROR_MARK,
return error_mark_node, to avoid crash that results from
making a VAR_DECL with error_mark_node as its type.
* ste.c (ffeste_begin_iterdo_): Convert itercount to INTEGER
anytime calculation of number of iterations ends up with type
Thu Feb 23 02:48:38 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.11 released.
* DOC: Explain -fugly-args.
* bad.def (FFEBAD_ACTUALARG): Explain -fugly-args and how to
rewrite code to not require it.
* com.c (ffecom_vardesc_): Handle negative type code, just in
(ffecom_arg_ptr_to_expr): Let ffecom_expr handle hollerith
and typeless constants (move code to ffecom_constantunion).
(ffecom_constantunion): Handle hollerith and typeless constants.
* expr.c (ffecom_finished_): Check -fugly-args in actual-arg
context where hollerith/typeless provided.
(FFEINTRIN_specDFLOAT): Add as f2c intrinsic.
* target.h (ffetarget_convert_real[12]_integer,
ffetarget_convert_complex[12]_integer): Pass -1 for high integer
value if low part is negative.
(FFETARGET_defaultIS_UGLY_ARGS): New macro.
* top.c (ffe_is_ugly_args_): New variable.
(ffe_decode_option): Handle -fugly-args and -fno-ugly-args.
* top.h (ffe_is_ugly_args_, ffe_is_ugly_args(),
ffe_set_is_ugly_args()): New variable and macros.
Thu Feb 23 02:48:38 1995 Pedro A M Vazquez (
* g77.c (sys_errlist): Use const for __FreeBSD__ systems
as well.
Wed Feb 22 13:33:43 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.10 released.
* CREDITS: Add Rick Niles.
* INSTALL: Note how to get around lack of makeinfo.
* (f/proj.h): Remove # comment.
* (f/proj.h): Remove # comment.
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Simplify opFUNCREF/opSUBRREF conversion.
(ffecom_sym_transform_): For whereGLOBAL and whereDUMMY
kindFUNCTION, use ffecom_tree_fun_type[][] only for non-constant
(non-statement-function) f2c functions.
(ffecom_init_0): ffecom_tree_fun_type[][] and _ptr_to_*_* are
really f2c-interface arrays, so use base type void for COMPLEX
Tue Feb 21 19:01:18 1995 Dave Love <>
* (f77.install-common): Expurgate the test for and
possible installation of f2c in line with elsewhere. Seems to have
been missing a semicolon anyhow!
Tue Feb 21 11:45:25 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.9 released.
* (f/proj.h): touch file to register update,
because the previous commands won't necessarily modify it.
* (f/proj.h): touch file to register update,
because the previous commands won't necessarily modify it.
* (f/str-*.h, f/str-*.j): Explicitly specify
output file names, so these targets go in build, not source,
* bits.c, bits.h: Switch to valid ANSI C replacement for
* com.c (ffecom_expr_): Add assignp arg to support ASSIGN better.
If assignp is TRUE, use different tree for FFEBLD_opSYMTER case.
(ffecom_sym_transform_assign_): New function.
(ffecom_expr_assign): New function.
(ffecom_expr_assign_w): New function.
* com.c (ffecom_f2c_make_type_): Do make_signed_type instead
of make_unsigned_type throughout.
* com.c (ffecom_finish_symbol_transform_): Expand scope of
commented-out code to probably produce faster compiler code.
* com.c (ffecom_gen_sfuncdef_): Push/pop calltemps so
COMPLEX works right.
Remove obsolete comment.
* com.c (ffecom_start_progunit_): If non-multi alt-entry
COMPLEX function, primary (static) entry point returns result
directory, not via extra arg -- to agree with ffecom_return_expr
and others.
Pretransform all symbols so statement functions are defined
before any code emitted.
* com.c (ffecom_finish_progunit): Don't posttransform all
symbols here -- pretransform them instead.
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Don't warn about possible ASSIGN
crash, as this shouldn't happen now.
* com.c (ffecom_push_tempvar): Fix to handle temp vars
pushed while context is a statement (nested) function, and
add appropriate commentary.
* com.c (ffecom_return_expr): Check TREE_USED to determine
where return value is unset.
* com.h (struct _ffecom_symbol_): Add note about length_tree
now being used to keep tree for ASSIGN version of symbol.
* com.h (ffecom_expr_assign, ffecom_expr_assign_rw): New decls.
(error): Add this prototype for back-end function.
* fini.c (main): Grab input, output, and include names
directly off the command line instead of making the latter
two out of the first.
