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2024-04-21 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/103471
* (resolve_actual_arglist): Catch variables silently
set as untyped, resetting the flag so that gfc_resolve_expr can
generate the no implicit type error.
(gfc_resolve_index_1): Block index expressions of unknown type
from being converted to default integer, avoiding the fatal
error in
* (gfc_set_default_type): Remove '(symbol)' from the
'no IMPLICIT type' error message.
* (gfc_get_symbol_decl): Change fatal error locus
to that of the symbol declaration.
(gfc_trans_deferred_vars): Remove two trailing tabs.
2024-04-18 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/114739
* (gfc_match_varspec): Check for default type before
checking for derived types with the right component name.
2024-04-16 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113793
* (resolve_allocate_expr): Reject ALLOCATE with SOURCE=
or MOLD= specifier for unequal length.
* (gfc_trans_allocate): If an allocatable character
variable has fixed length, use it and do not use the source length.
With bounds-checking enabled, add a runtime check for same length.
2024-04-10 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/106500
* (is_c_interoperable): Fix checks for C_SIZEOF.
(gfc_check_c_f_pointer): Reject function returning a pointer as FPTR,
and improve an error message.
2024-04-09 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/114535
* (resolve_symbol): Remove last chunk that checked
for finalization of unreferenced symbols.
2024-04-09 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/113956
* (gfc_trans_pointer_assignment): Remove assert
causing the ICE since it was unnecesary.
2024-04-02 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/106999
* (gfc_compare_interfaces): Add error for a
subroutine proc pointer passed to a variable formal.
(compare_parameter): If a procedure pointer is being passed to
a non-procedure formal arg, and there is an an interface, use
gfc_compare_interfaces to check and provide a more useful error
2024-04-02 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/112407
* (resolve_procedure_expression): Change the test for
for recursion in the case of hidden procedures from modules.
(resolve_typebound_static): Add warning for possible recursive
calls to typebound procedures.
* (gfc_trans_class_init_assign): Do not apply
default initializer to class dummy where component initializers
are all null.
2024-03-29 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/50410
* (gfc_conv_structure): Check for NULL pointer.
2024-03-29 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/36337
PR fortran/110987
PR fortran/113885
* (gfc_trans_assignment_1): Place finalization
block before rhs post block for elemental rhs.
* (gfc_finalize_tree_expr): Check directly if a type
has no components, rather than the zero components attribute.
Treat elemental zero component expressions in the same way as
2024-03-28 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/114474
* (gfc_variable_attr): Catch variables used in structure
constructors within DATA statements that are still tagged with a
temporary type BT_PROCEDURE from match_actual_arg and which have the
target attribute, and fix their typespec.
2024-03-28 Mikael Morin <>
Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/111781
PR fortran/114475
* (check_restricted): In submodules, allow variables host-
associated from the parent module.
2024-03-22 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/55978
* (gfc_compare_actual_formal): Skip size check for
NULL() actual without MOLD argument.
2024-03-22 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/107426
* gfortran.h (gfc_save_module_list, gfc_restore_old_module_list):
New declarations.
* (old_module_list_tail): New global variable.
(gfc_save_module_list, gfc_restore_old_module_list): New functions.
(gfc_use_modules): Set module_list and old_module_list_tail.
* (next_statement): Save module_list before doing any work.
(reject_statement): Restore module_list to its saved value.
2024-03-22 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/111781
* (gfc_get_procedure_ns, gfc_get_spec_ns): New functions.
* gfortran.h (gfc_get_procedure_ns, gfc_get_spec ns): Declare them.
(gfc_is_formal_arg): Remove.
* (check_restricted): Remove special case allowing local
variable in dummy argument bound expressions. Use gfc_get_spec_ns
to get the right namespace.
* (gfc_is_formal_arg, formal_arg_flag): Remove.
(gfc_resolve_formal_arglist): Set gfc_current_ns. Quit loop and
restore gfc_current_ns instead of early returning.
(resolve_symbol): Factor common array spec resolution code to...
(resolve_symbol_array_spec): ... this new function. Additionnally
set and restore gfc_current_ns.
2024-03-21 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/30802
* (abridged_ref_name): New helper function.
(trans_array_bound_check): Use it.
(array_bound_check_elemental): Likewise.
(gfc_conv_array_ref): Likewise.
2024-03-20 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (structure_alloc_comps): Use integer_zero_node
instead of build_zero_cst (integer_type_node) or
build_int_cst (integer_type_node, 0) and integer_one_node instead of
build_int_cst (integer_type_node, 1).
* (conv_scalar_char_value): Likewise.
* (gfc_trans_form_team, gfc_trans_change_team,
gfc_trans_sync_team, gfc_trans_sync): Likewise.
* (create_main_function): Likewise.
