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/* storag.h -- Public #include File (module.h template V1.0)
Copyright (C) 1995, 1996 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by James Craig Burley.
This file is part of GNU Fortran.
GNU Fortran is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
any later version.
GNU Fortran is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GNU Fortran; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
the Free Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
02111-1307, USA.
Owning Modules:
/* Allow multiple inclusion to work. */
#ifndef GCC_F_STORAG_H
#define GCC_F_STORAG_H
/* Simple definitions and enumerations. */
typedef enum
FFESTORAG_typeCOMMON, /* A COMMON variable. */
FFESTORAG_typeLOCAL, /* A local entity (var/array/equivalence). */
FFESTORAG_typeEQUIV, /* An entity equivalenced into a COMMON/LOCAL
entity. */
} ffestoragType;
/* Typedefs. */
typedef struct _ffestorag_ *ffestorag;
typedef struct _ffestorag_list_ *ffestoragList;
typedef struct _ffestorag_list_ ffestoragList_;
/* Include files needed by this one. */
#include "bld.h"
#include "info.h"
#include "symbol.h"
#include "target.h"
/* Structure definitions. */
struct _ffestorag_list_
ffestorag first; /* First storage area in list. */
ffestorag last; /* Last storage area in list. */
struct _ffestorag_
ffestorag next; /* Next storage area in list. */
ffestorag previous; /* Previous storage area in list. */
ffestorag parent; /* Parent who holds aggregate
initializations. */
ffebld init; /* Initialization expression. */
ffebld accretion; /* Initializations seen so far for aggregate. */
ffetargetOffset accretes; /* # inits needed to fill entire aggregate. */
ffesymbol symbol; /* NULL if typeLOCAL and non-NULL equivs
and the first "rooted" symbol not known. */
ffestoragList_ equivs_; /* NULL if typeLOCAL and not an EQUIVALENCE
area. */
ffetargetOffset size; /* Size of area. */
ffetargetOffset offset; /* Offset of entity within area, 0 for CBLOCK
and non-equivalence LOCAL, <= 0 for equivalence
ffetargetAlign alignment; /* Initial alignment for entity. */
ffetargetAlign modulo; /* Modulo within alignment. */
#ifdef FFECOM_storageHOOK
ffecomStorage hook; /* Whatever the backend needs here. */
ffestoragType type;
ffeinfoBasictype basic_type;/* NONE= >1 non-CHARACTER; ANY=
CHAR+non-CHAR. */
ffeinfoKindtype kind_type; /* NONE= >1 kind type or NONE/ANY basic_type. */
ffesymbol type_symbol; /* First symbol for basic_type/kind_type. */
bool is_save; /* SAVE flag set for this storage area. */
bool is_init; /* INIT flag set for this storage area. */
/* Global objects accessed by users of this module. */
extern ffestoragList_ ffestorag_list_;
/* Declare functions with prototypes. */
void ffestorag_drive (ffestoragList sl, void (*fn) (ffestorag mst, ffestorag st),
ffestorag mst);
void ffestorag_dump (ffestorag s);
void ffestorag_end_layout (ffesymbol s);
void ffestorag_exec_layout (ffesymbol s);
void ffestorag_init_2 (void);
ffestorag ffestorag_new (ffestoragList sl);
void ffestorag_report (void);
void ffestorag_update (ffestorag s, ffesymbol sym, ffeinfoBasictype bt,
ffeinfoKindtype kt);
void ffestorag_update_init (ffestorag s);
void ffestorag_update_save (ffestorag s);
/* Define macros. */
#define ffestorag_accretes(s) ((s)->accretes)
#define ffestorag_accretion(s) ((s)->accretion)
#define ffestorag_alignment(s) ((s)->alignment)
#define ffestorag_basictype(s) ((s)->basic_type)
#define ffestorag_hook(s) ((s)->hook)
#define ffestorag_init(s) ((s)->init)
#define ffestorag_init_0()
#define ffestorag_init_1()
#define ffestorag_init_3()
#define ffestorag_init_4()
#define ffestorag_is_init(s) ((s)->is_init)
#define ffestorag_is_save(s) ((s)->is_save)
#define ffestorag_kindtype(s) ((s)->kind_type)
#define ffestorag_list_equivs(s) (&(s)->equivs_)
#define ffestorag_list_master() (&ffestorag_list_)
#define ffestorag_modulo(s) ((s)->modulo)
#define ffestorag_offset(s) ((s)->offset)
#define ffestorag_parent(s) ((s)->parent)
#define ffestorag_ptr_to_alignment(s) (&(s)->alignment)
#define ffestorag_ptr_to_modulo(s) (&(s)->modulo)
#define ffestorag_set_accretes(s,a) ((s)->accretes = (a))
#define ffestorag_set_accretion(s,a) ((s)->accretion = (a))
#define ffestorag_set_alignment(s,a) ((s)->alignment = (a))
#define ffestorag_set_basictype(s,b) ((s)->basic_type = (b))
#define ffestorag_set_hook(s,h) ((s)->hook = (h))
#define ffestorag_set_init(s,i) ((s)->init = (i))
#define ffestorag_set_is_init(s,in) ((s)->is_init = (in))
#define ffestorag_set_is_save(s,sa) ((s)->is_save = (sa))
#define ffestorag_set_kindtype(s,k) ((s)->kind_type = (k))
#define ffestorag_set_modulo(s,m) ((s)->modulo = (m))
#define ffestorag_set_offset(s,o) ((s)->offset = (o))
#define ffestorag_set_parent(s,p) ((s)->parent = (p))
#define ffestorag_set_size(s,si) ((s)->size = (si))
#define ffestorag_set_symbol(s,sy) ((s)->symbol = (sy))
#define ffestorag_set_type(s,t) ((s)->type = (t))
#define ffestorag_set_typesymbol(s,sy) ((s)->type_symbol = (sy))
#define ffestorag_size(s) ((s)->size)
#define ffestorag_symbol(s) ((s)->symbol)
#define ffestorag_terminate_0()
#define ffestorag_terminate_1()
#define ffestorag_terminate_2()
#define ffestorag_terminate_3()
#define ffestorag_terminate_4()
#define ffestorag_type(s) ((s)->type)
#define ffestorag_typesymbol(s) ((s)->type_symbol)
/* End of #include file. */
#endif /* ! GCC_F_STORAG_H */