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const char __LIBI77_VERSION__[] = "@(#) LIBI77 VERSION pjw,dmg-mods 20001205\n";
2.01 $ format added
2.02 Coding bug in open.c repaired
2.03 fixed bugs in lread.c (read * with negative f-format) and lio.c
and lio.h (e-format conforming to spec)
2.04 changed open.c and err.c (fopen and freopen respectively) to
update to new c-library (append mode)
2.05 added namelist capability
2.06 allow internal list and namelist I/O
allow upper-case STATUS= values
create fort.nnn if unit nnn not open;
else if (file length == 0) use creat() rather than copy;
use local copy() rather than forking /bin/cp;
rewind, fseek to clear buffer (for no reading past EOF)
use neither setbuf nor setvbuf; make stderr buffered
#define _bufend
upper case responses;
omit byfile test from SEQUENTIAL=
answer "YES" to DIRECT= for unopened file (open to debate)
flush stderr, stdout at end of each stmt
space before character strings in list output only at line start
adjust LEW, LED consistent with old libI77
use atof()
allow "nnn*," when reading complex constants
try opening for writing when open for read fails, with
special uwrt value (2) delaying creat() to first write;
set curunit so error messages don't drop core;
no file name ==> fort.nnn except for STATUS='SCRATCH'
use atof(); trust EOF == end-of-file (so don't read past
end-of-file after endfile stmt)
flush stderr, stdout at end of each stmt
use upper case
put wrt_E and wrt_F into wref.c, use sprintf()
rather than ecvt() and fcvt() [more accurate on VAX]
/* 16 Oct. 1988: uwrt = 3 after write, rewind, so close won't zap the file. */
/* 10 July 1989: change _bufend to buf_end in fio.h, wsfe.c, wrtfmt.c */
/* 28 Nov. 1989: corrections for IEEE and Cray arithmetic */
/* 29 Nov. 1989: change various int return types to long for f2c */
/* 30 Nov. 1989: various types from f2c.h */
/* 6 Dec. 1989: types corrected various places */
/* 19 Dec. 1989: make iostat= work right for internal I/O */
/* 8 Jan. 1990: add rsne, wsne -- routines for handling NAMELIST */
/* 28 Jan. 1990: have NAMELIST read treat $ as &, general white
space as blank */
/* 27 Mar. 1990: change an = to == in rd_L(rdfmt.c) so formatted reads
of logical values reject letters other than fFtT;
have nowwriting reset cf */
/* 14 Aug. 1990: adjust lread.c to treat tabs as spaces in list input */
/* 17 Aug. 1990: adjust open.c to recognize blank='Z...' as well as
blank='z...' when reopening an open file */
/* 30 Aug. 1990: prevent embedded blanks in list output of complex values;
omit exponent field in list output of values of
magnitude between 10 and 1e8; prevent writing stdin
and reading stdout or stderr; don't close stdin, stdout,
or stderr when reopening units 5, 6, 0. */
/* 18 Sep. 1990: add component udev to unit and consider old == new file
iff uinode and udev values agree; use stat rather than
access to check existence of file (when STATUS='OLD')*/
/* 2 Oct. 1990: adjust rewind.c so two successive rewinds after a write
don't clobber the file. */
/* 9 Oct. 1990: add #include "fcntl.h" to endfile.c, err.c, open.c;
adjust g_char in util.c for segmented memories. */
/* 17 Oct. 1990: replace abort() and _cleanup() with calls on
sig_die(...,1) (defined in main.c). */
/* 5 Nov. 1990: changes to open.c: complain if new= is specified and the
file already exists; allow file= to be omitted in open stmts
and allow status='replace' (Fortran 90 extensions). */
/* 11 Dec. 1990: adjustments for POSIX. */
/* 15 Jan. 1991: tweak i_ungetc in rsli.c to allow reading from
strings in read-only memory. */
/* 25 Apr. 1991: adjust namelist stuff to work with f2c -i2 */
/* 26 Apr. 1991: fix some bugs with NAMELIST read of multi-dim. arrays */
/* 16 May 1991: increase LEFBL in lio.h to bypass NeXT bug */
/* 17 Oct. 1991: change type of length field in sequential unformatted
records from int to long (for systems where sizeof(int)
can vary, depending on the compiler or compiler options). */
/* 14 Nov. 1991: change uint to Uint in fmt.h, rdfmt.c, wrtfmt.c. */
/* 25 Nov. 1991: change uint to Uint in lwrite.c; change sizeof(int) to
sizeof(uioint) in fseeks in sue.c (missed on 17 Oct.). */
/* 1 Dec. 1991: uio.c: add test for read failure (seq. unformatted reads);
adjust an error return from EOF to off end of record */
/* 12 Dec. 1991: rsli.c: fix bug with internal list input that caused
the last character of each record to be ignored.