* (trans_this_image, conv_intrinsic_move_alloc):
* (gfc_allocate_using_caf_lib, gfc_deallocate_with_status):
2024-03-18 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/103715
* (check_externals_expr): Prevent invalid read
in case of mismatch of external subroutine with function.
2024-03-17 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/101135
* (gfc_get_dataptr_offset): Check for optional
arguments being present before dereferencing data pointer.
2024-03-15 Paul Thomas <>
PR fortran/87477
PR fortran/89645
PR fortran/99065
PR fortran/114141
PR fortran/114280
* (gfc_change_class): New function needed for
associate names, when rank changes or a derived type is
produced by resolution
* (show_code_node): Make output for SELECT
TYPE more comprehensible.
* (find_inquiry_ref): Do not simplify expressions of
an inferred type.
* gfortran.h : Add 'gfc_association_list' to structure
'gfc_association_list'. Add prototypes for
'gfc_find_derived_types', 'gfc_fixup_inferred_type_refs' and
'gfc_change_class'. Add macro IS_INFERRED_TYPE.
* (copy_ts_from_selector_to_associate): Add bolean arg
'select_type' with default false. If this is a select type name
and the selector is a inferred type, build the class type and
apply it to the associate name.
(build_associate_name): Pass true to 'select_type' in call to
* (parse_associate): If the selector is inferred type
the associate name is too. Make sure that function selector
class and rank, if known, are passed to the associate name. If
a function result exists, pass its typespec to the associate
* (resolvable_fcns): New function to check that all
the function references are resolvable.
(gfc_match_varspec): If a scalar derived type select type
temporary has an array reference, match the array reference,
treating this in the same way as an equivalence member. Do not
set 'inquiry' if applied to an unknown type the inquiry name
is ambiguous with the component of an accessible derived type.
Check that resolution of the target expression is OK by testing
if the symbol is declared or is an operator expression, then
using 'resolvable_fcns' recursively. If all is well, resolve
the expression. If this is an inferred type with a component
reference, call 'gfc_find_derived_types' to find a suitable
derived type. If there is an inquiry ref and the symbol either
is of unknown type or is inferred to be a derived type, set the
primary and symbol TKR appropriately.
* (resolve_variable): Call new function below.
(gfc_fixup_inferred_type_refs): New function to ensure that the
expression references for a inferred type are consistent with
the now fixed up selector.
(resolve_assoc_var): Ensure that derived type or class function
selectors transmit the correct arrayspec to the associate name.
(resolve_select_type): If the selector is an associate name of
inferred type and has no component references, the associate
name should have its typespec. Simplify the conversion of a
class array to class scalar by calling 'gfc_change_class'.
Make sure that a class, inferred type selector with an array
ref transfers the typespec from the symbol to the expression.
* (gfc_set_default_type): If an associate name with
unknown type has a selector expression, try resolving the expr.
(find_derived_types, gfc_find_derived_types): New functions
that search for a derived type with a given name.
* (gfc_conv_variable): Some inferred type exprs
escape resolution so call 'gfc_fixup_inferred_type_refs'.
* (trans_associate_var): Tidy up expression for
'class_target'. Finalize and free class function results.
Correctly handle selectors that are class functions and class
array references, passed as derived types.
2024-03-14 Thomas Schwinge <>
* (show_omp_clauses): Handle 'self_expr'.
* (gfc_free_omp_clauses): Likewise.
* (gfc_split_omp_clauses): Don't handle 'self_expr'.
2024-03-14 Chung-Lin Tang <>
* (show_omp_namelist): Print "readonly," for
OMP_LIST_MAP and OMP_LIST_CACHE if n-> is set.
Adjust 'n->u.map_op' to 'n->'.
* gfortran.h (typedef struct gfc_omp_namelist): Adjust map_op as
'ENUM_BITFIELD (gfc_omp_map_op) op:8', add 'bool readonly' field,
change to named struct field 'map'.
* (gfc_match_omp_map_clause): Adjust 'n->u.map_op' to
(gfc_match_omp_clause_reduction): Likewise.
(gfc_match_omp_clauses): Add readonly modifier parsing for OpenACC
copyin clause, set 'n->' and 'n->' for parsed
clause. Adjust 'n->u.map_op' to 'n->'.
(gfc_match_oacc_declare): Adjust 'n->u.map_op' to 'n->'.
(gfc_match_oacc_cache): Add readonly modifier parsing for OpenACC
cache directive.
(resolve_omp_clauses): Adjust 'n->u.map_op' to 'n->'.
* (add_clause): Adjust 'n->u.map_op' to 'n->'.
(finish_oacc_declare): Likewise.
* (gfc_trans_omp_clauses): Set OMP_CLAUSE_MAP_READONLY,
OMP_CLAUSE__CACHE__READONLY to 1 when readonly is set. Adjust
'n->u.map_op' to 'n->'.
