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/* stw.h -- Private #include File (module.h template V1.0)
Copyright (C) 1995 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by James Craig Burley.
This file is part of GNU Fortran.
GNU Fortran is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
any later version.
GNU Fortran is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with GNU Fortran; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
the Free Software Foundation, 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA
02111-1307, USA.
Owning Modules:
/* Allow multiple inclusion to work. */
#ifndef GCC_F_STW_H
#define GCC_F_STW_H
/* Simple definitions and enumerations. */
/* Typedefs. */
typedef struct _ffestw_ *ffestw;
typedef struct _ffestw_case_ *ffestwCase;
typedef struct _ffestw_select_ *ffestwSelect;
typedef void (*ffestwShriek) (bool ok);
/* Include files needed by this one. */
#include "bld.h"
#include "com.h"
#include "info.h"
#include "lab.h"
#include "lex.h"
#include "malloc.h"
#include "stv.h"
#include "symbol.h"
#include "where.h"
/* Structure definitions. */
struct _ffestw_
ffestw next_; /* Next (unused) block, or NULL. */
ffestw previous_; /* Previous block, NULL if this is NIL state. */
ffestw top_do_; /* Previous or current DO state, or NULL. */
unsigned long blocknum_; /* Block # w/in procedure/program. */
ffestwShriek shriek_; /* Call me to pop block in a hurry. */
ffesymbol sym_; /* Related symbol (if there is one). */
ffelexToken name_; /* Construct name (IFTHEN, SELECT, DO only). */
ffestwSelect select_; /* Info for SELECT CASE blocks. */
ffelab label_; /* For DO blocks w/labels, the target label. */
ffesymbol do_iter_var_; /* For iter DO blocks, the iter var or NULL. */
ffelexToken do_iter_var_t_; /* The token for do_iter_var. */
ffewhereLine line_; /* Where first token of statement triggering
state */
ffewhereColumn col_; /* was seen in source file. */
int uses_; /* # uses (new+use-kill calls). */
ffestvState state_;
int substate_; /* Used on a per-block-state basis. */
struct nesting *do_hook_; /* backend id for given loop (EXIT/CYCLE). */
tree do_tvar_; /* tree form of do_iter_var. */
tree do_incr_saved_; /* tree SAVED_EXPR of incr expr. */
tree do_count_var_; /* tree of countdown variable. */
tree select_texpr_; /* tree for end case. */
bool select_break_; /* TRUE when CASE should start with gen
"break;". */
int ifthen_fake_else_; /* Number of fake `else' introductions. */
struct _ffestw_case_
ffestwCase next_rel; /* Next case range in relational order. */
ffestwCase previous_rel; /* Previous case range in relational order. */
ffestwCase next_stmt; /* Next range in stmt or first in next stmt. */
ffestwCase previous_stmt; /* Previous range. */
ffebldConstant low; /* Low value in range. */
ffebldConstant high; /* High value in range. */
unsigned long casenum; /* CASE stmt index for this range/value. */
ffelexToken t; /* Token for this range/value; ffestc only. */
struct _ffestw_select_
ffestwCase first_rel; /* First CASE range (after low) in order. */
ffestwCase last_rel; /* Last CASE range (before high) in order. */
ffestwCase first_stmt; /* First range in first CASE stmt. */
ffestwCase last_stmt; /* Last range in last CASE stmt. */
mallocPool pool; /* Pool in which this and all cases are
allocated. */
unsigned long cases; /* Number of CASE stmts seen so far. */
ffelexToken t; /* First token of selected expression; ffestc
only. */
ffeinfoBasictype type; /* Basic type (integer, character, or
logical). */
ffeinfoKindtype kindtype; /* Kind type. */
/* Global objects accessed by users of this module. */
extern ffestw ffestw_stack_top_;
/* Declare functions with prototypes. */
void ffestw_display_state (void);
void ffestw_kill (ffestw block);
void ffestw_init_0 (void);
ffestw ffestw_new (void);
ffestw ffestw_pop (void);
ffestw ffestw_push (ffestw block);
ffestw ffestw_update (ffestw block);
ffestw ffestw_use (ffestw block);
/* Define macros. */
#define ffestw_blocknum(b) ((b)->blocknum_)
#define ffestw_col(b) ((b)->col_)
#define ffestw_do_count_var(b) ((b)->do_count_var_)
#define ffestw_do_hook(b) ((b)->do_hook_)
#define ffestw_do_incr_saved(b) ((b)->do_incr_saved_)
#define ffestw_do_iter_var(b) ((b)->do_iter_var_)
#define ffestw_do_iter_var_t(b) ((b)->do_iter_var_t_)
#define ffestw_do_tvar(b) ((b)->do_tvar_)
#define ffestw_ifthen_fake_else(b) ((b)->ifthen_fake_else_)
#define ffestw_init_1()
#define ffestw_init_2()
#define ffestw_init_3()
#define ffestw_init_4()
#define ffestw_label(b) ((b)->label_)
#define ffestw_line(b) ((b)->line_)
#define ffestw_name(b) ((b)->name_)
#define ffestw_previous(b) ((b)->previous_)
#define ffestw_select(b) ((b)->select_)
#define ffestw_select_break(b) ((b)->select_break_)
#define ffestw_select_texpr(b) ((b)->select_texpr_)
#define ffestw_set_blocknum(b,bl) ((b)->blocknum_ = (bl))
#define ffestw_set_col(b,c) ((b)->col_ = (c))
#define ffestw_set_do_count_var(b,d) ((b)->do_count_var_ = (d))
#define ffestw_set_do_hook(b,d) ((b)->do_hook_ = (d))
#define ffestw_set_do_incr_saved(b,d) ((b)->do_incr_saved_ = (d))
#define ffestw_set_do_iter_var(b,v) ((b)->do_iter_var_ = (v))
#define ffestw_set_do_iter_var_t(b,t) ((b)->do_iter_var_t_ = (t))
#define ffestw_set_do_tvar(b,d) ((b)->do_tvar_ = (d))
#define ffestw_set_ifthen_fake_else(b,e) ((b)->ifthen_fake_else_ = (e))
#define ffestw_set_label(b,l) ((b)->label_ = (l))
#define ffestw_set_line(b,l) ((b)->line_ = (l))
#define ffestw_set_name(b,n) ((b)->name_ = (n))
#define ffestw_set_select(b,s) ((b)->select_ = (s))
#define ffestw_set_select_break(b,br) ((b)->select_break_ = (br))
#define ffestw_set_select_texpr(b,t) ((b)->select_texpr_ = (t))
#define ffestw_set_shriek(b,s) ((b)->shriek_ = (s))
#define ffestw_set_state(b,s) ((b)->state_ = (s))
#define ffestw_set_substate(b,s) ((b)->substate_ = (s))
#define ffestw_set_sym(b,s) ((b)->sym_= (s))
#define ffestw_set_top_do(b,t) ((b)->top_do_ = (t))
#define ffestw_shriek(b) ((b)->shriek_)
#define ffestw_stack_top() ffestw_stack_top_
#define ffestw_state(b) ((b)->state_)
#define ffestw_substate(b) ((b)->substate_)
#define ffestw_sym(b) ((b)->sym_)
#define ffestw_terminate_0()
#define ffestw_terminate_1()
#define ffestw_terminate_2()
#define ffestw_terminate_3()
#define ffestw_terminate_4()
#define ffestw_top_do(b) ((b)->top_do_)
/* End of #include file. */
#endif /* ! GCC_F_STW_H */