iio.c: adjust error message in internal formatted
input from "end-of-file" to "off end of record" if
the format specifies more characters than the
record contains. */
/* 17 Jan. 1992: lread.c, rsne.c: in list and namelist input,
treat "r* ," and "r*," alike (where r is a
positive integer constant), and fix a bug in
handling null values following items with repeat
counts (e.g., 2*1,,3); for namelist reading
of a numeric array, allow a new name-value subsequence
to terminate the current one (as though the current
one ended with the right number of null values).
lio.h, lwrite.c: omit insignificant zeros in
list and namelist output. To get the old
behavior, compile with -DOld_list_output . */
/* 18 Jan. 1992: make list output consistent with F format by
printing .1 rather than 0.1 (introduced yesterday). */
/* 3 Feb. 1992: rsne.c: fix namelist read bug that caused the
character following a comma to be ignored. */
/* 19 May 1992: adjust iio.c, ilnw.c, rdfmt.c and rsli.c to make err=
work with internal list and formatted I/O. */
/* 18 July 1992: adjust rsne.c to allow namelist input to stop at
an & (e.g. &end). */
/* 23 July 1992: switch to ANSI prototypes unless KR_headers is #defined ;
recognize Z format (assuming 8-bit bytes). */
/* 14 Aug. 1992: tweak wrt_E in wref.c to avoid -NaN */
/* 23 Oct. 1992: Supply missing l_eof = 0 assignment to s_rsne() in rsne.c
(so end-of-file on other files won't confuse namelist
reads of external files). Prepend f__ to external
names that are only of internal interest to lib[FI]77. */
/* 1 Feb. 1993: backspace.c: fix bug that bit when last char of 2nd
buffer == '\n'.
endfile.c: guard against tiny L_tmpnam; close and reopen
files in t_runc().
lio.h: lengthen LINTW (buffer size in lwrite.c).
err.c, open.c: more prepending of f__ (to [rw]_mode). */
/* 5 Feb. 1993: tweaks to NAMELIST: rsne.c: ? prints the namelist being
sought; namelists of the wrong name are skipped (after
an error message; xwsne.c: namelist writes have a
newline before each new variable.
open.c: ACCESS='APPEND' positions sequential files
at EOF (nonstandard extension -- that doesn't require
changing data structures). */
/* 9 Feb. 1993: Change some #ifdef MSDOS lines to #ifdef NON_UNIX_STDIO.
err.c: under NON_UNIX_STDIO, avoid close(creat(name,0666))
when the unit has another file descriptor for name. */
/* 4 March 1993: err.c, open.c: take declaration of fdopen from rawio.h;
open.c: always give f__w_mode[] 4 elements for use
in t_runc (in endfile.c -- for change of 1 Feb. 1993). */
/* 6 March 1993: uio.c: adjust off-end-of-record test for sequential
unformatted reads to respond to err= rather than end=. */
/* 12 March 1993: various tweaks for C++ */
/* 6 April 1993: adjust error returns for formatted inputs to flush
the current input line when err=label is specified.
To restore the old behavior (input left mid-line),
either adjust the #definition of errfl in fio.h or
omit the invocation of f__doend in err__fl (in err.c). */
/* 23 June 1993: iio.c: fix bug in format reversions for internal writes. */
/* 5 Aug. 1993: lread.c: fix bug in handling repetition counts for
logical data (during list or namelist input).
Change struct f__syl to struct syl (for buggy compilers). */
/* 7 Aug. 1993: lread.c: fix bug in namelist reading of incomplete
logical arrays. */
/* 9 Aug. 1993: lread.c: fix bug in namelist reading of an incomplete
array of numeric data followed by another namelist
item whose name starts with 'd', 'D', 'e', or 'E'. */
/* 8 Sept. 1993: open.c: protect #include "sys/..." with
#ifndef NON_UNIX_STDIO; Version date not changed. */
/* 10 Nov. 1993: backspace.c: add nonsense for #ifdef MSDOS */
/* 8 Dec. 1993: iio.c: adjust internal formatted reads to treat
short records as though padded with blanks
(rather than causing an "off end of record" error). */
/* 22 Feb. 1994: lread.c: check that realloc did not return NULL. */
/* 6 June 1994: Under NON_UNIX_STDIO, use binary mode for direct
formatted files (avoiding any confusion regarding \n). */
/* 5 July 1994: Fix bug (introduced 6 June 1994?) in reopening files
under NON_UNIX_STDIO. */
/* 6 July 1994: wref.c: protect with #ifdef GOOD_SPRINTF_EXPONENT an
optimization that requires exponents to have 2 digits
when 2 digits suffice.