(gfc_add_clause_implicitly): Adjust 'n->u.map_op' to 'n->'.
2024-03-13 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/114001
* (gfc_is_simply_contiguous): Adjust logic so that CLASS
symbols are also handled.
2024-03-13 Tobias Burnus <>
PR fortran/114283
* (gfc_omp_predetermined_mapping): Map dummy
procedures as firstprivate.
2024-03-12 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/110826
* (gfc_array_dimen_size): When walking the ref chain of an
array and the ultimate component is a procedure pointer, do not try
to figure out its dimension even if it is a array-valued function.
2024-03-06 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/103707
PR fortran/106987
* (is_hard_arith_error): New helper function to determine
whether an arithmetic error is "hard" or not.
(check_result): Use it.
(gfc_arith_divide): Set "Division by zero" only for regular
numerators of real and complex divisions.
(reduce_unary): Use is_hard_arith_error to determine whether a hard
or (recoverable) soft error was encountered. Terminate immediately
on hard error, otherwise remember code of first soft error.
(reduce_binary_ac): Likewise.
(reduce_binary_ca): Likewise.
(reduce_binary_aa): Likewise.
2024-03-01 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/104819
* (gfc_check_null): Handle nested NULL()s.
(is_c_interoperable): Check for MOLD argument of NULL() as part of
the interoperability check.
* (gfc_compare_actual_formal): Extend checks for NULL()
actual arguments for presence of MOLD argument when required by
Interp J3/22-146.
2024-02-29 Alexander Westbrooks <>
PR fortran/82943
PR fortran/86148
PR fortran/86268
* (gfc_get_pdt_instance): Set the PDT instance field
'f2k_derived', if not set already, to point to the given
PDT template 'f2k_derived' namespace in order to give the
PDT instance referential access to the typebound procedures
of the template.
* gfortran.h (gfc_pdt_is_instance_of): Add prototype.
* (resolve_typebound_procedure): If the derived type
does not have the attribute 'pdt_template' set, compare the
dummy argument to the 'resolve_bindings_derived' type like usual.
If the derived type is a 'pdt_template', then check if the
dummy argument is an instance of the PDT template. If the derived
type is a PDT template, and the dummy argument is an instance of
that template, but the dummy argument 'param_list' is not
SPEC_ASSUMED, check if there are any LEN parameters in the
dummy argument. If there are no LEN parameters, then this implies
that there are only KIND parameters in the dummy argument.
If there are LEN parameters, this would be an error, for all
LEN parameters for the dummy argument MUST be assumed for
typebound procedures of PDTs.
(resolve_pdt): Add a check for ALLOCATABLE and POINTER attributes for
SPEC_DEFERRED parameters of PDT class symbols. ALLOCATABLE and
POINTER attributes for a PDT class symbol are stored in the
'class_pointer' and 'allocatable' attributes of the '_data'
component respectively.
* (gfc_pdt_is_instance_of): New function.
2024-02-26 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/114012
* (gfc_conv_procedure_call): Evaluate non-trivial
arguments just once before assigning to an unlimited polymorphic
dummy variable.
2024-02-23 Steve Kargl <>
Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/114024
* (gfc_trans_allocate): When a source expression has
substring references, part-refs, or %re/%im inquiries, wrap the
entity in parentheses to force evaluation of the expression.
2024-02-23 Tobias Burnus <>
* (gfc_match_omp_depobj): Use OPT_Wopenmp
as warning category in gfc_warning.
2024-02-20 Peter Hill <>
PR fortran/105658
* (gfc_conv_intrinsic_to_class): When passing an
array component reference of intrinsic type to a procedure
with an unlimited polymorphic dummy argument, a temporary
should be created.
2024-02-17 Jakub Jelinek <>
PR fortran/113503
* (alloc_scalar_allocatable_subcomponent): Don't
overwrite expr2->>backend_decl, instead set size to
expr2->>backend_decl first and use size instead of
(gfc_trans_subcomponent_assign): Emit se.pre into block
before calling alloc_scalar_allocatable_subcomponent instead of
after it.
2024-02-17 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113911
* (gfc_trans_deferred_array): Do not clobber
deferred length for a character variable passed as dummy argument.
2024-02-15 Kwok Cheung Yeung <>
* (show_attr): Handle omp_declare_target_indirect
* (gfc_gnu_attributes): Add entry for 'omp declare
target indirect'.
* gfortran.h (symbol_attribute): Add omp_declare_target_indirect
(struct gfc_omp_clauses): Add indirect field.
* (omp_mask2): Add OMP_CLAUSE_INDIRECT.
(gfc_match_omp_clauses): Match indirect clause.
(gfc_match_omp_declare_target): Check omp_device_type and apply
omp_declare_target_indirect attribute to symbol if indirect clause
active. Show warning if there are only device_type and/or indirect
clauses on the directive.