* lex.c: Improve tab handling for both fixed and free source
forms, and ignore carriage-returns on input, while generally
improving the code. ffelex_handle_tab_ has been renamed and
reinvented as ffelex_image_char_, among other things.
* malloc.c, malloc.h: Switch to valid ANSI C replacement for
ARRAY_ZERO, and kill the full number of bytes in pools and
* ste.c (ffeste_io_cilist_, ffeste_io_icilist_, ffeste_R838,
ffeste_R839): Issue diagnostic if a too-narrow variable used in an
ASSIGN context despite changes to this code and code in com.c.
* where.c, where.h: Switch to valid ANSI C replacement for
Fri Feb 17 03:35:19 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.8 released.
* INSTALL: In quick-build case, list g77 target first so g77
gets installed. Also, explain that gcc gets built and installed
as well, even though this isn't really what we want (and maybe
we'll find a way around this someday).
Fri Feb 17 02:35:41 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.7 released.
../ prefix in front of .h files, since they're in the cd.
Fri Feb 17 01:50:48 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.6 released.
Thu Feb 16 20:26:54 1995 Craig Burley (
* ../README.g77: Remove description of g77 as "not-yet-published".
* CREDITS: More changes.
* (G77STAGESTUFF): Remove cktyps stuff.
prefix gcc dir with $(srcdir) since these don't live there,
they are created in the build dir by gcc's configure. Add
a note explaining what these macros are about.
Update dependencies via deps-kinda.
* README.NEXTSTEP: Credit Toon, and per his request, add his
email address.
* com.h (FFECOM_DETERMINE_TYPES): #include "config.j".
* config.j, convert.j, flags.j, hconfig.j, rtl.j, tconfig.j,
tm.j, tree.j: Don't #include if already done.
* convert.j: #include "tree.j" first, as convert.h clearly depends
on trees being defined.
* rtl.j: #include "config.j" first, since there's some stuff
in rtl.h that assumes it has been #included.
* tree.j: #include "config.j" first, or real.h makes inconsistent
decision about return type of ereal_atof, leading to bugs, and
because tree.h/real.h assume config.h already included.
Wed Feb 15 14:40:20 1995 Craig Burley (
* Version 0.5.5 released.
* Copyright notices updated to be FSF-style.
* INSTALL: Some more clarification regarding building just f77.
* (F77_SRCS): Update wrt changing some .h to .j.
(install-libf77): Fix typo in new parenthetical note.
* (f/*.o): Update.
TCONFIG_H, TM_H, TREE_H): Update/new symbols.
(deps-kinda): More fixes wrt changing some .h to .j.
Document and explain this rule a bit better.
Accommodate changes in output of gcc -MM.
* *.h, *.c: Change #include's so proj.h not assumed to #include
malloc.h or config.h (now config.j), and so new .j files are
used instead of old .h ones.
* com.c (ffecom_init_0): Use FLOAT_TYPE_SIZE for f2c's
TYLONG/TYLOGICAL type codes, to get g77 working on Alpha.
* com.h: Make all f2c-related integral types "int", not "long
* config.j, convert.j, flags.j, glimits.j, hconfig.j, rtl.j,
tconfig.j, tm.j, tree.j: New files wrapping around gbe
.h files.
* config.h, convert.h, flags.h, glimits.h, hconfig.h, rtl.h,
tconfig.h, tm.h, tree.h: Deleted so new .j files
can #include the gbe files directly, instead of using "../",
and thus do better with various kinds of builds.
* proj.h: Delete unused NO_STDDEF and related stuff.
Tue Feb 14 08:28:08 1995 Craig Burley (
* BUGS: Remove item #12, cross-compiling & autoconf scripts
reportedly expected to work properly (according to
* INSTALL: Add explanation of's patch to
Add explanation of how to install just g77 when gcc already installed.
Add note about usability of "-Wall". Add note about bug-
* ($(srcdir)/f/conf-proj): Add comment about why
(install-libf77): Echo parenthetical note to user about how to do
just the (aborted) libf2c installation.
(deps-kinda): Update to work with new configuration/build stuff.
* bad.c (ffebad_finish): Put capitalized "warning:" &c message
as prefix on any diagnostic without pointers into source.
* bad.def (FFEBAD_TOO_BIG_INIT): Add this warning message.
* Add Dave Love's patch to catch case where
back-end patches not applied and abort configuration.
* data.c (ffedata_gather_, ffedata_value_): Warn when about
to initialize a large aggrega