lwrite.c wsfe.c (list and formatted external output):
omit ' ' carriage-control when compiled with
-DOMIT_BLANK_CC . Off-by-one bug fixed in character
count for list output of character strings.
Omit '.' in list-directed printing of Nan, Infinity. */
/* 12 July 1994: wrtfmt.c: under G11.4, write 0. as " .0000 " rather
than " .0000E+00". */
/* 3 Aug. 1994: lwrite.c: do not insert a newline when appending an
oversize item to an empty line. */
/* 12 Aug. 1994: rsli.c rsne.c: fix glitch (reset nml_read) that kept
ERR= (in list- or format-directed input) from working
after a NAMELIST READ. */
/* 7 Sept. 1994: typesize.c: adjust to allow types LOGICAL*1, LOGICAL*2,
INTEGER*1, and (under -DAllow_TYQUAD) INTEGER*8
in NAMELISTs. */
/* 6 Oct. 1994: util.c: omit f__mvgbt, as it is never used. */
/* 2 Nov. 1994: add #ifdef ALWAYS_FLUSH logic. */
/* 26 Jan. 1995: wref.c: fix glitch in printing the exponent of 0 when
GOOD_SPRINTF_EXPONENT is not #defined. */
/* 24 Feb. 1995: iio.c: z_getc: insert (unsigned char *) to allow
internal reading of characters with high-bit set
(on machines that sign-extend characters). */
/* 14 March 1995:lread.c and rsfe.c: adjust s_rsle and s_rsfe to
check for end-of-file (to prevent infinite loops
with empty read statements). */
/* 26 May 1995: iio.c: z_wnew: fix bug in handling T format items
in internal writes whose last item is written to
an earlier position than some previous item. */
/* 29 Aug. 1995: backspace.c: adjust MSDOS logic. */
/* 6 Sept. 1995: Adjust namelist input to treat a subscripted name
whose subscripts do not involve colons similarly
to the name without a subscript: accept several
values, stored in successive elements starting at
the indicated subscript. Adjust namelist output
to quote character strings (avoiding confusion with
arrays of character strings). Adjust f_init calls
for people who don't use libF77's main(); now open and
namelist read statements invoke f_init if needed. */
/* 7 Sept. 1995: Fix some bugs with -DAllow_TYQUAD (for integer*8).
Add -DNo_Namelist_Comments lines to rsne.c. */
/* 5 Oct. 1995: wrtfmt.c: fix bug with t editing (f__cursor was not
always zeroed in mv_cur). */
/* 11 Oct. 1995: move defs of f__hiwater, f__svic, f__icptr from wrtfmt.c
to err.c */
/* 15 Mar. 1996: lread.c, rsfe.c: honor END= in READ stmt with empty iolist */
/* 13 May 1996: add ftell_.c and fseek_.c */
/* 9 June 1996: Adjust rsli.c and lread.c so internal list input with
too few items in the input string will honor end= . */
/* 12 Sept. 1995:fmtlib.c: fix glitch in printing the most negative integer. */
/* 25 Sept. 1995:fmt.h: for formatted writes of negative integer*1 values,
make ic signed on ANSI systems. If formatted writes of
integer*1 values trouble you when using a K&R C compiler,
switch to an ANSI compiler or use a compiler flag that
makes characters signed. */
/* 9 Dec. 1996: d[fu]e.c, err.c: complain about non-positive rec=
in direct read and write statements.
ftell_.c: change param "unit" to "Unit" for -DKR_headers. */
/* 26 Feb. 1997: ftell_.c: on systems that define SEEK_SET, etc., use
SEEK_SET, SEEK_CUR, SEEK_END for *whence = 0, 1, 2. */
/* 7 Apr. 1997: fmt.c: adjust to complain at missing numbers in formats
(but still treat missing ".nnn" as ".0"). */
/* 11 Apr. 1997: err.c: attempt to make stderr line buffered rather
than fully buffered. (Buffering is needed for format
items T and TR.) */
/* 27 May 1997: ftell_.c: fix typo (that caused the third argument to be
treated as 2 on some systems). */
/* 5 Aug. 1997: lread.c: adjust to accord with a change to the Fortran 8X
draft (in 1990 or 1991) that rescinded permission to elide
quote marks in namelist input of character data; compile
with -DF8X_NML_ELIDE_QUOTES to get the old behavior.