* (add_attributes_to_decl): Add 'omp declare target
indirect' attribute if symbol has indirect attribute set.
2024-02-14 Steve Kargl <>
PR fortran/105847
* (transfer_namelist_element): When building the
namelist object name, if the use rename attribute is set, use
the local name specified in the use statement.
2024-02-14 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (error_print): For u printing of ptrdiff_t,
print ptrdiff_t argument converted to unsigned long long and
masked with 2ULL * PTRDIFF_MAX + 1.
2024-02-13 Tobias Burnus <>
PR middle-end/113904
* (gfc_trans_omp_declare_variant): Handle splitting of
* (gfc_match_omp_context_selector): Likewise; rejects
non-const device_num/condition; improve diagnostic.
2024-02-13 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113866
* (gfc_conv_procedure_call): When passing an optional
dummy argument to an optional dummy argument of a bind(c) procedure
and the dummy argument is passed via a CFI descriptor, no special
presence check and passing of a default NULL pointer is needed.
2024-02-13 Steve Kargl <>
PR fortran/113883
* (gfc_trans_deferred_array): Set length to zero,
avoiding extraneous diagnostics.
2024-02-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (error_print): Handle z and t modifiers on d, i and u.
* (gfc_check_transfer): Use %zd instead of %ld and casts to
* (gfc_convert_to_structure_constructor): Use %td instead
of %ld and casts to long.
2024-02-10 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (build_common_decl): Use %wu instead of %lu and
casts to unsigned long.
* (resolve_ordinary_assign): Use %wd instead of %ld and
casts to long.
* (gfc_resolve_character_array_constructor): Likewise.
* (create_character_initializer): Likewise.
2024-02-09 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113799
* (reduce_unary): Remember any overflow encountered during
reduction of unary arithmetic operations on array constructors and
continue, and return error status, but terminate on serious errors.
2024-01-28 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113377
* (conv_dummy_value): Treat NULL actual argument to
optional dummy with the VALUE attribute as not present.
(gfc_conv_procedure_call): Likewise.
2024-01-27 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/104908
* (gfc_conv_array_ref): Restrict use of transformed
descriptor (sym->backend_decl) to the unlimited polymorphic case.
2024-01-24 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113377
* (conv_dummy_value): New.
(gfc_conv_procedure_call): Factor code for handling dummy arguments
with the VALUE attribute in the scalar case into conv_dummy_value().
Reuse and adjust for calling elemental procedures.
2024-01-21 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113377
* (gfc_conv_procedure_call): Fix handling of optional
scalar arguments of intrinsic type with the VALUE attribute.
2024-01-20 Mikael Morin <>
PR fortran/48776
PR fortran/111291
* Restore current interface to its previous value on error.
2024-01-19 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113471
* (array_bound_check_elemental): Array bounds check
shall apply here to elemental dimensions of an array section only.
2024-01-13 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/67277
* (gfc_conv_intrinsic_ishftc): Handle optional
dummy argument for SIZE passed to ISHFTC. Set default value to
BIT_SIZE(I) when missing.
2024-01-13 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113305
* gfortran.h (gfc_loop_annot): New.
(gfc_iterator, gfc_forall_iterator): Use for annotation control.
* (gfc_copy_iterator): Adjust.
* gfortran.texi: Document annotations IVDEP, UNROLL n, VECTOR,
* (parse_do_block): Parse annotations IVDEP, UNROLL n,
VECTOR, NOVECTOR as applied to DO CONCURRENT. Apply UNROLL only to
first loop control variable.
* (iter_info): Use gfc_loop_annot.
(gfc_trans_simple_do): Adjust.
(gfc_trans_forall_loop): Annotate loops with IVDEP, UNROLL n,
(gfc_trans_forall_1): Handle loop annotations.
2024-01-08 Harald Anlauf <>
PR fortran/113245
* (gfc_conv_intrinsic_size): Use
gfc_conv_expr_present() for proper check of optional DIM argument.
2024-01-06 Harald Anlauf <>
José Rui Faustino de Sousa <>
PR fortran/96724
* (gfc_resolve_repeat): Force conversion to
gfc_charlen_int_kind before call to gfc_multiply.
2024-01-04 David Malcolm <>
* lang.opt.urls: New file, autogenerated by
2024-01-03 Harald Anlauf <>
* (gfc_get_nodesc_array_type): Clear used gmp
2024-01-03 Jakub Jelinek <>
* (lang_specific_driver): Update copyright notice
* gfc-internals.texi: Bump @copying's copyright year.
* gfortran.texi: Ditto.
* intrinsic.texi: Ditto.
* invoke.texi: Ditto.
Copyright (C) 2024 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
notice and this notice are preserved.