wrtfmt.o: wrt_G: tweak to print the right number of 0's
for zero under G format. */
/* 16 Aug. 1997: iio.c: fix bug in internal writes to an array of character
strings that sometimes caused one more array element than
required by the format to be blank-filled. Example:
format(1x). */
/* 16 Sept. 1997:fmt.[ch] rdfmt.c wrtfmt.c: tweak struct syl for machines
with 64-bit pointers and 32-bit ints that did not 64-bit
align struct syl (e.g., Linux on the DEC Alpha). */
/* 19 Jan. 1998: backspace.c: for b->ufmt==0, change sizeof(int) to
sizeof(uiolen). On machines where this would make a
difference, it is best for portability to compile libI77 with
-DUIOLEN_int (which will render the change invisible). */
/* 4 March 1998: open.c: fix glitch in comparing file names under
/* 17 March 1998: endfile.c, open.c: acquire temporary files from tmpfile(),
unless compiled with -DNON_ANSI_STDIO, which uses mktemp().
New buffering scheme independent of NON_UNIX_STDIO for
handling T format items. Now -DNON_UNIX_STDIO is no
longer be necessary for Linux, and libf2c no longer
causes stderr to be buffered -- the former setbuf or
setvbuf call for stderr was to make T format items work.
open.c: use the Posix access() function to check existence
or nonexistence of files, except under -DNON_POSIX_STDIO,
where trial fopen calls are used. */
/* 5 April 1998: wsfe.c: make $ format item work: this was lost in the
changes of 17 March 1998. */
/* 28 May 1998: backspace.c dfe.c due.c iio.c lread.c rsfe.c sue.c wsfe.c:
set f__curunit sooner so various error messages will
correctly identify the I/O unit involved. */
/* 17 June 1998: lread.c: unless compiled with
floating-point numbers (containing either a decimal point
or an exponent field) as errors when they appear as list
input for integer data. */
/* 7 Sept. 1998: move e_wdfe from sfe.c to dfe.c, where it was originally.
Why did it ever move to sfe.c? */
/* 2 May 1999: open.c: set f__external (to get "external" versus "internal"
right in the error message if we cannot open the file).
err.c: cast a pointer difference to (int) for %d.
rdfmt.c: omit fixed-length buffer that could be overwritten
by formats Inn or Lnn with nn > 83. */
/* 3 May 1999: open.c: insert two casts for machines with 64-bit longs. */
/* 18 June 1999: backspace.c: allow for b->ufd changing in t_runc */
/* 27 June 1999: rsne.c: fix bug in namelist input: a misplaced increment */
/* could cause wrong array elements to be assigned; e.g., */
/* "&input k(5)=10*1 &end" assigned k(5) and k(15..23) */
/* 15 Nov. 1999: endfile.c: set state to writing (b->uwrt = 1) when an */
/* endfile statement requires copying the file. */
/* (Otherwise an immediately following rewind statement */
/* could make the file appear empty.) Also, supply a */
/* missing (long) cast in the sprintf call. */
/* sfe.c: add #ifdef ALWAYS_FLUSH logic, for formatted I/O: */
/* Compiling libf2c with -DALWAYS_FLUSH should prevent losing */
/* any data in buffers should the program fault. It also */
/* makes the program run more slowly. */
/* 20 April 2000: rsne.c, xwsne.c: tweaks that only matter if ftnint and */
/* ftnlen are of different fundamental types (different numbers */
/* of bits). Since these files will not compile when this */
/* change matters, the above VERSION string remains unchanged. */
/* 4 July 2000: adjustments to permit compilation by C++ compilers; */
/* VERSION string remains unchanged. NOT APPLIED FOR G77 */
/* 5 Dec. 2000: lread.c: under namelist input, when reading a logical array, */
/* treat Tstuff= and Fstuff= as new assignments rather than as */
/* logical constants. */
/* Changes for GNU Fortran (g77) version of libf2c: */
/* 17 June 1997: detect recursive I/O and call f__fatal explaining it. */